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[Analysis] What is each faction gaining (so far) & losing when Trials launches?

Good morning peeps. A couple months ago I wrote a post listing out what cards each faction, plus Neutral, would gain & lose with the 2018 card rotation. https://www.reddit.com/duelyst/comments/7sa3x2/reminder_the_2018_card_rotation_is_coming_soonish/
With the Trials expansion launching on Tuesday, I figured it was time to circle back and examine what's going on with each faction, in terms of playstyles enhanced or nerfed between the cards rotating out, and the 43 (so far) new cards coming out in Trials.
Changes to Lyonar
Core set changes
  • added Excelsious -- originally from Rise of the Bloodbound. Can be a win-con by itself, esp. in Healyonar, but OtherGuy could dispel or remove it
  • added Sunforge Lancer -- originally from Shim'zar. more Healyonar support
  • removed Sunstone Templar (1/4 with "Whenever this attacks or counters, it dispels that enemy"). My hunch is, it was removed so that no faction would have more than 1 exclusive way to dispel, and Sun Bloom is also Core. (Vet has the battle pet Rae but it's rotating.)
losing from Shim'Zar
  • Fighting Spirit, Slo, Fiz -- battle pets & BP support
  • Lucent Beam -- removal for Healyonar
  • Sun Wisp -- card draw
  • Afterblaze -- minion buff + positional draw
  • Radiant Dragoon -- minion buffer, saw little play
  • Sky Burial -- positional removal
  • Ironcliffe Heart -- Provoke/bond support
  • Dawn's Eye -- artifact I hardly ever saw this played, even in Titan decks.
  • Solarius -- positional card draw
  • Sky Phalanx -- catch-up card but awkward / too slow. It could give you a 8 Knights and they'd still all die to Plasma Storm.
New cards from Trials
  • Grand Strategos -- a 5/5 with Trial of "Summon 10 minions with 1 or less Attack" and Destiny of "Promote other friendly minions at the end of your turn." ("Promote" means they turn into a Lyonar minion that costs (1) more.) Strong win-con for Swarm Lyonar esp for Brome.
  • Lifestream -- Minion heal plus card tutoring. Very nice
  • Bolster -- AOE minion buff/heal, with Intensify
  • Legion -- Swarm deck support via the Crestfallens, plus fatigue-proofs your deck (if that's a concern).
  • War Exorcist -- Start-of-turn effect makes this a non-factor, unless your opponent didn't save a dispel or removal.
  • Indominus -- You remember Eternal Heart, that Magmar artifact that says "your General cannot die"? Me neither b/c I never see it played. Indominus is like that, only (6) more expensive, and it provides a 7/9 body (which then eats a removal, unless you Aegis it).
  • Unrevealed: 1 common, 3 rares, 3 epics, 1 legendary
Changes to Songhai
Core set change -- Adding Grandmaster Zendo. This sometimes can be a win-con, if your opponent's health is low & you have a heavy hitter near him.
losing from Shim'Zar
  • Ace, Crimson Coil, Xho -- battle pets & BP support
  • Crescent Spear -- a key card for SpellHai
  • Katara -- arguably the best 1-drop the game. RIP
  • Shadow Waltz -- support for StabHai, though that's not very prevalent
  • Mirror Meld -- Rarely used since stuff that costs (1) or (2) isn't very strong. (Imagine having something like HS's Stubborn Gastropod, then copying it)
  • Battle Panddo -- repeatable AOE that will be missed
  • Ki Beholder -- good stall plus RangedHai support
  • Pandamonium -- bad stall, rarely played
  • Onyx Jaguar -- key support for MoveHai
  • Koan of Horns -- nifty idea but too slow / expensive. not sure I've ever seen it played
New cards from Trials
  • Hideatsu the Ebon Ox -- A 5/5 with Trial of "Summon 7 minions from your action bar with different mana costs" and Destiny of "Summon friendly minions to deal their cost as damage to [a random] enemy." Unclear if this will be viable.
  • Meditate -- super good card for whatever you're running. pick your chosen spell well
  • Knucklestorm -- kinda weak until it Intensifies a few times. Use support cards (Meditate, Alcuin Loremaster, Loreweaver) to get really good.
  • Second Self -- worried that your won't survive long enough? Clone him! Your opponent has to run out of removal at some point...
  • Coalfist -- A pricier Primus Fist at first, but with Intensify
  • Massacre Artist -- support for StabHai that you can Inner Focus
  • Unrevealed: 2 commons, 1 rare, 3 epics, 2 legendaries
Changes to Vetruvian
Core Set changes
  • added Grandmaster Nosh-Rak -- the Blast king from ROTBB. also helpful for Artifact Sajj hitting face
  • added Blood of Air -- originally from Ancient Bonds. strong removal, but fairly priced
Losing from Shim'Zar
  • Rae, Pax and Astral Flood -- battle pets and BP support
  • Whisper of the Sands -- card draw, plus lets you get some value from a dispelled Obelysk.
