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Best Black Friday 2020 Clothing Beauty Deals Reddit

Best Black Friday Clothing Beauty Deals Reddit 2020.If you've been looking high and low for the perfect pump, jeans or blush, shop the best Black Friday deals for 2020 from top brands.
Whether you're shopping for a New Year's Eve outfit or searching for the perfect stiletto, Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to save the most on shoes, apparel and beauty products. Stores like Nordstrom, Macy's, Ulta, Target, Walmart and even Amazon will slash their prices in an effort to catch your attention with their deep discounts.

Black Friday is also a great time to grab a pair of boots or cozy coat for much less than their regular prices. Granted, the prices won’t be near as good as they will be in February (when the season is about to change), but if you wait until then, these fabulous pieces won’t see much daylight before they’re put away for the year.

For beauty products, Black Friday is ideal for getting holiday gift sets, bonus products and bigger sizes. These little added bonuses are trimmed in festive holiday packaging that wouldn’t even need to be wrapped if the mood escapes you. Look for these gift sets from the leading cosmetic brands -- Lancome, MAC, Ulta Beauty, Philosophy and more. Important retailers like Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Macy’s, to name a few, will have dazzling gift set options for you to choose from.

Here are the best Black Friday clothing, shoes and beauty deals for 2020: Note: These deals might not be live yet and are subject to change or sell out.

Best 2020 Black Friday clothing deals
Here are the best Black Friday clothing deals for 2020:
For more details https://redditfashion.com/blog/
Coats for men and women - 60% off at Macy's.
Outerwear for kids - 60% off at Macy's.
25% off Nike for the family at Macy's.
Champion Womens Crew Neck Long Sleeve Hoodie and Mid Rise Jogger Pants - $19.99 (Reg. $40) at JCPenney.
Up to 70% off activewear from Champion, Nike, Adidas and more at Belk.
Up to 40% off Tommy Hilfiger apparel at Amazon.
Up to 30% off Amazon Brand puffers and fleece.
Make sure to check retailers' Black Friday sales for PJ deals. You'll often find deep discounts that will help you save on pajamas for the whole family.
For more details https://redditfashion.com/blog/
Best 2020 Black Friday shoe deals
Here are the best Black Friday shoe deals for 2020:

Ugg boots - 25% off at Macy's.
Koolaburra by Ugg Boots and Shoes For The Family - 25% off at Kohl's and Belk.
UGG Classic Mini Fluff Genuine Shearling Bootie - $99.90 (Reg. $149.95) at Nordstrom.
Hunter Original Tour Short Packable Rain Boot - $89.98 (Reg. $145) at Nordstrom.
Vince Camuto Derika Leather Boot - $119.90 (Reg. $239.95) at Nordstrom.
30% off select fashion boots for the family at Target.
Best 2020 Black Friday beauty deals
Here are the best Black Friday beauty deals for 2020:
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MAC lipsticks - $15.00 (Reg. $19-$24) at Macy's.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes - Naked Cherry, Naked Heat and Naked Honey - 50% off (Reg. $49-$54) at Macy's and JCPenney.
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Best 2020 Black Friday accessories deals
Here are the best Black Friday accessories deals for 2020:
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Sunglass Hut sunglasses - $49.50-$267.50 (50% off) at Macy's.
Designer handbags - $19.75-$197.50 (50% off) at Macy's.
Skyway Ballard Hs Large 28-inch Hardside Luggage - $39.99 Reg. $240) at JCPenney.
Dooney & Burke handbags - Up to 50% off at Belk.
CALPAK Chipp Carry-On Bag - $49 (Reg. $165) at Nordstrom.
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I beat Pokemon Shield with only a scorbunny.

