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[Ramen Sensei 2] Tips thread

I guess a lot of the things from Ramen Sensei 1 (noodle-making, combos, that sort of stuff) are carried over to RS2, so I'm not going to rehash them here.
Please don't discuss how the IAPs are bad — this isn't the thread to do it.

Weekday-specific specials

  • 50% off stamina cost when entering Festivals; in-game money costs unchanged
  • 50% off Spirit Point cost for Investments
  • Ramen Lab double XP
  • 50% off soup ingredients
  • 50% off entry fees (in-game money) when entering Festivals; stamina costs unchanged
  • 50% off stamina cost for Friend invites to the Main Shop's co-op plot
  • 50% off toppings
  • 50% off stamina cost when entering Arena Contests
  • 50% off all cards in Ramen Odyssey e.g. Rocket Card
  • all Ramen Roulettes at Gold tier and cost 2 Medals (normally it costs 6 Medals)
  • 50% off noodle ingredients
  • Ramen Lab gives two additional items on Lucky Draws
Saturday and Sunday:
  • Ramen Hall gets more customers

Day-specific specials (calendar days ending in {number})

{1} 20% off Medal costs on all items in Wairo's Special Shop {2} Stamina Recovery in Wairo's Special Shop costs only 1 Medal {3} when making ramen, +20% XP on noodle ingredients {4} 50% off all Ramen Roulette Medal costs (Normal = 1, Silver = 2, Gold = 3) {5} when making ramen, +20% XP on soup ingredients {6} nothing! {7} 50% off stamina costs for making ramen {8} +20% XP on toppings and side dish ingredients {9} increased effects for staff stat books {0} +100% item duration


Maximum single stat (Cooking OR Service OR Speed) on employees in the Hire screen:
WARNING: all new hires starting from Rank B and including high-end Rank C's require Medals, not in-game money
  • F: skip these guys - go with Rank E's instead
  • E: around 180 (66,000G)
  • D: around 330 (318,000G)
  • C: 430 (432,000G); 500 (5 Medals)
  • B: around 690 (11 Medals)
  • A: around 1000-1050 (23 Medals)
  • S: around 1300-1450 (31 Medals)
  • Absolute maximum stat, including Aura effects (see below): 4000
Effect of Auras on staff stats:
  • Yellow = +50%
  • Blue = +100%
  • Red = +200%
  • Rainbow = +300%
Auras stack up to Rainbow, similar to how they work in GPS2 and many other games.
Your staff may gain auras at random if the kitchen has an Air Purifier, Phone, or Chimpan Z Statue. Alternatively, you can trigger auras for all staff via the Red Cow (inventory item - staff), OR the shop entering Frenzy mode automatically, OR beating Ramen Arena's. The stat boosts do count towards the semi-annual contests for staff stats, so it's recommended that you beat any 3-4 Arena's at around 14:00-15:00 in M6/M12 for maximum effectiveness.
Finishing Skills on employees in the Hire screen:
  • F, E: Boost Richness, Boost Aroma, Boost Volume, Cut Volume
  • D: Aura Flow, Cut Price, Midas Touch, Recipe Memo
  • C: Boost Appeal, Ecologist, Flavor Saver
  • B and higher: all Finishing Skills available
Note: the unboosted Cooking/Service/Speed/HP stat is(are) used in determining the strength of the Finishing Skill used during ramen creation. Boosted stats from Auras have no effect.
For Event Skills, the best ones e.g. Ramen God, Shoyu Master Chef, Smooth IV, etc. are exclusive to S-rank staff.
When more than one staff is used for these events, only one unique Event Skill will be used. Examples below:
  • All bonuses applied: Staff A - Ramen God Staff B - Ramen Sage Staff C - Ramen Expert
  • Only one bonus applied: Staff A - Ramen God Staff B - Ramen God Staff C - Ramen God
  • No bonuses from Smooth/Healthy/Volume I/II/III/IV/V in Ramen Odysseys
From the in-game Help:
Staff 4
Staff in the break room do not receive a salary, and their stats do not count for contests...
This means you can have REALLY expensive staff with high stats hogging the Break Room for doing Arenas, Festivals, and Ramen Odysseys, as well as Finishing Skill bonuses during ramen creation - without paying a dime.