  • Wind Slicer -- Obelysk deck support, but didn't help much.
  • Falcius -- Practically speaking, this was removal, damage prevention AND a decent body. Good for all Vets; Sajj misses him already.
  • Psychic Conduit -- Surprised it didn't show up more often. oh well
  • Allomancer -- Obelysk deck support that DID help some. C'mon, gimme a Soulburner!
  • Corpse Combustion -- Did "Dying Wish Vet" ever become a thing?
  • Pantheran -- After the last nerf to Third Wish, people had no reason to run TW, therefore none for this either.
  • Circle of Dessiccation -- Too expensive & it kills your non-Obelysk stuff too. hard pass
New cards from Trials
  • Notion of Starless Eternity -- A 3/3 with Trial of "General reaches the other edge of the battlefield with an equipped artifact" and Destiny of "Each equipped artifact gives your General a tier of ascension." (You add Frenzy at Tier 1; add Flying at Tier 2; add Celerity at Tier 3; but when artifacts break, you lose tiers.) Relatively easy to achieve, but balanced by giving back Tiers.
  • Metalmeld -- Artifact deck support; of course you'll want to only run a few arties to boost your chances of getting back the one you want.
  • Obdurator -- solid Artifact support & an Artifact itself.
  • Atom Klinger -- more Artifact support (seeing a trend yet?)
  • Accumulonimbus -- How much is a single Wind Dervish worth? I'd say about (1.5); Rasha's Curse is (2) and also busts an artifact, but often OtherGuy won't have any. The IV minion Gust is good because it effectively gives you (6.5) worth of stuff for (5). So the first time you use this, you're overpaying a bit; but then future uses will Intensify and become bargains.
  • Khanuum-ka -- Strong support for Sand decks, but I wonder if it's more of a "win more" than a win-con?
  • Unrevealed: 3 commons, 1 rare, 2 epics, 2 legendaries
Changes to Abyssian
Core set change -- Added Grandmaster Variax from ROTBB. Super-fun card, esp. since each General gets a different super-BBS: Lilithe summons two Wraithlings & gives +4/+4 to all those little buggers; Cassyva gets a 4/4 on every unoccupied friendly Creep tile; Maehv has to destroy a friendly, then summons a swarm of 4/4s.
Losing from Shim'Zar
  • Gor, Ooze and Inkhorn Gaze -- battle pets and PB support
  • Sphere of Darkness -- good support for Creep decks
  • Echoing Shriek -- not played often. I figure swarm decks want their non-Wraith small stuff (e.g. Furiosa and Nocturne) to stay as-is.
  • Lurking Fear -- support for "Dying Wish-sian" which was a thing, just not much of one
  • Blood Baronette -- Too conditional. If a given Wraithling was big enough to make B.B. worthwhile (like a 5/5 from Fury), OtherGuy would just dispel or remove it.
  • Void Steal -- support for Swarm decks, but Furor Chakram works much better & the decks often don't have room for both.
  • Ghost Azalea -- strong support for Creep decks.
  • Night Fiend -- more support for Creep
  • Klaxon -- Creep support, and now Aby doesn't have any faction Provokes in , like Songhai and Magmar. (Vanar has one; Vet essentially has two w/ Cosmic Flesh; post-rotation Lyonar has five along with Brome's BBS, a relevant spell AND an artifact that gives Provoke)
  • Arcane Devourer -- Overpaying for a bad 8/4 just wasn't that popular. By the time you have (8) mana and can play this plus something good (e.g. Spectral Revenant), most people just played the something good.
  • Obliterate -- Creep decks' top win-con, and a prime example of why CPG reworked Creep in the first place. If we don't get good Creep cards in Trials (or other expacs later), the archetype is dead, and Cassie will nothing to do.
New cards from Trials
  • Underlord Xor'xuul -- A 6/1 with Trial of "Cast 6 spells that destroy a friendly minion" and Destiny of "Whenever a friendly minion dies, re-summon it on a random space." Aby has tons of spells that fit the bill; just let em hit something first, or sac 1/1s only, so you get decent value. Then all your stuff becomes immortal!
  • Painful Pluck -- Ah ha, some new Creep support, but you'll need Alcuins and Loreweavers for the Intensity to really pay off.
  • Bonecrusher -- Intensify support, but you don't even that strong a removal to deal with it. Just a Phoenix Fire or a Saberspine Tiger.
