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How to do an NFL Play Breakdown Post

How to Get Started Doing NFL Breakdowns
The NFL Season is almost upon us and as a PSA, here's an updated repost of my approach to doing play break downs.
Here is my original post from earlier this year.
To preface all this, I'd like to say that I highly recommend anyone who is really interested in learning more about the details of football to take a step into breaking down video. While you can certainly get a great knowledge base by reading the breakdowns by others, the act of studying, questioning, and looking at details is a far different experience. Doing a writeup adds even more to the process.
Most of us feel like we don't know very much or that we lack enough specific knowledge to be able to break down film. And it's probably true! But the best way to get that knowledge is to do a writeup. Seriously. Do a writeup as best as you can and there are many knowledgeable people that will give you corrections or who will give you additional insight into the plays. And you may be surprised at how quickly you will start to pick up on things just because you are paying attention.
Step 0 : Decide on Source
The first step is to decide how you are going to source the breakdowns. There are two basic choices at this point :
TV Copy or Coach's Tape
TV Copy is the broadcast version of the game, ie., the version that we all watch on Fox/CBS/NBC. The advantages are that it is free, the quality and clarity of the video is generally very good, and that it is timely. But the disadvantages are that you are restricted in the views you get (though the replays can be fantastic), particularly of the defensive backfield, but also quite often the offensive/defensive line engagements. With prime time games, you have as many as 6 games to choose from on a given week (perhaps more if you include the Rewind games on the NFL Network that are broadcast the following week). For the more involved/desperate fans, DirecTV's Sunday Ticket offers access to all the broadcast games.
Coach's Tape (sometimes generically referred to as "All 22" tape) is composed of two views : the All-22 Overhead View that is critical for analyzing routes v coverages and the Endzone View that is very valuable for understanding line play. Advantages of the Coach's Tape is that it shows a more sophisticated level of detail for assessing play. The disadvantages are that the video quality is relatively poor, the distance of the shots means that some detail is lost. On some stadiums, these coaching camera placements are annoyingly poor.
There's only one place to get the Coach's Tape. The NFL offers the NFL GameRewindGamePass online package to stream the games after they have aired. Previously, the NFL offered Season, Season Plus, or Follow-Your-Team packages at various price points. It appears that from 2015 onwards, there is only a single package and it is priced at $99.99 (or $69.99 for previous subscribers).
NFL GamePass.
NFL GamePass gives you access to (most) NFL Games back to 2009; note that a few games here and there (mostly from 2009) are not on the system for whatever reason. Coach's tape is not available for all those games, but it is available for the past couple of years. This could be very useful if you are interested in comparing a player across multiple years.
For most that want to take up the effort of breaking down plays, the Coach's tape is the most natural and desirable option. Ideally, you would use both since sometimes the broadcast has an excellent Isolation replay that reveals more than the Coach's Tape does.
As of 2015, GamePass now includes the Preseason games (previously these were purchased separately).
NFL also offers live and archived access to the radio broadcasts of each of the NFL games. And also new for 2015, the "AudioPass" is included as part of the GamePass package. While the NFL will not stream the video of the games LIVE, they do stream the Radio broadcasts lives. For some (like myself), you can listen to the radio live and then capture the video later that night. TV Copy becomes available as soon as Sunday Night Football ends.
If you are so motivated, taking the TV Copy and swapping in the Home Team radio broadcast instead of the network announcers can be so very rewarding. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms or Bob Papa, Tom Flores, and Lincoln Kennedy? There's no question there as far as Raiders games go.
Step 1 : Capture Video
Once you've decided if you are going to go with just the TV Copy or with the Coach's Tape, you have another decision to make. Do you want to capture from the TV in realtime or do you want capture from the GameRewind?
Capture devices
If you want to capture video from the TV into your computer, you need a capturing device of some sort. These devices have been gaining popularity as more and more people are grabbing Xbox/Playstation gameplay vid. The three devices that I've heard of are the Black Magic, the Elgato, and the Hauppauge. These are all in the ~$140+ range with the Black Magic having models in the $200+ range as well.
