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Credits - Rockstar Games (decals and 2d assets, template, original model) - Testarossa (liveries, screenshots, Menyoo presets) - Cranlet (liveries) - K1LLFANTASY (porting liveries, model edits) - Vanillaworks and P-Style community (general help, decals, inspiration). Really, the goal is good fun, well developed, and easy to use. A full conversion for GTA SA that brings Tony Stark's main player model, his house, cars, Iron Man armors and super powers (with animations, sounds, skins and scripts) Post news RSS GTA Iron Man mod the history of the project. Winline plotter driver crack sealer gopro cineform studio premium keygen crack assassin's creed 2 crack free acdsee photo manager 12 license code crack.

Dispelling the myth that Dragon Quest lacks innovation

I have often read that Dragon Quest is "traditional", which may largely be true. Some elements of gameplay, such as item organization or the menu based combat, may seem outdated from some perspectives.
However, even though Dragon Quest does retain some traditions, it would be misleading to say the series lacks innovation or is stale. On the eve of the Dragon Quest XI S release, I would like to highlight how Dragon Quest is consistently innovating in the realm of console JRPGS. However, I apologize if I make any mistakes, I'm not a JRPG historian and will try to update the post if others correct me.
Dragon Quest 1 was obviously innovative in the realm of console JRPGs. Although there were some PC-based RPGs in Japan, including action RPGs Ys and Dragon Slayer, it is not an exaggeration to say Dragon Quest 1 was the first console JRPG. Also, unlike most western RPGs that were presented in a first person perspective, Dragon Quest was mostly top-down. It also solved the issue of saving status using a clever password based system (in Japan. In NA it had a battery save, as it arrived after Zelda). Fun historical fact: Satoru Iwata worked on the NA localization of DQ 1 to make several other improvements.
Dragon Quest 2 was the first console JRPG to feature multiple party members. Also, unlike the later Final Fantasy 1, these party members each have some backstory, and you must complete their quest to unlock them. It was also the first console(?) JRPG to feature a boat as a travel mechanic and to feature the entire world of the first game, now expanded to 4 times the size.
Dragon Quest 3 arrived 2.5 months after Final Fantasy 1, and as a result, narrowly missed being the first console JRPG to have a job system. However, there are some minor tweaks to the job system, such as reclassing and starting over at level 1 with improved stats, that are unique. On a smaller scale, DQ 3 features personalities that influence stat growth, and is the first JRPG to have a "personality quiz" to determine the player's starting stats. There are a few other innovations but these might be spoilers, so I have avoided them. A later remake of 3 featured a mini boardgame that went on to become it's own hit series, Fortune Street.
Dragon Quest 4, to my knowledge, is the first console JRPG to feature a chapter system in which the player plays as different party members in each chapter. We've since seen this occur in a number of JRPGs, such as Saga Frontier and Octopath Traveler, but in my opinion DQ 4 still does a great job at actually meshing the chapters together. DQ 4 also created a spinoff that eventually became the Mystery Dungeon series. That's right, Dragon Quest is basically the reason roguelike rpgs are popular in Japan!
Dragon Quest 5 may not break new ground for JRPGs as a whole, but it certainly takes a lot of risks compared to 1 through 4. For example, you can recruit monsters in this game. Megami Tensei and Destiny of an Emperor did have recruitment prior to DQ 5, but this was still years before Pokemon made it a brand new subgenre! DQ 5 also plays with the scope of time (trying to avoid spoilers), which had been done previously in Phantasy Star III, but was still a big change compared to the previous DQ series.
Dragon Quest 6 made some important quality of life improvements but I will agree that it was not particularly innovative in the grand scheme of JRPGs. It did have animated enemy sprites, which may have been unique in Turn based JRPGs up to this point. However, compared to contemporaries like final fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger (which DQ creator Yuji Horii worked on), it may not quite live up.
Dragon Quest 7 did take some significant risks -- for example, you do not fight any monsters until 3 or 4 hours into the original ps1 version of the game. It's also arguably one of the longest JRPGs, at least for it's era. But it's undeniable that the graphics for DQ 7 were lackluster, especially following the powerhouse of FF7.