  • Chittering Tiller -- An odd duck. You get better Frenzy with Furor Chakram, and the "move OtherGuy a space" thang means little to a class that lacks payoffs like Glacial Fissure or Cataclysmic Fault.
  • Munch -- Creep support plus healing; pull Cassyva off trauma watch, y'all
  • Unrevealed: 1 common, 2 rares, 3 epics, 3 legendaries
Changes to Magmar
Core Set change: add Grandmaster Kraigon from UP. Expensive but Magmar has the healz to survive and use it.
Losing from Shin'zar
  • Razor Skin, Rex and Gro -- battle pets & BP support
  • Lava Lance -- removal for EggMar decks.
  • Moloki Huntress -- key support for Growmar
  • Thumping Wave -- neat card, either buff your guy or soft-remove theirs (and denying its Dying Wish). Still good enough to see some use, but the pre-nerf version was amazeballs.
  • Wild Inceptor -- EggMar support
  • Morin-Kuhr -- strong EggMar support
  • Nature's Confluence -- Across all factions, BPs cost about (1.75) each, so getting a four-pack for (4) instead of (7) was a good bargain ... at least until Thunderhorn crashed the party.
  • Visionar -- Support for Starhorn decks, but bad stats.
  • Dreadnought -- support for Egg and Rebirth decks, but kinda slow
  • Flaming Stampede -- even EggMar decks wouldn't run this. Plasma Storm has always killed small stuff great for (3) less; now Homeopathic Rebuke kills big stuff great for (4) less, unless they have more Health than Attack, but few big targets do.
  • Mandrake -- if you're gonna play something big to bait out removal, might as well play it for cheap or free, rt?
New cards from Trials
  • Hatefurnace -- A 5/4 with Trial of "Cast 5 spells that give a minion +Attack" and Destiny of "Minions summoned from your action bar gain Rush and Frenzy." Post-rotation Magmar has 6 different spells that fit here; then it's time to "Unleash the Makantors"
  • Angered Okkadok -- an Intensify minion that's already decent the first time
  • Krater -- AOE support in a class that already has plenty. Sure, why not
  • Haruspex -- somewhat like Hamon Bladeseeker in Songhai: an underpriced beatstick, but you wind up giving OtherGuy something (a card here, 2 of your H.P. for Hamon). Course you could always dispel it...
  • Mortar-Maw -- yet more AOE support in a class that has plenty. Will def. prove its mettle next year, when Thunderhorn rotates out & Trials guys stick around
  • Unrevealed: 2 commons, 3 rares, 2 epics, 2 legendaries
Changes to Vanar
Core Set changes
  • added Grandmaster Embla from ROTBB. The queen of Wall-nar
  • added Frostburn from Shim'zar
  • dropped losing Mark of Solitude. Not sure why either, it didn't see much play
Losing from Shin'zar
  • Bur, Icy and Snow Rippler -- battle pets and PB support
  • Vespyric Call -- Surprised this didn't see more play. You're effectively prepaying (1) toward a random Vespyr and giving it +1/+1; seems fair, and it would be broken at (0). I guess the catch, the pool of Vespyrs includes too many duds.
  • Aspect of Shim'Zar -- soft removal that got even better with Thunderhorn
  • Lightning Blitz -- War Surge sees little play in Lyonar; "War Surge + your stuff's positioning goes kerblooey" saw even less play.
  • Iceblade Dryad -- Another example of "fair priced, but not run b/c OP cards only need apply".
  • Wailing Overdrive -- Can be game-winning; sees some play in spite of its positioning reqs.
  • White Asp -- Sees some play, but you gotta get at least 2 kills to get good value.
  • Frostiva -- Sturdy minion, token generator... removal magnet.
  • Huldra -- Almost never play. Could be a game-winner with Arctic Displacer, but still
  • Winter's Wake -- Wall-nar's win con. Luckily their Mythron card will sub in nicely
New cards from Trials
  • Oak in the Nemeton -- A 6/6 with Trial of "Have 5 token minions with different names" and Destiny of "Friendly token minions have +4/+4." The trick won't be generating tokens, but rather keeping 5 of them alive long enough to fulfill the condition.
  • Resonance Scythe -- good support for Ilena & Stun-nar decks
  • Thicket Augur -- as usual for Intensify cards, the first time is weak, but second & after are bargains
  • Disciple of Yggdra -- more support for Ilena / Stun-nar (I sense a pattern)
  • Permafrost -- even more Stun-nar support ... except this seems mediocre? (3) to stun two enemies seems a tad overpriced, given that Flash Freeze is (0) and half of Frigid Corona's cost stems from the card draw. And how often do you absolutely must stun TWO mobs?
  • Cloudcaller -- You're overpaying for the body, but then underpaying for the removal it's bundled with. Another "fair priced but not broken" card.
