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Psylisa's Guide to Penelope - 11/12/20

Welcome to another edition of Psylisa's Guides! Well... we're here. After looking at Penelope, that's about all I can muster without shaking my head. And there's that animation; at least Penelope makes me smile.
Penelope is a Support, Gold Find, and Healing Champion. She buffs party members with her Chwinga Mask based on their roles, increasing healing, damage, and Gold Find with the number of Story Time stacks she has. When you want to add Penelope to your formation, you can swap her with Arkhan (Slot 12).

CNE Blog Highlight



----- Core Stats -----
Race: Halfling Class: Druid/Warlock Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 33 Gender: Female Affiliation: None
STR: 10 DEX: 16 CON: 14
INT: 8 WIS: 17 CHA: 14
  Role: Support, Gold, Healing Eligible for Patrons: Mirt, Vajra    


All Buffs - These buff icons only appear and operate when the formation is under attack. Chwinga Mask - This indicates that charms are active and Penlope will send out buffs. Red Sword - This indicates Penelope is adjacent to a Support character and will buff DPS. Green Cross - This indicates Penelope is adjacent to a Tanking character that will receive healing. Red Pips - Indicates how many Healing/Support/Gold champions are adjacent to Penelope. Green Pips - Indicates how many Tanking champions are adjacent to Penelope. Enemy Debuff - Debuff from Have You Met My Friends ability.


Basic Attack Go Away: Penelope jumps out and hits the closest enemy with her quarterstaff, dealing damage and knocking it back slightly.  

Formation Abilities

Have You Met My Friends: Whenever Penelope attacks an enemy and doesn't kill it, for the next 30 seconds, all Champions deal 100% additional damage against them.
  • This buff actually grows substantially as Penelope levels up. Without gear and feats, this yields 1.13e07%.
  • The debuff will linger to the 30 second duration, even if Penelope is removed from party
  Chwinga Mask: Whenever the formation is under attack, Penelope dons her chwinga mask, calling an elemental friend to her aid. It sits on her shoulder while her mask is on. All Champions adjacent to Penelope gain the following charm(s) based on their tags. Charms last as long as the formation is under attack and then for 10 seconds afterward, persisting through area transitions.   • Healing Charm (Tank Champions) — Penelope heals affected Champions for 30 HP every second. Once Penelope unlocks Story Time, the amount healed every second is increased by a percentage based on 2x the number of Story Time stacks she has. 0 stacks of Story Time = +0% = 30 HP / sec 10 stacks of Story Time = +20% = 36 HP / sec 25 stacks of Story Time = +50% = 45 HP / sec   • Tools for the Job Charm (Healing, Support, or Gold Find Champions) — Penelope increases the damage of all Champions by 100% for each Champion affected by this charm. This effect stacks multiplicatively and buffs apply to the post-stack value.
Once Penelope unlocks Story Time, whenever she has more than 15 stacks of Story Time, this effect also increases the party's gold find by 10% of the total buff caused by this charm (including buffs). Champions can only gain each charm once even if they have multiple tags.
  • The maximum bonus to this ability ends up being a 64x boost, and that's if you surround her with 6 champions.
  • Story Time Stacks does not increase this Tools for the Job buff value; it only adds the Gold Find subsection.
  • Yes, Healing Charm only heals for 45 HP / sec at maximum stacks at level cap.
  • Tools for the Job yields 1.92e04% base buff, pre-stack and pre-gear. Stacks can yield as much as a 110x multiplier.
  Story Time: Each time a Champion within 2 slots of Penelope kills an enemy, add a stack of Story Time. Story Time stacks are capped at 25. The stacks of Story Time affect both charms given by Chwinga Mask. Every time you change areas, the stacks of Story Time are reduced by half, rounded down.  