that's right, I started this the other night and beat it in a day only using a scorbunny. It was honestly fun but kind of tricky.
I didn't use raid dens but like once and didn't use any candy at all. I /did/ use the DLC but i did that with Scorbunny too.
some notes before I begin: - i haven't finished the crown tundra, trying to catch ice horse with friend ball rn, but i entered it once and decided it was a bad idea, i just wanted the fashion of the explorer's pants and calyrex sweater. i did do the other stuff later but that'll come up. - I did not finish the isle of armor completely either, it requires using kubfu, i will do that once i finish the crown tundra, get water tower, then battle mustard with scorbunny only.
I ended up doing post game too and that was rough.
Run down of the experience:
Welcome to Shield, take your bunny: - Picked Scorbunny obviously and named it Mochi. - Reset for +Attack/-Sp.DEF nature (bites my ass a bit later). - things go a bit easy for a bit, catching some pokemon but boxing them immediately once i got box link (i did not decide to do scorbunny only, but i had only begun using scorbunny and decide at the wild area, i use scorbunny only). - I go to the isle of armor and avery immediately shows me my sp. def flaw but manages to stall out after a few level differences (the abra is the biggest roadblock here). - I end up leveling up with chansey to a level 22 scorbunny and with that, I roll through using flame charge vs mustard (which was the mvp of the challenge tbh). - I end up tackling the first two challenges with ease tbh and obtain low kick through doing about a few raids, getting watts, doing digging pa, and talking to the trader in East Lake Axewell for later. I pretty much sold the TRs i got tho. I also sold the candy. It's not nessairy. - I tried the third challenge. I'll come back later Avery. - I also bought a ton of pokeballs and potions from the watt trader by the dojo, it's like super cheap and i can hold onto them and sell some later for free money.
Signing up for the Championship cup: - go to motostoke, pick the number 0, so now we're number challenger 0. - battles that happened were a joke because of double kick (pretty much early game tool because of how much of a joke things are). - Scorbunny occasionally gets a level up, B, B, B, B. - On the way to Turffield, we meet Bede, he's a bit of tricky situation at first because of sp. def yet again being low. it's fine though once flame charge gets up to speed. - Turffield is a joke, fire? meet grass. no dynamax needed. overleveled to raboot (but no evolution!). - Route 5 breezes by. Box toxel immediately (we have kubfu and toxel for later important reasons.) - now nessa whew. Nessa was the first of a few roadblocks here. It's the first one that really showed me that I really was gonna struggle if I didn't boost my stats. Good thing I saved my max mushrooms. Goldeen was okay. I got a bit lucky with Horn Attack RNG. Then came up Arrokuda. With the max mushrooms, it did noticable damage but enough i could survive a few fits. Drednaw. Nessa made me reset twice because of rng crits and I just was so taken aback. However, third time's the charm as one says. I dynamaxed to get sunny day out basically and cleared with max knuckle. - Bede shows up again, but this point, we're level 27 from the level ups we've gotten so we got Quick Attack, Double Kick, Headbutt, and Flame Charge. Headbutt is also probably one of the few moves that really come into play more than I thought. - If you ask about any hop fights, he was a pushover since I don't remember his fights at all tbh early on i just cleared them in one go is all i remembered. - Kabu time! So i couldn't actually go into it scorbunny only but rule was reset IF scorbunny fainted to stick to the point of the challenge. Thanks to the fire typing though, Scorbunny cleared with ease, even if Centiscorch being aggro at the end. So that's gym number 3! - I return to kick Avery's ass now being like Level 30 and having sp. def and def stuff. seeing as avery only had specials though, special def was all i needed and i clean house. Kubfu now is mine here as as I said earlier, we need kubfu for later.
Hammerlockedown and Quarantine: - get to the town, do my little plot, kick team yell ass, and well. Everything is fine until Artist Duncan. Artist Duncan. Man made me get scorbunny up to level 45 here cause rock slide. His sudowoodo was a ohko basically eugh. but we level up, b, b, remember the everstone, and go. Double kick would be the finisher here (and i probably wouldn't have needed to if i remembered to use x defense but it doesn't hurt). - Hop's depression strikes here and is trampled over easily. yawn. should've brought a sudowoodo. - Allister is a case of a fight that I made sure I was fully prepared. I had said goodbye to Double Kick and replaced it with Bounce and brought X Attacks, X Defenses, and X Sp. Defenses. You see, the thing about Allister isn't that he's necessarily hard, but he has enough that will mess you up if you're not quick or clear. You can't use blaze because the moment you hit yamask, wandering spirit hits. If you don't have bounce, disable will take your only move. Clear yamask, leave corosla alive too long, and you basically doomed yourself with Curse. Mimikyu cannot be killed in one go and will spam baby doll eyes, hitting your attack. Gengar also has hypnosis and will gmax right away. spending the time buffing my defenses worked out because i then buffed my attack at least once, and breezed through. not hard but one simple mistake accounted me resetting. - Bede was sp. def buffing then kill with headbutt and flame charge. now he's cancelled. - breeze through the tangle and get to fairy gym where we have to buff sp. def but never had any issue because fire resists fairy. not to mention we don't buff much because quiz also buffs us (never pick the obvious, always suck up). flame charge and kill, that was the fight. with bounce helping up on g-max cakery. - head back to hammerlocke, bede is stolen away by opal, we fight hop again after kaboomies. before we do, low kick replaces bounce and wipes half his team (it ohko snorlax).