  • Unrevealed: 3 commons, 3 rares, 1 epic, 1 legendary
Changes to Neutral Cards
Core Set Changes
  • Losing these commons: Arrow Whistler (ranged support), Blistering Skorn (AOE for factions that lack it), Day Watcher (modest healing), Sand Burrower (meme card #1), The High Hand (ruined after the "draw 1, not 2" change)
  • Losing these rares: Chakkram (meme card #2), Prophet of the White Palm (useful 1-drop), Sunsteel Defender (soooooo good, and the pre-nerf version was SICK), Tethermancer (Provoke and Dispel, two great tastes that go weird together), Wind Runner (MoveHai support)
  • Losing these epics: Captain Hank Hart (offbeat Ranged card), Dioltas (great stall card, Bond Lyonar will miss it), Lux Ignis (offbeat Ranged card #2), Mogwai (MoveHai support), Night Watcher (Rush doesn't show up enough of a to run it), Syvrel the Exile (offbeat Ranged card #3), The Scientist (could've been useful with the Abyss or Magmar Destiny cards)
  • Losing these legendaries: Alter Rexx (not good enough, even after the Mechaz0r change), Astral Crusader (meme card #2), Eclipse (meme card #3), Envybaer (meme card #4), E'Xun (Forcefield king), Rook (overcosted), Ruby Rifter (meme card #5), Zen'Rui the Blightspawned (somewhat useful against a few small guys, but nah)
Losing from Shin'zar
  • Koi, Amu, Sol, Z0r, Golden Mantella, Hydrax, Ion, Yun, Zukong, Calculator, Rawr -- battle pets and BP support cards. Long story short, BPs were a neat idea: you got great value for your mana, but generally you couldn't control them. It didn't take long for people to figure out how to play around their movement patterns; then when Thunderhorn came out, playing BPs became a straight-up liability. With 20/20 hindsight, maybe CPG should have saved the BP idea for like Expansion #4 or 5; having it as the very first one chased bunches of players away.
  • Soboro -- meme card #6
  • Gnasher -- positional AOE for classes that need it
  • Beastbound Savage -- Frenzy or Celerity for classes that need it. Surprisingly rarely played
  • Inquisitor Kron -- overpriced but a neat effect. The Vanar Destiny card could have made good use of him
  • Silverbeak -- A fair priced beatstick, but it lacks Golem or other tribal synergies. zzzzz
New cards from Trials
  • Mythron Wanderer -- A 6/6 with Trial of "Have no duplicate cards in your deck" and Destiny of "Your minions have +1/+1." Making good Highlander decks in HS with 30 cards could be tough; making a good 39-card Highlander, from a smaller card pool that just lost a bunch to Rotation could be damn tough. Worth trying, though. We know Keleseth in HS is good at (2); we know Mistcaller with the same effect was too inconsistent or slow at (6); but maybe a Mistcaller that always started in your mulligan would've been worthwhile?
  • Mirrorrim -- A fair-costed body with a free "Gang Up from HS" stapled to it, and it's NEUTRAL? yes please
  • Chirpuka -- Another "punish OtherGuy for summoning stuff" minion like Crimson Oculus, Venom Toth, Phantasm in Aby and Rizen in Magmar. Though really, it's more like "punish OtherGuy for not having dispel or removal on hand" because ya know it's gonna eat it hard.
  • Scarzig -- Intriguing design. I think Songhai will maximize this guy's potential, dropping him on like Turn 5, buff him, Inner Focus him, and voila! The other two become MONSTERS
  • Sellsoul -- Undercosted by (1), but then you pay 4 life when he dies or waste a dispel to prevent the loss. Magmar can easily tank the hits; other factions need not apply.
  • Fizzling Mystic -- Twice the price of regular Mystic, for +1 health & the flexibility to deal 2 instead of heal 2. not impressive
  • Hsuku -- Interesting, if a bit overcosted & it can help OtherGuy's stuff. Swarm decks can spread out the buffs; running this with fewer, bigger things just puts bullseyes on their backs.
  • Riftwalker -- AOE support that's more surgical than, say, Blazing Skorn. Swarm decks are gonna HATE this, esp since it Intensifies
  • Alcuin Fugitive -- Intensify support but just for spells. You're paying (2) above market for the body, so better make it count.
  • Unrevealed: 4 commons, 1 rare, 1 epic, 1 legendary
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REX product confusion

Hey simmers,
I've been flying FSX and prepar3d for a while now and i'm looking at REX products to 'enchance' my flight experiences. From what i can gather on their product page, there's REX4 direct, REX soft cloud, REX essential plus overdrive.... so which product is the 'latest' ,the best and what is the differences between all of those that i mentioned above?
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