First Specialization Choice Keep Your Friends Close: Increases the effect of Have You Met My Friends by 60% for each other Good Champion in the formation (stacking multiplicatively).   Keep Your Future Friends Closer: Increases the effect of Have You Met My Friends by 40% for each Evil Champion in the formation (stacking multiplicatively).   Everybody Gets To Be Friends: Increases the effect of Have You Met My Friends by 20% for each other Champion in the formation (stacking multiplicatively).
  • Penelope counts herself as Good
  • Here's the breakdowns for each specialization, and which you should pick: Choose Good if you are greater than or equal to 4 characters, including Penelope: 6.55x buff Choose Evil if you are greater than or equal to 5 characters, excluding Penelope: 5.37x buff Choose Any if any of the above are not conditions are not met: 5.16x buff
  • The best pick will yield the highest number, with Everybody Gets To Be Friends offering the default minimum buff at 5.16x for 9 other characters, assuming a full 10 champion formation.
  • Good is the overwhelmingly easy best pick in most situations, mainly because Penelope herself is Good and counts in this equation. You simply need at least 3 other Good characters to be the mathematical best choice. At 10 Good characters, you can nab a nice 110x boost.
  • The Evil option has two things going against it; lack of Evil champions available, and Penelope herself not being Evil.
  Second Specialization Choice Minor Eruption: Penelope's base attack now causes a minor eruption under the enemy she hits, dealing aoe damage in a small radius and leaving difficult terrain under them for 10 seconds.   Hey Batter Batter: Penelope's base attack's knockback is now four times as effective against non-boss enemies and her damage is increased by 200%.
  • The choice here is another clear one. Penelope's AoE does not cause her debuff to trigger on additional enemies, she's not a DPS, and the additional slow rarely matters. Skip Minor Eruption, outside of the achievement.
  • Hey Batter Battter allows you to rotate non-boss enemies to spread her debuff. Remember, her Basic Attack hits the closest enemy, which then becomes the furthest enemy (or close to it).

Ultimate Attack

Erupting Earth: A fountain of churned earth and stone erupt in the enemies' path (centered on the nearest enemy), dealing AOE damage in a large radius and creating difficult terrain that lasts for 30 seconds. Enemies that encounter the difficult terrain have their movement slowed by 50% while they travel through it.
  • This Ultimate comes in as a single hit, semi-large AoE (about 25% of the screen) and a 6.6x multiplier.
  • The Ultimate seems to double-dip on debuffs (for now).


Slow Down a Minute Slow the Movement of 100,000 enemies with Penelope's Difficult Terrain from her Erupting Earth Ultimate or Minor Eruption Specialization  
  • Use this formation to gain this easily.
  • Choose Minor Eruption as Penelope's Specialization.
  • Be sure to play a familiar on her Ultimate.
  • I recommend using a Sword Coast level, as the Torm blessing will decrease her Ultimate CD by 20%.
  • It helps if you select a stage where attacks will not kill enemies, but her Ultimate will.
  • Even if you're sliding back levels once your tank gets Overwhelmed, that's okay. You can pretty much just set it, and forget it for a while. It took me about an hour with a medium speed potion on to fill this one out.
  • EDIT: You can also use Havilar's Ultimate to slow down enemies continuously. Place a familiar on Havilar's Ultimate, and combine with any knockback champion such as Donaar, Farideh (Ultimate), or Asharra (Ultimate). Eventually, all 100 enemies will be so slow that they get stuck on the far right edge of the screen. Now you'll gain 100 stacks each time Penelope attacks.


Slot 1: Global DPS Slot 2: Have You Met My Friends Slot 3: Chwinga Mask - Healing Slot 4: Chwinga Mask - Damage Slot 5: Ultimate Damage Slot 6: Ultimate Cooldown