My friend uses the Elgato for XBox vids and likes it very much. I use the Hauppauage and have been thinking of trying out the Elgato or Black Magic, but have never quite bothered.
To use this in conjunction with GameRewind, you would have to connect a computer's HDMI out to the device and then capture on a 2nd computer. This may not be feasible for many.
What is nice about a capture device is that it is useful for archiving anything broadcast on the TV.
The Pros of TV Capture : immediacy. good quality. can be used for non-NFL game content like College Games, Combine, Hard Knocks, etc.
Cons : pricey. If using in conjunction with broadcast games, must edit out commercials. To use with Game Rewind, must have 2 computers available. Requires TV subscription, so not useful for Cord-Cutters.
Screen Casting/Capture
Alternately, you can choose to capture the streamed video on the computer itself. This cuts out the needs for a capture device and instead the computer will capture the desktop and save it as a video file. This has typically been used for demoing applications on the desktop, but is also nicely suited for "web-ripping" videos.
Here are some popular screencasting/capture utilities :
Some Reviews
Step 2 : Edit
Depending on how much effort you want to put in, you may need/want to edit your footage.
If your goal is just to capture a play or a handful of plays and then use them to do a writeup, you may not need to go thru the effort involved in this step.
However, if you are interested in capturing and archiving an entire game (eg., you are following your team and want to track a player over the course of the season) or games, this is invaluable. Or you may be interested in prepping some "cutups" or "highlight reels" to put on youtube. For that you will need to do some editing.
Also, I will say that studying a play while editing the video is a very different experience from just watching the video as it plays. Breaking down a play by using editing software is far more revealing than by watching a play in real time.
After a Raiders' game, I prefer to capture the entire game (for archival purposes) and then cut up the footage to find and study plays of interest. I cut up each play and then break them up into separate timelines for (a) OFFENSE/DEFENSE and then (b) RUN PLAYS/PASS PLAYS. So i have 4 total timelines to look at. I then cut the video into just the plays so that each timeline consists only of the play (and replay). I've basically indexed each play for the game.
While it's a bit of upfront work, it makes it easier for me to look for or study particular things. For instance, if I'm going to study Khalil Mack's run defense, it's easy for me to go thru each run play and find Mack. Or if I'm looking for how the Raiders' defend the WR screen, i can search for those rather quickly. It also helps me significantly in the offseason when I'm going back over the entire season and looking for particular items.
This may be overkill if you are doing one-shots and then moving on. For instance, if I'm looking at (say) Mike Evans, I may capture only those plays where he's being targeted rather than grab (and archive) the entire game.
Editing also allows me to do a number of things that are rather cool, like zooming in, panning during a play, change speed, adjust the framing, adding the running timecode on a passrush, spot-shadowing a player, swapping or disabling audio, etc..
One thing that I really like and highly recommend is to clip off the bottom line "Ticker" on a video. We've all gotten used to see those scores running across the bottom of the screen, but when you watch a clip and it is NOT there, it's quite nice to be relieved from that distraction.
On a 720p BROADCAST video (note: the Coach's tape doesn't contain the ticker and so you can use full frame of 1280x720 for that) , a frame size of 1280 x 640 is just about perfect; it cuts out the bottom 80 pixels which just about takes care of the ticker without losing much actual game footage (obv for Coach's tape, i can use full-frame). It's also a convenient frame size b/c the aspect ratio is 2:1 so resizing computations are rather easy. I generally resize to 960x480, which is big enough to see everything but small enough to make file uploads quick.
Of course, there's an upfront cost in acquiring an editor and there's also a learning curve in using it. The more powerful the editing program, the more effort it takes to do even the basics. And the more things you want to do (change speeds, add freeze frames, highlight a player, zoom in/out, etc.) the longer it will take.
For instance, for some of my Pass Rush clips, I wanted to put a timer on the screen to show how long it took the pass rusher to sack the QB. Using Adobe's Premiere, it was fairly straightforward but took some effort to ramp up on it.