Dragon Quest 8 may not be too innovative on the grand scheme of JRPGs, though the transition from the graphically dated 2.5d DQ 7 to the gorgeous 3D in such a short time was impressive. Personally I believe DQ 8 is arguably the first truly "open world" 3D JRPG. When you leave a town, you are at the same 1-to-1 scale on the overworld, and towns are appropriately sized and separated on said overworld. Recall that up to this point most JRPGs either have you exploring the overworld as a tiny sprite, or are a series of carefully constructed corridors. During the Ps2 era, I always wanted to see a GTA 3 take on JRPGs, and 8 features a comparable scope imo. I suppose if we include MMOs like Final Fantasy XI, then perhaps DQ 8 is less impressive, but for single player JRPGs, the scale was unparalleled until quite some time into the ps3/360 gen (arguably until Xenoblade Chronicles 1). I would also argue that the Tension system that lets you spend turns storing up attack (at risk of losing it) is an early precursor to Bravely Default or Octopath Traveler's systems.
Dragon Quest 9 is extremely innovative. It is one of the few turn based JRPGs that allows co-op multiplayer. Really it was designed around this philosophy (sometimes to the detriment of the story), and remains quite unique. The innovations in passive DS to DS communication directly inspired Nintendo to create the Street Pass system for 3DS. Within the series, it was the first time random battles were replaced with on screen enemies. Going from 8 to 9 was a big shift and was a considerable risk if the multiplayer had not been well received. Fun note: originally DQ 9 was designed as an action RPG, somewhat akin to Monster Hunter, but was changed back to turn based combat after fan outcry.
Dragon Quest 10 is an MMO, which by itself is not so impressive. But there were still some big innovations; for example, having DQ X on the 3DS use streaming technology to play the game. As a sort of precursor to PS Now or Stadia, DQ X showed that streaming to a handheld device could be a viable business model. DQ X also has minor innovations like letting you choose the boss difficulty level for greater rewards, and partnering up with AI-controlled "puppets" of real characters to make single player more enjoyable.
Dragon Quest 11 may not be the most innovative game, although it's certainly a beautiful one. In many ways it is a return to Dragon Quest 8, but it has also been 15 years since we last had DQ 8, so I can't in good conscience say that the series is "stale" for this reason. One innovative feature is the simultaneous launch of a 2D and 3D version of the game, with the ability to switch between. A second innovative feature is the Draconian Quest options -- while many JRPGs feature variable difficulties, Draconian Quest is a series of individual togglable options rather than just "normal", "easy", etc. It reminds me of the difficulty options that Pokemon fans come up with for "Nuzlocke" runs, but is the first time I see them built into the game itself.
Dragon Quest does have traditions, particularly the hero vs dark lord dichotomy, turn based combat and menu based selections. But to say the series always plays things safe or fails to innovate does it a disservice. And I think many of the traditions (outside of combat) are used to create expectations which are later challenged. And that's not even getting a number of additional spinoffs, like the successful marriage of JRPGs and Minecraft seen in Dragon Quest Builders.
Though I think the series gets a bad wrap sometimes, I don't think the series is for everyone. (Though Dragon Quest XI S has a very generous 8-10 hour free demo with saves that continue in the full game.) And from the perspective of a Western audience, the games arriving very late (or not at all) exacerbated the feeling that DQ was "dated". But at least within the series or the JRPG genre, I would argue that Dragon Quest demands respect for the risks it has taken.
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[USA] [H] Tons of Games Gamecube - PS1-4 - Wii - Xbox - 360 - 3/DS - Handhelds - Strategy Guides - Consoles - Controllers - More! [W] Lists, Offers

If you would rather just buy outright check out my gamesale thread here! https://www.reddit.com/GameSale/comments/8tmmg2/usah_massive_collection_400_games_for_ps1234_xbox/
-- GAMES -- All games for all systems are Black Label and CIB unless otherwise stated
Sega Genesis
-Sonic and Knuckles
-Sonic 3D Blast
-Desert Striker
-Lion King
-Spidermand X-Men
-Crash 2 (GH, Water Damaged Manual)
-Final Fantasy Anthology
-Final Fantasy VIII
-Final Fantasy IX
-NHL Faceoff 98
-Spongebob Supersponge
-Ape Escape Pumped and Primed
-Battle Engine Aquila (bad cover art)
-COD 2 Big Red
-Crash Nitro Cart
-Escape Monkey Island