My Thoughts

So Penelope comes at us with a nice, hefty buff possibility but unfortunately, it falls kind of flat. There's nothing too interesting about the mechanics here, except your formation must be under attack to see the majority of the benefit. She'll come with our semi-standard e11% naked/featness Support buff, with the added restriction that the majority will only affect the enemies she whacks and for 30 seconds a time. Kind of a let down, here.   The debuff potential via Have You Met My Friends is massive, but ultimately let down by the 30 second duration. Also hampering it is the fact that while Penelope can have an AoE attack, only one enemy gets smacked by the debuff. Both of these represent two glaring flaws with any player that would wish to utilize her.   Tools the Trade applying bonuses to the post-stack value means it's virtually useless; even surrounding her with 6 champions yields only a 64x boost and we have better targets (like Avren or Omin or Morgaen) that should receive the 6 champion surround slot.   We also find that her Specializations are a bit one-dimensional. Overwhelmingly, the choice of Good is almost always the better option, and outside her achievement, Hey Batter Batter is likewise the best pick, and that's just to keep the debuff rotating.   Support/Buff by the numbers: Debuff: 1e07% Tools (assuming 3 adjacent): 1e04% Good Champions (assuming 5): 1000% All Champion: 0%! (insert sad trombone) Total: e10% You can get a bit more than e10%, depending on how many adjacent champions and how many Good-aligned characters are in your formation with a maximum buff of about e14%. In order to do so, you'll need a virtual all-Good aligned party, and fit Penelope in a slot with 6 adjacent champions.   Penelope as a Gold Find character is a complete non-starter, and the design made absolutely zero sense to us outside of flavor. In order to reap any Gold Find benefit to begin with, your party must be under attack (so Charms trigger) AND you must have at least 15 stacks of Story Time by adjacent allies. Remember, stacks max out at 25 and you lose 1/2 when you change levels, putting you below the 15 minimum threshold regardless of how many stacks you had in the previous zone. This means her ability will be typically off as you progress to your wall. Furthermore, Azaka shares a slot with her, and does Gold Find better (not even counting her Ultimate) without all the silly restrictions. In order to maximize Penelope's Gold Find ability, you will need to surround her with champions tagged as Healing, Support, or Gold (maximum of 6).   As difficult it is to say, we now have a champion that heals less than Tyril. It's just bad... amazingly bad. Unless there's another impending Tanking and Healing update and some big squish of tank HP, we can't see her healing being used at all. Yes, it really does only heal for 45 HP/second, and ONLY Tank characters. With gear and feats, you might get it to a whopping 500 HP/second!   Lastly, let's talk about her synergies, which are virtually none. For obvious reasons, Usurp/Bulk Up is out. As of this writing, Tools For the Job is not Observable. Her basic attack is not magical, which means she does little to nothing for Ulkoria lineups. Her "team" of heavy hitters of Avren, Freely, and Briv have no Affiliation, so that's out. Her only possible synergy comes from either as a Halfing for Asharra's Bonds, or Nrakk's Githzerai Focus. 3 of her abilities are affected by Nrakk as well as her healing (for what that is worth), yielding a 19.25x DPS increase. That's not too shabby for Nrakk, but it's certainly not enough to take her over other champions. She might have a use in Artemis formations if her ability were to be fixed, but she competes in the same slot with Zorbu who works infinitely better anyways.


Support: 3/10 Gold: 1/10 Healing: 1/10

What We Would Fix

  • Story Time stacks to 50, rather than 25. Having a maximum stack of 25 and decreasing by 1/2 every stage transition means you'll virtually never see her Gold Find trigger while progressing, and makes it a bit of a chore to gain the 15 stacks on a boss level. Having a higher maximum also would increase her Healing ability slightly.
  • Buff her Healing. It's terrible as it is. Even if it were increased to 10x the current value, it would still be bad.
  • Change Minor Eruption to also add a Have You Met My Friends debuff to every enemy struck in the AoE; Change Hey Batter Batter to also yield a stack of Story Time even without a kill.
  • Set Have You Met My Friends debuff duration to infinite, as long as she's in formation. Part of her kit is knocking back an enemy and hitting the next closet one. Put this to work, rather than a lame 30 second duration.
  • Add some All Champion% levels. She's in slot 12, she should be sporting a fairly large buff here.
  • Make her Basic Attack magical; she's already sprouting magical Earth Eruptions, at least in her Minor Eruption spec. She flat-out needs to work with Ulkoria to have any sort of reason to exist at this point.


  • She currently has no place in a roster, with little to no synergies.
  • Her abilities all require a ton of hoops to jump through, with very little payoff as compared to other champions.
  • Her Healing is downright horrid.

Open Bugs

  • Tools For the Job affects adjacent champions (so it's clearly a positional buff), but is not Observable by Artemis.
submitted by Psylisa to idlechampions

A Basic Guide for newcomers and a reminder of how certain things work for others

Hey guys OmegaDelta here!
Today I´m here because I´ve seen a lot of “Me new, pls give tips!” posts recently so I decided to use my free time to make a guide for new players that will try to make coming to this game easier than it is right now
If you want to find more guides about other things you can go to this post by u/CaptSarah to see if you find what you need or you can tell me in the comments and I´ll add it to my to do list (obviously under things I am already working on)
  1. The basics
  2. Regions
  3. Keywords
  4. Skills, Abilities and the stack
  5. Common problems people have
  6. The really important things
  7. Streamers and websites