Non Linear Editor
I'm just listing the official prices here. If you are interested in purchasing any of these, you may be able to find it cheaper on amazon (for instance, Sony Vegas is $349 on amazon v $599 on Sony's official site) or you may be able to get an older version for less; in the case of Adobe products, this may be preferable since older versions are perpetual licenses and not the current (obnoxious) subscription model. Many also have trial periods, which may be useful depending on how much editing you intend to do.
Here's an example : Justin Houston Sack
Here are a few popular editors :
note : Adobe has a Student Plan that charges $199 for the complete Adobe Suite (I'm not quite sure how it works or what the eligibility requirements are but it may be worth the inquiry if you are interested). Adobe.com
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC : Adobe. 30 Day Free Trial. $240/yr subscription plan.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements : Adobe - $99
  • Sony Vegas : Sony - $599
  • Final Cut Pro X (Mac Only) : Apple - $299
  • iMovie (Mac Only) : Apple - Free
  • Windows Movie Maker (Windows Only) : Windows - Free.
  • Lightworks Free (or Pro) : lwks - Free (or $438)
Step 3 : Markup
In addition to the video, I often like to breakdown the play by marking up still images. Things I may choose to do is indicate the blocking assignments on a run play or show the pass-rush lanes on a stunt; on a passing play, it's extremely helpful to draw up the routes and the coverages. For instance, here's a breakdown gallery from my post on Sammy Watkins Week 7 breakdown; so, on this play, when you draw it up like this, it's easy to see that there's "Mirror Concept" at play. On others the Double Slant or the Smash might jump out at you.
When you are step-by-step-ing thru a play, it's amazing the subtleties that you can pick up. For instance, Here is an image from Latavius Murray's first TD v KC last thursday. What I didn't notice in full speed was that the pulling RG Austin Howard ran into the LT Donald Penn to help free up the Chiefs' DT Jaye Howard.
My personal opinion is that doing the Markups is a huge benefit to doing breakdowns, both for informing the readers (it's much easier following along with images) as well as for studying and observing and learning for yourself.
Premiere has an easy frame export feature so that I can get as many images as I need/want but if I want to draw ONTO the image, I need a program for that.
While rastebitmap Paint programs or Photo manipulation utilities can work fine, my preference is to use a vector drawing program. Since most of what I am overlaying onto the image are vector items (lines, arcs, polygons) and since I'm often re-using and modifying elements, I prefer to use Illustrator, though some may be fine with using a raster-based program like Gimp.
Drawing Programs
  • Inkscape : inkscape - Free
  • Corel Draw Home : Corel - Free Trial, $129
  • Adobe Illustrator : Adobe - Free Trial, $240/yr subscription
  • SnagIt Editor : Techsmith - Free Trial, $49
  • Gimp (raster) : Gimp - Free
Step 4 : Write up
I do a lot to manage my writeups. If/when I'm doing a writeup that contains several plays, I need to manage them. I can have possibly 5 or 6 GFYs, a couple of galleries, the play description, and miscellaneous stats associated with it.
I may want to have the same data/information in a couple of places, like in the play details itself and then later in a formatted table.
If I just write it up in a .txt file, there's a lot of markup to do by hand. If I change an item in one place, i have to remember to change it anywhere else that I reference it. And if i want to look at just the data and perhaps "run some numbers" (like mean or median, etc) then it's rather difficult or at the very least it's an additional step.
For that reason I build spreadsheets to hold my data and then have separate tabs that organize them in particular ways and to mark them up as I need. Then I cut the markups and paste them into a .txt file when I'm ready. And then I do my actual full writeups within the .txt file with my text editor.
In essence, I'm using Excel as a half-step between relational database and text editor.
That was extremely useful in my Pass Rush posts but is also very helpful when I am doing bulk captures.
If I am compiling several images or vid clips, I may have quite a few urls to handle and i may want to use keep/manage the urls seprately from the reddit-style marked up text. For that, I also use Excel to help me. I have a section for the urls and then a separate section where the Excel sheet is styled for a table and then I use formulae to mark up the urls.
Sheet 1 may have descriptions and urls like :
While Sheet 2 may have
  • | =Sheet1!A1 | ="[link](" & Sheet1!A2 &")" |
  • | =Sheet1!B1 | ="[link](" & Sheet1!B2 &")" |
  • | =Sheet1!C1 | ="[link](" & Sheet1!C2 &")" |
So now I can change the values on Sheet 1 and have the marked up text automatically fixed as I need. Useful if you are like me and have to go back to correct mistakes or rework/enhance bits.