Gold Pass vs Platinum Pass

Gold Pass bonuses:
  • +5 Medals/day
  • -1 minute to stamina recovery timer
  • +100% item duration, goes on top of day bonus e.g. Hello Cat lasts 120 seconds normally, 240 with day bonus OR Gold Pass, 360 with both
  • no timers for holding Festivals
Platinum Pass bonuses:
  • No in-game banner ads
  • +10 Medals/day
  • -3 minutes to stamina recovery timer
  • Permanent double XP on everything, goes on top of day bonus e.g. combined quadruple Ramen Lab XP on Mondays
  • Investments complete twice as fast
Q: does Platinum have the Gold bonuses? A: No.
Q: should I subscribe to both passes? A: if you believe the combined bonuses are worth spending $19.98/month, then yes… otherwise, Platinum is the better deal IMO.

Rank Points

You receive 2 Rank Points when reaching a new rank, and you may receive Rank Pt items from certain Investments and Ramen Roulette prizes. Unfortunately, there are more things to spend your Rank Points on than you'll earn, so you must prioritize.
Most important ones to prioritize, IMO:
  • Expansion of your Main Shop - you need two full lines of stove-boiler-counter, especially from Lv4 onwards, to keep pace with increased customer traffic
  • Additional ingredient slots for soup creation - aim at getting all slots unlocked ASAP, as this directly affects your ability to create ramen good enough for various events
  • Increasing your total Event staff from the base 1 to the maximum of 5
  • Increasing your Tactics recharge rate, and Tactics Recharge (convert Spirit Points into Tactics Points, ratio is 25 SP to 1 TP)
  • Increasing total number of simultaneous Investments
Other lines:
  • Extra toppings
  • Thickest and Thinnest settings for noodles
  • Raise the new hire recruitment ranks
  • Increase your staff's stamina caps
  • Increase total number of simultaneous active items
  • Ramen Hall expansions and road improvements
  • Bigger Ramen Hall shops, longer lines
  • Facilities and Environment stuff

Ramen Odyssey

There is no tile penalty when your truck is passing through a magma, whirlpool or tornado. IF, however, your truck stops on the climate tile and it's not equipped with a Body designed to be immune to said climate tile, you will lose a random number of ramen stocks.
Part name Ramen capacity Gas consumption Roll bonus Notes
Classic Body 60 10 0 -
Improved Body 90 25 0 -
Speedy Body 60 15 +1 Incompatible with magma, whirlpools and tornadoes
High-Speed Body 50 5 +2 Incompatible with magma, whirlpools and tornadoes
Supersonic Body 40 20 +3 Incompatible with magma, whirlpools and tornadoes
High-Capacity Body 120 30 -1 -
High-Capacity Body V2 150 45 -1 -
High-Capacity Body V3 200 70 -1 -
Heat Resistant Body 70 20 0 Immune to magma
Water Resistant Body 70 20 0 Immune to whirlpools
Wind Resistant Body 70 20 0 Immune to tornadoes
Extra Safety Body 80 40 -1 Ignores all climate effects
Part name Gas consumption Roll bonus
Classic Engine 15 0
Improved Engine 20 +1
Low-Rev Engine 10 0
Eco Engine 5 -1
Power Engine 30 +2
High-Power Engine 40 +3
Jet Engine 80 +5
Rocket Engine 150 +8
Gas Tank
Part name Gas capacity Gas consumption Roll bonus
Gas Tank 200 0 0
Gas Tank V2 300 0 0
Gas Tank V3 400 0 0
Large Tank 600 10 0
Superlarge Tank 900 10 -1
If your truck lands on the terrain tile (rough terrain, wet terrain, sand, snow) and you don't have a Tires designed to be immune to said terrain, you lose two movement points.
Part name Gas consumption Roll bonus Notes
Tires 0 0 -
Off-road Tires 0 0 Immune to rough terrain
Rain Tires 0 0 Immune to wet terrain
Caterpillar Tires 0 0 Immune to sand
Spike Tires 0 0 Immune to snow
Hovercraft 20 0 Ignores all terrain effects
Slick Tires 5 +2 Incompatible with all road types