Ice to meet you, Punk Rock: - we're level ~50 now. we continue onwards. the grind gets us up to level 55. get go to face melony. she was fairly in a case of allister but easier. having a 4x stab on a bug was a joke, darmanitan was easy to bust through, hail on eiscue was stalling her doom, g-max lapras was fine after a set up with x sp. def, and died soon enough. - hop again, oh hey he got his wooloo back in and evolved it, low kick and flame charge steamrolls still and gives us experience. - we decide to go into the crown tundra after this and peony wipes us but apparently you can go in without winning so! whatever! (i tried multiple times but just shrugged it. kind of an oversight on yalls part gamefreak bc i could catch a level 65 pokemon and just go ham if i can do this early on.) - anyways, we go face marnie, she exists, i remember. scorbunny sweeps with low kick and headbutt. we're off to face piers, now. - remember when i said toxel and kubfu are important? this is reason 1, toxel is needed for the double battles here mid dungeon and we want a low leveled pokemon we can let die off. anyways piers doesn't dynamax, but he's also a dark type so low kick does some work, but being weight dependant, flame charge follows up. malamar being the only one i had minor issue with but didn't struggle too much. - leon tosses us to fight raihan and calls us a baby without doing so basically. i'm going to kick his ass.
Raihan gets his own section because why is this fight like this: raihan is the other one why we needed kubfu. all those max revives come in handy now too because we needed revive kubfu each match up or they will not actually let us fight the trainers. anyways raihan. ugh.
i love this man but trying to solo raihan is hard, kubfu is basically "set up" fodder. x defense, x sp. def, GUARD SPEC AND DIRE HIT. X attack. God this man comes READY. So he opens up with a Flygon and Gigalith. Flygon loves to spam breaking swipe and my god, use guard spec or else flygon WILL lower your attack. Scorbunny also has 0 effectiveness against flygon and then sandacobra. Gigalith is easy to lowkick and ohko, but flygon and sandacobra are the worst duo. Breaking Swipe AND Glare. You might ask yourself, "is kubfu alive" haha no.
So this fight took me at least 10 tries. It is /the/ roadblock which, to be fair, Raihan doesn't hold himself back from why he's the final gym leader. All I can say is I had to play a cycle of heal, buff, spec, attack and damn well I knew I had tochance it. Flygon went down after flinching to headbutts and that was my moment. Duraludon came out next but I came out and dynamaxed and basically killed it immedately and then Sandacobra when FINALLY alone died off. I will say too, I pokemon camped enough where RNG endurance played in my favor. It really felt like one of those anime fights. anyways no more please
we're off to kick leon's champion butt: - route 10 is a joke but we're level 70 at this point and one of the enemies can deal 95% of damage to mochi because of stab 2x dmg despite being overleveled :/ - sign up for the semi-finals but taking time to get caught up and restock on items and we're good to go. - marnie we just sweep, a bit too overleveled there oops. - hi hop, bye hop. low kick and flame charge just hit most of hop's weaknesses. pinchurin is the only thing i don't have weakness for but it dies easily. - we play with marcos cosmos. steel types. easy as hell. bye. - Oleana, we buff sp. defense. Oleana is fairly easy enough, first two flame has stab effectiveness, milotic and salalalazzzisle go down easy, and garbage day dies quick enough after buffing attack and headbutting. - Nessa... 2! but first bede! Bede being a fairy leader now is a bit easy to run by, sp. def buffing and we clean house thanks to resistence to fairy. - Nessa... 2! So despite being leveled so high, because being a pre-evolution with low stats, despite holding an evolite, nessa is able to deal a LOT of damage with stab water. We need to buff defense immediately, and i mean IMMEDATELY as well as guard spec because liquidation cuts defense HARD and Golisopod loves using it. we decide to buff attack too once and sp. def just in case, and make emergency exit hit. Barraskewa likes to ALSO use liquidation. Is there a sale? So cleaning that up, we buff attack again and basically headbutt our way through Barraskewa, Golisopod returns and nessa heals right away. Golisopod exits again and with that, Nessa made this fight a joke because headbutt exists and pelipepper goes down after a crit and flinching. Golisopod returns to die. Seaking who? Gmax Drednaw was a bit of a stressor for me but I dynamaxed Scorbunny here since I didn't wanna use it unless I /absolutely/ had to and I wanted to avoid taking a max rockfall. She