The basics

In this part I'll speak about the most basic things (how do turns work, mana and types of cards) so if you payed a bit of attention during the tutorial you may not need to read this but if you didn’t then this is for you
You win by reducing the life of the enemy nexus to zero or by completing the conditions of certain cards (Fiora killing four units for example)
Types of cards
Cards are basically that, cards, and unless you have been living under a rock all this time I think you should know what a card is.
There are four rarities of cards: common, rare, epic and champions (you can only have six champs in your deck)
There are three card types: spells, units and landmarks. I will be skipping units, because they are something as easy to understand as what cards are (their health is the one on the right, their attack is the left one); spells are also quite easy to understand so I'm skipping them too, the only problem with them is their speeds (this will be covered in the part where I talk about the spell stack); and finally landmarks are the only thing that may be a bit hard to understand, basically they are units that can´t attack or block, the only stat they have is mana cost and can only be killed with specific spells that say “destroy a landmark”
All about mana
Mana is something that I thought no one would be confused about but turns out quite a lot of people don't understand how it works. You start the match with one mana and you get one more each turn, if you don't spend all your mana up to three of that mana will be converted into spell mana (mana that is used when you cast a spell)
How do turns work
At the start of the game you will be assigned to either attack or defend on odds, if you defend on odds you attack on evens.
Attacking and blocking
To attack you have to drag your units to the center of the board (units will attack from left to right), your opponent will be given the chance to use their units to block yours (so don´t attack without taking into account all possible blocks) and once declares which units are going to block you can use spells to affect the outcome of battle (which you can see using the small eye just above your nexus). You can attack once each turn but effects like rally and scouts let you attack more than once
Blocking is even easier because you only have to drag the unit you want to use for blocking in front of the attacker you want to block
Ending turn and passing
If your opponent and you pass without doing anything the turn will end
If you want to learn more about the art of passing you can read this guide by u/freshlobsterCCG


As of today there are eight regions in the game (with another two regions coming). These are all of them:
  • Freljord: Gain extra mana gems and play big dudes. Few combat tricks and buffs
  • Demacia: Play the best possible unit in each turn and buff them to win. Don´t expect a lot of ways to interact with the board if you have no units in the board
  • Shadow Isles (SI): Sacrifice your allies for powerful spells and units
  • Ionia: Slow early but really good in late. You can pick your own poison: counter spells, unit removal, stuns...
  • Piltover and Zaun (P&Z): Really good being a secondary region, not so good on it´s own
  • Noxus: You aren´t that good defending but deal more damage than a huricane. Win fast or you are fucked
  • Bilgewater: Have you ever played HS and want to remember the days you paled it? This is your region (they also have pirates)
  • Targon: Buff your units to the moon and back, create powerful cards in your hand to answer to threats and use cards that gain power depending on when in a turn you play them


Keywords are words that have an effect attached to them (they are reduced to a word because there isn´t a lot of space in the cards). There are a lot of keywords so prepare yourself for reading a lot of important info that you NEED to know
  • Allegiance: if the top card in your deck is from the same region as this unit the allegiance effect will activate
  • Attune: when you summon this unit refill one spell mana
  • Barrier: this unit blocks the next damage it takes. Lasts one turn
  • Behold: if you have the card it wants you to behold (in hand or play) the effect will activate
  • Capture: the unit being captured is removed from the board and resumoned once it´s captor is eliminated
  • Challenger: this unit can choose what opposing unit blocks it
  • Daybreak: if you play this card the first in the turn the effect will activate
  • Deep: if your deck has 15 or less cards grant me 3/3
  • Double Attack: when attacking this unit strikes before and at the same time the opponent
  • Drain: heal your nexus the amount of health drained
  • Discard: remove this card from the game, it triggers discard effects
  • Elusive: can only be blocked by elusive units (and units with “i can block elusive units”)
  • Enlightened: you have 10 mana gems
  • Ephemeral: this unit dies after it strikes or at the end of turn
  • Fearsome: can only be blocked by units with 3 or more attack
  • Fleeting: this card is discarded at the end of turn
  • Frostbite: set the power of the unit to zero
  • Fury: when this unit kills an enemy grant it 1/1
  • Immobile: can´t attack or block
  • Can't Attack: Can´t Attack
  • Can't Block: Can´t Block
  • Invoke: Choose one card from three different celestials (you can see all the celestials in the collection menu)
  • Last Breath: when this unit is killed trigger the effect
  • Lifesteal: heal your nexus the damage this unit deals
  • Nab: steal X cards from the bottom of the enemy deck
  • Nexus Strike: when this unit stikes the nexus this effect will activate
  • Nightfall: activate this effect if the card is played anything but first this round
  • Obliterate: remove this unit from play, don´t trigger any effect
  • Overwhelm: deal the exceeding damage to the enemy nexus (if the opponent is killed the unit strikes directly the nexus)
  • Play: use this card from hand, spending mana
  • Plunder: this effect is triggered when you play this unit after damaging the enemy nexus
  • Quick Attack: when attacking this units strikes before it´s blocker
  • Rally: regain the attack token
  • Recall: return a unit to hand
  • Regeneration: fully heal this unit at the end of round
  • Scout: if you attack only with scouts you can attack again (only one time each round)
  • Silence: remove all the text from this card
  • SpellShield: blocks the next skill or spell that would affect this unit (only the part that affects this unit)
  • Stun: a stuned unit can´t attack or block (lasts one round
  • Support: when attacking trigger the effect on the ally to the right
  • Summon: any way of getting a unit in the board
  • Toss: obliterate cards from the bottom of your deck
  • Tough: receives one less damage from all sources
  • Trap: sticks to a card and triggers it´s effect when you draw the other card
  • Vulnerable: the opponent can force this unit to block their units
And these are all keywords, I hope you find this useful because it was a pain in the ass writing all of them