I always do all my writeups externally and then just cut/paste into the browser when posting. It allows me to archive them and potentially re-use them.
GFYCat is such a blessing. Typically, you would have to convert a video to a .gif. NLEs (Non Linear Editors like Premiere) handle that easily, but it can be time consuming to determine what exact settings you want. This matters since imgur etc may have size limits on gifs and big gifs can pose loading lag issues. But then if you get a nice small gif, the quality is poor.
GFYCat is basically html5 video limited to 15sec so the file size is no longer an issue except for how long it takes to upload the file.
So I export my vids to a .mp4 with no audio at 960x480. Then upload to GFYCat.
One recommendation when uploading to GFYCat : Sometimes GFYCat will shrink the video frame size down. To avoid that, click on "Do not resize" and the uploaded vid/gif will have the same frame size as the original.
I'm not sure if everyone knows about the NFL gamebooks, so I'll mention it. on nfl.com, you can go to the GameCenter for each game. On that page is a link to get the Gamebook for that particular game, image. Click on it and get the .pdf that has each play on it as well as game stats, scoring plays, etc.
It's a great resource, especially if you are looking back on a game and wanting to find a particular play or plays. For instance, if you are looking for all of JJ Watt's sacks, you can get the Houston gamebooks and then search for "sack" and then log the quarter and time for each of JJ Watt's sacks. Or if you want to capture each of Amari Cooper's targeted plays, you can open a Raiders' gamebook and CTRL-F for "A.Cooper"
When I do my writeups, I copy the play description from the gamebook directly. It saves me the effort of titling the play and it makes it easier to reference it. For people that read the gamebooks, the format becomes very familiar very quickly.
note : Looking on NFL.com prior to the 2015 season starting, it appears that the GameCenter pages are missing the gamebook links. Even the HOF game that was recently played is missing the Gamebook. Hopefully this is a temporary glitch.
NFL Rulebook
If you are interested in the official NFL rulebook, it's hosted on nfl.com link in both an online version and a .pdf. You can download the .pdf and reference it as needed.
Version Control
Most people probably already know about version control, but I think I'll mention it anyway.
Anyone that is creating any content on their computers or managing/handling any data that changes--whether it's data in excel, stored stats in a database, writeups in .txt files, etc.--should be using some kind of Version Control.
Version control is also called Revision Control and sometimes called just "RCS". It is a repository of your file and all the (committed) versions of that file.
example, you are working on a long term paper like a thesis. You create the file and enter the title and 2-3 pages of text. Commit. The file is now in the repository.
You then write 10 more pages of text. Commit.
You then modify the text substantially. Commit.
Whoops! Some of what you removed when you modified the text are items you want back, but you can't remember everything.
So now, you look back at the revision history and you can restore the version that has all the text you want, copy and paste that into the current version and then commit.
Version Control systems also allows for more complicated tasks--like tagging, branching, collapsing--which can be extremely useful (especially in collborative situations) or perhaps totally unnecessary.
Version control comparisons
Many Cloud storage solutions offer an elementary version control.
note: version control is a completely separate concept from Backups. You should always do backups as well and if you have version control, you definitely need backups of the version control repository.
I personally use Subversion (Apache.org. Another nice aspect of SVN is that it can be installed on a QNAP NAS (If I ever get a NAS, I may try this out).
My friend recommends Git (Git-scm.com), which I may try out at some point.
Hopefully this gives an idea of how to go about doing an NFL breakdown post.
Again, I'd like to encourage people to try their hand at doing breakdowns even if you feel like you don't yet know enough to do a "great" one. If you can create a post around some interesting or important plays and then give your insights into it, you may generate some nice discussions that may answer many of your questions and enlighten the rest of us.
This is all from a selfish point of view, because I love to read those breakdowns when they are posted. And I have Gold to give so if you do decide to post a breakdown, you may find yourself gilded.
submitted by GipsySafety to nfl

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