Ultimately, you need the following to finish all grades, including all Mastery Grades:
  1. Total profits: $100-million G - you'll spend that much upping your grades. Mastery Grade: Total requires $30-million G, and the two grades before that require $20-million and $25-million respectively.
  2. Total number of Regulars: 120. You must clear at least 2 entire regions before you'll get enough Regulars on your third region to pass this requirement for Mastery Grade 4. Yep, you're not going to finish all grades on your first and second runs.
  3. Manager Rank: 100
  4. Ramen Hall Pop.: 12,500. You don't need to unlock any Ramen Hall facilities in the Rank Bonus window to get there; spamming Upgrade Facility items on what you can build and all the facilities you earn via Ramen Roulette (as well as from some lower Manager Grades), will help you get past 12,500 Pop. You do, however, need all 8 Ramen Hall Expansions unlocked to help you reach that much Pop.
  5. Total Customer Levels: 4,500
  6. All Odyssey Trials completed; Path to sales_area_name do not count.
  7. Total Ramen Arena wins: at least 60

End-game arenas

All iterations of the Royal Bowl and later the Kairo Prize require the following at a minimum:
  • Ramen with SSS-ranked stats and Lover's Bowl bonus (3x Corn or 1x Fish Powder + 1x Corn/Mochi); price is irrelevant
  • Lv. 10 Tactics
  • Tactics Recharge (this is extremely important after the Royal Bowl Final)
  • ALL Spirit Point cap increases purchased from Wairo's
  • Manager Rank 80+
In TRS1, you're up against the RNG for a shot to win the second Kairo Prize arena. With TRS2 you can use Tactics Recharge (8 Rank Bonus points to unlock) and induce the arena to finish in your favor. Typically there are about 2-4 seconds before the arena opens - use this time to spam a portion of your excess Tactics points into Popularity so more of the initial wave of judges visit your booth, then spam Ramen Craze to gain a further edge over your most immediate rival.
Kairo Prize 2 isn't even the end of this particular line of Arenas, for there's the Secret Kairo Prize, coming in flavors of "normal", Tough, Nightmare, and Devilish - the last of which gives you a second Chimpan Z Statue. With the Stamina cost clocking at 36 for the Devilish round, there is every incentive to win on your first-ever attempt, so don't be shy of tapping into all your Spirit Point reserves.
Here's the thing with the noodles - you can literally get by with only Normal Mild Wave noodles on all Arena entries.
Tough: Smooth IV, Shio Master Chef - recipe is Shio Chilled Ramen (ramen-type God optional)
Nightmare: Smooth IV, Shio Master Chef - recipe is Shio Tsukemen (ramen-type God optional)

Secret Kairo Prize (Devilish)

This is the penultimate Ramen Arena in TRS2 - its difficulty is equivalent to TRS1's Kairo Prize 2 on Hard Mode. It doesn't matter how good your entry is, as your win chance is always an X, and your margin of victory is only about 1000 points give or take. Expect to finish this event with everything you've got.
  • Event skills (required): Tonkotsu Master Chef, Ramen God, Smooth IV
  • Event skills (optional): Healthy IV, Volume IV (technically you don't need these at all, but it's good to have if you have difficulty winning this final Arena), Smooth III
  • Ramen recipe: ramen-type Ramen, soup-type Tonkotsu
  • Toppings and bonus (required): 1x Corn and 1x Fish Powder (Tonkotsu Lover's Bowl)
  • Inventory item (required): 25x Difficulty Down
  • Tactics Recharge: at least 1000 Spirit Points for conversion into 40+ Tactics Points - yes, you'll need this many to win
Recipe (my entry):
  1. Noodles: Fantastic Flour, Miracle Kansui; thickness set to Normal
  2. Soup: Garlic + Garlic + Sugar + Sugar + Ginger + Ginger + Soft Water + Soft Water; Tonkotsu via RNG on Soft Water
  3. Ramen-type: Ramen
  4. Staff skill used: Recipe Memo
  5. Toppings: Corn, Fish Powder, Chili Powder x 7
  6. Upgrade recipe with 25x Difficulty Down
Reason: With this final arena challenge, you don't have any problems getting people to line up for your ramen. Rather, you'll have too many people, and the queue can only go so long (about 12 deep) before people start leaving. Smooth IV (-12% eating time) from your staff alone will not be enough; as Elrond said to Aragorn, "you need more men" - or in this case, "you need more turnover". A ramen with a Smooth V bonus (-32% eating time) requires at least 20 on the Smooth stat, solved by using Chili Powder x 7. The combined eating time reduction becomes -44%. If at this point you still need more turnover, S-class staff also offers the Smooth III (-8%) event skill, which brings the total reduction to -52%.