also tried a max geyser but we got the best with a max knuckle. - Allister taught me one thing. Don't rely on one single move. I had to reset for this fight cause my current move set was Low Kick / Flame Charge / Headbutt / Quick Attack and here's the thing. Chandelure has flash fire. :) :)))))). So I had the assurance TM from route 7 and taught it, overwriting quick attack since flame charge was basically all i needed for priority. I buffed up hard and quick just using 3 of x defense, sp. def, and x attack because i wasn't gonna get trapped. had a moment with dusknoir in the beginning but I blew through this fight. - would you believe me if I told you Raihan 2 was easier than Raihan 1? I'm 99% sure you would since 2 specific things, 1: he opens with torkoal and 2: it's singles, not doubles. Buffed ASAP to max attack and defenses and I just spammed headbutt, low kick, and got through the fight with ease. I was DONE. Now i'm going to go kick Leon's a- ah jesus we gotta do all this, FINE. - No seriously, Rose? What the hell? well fine. Kick your ass too, steel type dies. it's fine. rose is easy. steel weak to fire after all lmafooo. - so where do i begin with eterneus. this wasn't ever going to be doable solo. What I mean in this is it's a raid battle, and all I could do is headbutt and wait and heal up if i got hit by this monster. Zamazenta, Zacian, and Hop did most of the work but who cares, I did it. Scary moment but got through. - Leon's finally going down here. Aegislash is perfect because i can buff up all the way. because of everything between now and then, Mochi is level 79? so clearing though his team, Aegislash with flame charge, Dragapault with Assurance, Haxorus with Headbutt and flame charge, headbutting intellion, and flame charge on mr. rime, here we are.. we stand against all odds. haha get dunked on leon. we did it!!!!!! we're the champions!!!
I hate pokegram influencers: - so after becoming champion, we decide to go to the weld because zacian and zamazenta called us and told us to return their shield and sword when we tried to sell it for 50 pokebucks on pikabay. - hop is there too, i kick his ass and he decides to have a midlife crisis at 12 years old. - some ugly weirdos come up stealing our stuff from us, bullying sonia too and i kick shielbert but hop loses to sword man. Shielbert basically was easy cause he keeps spamming no retreat as if it does something and headbutt and defense buffing is enough. - Dynamax postgame is easy enough round 1 since you do dynamax with everyone, but then round two, i forgot you do a dynamax battle alone which would be fine if I WAS PREPARED FOR HAXORUS oh dear god. haxorus was rng dependant and it was a near god send i didn't die. i got lucky and max strike was required to push through. - the froslass raid den was easy. - whatever allister's was became a breeze too thanks to assurance - bede asks to fight and we do it again. i like this kid. he's easy enough in the post game but i nearly died because i slipped up half asleep midway the fight, a psychic doing crit to me. - Shielbert fights us again after we find him and his brother doing weird things to zacian like trying to incriminate a dog with weed. -Zacian particle fight can GO AWAY. THIS FIGHT IS THE WORST ON A SOLO ROUTE. So Zacian has Iron Head, Crunch, Swords Dance, and Sacred Sword. You cannot rely on X Defenses at all here. Sacred sword, did 150 damage to scorbunny EVERY time despite being level 81 at base attack. Not to mention, swords dance being on him means he can and will raise his attack. i got lucky with affection rng and endured a sacred sword. and then zacian spamming 3 swords dances in a row netting me the win. - Zamazenta is caught in a luxury ball in one go. I do not know how. I will cherish it and give it to a friend who will appreciate it since I already have on my main file. - Hop battle 2 is... just as easy. Hop has leveled up so I'm buffing defenses but with stab weaknesses, Hop's team goes down easily enough, only one even with Zacian on his team having a weakness to what scorbunny has.
extra stuff i totally forgot to put in and am editing in now: - i just rng'd buffed scorbunny and caught the regis, regirock being surprisingly not as bad because only 5 uses of the rock move tbh, but they're all headache inducing bc of legendary catch rate. - articuno was stupid to track but i caught it, after buffing hard and yelling at articuno. master balls from magnolia was used on zapdos and moltres because hell no. - ice horse is better for this due to scorbunny being able to flame charge but assurance is fine for ghost horse if you do this - got the stupid horse
end statement and that's pretty much the run of Alex and her scorbunny, Mochi who has solo'd the entire league! I can upload more photos and put them up since i took a bunch of screenshots but didn't upload them, this was more of an impromptu thing i wanted to do to review hop's development and instead made myself do a challenge run that was really fun. I actually do appreciate some of the swsh more even with flaws still sticking out (I /really/ wish there was a challenge mode even if I had some actually stickiness with some fights) and honestly, pokemon swsh is a rushed but fun time regardless when you give yourself the chance to do something that's not the straightforward experiences.
Bonus note: if you want her trainer card, the code is 0000 0005 RHGB P9
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