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It's A Twofer Kinda Night

Guess who's back. Back again.
Yeah, it's me. I felt like fucking with something again, so here goes. What follows is a short primer and a slightly modified version of the existing netsec page. I'd like to think about folding it into a general persec page, including netsec, though of course this isn't necessary. There are tools that I, not a sysadmin nor particular expert, view to be outdated here, and I have proposed cuts and swaps.
I am also by no means an expert on computer security, so have left most of the tools on the page intact and changed very little on that front. I know what works for me, but without sitting around paying a pentester to try to wreck my shit I don't actually know how effective it is. If you are an expert, I could certainly use some help here. Note also that this is a start, a work in progress, and ideally I'd like to expand into a general security section, perhaps splitting off to various pages in their own right.
Let's get after it, comrades.

What is Persec?

Persec is short for personal security. In communities that practice security or do intelligence, or both, most things are shortened into such portmanteaus, and it's useful to learn them. Persec regards guarding your personal information (ie, who you are, where you're from, what you did...) from anyone who doesn't need to know. To what degree you do this is entirely your prerogative.

Why should I care about security at all?

Well, you are presumably a leftist, and may or may not be aware, but the US Government as well as other groups and orgs do not have a good history with regard to treatment of leftists or marginalized people. See Fred Hampton, or the FBI smear campaign against MLK, for two immediate examples. In addition to that, you don't send your bank info to the Nigerian Prince emailing you, do you? Same thing; you're just consciously aware of that threat.

So What Kind of Information Should I Guard?

All of it. If it is not intrinsically necessary for what you are doing, do not give the information. This is nuanced. Perhaps your date is asking about the neighborhood you live in. This isn't necessary, but you will weigh the risks vs the benefits of talking about it and/or seeming rude or overly paranoid for not talking about it.
In addition, you should be aware that you give away a lot automatically on a regular basis. Facial recognition software nails you everywhere you walk around, and a constant stream of selfies into any social media will be sold to people who will use them to help augment the success rate of that software. See Facebook auto finding faces and auto tagging your friends for you? Maybe it seems innocuous there, but who are they selling it to?
Unlock your phone with your face or fingerprint? Law enforcement has that data, almost guaranteed.
Fill out a fun survey? Dope, thanks for the street you grew up on in that nostalgia question. Nice, Greenwood Elementary as a school, and oh wow Ms. Applebaum was your favorite teacher? No way, my first pet was a Jack Russel named Roger too! Boy oh boy do I love that song by 3OH!3 too, just like it's your favorite! Maybe not all of those were there, but you may be throwing common security question answers all over the place. You are also giving this stuff to innumerable third parties via cookies and other other means, allowing them to store and sell that data in turn. You do it when you give your email for that retail store rewards program too. Every purchase, logged, used to target you with ads or services.

What Do I Do?

Well, you could move into the Alaskan wilderness, grow a long beard, and rough it in a primitive frontier cabin. That'd minimize your profile and data footprint for sure.
You could also ignore this. Give up anything and everything.
But likely you will pick something between those two points. There are two ways to do it while still being online: hiding and obfuscating.
Hiding would be using anonymizing services like Tor or a VPN, blocking Javascript using NoScript, giving up Facebook, etc.
Obfuscating would be pretending to be that which you are not, hiding in plain sight. Changing everything to appear that you're on a Thinkpad running Linux instead of a Chromebook by shown software/hardware signatures and MAC address, choosing an IP address in a techie Bay Area district, and using a fake photo from thispersondoesnotexist.com to complete the persona. There are more steps necessary there but that will help with non state-level data collection and analysis.
Regardless which method or methods you choose, you must also remain who you actually are, and publicly so. Maybe you got rid of Facebook because that's just the smart thing to do, but if you've got a Twitter habit, keep it and don't cross the streams. Never log into your Twitter from the spoofed persona, nor should your fake persona ever inhabit the same session (or even hardware) to your real persona. This is easiest done with a live boot disc like TAILS on a hunk-a-junk craigslist laptop you buy in cash.

This seems complicated.

It is. Security culture, in the world and online, is a constantly evolving thing, and takes keeping tabs on and learning about, and a lot of dry reading and head pounding.
There are a few overall resources that can help.
The Free Software Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Richard Stallman
The GNU Project


This is a list of tools and tips to keep data secure. The information presented is currently aimed at Windows users but includes information relating to data security for Linux, Mac, and mobile users. As you spend time learning about privacy, privacy tools, and security, you will start learning what works and why, but this is a general jump-off point. Also, note that Windows 10 contains a frankly ridiculous amount of phone-home capability, and is selling you out every second you use it. Make the switch to a user-friendly Linux distro and your privacy will thank you. linux4noobs
For other opsec information, please see our Communications section on this page. To discuss the information here or make suggestions, please see the talk page.
A brief note on these tools: Comodo Security Solutions is a private firm offering some of these products. In the digital world, a for-profit enterprise exists to make money on a product. If you are not paying for a product from a for-profit venture, then you are the product. Additionally, a Wikipedia skim shows how full of shit they are. I've left them in this post because they previously existed there but strongly disagree with continuing to leave them up, so am striking all of them.