Carryovers for New Game+

Wairobot sells the New Game+ in the Special Shop for 30 Medals (24 on days ending in {1}) when you have finished the Ultimate {Region} Arena as well as any {Region} Arenas and Ramen Odysseys marked with Key symbols. Do it only when you're ready to start a new game - preferably with at least 50 Medals (100-110 strongly recommended) saved up to re-hire the S-rank staff with the finishing skill Recipe Memo right away. Thus, the one thing you should do before purchasing the New Game+ in the Special Shop is spam all the Books and Dark Master's Guides on your best Recipe Memo staff.
What does carry over:
  • Medals
  • all staff currently employed in your main shop, Ramen Hall shops and the break room, along with their names (if you've renamed them), stats and hiring costs
  • all flour, kansui, soup ingredients, toppings, side dishes, drinks (includes all stats and levels) you have in stock AND not used by any ramen recipe or your shops' Sides Menu's
  • all flour, kansui, soup ingredients, and toppings available for purchase at Pumpkin Products, including all that you have unlocked via Ramen Arena's and various Investments
  • all recipes of player-made soups
  • all items (and quantities) in your Inventory
  • all Facilities (and quantities) earned via Ramen Roulette, Arena Challenges, and Grade Up's
  • Facility Event Stage (and quantities)
  • most Kitchen equipment (and quantities)
  • some purchases on Wairobot's Special Shop, most notably: Break Room expansions, Gold/Platinum Pass
  • all recipes of ramen currently being sold by your main shop and Ramen Hall shops
  • all customer levels and number of Regulars
  • last recorded stats for semi-annual contests (staff stats, shop charisma, customer levels) and the stage level of the contests e.g. Galactic, Wairo, etc. Note: If you have completed all stage levels for a specific contest, you will not have to do those again in the New Game+.
  • all unlocked vehicle equipment in Ramen Odyssey
  • all Avatar unlocks
  • all tactics available in Ramen Festival, including their XP gauges
What does not carry over:
  • obvious stuff e.g. Ramen Arena's, Wish List in the Create Ramen menu, Ramen Odyssey trials
  • in-game money
  • Spirit Points and Rank Points (exceptions: all unused Spirit Point Vouchers and Rank Bonus items in your Inventory)
  • noodle-soup compatibilities
  • all premade and player-made soups and noodles, other than the basic premade soups/noodles initially available
  • soup ingredient interactions
  • all improvements on your Facilities (doesn't matter how you acquire them); they revert to their base stats in a New Game+ save and have to be improved again
  • all Facilities not earned via Ramen Roulette, Arena Challenges, and Grade Up's (exceptions: Event Stage)
  • Friend co-op plot next to your main shop, you have to unlock that again
  • most improvements via the Rank Bonus menu
  • all staff not currently employed in your shops and break room
  • any toppings and side dishes currently used in ramen and by your shops' Sides Menu's
  • your ramen creations (recreating them costs Medals, you're better off making them from scratch)
If you have a specific set of favorite flour, kansui, and soup ingredients to make your custom ramen recipes, DO NOT - I repeat - do not use them until Rank 18 or later. Their levels are artificially capped before Rank 18. Otherwise, you may lose several hundred levels' worth of stats between them.
How to find out whether the artificial cap is in place:
  • Noodlemaking: check the specific flour and kansui combo you normally use, and keep the moisture settings at default. When it's capped, you should be seeing a substantially lower than usual win chance and variability... Fantastic Flour and Miracle Kansui (Lv.200 soft-cap): 70% win chance, ~244 variability Fantastic Flour and Miracle Kansui (Lv.500): 100% win chance, 393 variability
  • Soup creation: check the effects of Soft Water at Pumpkin Products as soon as you gain access to him... Soft Water (Lv.40 soft-cap): negative stats (red boxes) on Shoyu, Miso, Tonko., Salt, Seafood Soft Water (Lv.340): +59 on all stats Milk, if soft-capped, should also start with negative stats for all except Unami (no stats for Aroma).
This artificial cap doesn't matter as much for toppings. Unless you start on Kairo Island (where your first customer, Alt Kairobot, has a wallet size of 40,000G+ at Lv.1), you won't be able to use any of your Rare+ and Super Rare toppings anyways due to the resulting ramen difficulty or price being too high. You'd have to have a high-level cook in your main shop as a result, and until you can start farming cash via the First Trial of Ramen Odyssey, these high-level cooks are overkill for the main shop's profitability.