Skills, abilities and the stack (and spell speeds)

When you play a spell or trigger a skill it goes to the stack. The stack resolves from left to right.
You can differentiate a skill and an ability because the skill has a little circle (that means that it goes to the stack)
Spell speeds
There are three spell speeds: burst, fast and slow.
  • Burst: burst spells resolve instantly
  • Fast: can be used in combat and once it resolves it gives the priority to the opponent
  • Slow: like fast spells but can´t be used in combat

Common problems that people have

I have been playing since beta and each day I see posts about this things so it’s time to answer all of them at the same time:
  • Fizz doesn’t stop spells that don´t target him directly
  • You can only have 10 cards in your hand, drawing any more cards or recalling your units will obliterate them
  • Maokai only obliterates when leveling
  • End of turn and start of turn aren´t the same
  • Give is temporary and grant permanent unless the card says otherwise
  • Replacing a unit with a last breath effect won´t trigger it
  • Swain only stuns back row enemies
  • A unit with 0 power can´t strike
  • Spell shield only stops the part that directly affects the unit (so cards like noxian guillotine will create copies of itself)
  • Rahvun doesn´t stop Nightfall effects form happening
  • NO, mono P&Z isn’t good

The really important things

Now it´s time to talk about the most important thing: spending money in the game. You don´t need to spend any money on cards because you get cards quite fast, you should spend it on cosmetics and emotes.
If you decide to buy emotes you can either buy the ones you like or buy the strongests in the meta. I´m currently working on an emote tier list so if you want you can wait until I post it to decide which emotes to buy (remember that this meta is really subjective)

Streamers and websites

If you want some streamers to watch you have: Alanzq, Swimstrim, MegaM0gwai, Kuvira, BruisedByGod, Grapplr, NicMakesPlays, Saucy Mailman, freshlobster and Silverfuse
If you want some sites to see the meta decks, read articles about the game, etc. you have:
  • Mobalytics: to see the meta and a lot of stats
  • Hoarders of Runeterra: to check how many cards you have
  • This subreddit: where you can find a lot of things (from surveys to the most recent meta snapshot by Team Leviathan Gaming)
  • LORCompetitive: for those spikes that want to find a competitive environment
  • LORCirclejerk: the real sub
  • CustomLOR: for the custom cards
  • loreofruneterra: for the lore fanatics
  • MemesOfRuneterra: for the ones that can't wait untill the weekend
  • Out of cards: for different articles about the game
  • The official LOR website: to find the patch notes and new about different things
  • The interactive map of Runeterra: with this map you can see the world of runeterra and learn about it’s lore
And that's it, this is all you should know if you want to start playing Legends Of Runeterra. I know this guide maybe is a bit too long and maybe it doesn't answer a question you had, so if you have any question feel free to ask me and I will try to help you. Also in a few days I will be making another post that includes all the terms you may find while browsing this subreddit (and any other card game community) so if any of you is interested check the subreddit every once in a while (maybe I make the mod tierlist V2 post before posting that one but I don't know)
Thank you for reading this and for supporting the game and the community
u/CaptSarah I told you that I would let you know when I posted it, so I'm using this not only to let you know but also to thank all mods for their hard work
submitted by OmegaDelta3 to LegendsOfRuneterra