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I miss From Software's Chromehounds so much it hurts, and I blame the world for allowing it to fail.

This game was an absolute masterclass. The online three-faction Neroimus War. The squad based tactics on all sorts of terrains from urban cities that were destructible, to deserts, to mountainous valleys, to foggy harbors, etc. Everything was about communication so strategies involving commander mechs with satellites to capturing com towers, dealing with different types of Mechs and defending against base rushers... To a near limitless amount of armaments and a technically sound mech-building system that was limited only by a person's imagination.
Joining a mercenary group and just hanging out in the squad lobby garage toying with new designs...
The time and energy and passion they poured into this game was unreal and it created a die hard, dedicated community of super fans but failed commercially. It was light years ahead of its time and it is soul-crushing that it did not revolutionize the gaming world in a time when first person shooters were flooding the market. The game was just new every match you played was completely different from the last... unreal.

Sorry, just had to get that out there.
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[World] - Gunman who hurt three in shooting at US software firm is killed by police | South China Morning Post

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