-Gran Turismo 3
-GTA 3
-Kessen 2
-Kingdom Hearts
-Legend of Alon Dar
-Matrix Path of Neo
-Mcfarlane's Evil Prophecy
-Megaman X Command Mission
-Myst 3
-Popcap Hits 1
-Power Dome
-Savage Skies
-Shaman King Power of Spirit
-Spongebob Flying Dutchman
-Tokobot Plus
-Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
*Bejeweled (With Slip Cover)
*Bladestorm Hundred Years War
*Condemned Bloodshot
*Crysis 2
*Dead Island
*Dragons Dogma
*Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen
*Essentials Collection in box (Xcom, Bioshock, Borderlands)
*Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Japan Version)
*Gran Turismo 5
*Gundam Warriors 3
*Heavenly Sword
*Heavy Rain
*Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD
*Last of Us
*Legend of Spyro
*Lollipop Chainsaw
*Max Pain 3
*MGS 5
*Motor Storm Pacific Rift
*Red Faction Armageddon
*Remember Me
*Rune Factory Tides of Destiny
*SBK Super Bike
*Shadow Hawk
*Shadows of the Damned
*Star Wars Force Unleashed
*Tales of Xillia Limited Edition (Outer Box, Artbook, Sealed Soundtrack Only)
*Tomb Raider
*Tornado Outbreak
*Two Worlds 2
*Witch and the Hundred Knight (No Manual) *White Knight Chronicles
*Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z
*Yakuza 4
*Yakuza Dead Souls
-Geometry Wars Evolved
-Tearaway Crafter Edition
*Pacman World 2 (PH)
*Silent Hill 4 The Room
*Mad Dash
*Crimson Skies
*Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
*Pirate of the Caribbean Black Pearl
XBOX 360
*007 Quantum of Solice
*2010 Fifa South Africa
-Agerest War Zero
-Amped 3
-Armored Core 4
-Assassins Creed 3
-Attack of the Movies #D (with 4 3D glasses)
-Banjo Kazooie & Viva Pinata Pack
-Battlefield Bad Compant Gold Edition
-Big Bumpin'
-Bionic Commando
-Brothers in Arms Hells Highway
-Brutal Legend
-Bulletwitch (No Manual)
-CoD Black Ops
-Clive Barkers Jericho
-Command and Conquer 3
-Dark Sector (no manual)
-Diablo 3
-Divinity 2 Igo Draconis
-Dragon Age 2
-Duke Nukem Forever
-Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires
-Eden $5
-Enchanted Arms
-Forza 2
-Forza 3
-Front Mssion Evolved
-Gears of War
-GTA 4
-GTA 5
-Hour of Victory
-Kengo Legend of the 9
-Last Remnant
-Left 4 Dead (sticker on spine)
-Lucha Libre AAA
-N3 Ninety Nine Nights
-Ninja Blade
-Pocket Bike Racer
-Portal 2 (PH)
-Prince of Persia
-Sega Tennis & Xbox live Arcade
-Sneak King
-Star Wars Force Unleashed
-Table Tennis
-Too Human
-Two Worlds
-Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
-Viva Pinata Party Animals
-Fantasy Life
-Hometown Story
-Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
-Luigi's Mansion
-Mario Party Island Tour
-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
-Monster Hunter 4U
-Monster Hunter Generations
-Tales of the Abyss (Loose)
-Steel Diver
-Super Smash Bros. (no manual)
-Picross 3D (Loose, Finicky but works)
-Pokemon Pearl (Loose)
-Hotel Dusk Room 215 (Loose)
-Harvest Moon DS Cute (Loose)
-Moon (Loose)
-Final Fantasy III (Loose)
-Yoshi Touch and Go (Loose)
-Pac N' Roll (Loose)
-Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town GBA (Loose)
-Amazing Island (cover damage)
-Army Men Air Combat
-Army Men RTS (no manual)
-Army Men Sarges War
-Bionicle (no manual)
-Dead to Rights
-Dragon Ball Z Budekai
-Freaky Flyers
-Future Tactics
-Haunted Mansion
-Hot Wheels Velocity
-Incredibles (no manual)
-Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
-LOTR Third Age
-Need for Speed Underground (no manual)
-Need for Speed Underground 2
-Pacman Fever
-Prince of Persia Sands of Time
-Rainbow Six 3
-Ravemasters (SEALED)
-Red Faction 2
-Samurai Jack (SEALED)
-Sims 1
-Smashing Drive
-Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
-Splnter Cell Double Agent
-Splinter Cell
-Splinter Cell Pandora
-Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
-Spongebob Squarepants Movie
-Spyhunter (no manual)
-SSX Tricky (no manual)
-SSX 3
-Strike Force Bowling
-Super Bubble Pop
-Tony Hawk American Wasteland
-Tony Hawk Underground
-Top Gun (no manual)
-Universal Studios
-Whirl Tour
-Zatch Bell Momado Battle (no manual)
-Animal Crossing City Folk (no manual)
-Animal Kingdom Wildlife Expedition
-Dewys Adventure
-Donkey Kong Country (Case Only)
-Excite Truck
-Firefighter Real Heroes
-Fling Smash
-Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
-Geometry Wars Galaxies
-Ghost Squad (no manual)
-Heavenly Guardians
-Lost in Blue
-Mario and Sonic Olympic Games
-Mario Party 8 (disc only)
-Mario Super Sluggers
-Metal slug Anthology
-Munchables (sticker on spine)
-Ocean Commander
-Order Up
-Sin and Punishment (has one big scratch but plays fine)
-Sky Crawlers
-Super Mario Galaxy
-These are just highlights. I have 200+ unique games I don't want on the Wii so if you happen to need something for Wii like that let me know! I Probably have it..
