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mods for a strict daily (lots o links!) - '12 G37x

hey peeps, so I've done some rethinking and going to keep my G for a whole lot longer than anticipated... forever! I want to drive it until the wheels fall off and have as a reliable daily as a back-up to whenever I can afford a Q60 or F-Type. I would only maybe sell it to my dad if he needed it.
So currently putting a plan (wish list) together of mods I would like to keep my G going. I currently have 75k miles. I bought the car in 2016 with 33k so I don't drive a whole lot, occasional road trip but nothing crazy. I will never track this car, none around me and don't have a backup if I fuck up. Also don't plan on lowering it at all (PA roads are unforgiving). Also trying to avoid touching the engine internals.
Current mods:
  • tints for my eyes
  • midnight grille to change up the front end with bumper plugs for a clean look
  • drilled rotors from rockauto, currently have Akebono pads and really like them
Future mods planned:
Mods I'd like opinions on:
  • rear sway bar: I found this from Z1 but it looks to be a kit. All the threads I've seen here recommend only the rear sway bar for a G37x. I searched carID and there's a few from different brands, under $210. Assuming I should replace some bushings and other bits while I'm down there
  • strut tower brace: would this make any noticeable difference or more for looks?
  • stainless steel interior knobs: this site looks like they're out of stick and discontinued, so eBay might be the way to go now
  • LED taillight mod: found this from another thread and think it's a simple change that will enhance the look of my rear. For only $50 the taillight seems like a decent and easy mod, can work my way around the car in into the interior
  • headlights: do they make these for the sedan? I love the way these look but would also settle for something similar or suggestions on fog light mods
  • wheels: I probably can't justify the cost of getting wheels anytime soon. Strongly considered getting another set to have dedicated summer vs winter tires but now I'm not sure I can swing it to buy quality stuff. Was considering Enkei Raijins and would still love a set of those
  • exhaust: I hear ARK, Motordyne, Stillen, etc thrown around all the time. I'm not 100% set on getting an exhaust, probably last on my priority list if I do. I think I see getting axle back makes a different in sound and no need to go catback or full. I just love the noise these VQ makes and seeing this guy drive around on my street in his 370Z makes me moist
  • ECU tune: from either ECUTek or UpRev. Any major difference between the 2? How will I find a shop that does tuning? Is it even necessary if I all I plan on doing is an exhaust?

So any opinions on my planned mods and websites where to buy them? So far I know of Z1, carID, and outcast garage in addition to eBay, Amazon, RockAuto, TireRack etc.
  • for the rear sway bar, any brands to stay away from? or things to look at when buying?
  • any suggestions for light cosmetic interioexterior mods to make daily driving a bit more enjoyable? I think the knobs and LED conversions are cheap enough and make a difference, especially since I plan on keeping the car long term
  • any suggestions for beefing up normal wear & tear items with aftermarket parts to increase longevity? Things like cooling, belts, bushings, seals, hell even bolts??
Thanks for the help and appreciate the info from this sub. I also frequent myg37.com and always look there for inspiration
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Hi Guys, I am in need of some sound advice from my fellow peoples.
Let me start with some background.
I came from BPL family , we are living in a metro city on rent since we moved here cause our village get affected by the flood.
My father started earning wages by selling fruit on a pull cart(thela).
From then to till now I never feel I can ever be respected in society because we never had money.
We live in a slum type place in Delhi where people do not respect who live on rent.
Landowners consider themselves superior.
So from childhood to now I never had the courage to feel confident.
I am 23 years old but still crippled with the same inferiority complex which I used to feel when I first went to a good school, a good college.

I have one big regret, I wasted my college time(and my parents' hard-earned money) and now I am stuck in an MNC with a 3.5 LPA package.
I want to change it.
I have now started working on JAVA but I am kinda overwhelmed with the number of things I want to do now.
As of now, I am learning core java , spring, servlets, hibernate, MVC as these are the project requirement in which I am.
Other than this for my personal growth, I am learning Python, statistics, Maths, and machine learning as I want to go into the ML field.
For ML, I have shortlisted 5 books total of 4000 pages.
One course which has a duration of 500 hours of learning (Content + Assignments).
I do have project work too as I am working full time around 4 hours max in a day.
I feel I will not be able to complete all this stuff and will never come out of poverty.
I need advice on how should I go ahead with all this.
Will I able to call myself a middle-class person?
submitted by barbaadadmi to Indian_Academia