  • PGP - Usually used to encrypt e-mails, but also encrypts physical data on your hard drive.
  • OpenVPN - VPN software using SSL/TLS for key exchanges.
  • Bitvise - An SSH client for Windows users.
  • TCPcrypt - A protocol that attempts to encrypt (almost) all of your network traffic.
  • VeraCrypt - Comprehensive, on-the-fly disk encryption.
  • Protected Folder - Not encryption software, but allows you to password protect folders and files. Protected folders are invisible unless PF is opened and they are unlocked with the password.



Browser extensions, Add-ons, etc.

  • HTTPS Everywhere - Forces all website connections to be HTTPS. Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • AdBlock
  • Adblock for YouTube
  • Ublock Origin
  • NoScript - "Pre-emptively blocks malicious scripts and allows JavaScript, Java and other potentially dangerous content only from sites you trust."
  • Safescript - The Chrome equivalent of NoScript
  • Ghostery
  • DuckDuckGo - "The search engine that doesn't track you. A superior search experience with smarter answers, less clutter and real privacy."

Additional Information


Virtual Machines



See this page on our wiki for information specific to iPhone users.

Other Resources

submitted by EtherealHire to SocialistRA


A BIG LIST of some useful FOSS (free and open-source) apps for Android

Most (if not all) of these apps can be found on F-Droid/Play Store.
I LOVE open-source apps as they are community-driven and free of stuff like trackers, ads, subscriptions, unnecessary permissions, etc. If you are able, please be sure to donate to the awesome developers of these apps to support their work.


  • Bromite: Chromium fork with enchancements such as a built-in adblocker and enhanced privacy
  • Kiwi Browser: feature-filled Chromium fork with support for desktop Chrome extensions
  • Firefox Klar
  • FOSS Browser: lightweight but powerful, based on Webview
  • Fennec: based on Firefox for Android - suggested by u/Hot-Conversation
  • Smart Cookie Web: fork of Lightning Browser with additional feature and other improvements - suggested by u/RohanGupta_LP
  • Lynket: a pop-up browser - suggested by u/AgreeableLoaf

Social media clients/web wrappers

  • Frost for Facebook
  • InstaGrabber for Instagram
  • Tusky for Mastodon

Reddit browser

  • Slide for Reddit: feature-filled, a rewrite is coming soon
  • Infinity for Reddit: relatively new, some features yet to be added
  • RedReader: lightweight, functional design


  • Markor (It can do a lot!)
  • NextCloud Notes
  • Carnet
  • Orgzly - suggested by u/Finger-Flakes
  • Joplin - suggested by u/TheGolan
  • Tasks.org - (Google/Microsoft Tasks alternative) - suggested by u/RohanGupta_LP
  • p!n: minimalist design, lets you pin notes on the notification tray - suggested by u/jgoette


  • Loop Productivity Tracker (Habit tracker)
  • Goodtime - Minimalist Pomodoro Timer
  • Noice (White noise/music for relaxing, studying, etc.)
  • Etar Calendar (CalendaPlanner)

Media Player

  • VLC: plays almost any format (video/audio)
  • MPV-android: powerful video player - suggested by u/RohanGupta_LP
  • Voice: for local audiobooks - reminded by u/prequal


  • Simple Gallery Pro (free on F-Droid)

Ebook Reader

  • Librera Reader (the F-Droid version)
  • KOReader (designed for e-ink readers)


  • AntennaPod
  • Tsacdop


  • KISS Launcher (lightweight and super fast)
  • Open Launcher
  • LibreChair


  • Mindustry: tower defence, base-building, strategy
  • Unciv: basically, Civilization V with minimal graphics
  • Freebloks 3D: fun multiplayer game
  • Andor's Quest (RPG)
  • Pixel Wheels: top-down racing
  • Pixel Dungeon (Roguelike)
  • SuperTuxKart: a fun Mario Kart alternative
  • Minetest: Minecraft alternative
  • Shortyz: crossword puzzles


  • NewPipe (ad-free, supports background playback, downloading, etc.)


  • RetroArch (multiple emulators)
  • Lemuroid (multiple emulators, more user friendly & simple UI)

Torrent Client

  • BiglyBT
  • Libretorrent


Download Manager

  • Download Navi: superb download manager with an in-built browser
  • Aria2App: download manager and BitTorrent client based on the Aria2 download utility - suggested by u/RohanGupta_LP


  • Calculator++ (many handy features like floating calculator, calculator on the notification tray, etc.)
  • NCalc+ (Fully featured calculator, unit converter and CAS (Computer Algebra System)) - suggested by u/RohanGupta_LP


  • OpenBoard: AOSP-based keyboard
  • Hacker's Keyboard: PC-like keyboard layout
  • Simple Keyboard: simple and lightweight keyboard - suggested by u/RohanGupta_LP
  • Irregular Expressions: supports fancy text - suggested by u/mfllc | Link for source code since it is not mentioned in the store page

Ad Blocker

  • Blokada
  • AdGuard Content Blocker
  • AdAway - suggested by u/prequal
  • DNS66 - suggested by u/_Samii_

Offline Dictionary

  • QuickDic

File Browser

  • Material Files
  • Amaze

Email client

  • FairEmail
  • K-9 Mail

Password Manager

File/Folder syncing

  • Syncthing
submitted by XY-YZ-ZX to androidapps