PS2 Slim - Black PS2 Slim. Comes with AV and Power Cables. Works perfectly fine and in really good shape.
2DS - Blue 2DS. No Charger included :( I will include the Stylus and padded case in the pics. Excellent condition. Perfect screens.
Wii - White Gamecube Compatible Wii console with AV and Power Cables. No SD card and no gamecube controller door but in great, working condition otherwise.
Sega Genesis Model 2 - Comes with Power Cables and 3rd party AV Cables Its the one I had as a kid. Hope this goes to a good home. Works perfectly fine and in great condition.
PS3 - Fat 40GB Black PS3 system with power cable but no HDMI cable. Probably the worst version of the PS3, I know, but I used it for years with no issues and loved it. Recently got a slim model with a bigger hard drive so I'm gonna use that! Tested and works perfectly!
OG XBOX - Black Xbox Console Only. No hookups. No controller. Nada. I even took parts out! Ha! (The clock capacitor) It Works perfectly fine and its in great shape.
PS2 Slim Doesn't Read Discs - My original PS2 Slim I bought to play FFX and GTA 3. I remember it stopped working so well, then stopped reading discs. I fixed it somehow ten years ago but I honestly forget how. Something to do with the lid not being closed when it was..There was blue tape involved by the looks of it.. Anyways, I can't get it to read discs. It boots up perfectly but it won't recognize discs. I feel like its fixable but I just don't want to so have at it. Not Working
Xbox 360 Slim Not Working - I got it at a garage sale, guy said it worked, doesn't work. It turns on but after a few minutes the green light goes red and I get no picture. Let me know if its a common problem with a quick fix and I'll try to get it working for you but for now its being listed as Not Working
Sega Dreamcast - Powers on but the light is very faint. Doesnt really boot up at all. It just slowly got worse and worse over time and eventually just gave me no output. No screws to hold the top shell on. No Hookups. Not Working
Retro Trio - Rare Blue and White Version. The Nes and Genesis ports work fine but the Snes port is super finicky. To the point where I'm saying it doesn't work so good luck once in a blue moon it works. It's missing the screws to hold the top shell down so it's fine if you dont pick it up by the top. No hookups but have the controllers it came with which work fine. Not Working
White Wii Motes - Have a few of these, all in good condition and work perfectly fine. All are Non-Wii motion plus and I only have a couple extra battery covers so first come first serve on that.
White Wii Nunchucks - Again, have many of these. All are in great shape and work perfectly.
Gamecube Wired Controller - Missing thumbstick cover. Easily replaced. In good working shape otherwise
Wavebird No Receiver - Missing the thumbstick cover. In good working shape otherwise
Non-Working Controllers - Black PS2 Controller (X2): Pins on output messed up, good shape otherwise - Genesis Controller (X2) OEM and Offbrand-turbo: One is straight up missing the D-Pad but works! Others works but have weak buttons and such.
-Dark Souls II hardcover strategy guide
-Star Wars Republic Commando Prima strategy guide
-Dragon Quest VIII strategy guide
-Pokemon 10th Anniversary Pokedex Hardcover
-Diddy Kong Racing Strategy Guide
-Banjo Kazooie Strategy Guide
-Zelda OoT Strategy Guide
-Jet Force Gemini Strategy Guide
-New Mario Bros. Strategy Guide
-Skyrim Strategy Guide W/ Map
-Fallout 3 Strategy Guide
-Oblivion Strategy Guide
-Resident Evil 0 Strategy Guide
-Pokemon Snap Mini Strategy Guide
-Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Strategy Guide
-Wind Waker Map
-Skyrim Map (controller for scale)
-Fallout 3 Map
-Tales of Xillia (Outer Box, Artbook, Sealed Soundtrack Only)
-Xbox One Kinect
-PS1 Magazine Demo Disks
-DDR Mario Mix GCN Big Box and Pad Only, No Game(untested)
-Alundra PS1 Map Only
Reputation: https://www.reddit.com/mushroomkingdom/comments/8p67we/upuckswack12_trade_thread/
Thanks for looking and show me YOUR LISTS! I'm interested in everything from Atari-Modern so hit me with anything!
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