Noodle-soup compatibility chart

Ramen Odyssey Trials

Other stuff

1X1-tile "{Set name} Table" and most Kitchen equipment are treated as a wall/fence in movement terms. One side is inaccessible, but all other sides are free.
2X1-tile "{Set name} Table (XL)" is treated as a facility block - it must have access to at least one side, or your customers will move VERY SLOWLY with the message bubble No space... over their heads. Main upside with these XL tables is their 4-seat capacity vs 2 seats with non-XL tables in the same space.
When the 10-minute time period for the invited Friend near your Main Shop expires, the in-shop customers will try to walk through your shop and whine "No space...". Ignore them, because they're not going to your shop anyways.
If you have a Rare, Rare+ or Super Rare side/topping, consider adding them to the Sides Menu of your main shop, not only for leveling them up, but for increased profits. Having early access to a Super Rare side/topping with high price and/or profit margin (think: Caviar, 850G base level) helps your money situation a lot more in the early game than good 1,000G+ ramen creations. Do note that you may need to install specific kitchen equipment to serve some sides - Fried Rice (initially available as inventory (1x), 450G base level) requires a Cooking Set and a staff member assigned to Cooking/Sides.
Keep an eye out for the Mailbox in the Create menu - any wishes whose requirements you can meet now will have the specific noodle/soup/topping/ramen-style highlighted in blue text. They only work with new ramen creations - Edit Toppings on existing creations does not work. (all the garnishes = any ramen with 9 toppings)
You can gain XP and levels on the sides and toppings when they're used by your Friend in the Co-op plot next to your Main Shop, even if you don't have them yet.
Don't rush Investments with Medals - you're better off using your Rank Points to increase the total number of simultaneous Investments instead.
If there is a large backlog of dishes left to clean in the Main Shop's counter(s) by the time it reopens for business, you're screwed because customers cannot receive their ramen orders until the dishes are fully cleaned. There's a way to skip the backlog completely: simply 'move' the counter (as in, you don't have to relocate or rotate it), and click Yes when the game asks whether you wish to replace the existing item. Recommend that this be done before 7:00 AM.
Counters (kitchen equipment) are two-sided - chefs can finish the ramen on one side, while your service staff takes the finished ramen on the other - so it's suggested you don't install them on the same row/column as the stoves and boilers. Rather, install the counters on the row/column in-between the row/column with the stoves/boilers and the row/column containing the nonremovable tables/seats.
The game's progress isn't automatically saved when you use a stat improvement book on a staff. The ramifications should be obvious - if the books don't improve the stats of the staff, immediately force-quit the game and restart so you don't lose those books.
Spirit Points are consumed when they're converted into Tactics Points for a Ramen Arena challenge. However, they're not consumed when used to fight a Ramen Hall rival.
submitted by jcpb to Kairosoft


[Translated Summary] Clarification of the Global Servers

Source: https://tc.thegyee.com/m/201912/231141.html
Pretty much most of the information and differences are gleaned over how they operated GYEE-CN, GYEE-SEA and soon-to-be launched GYEE-JP - but if you are curious of their roadmap, this is their statement.
Do note that this is considered more like a translated summary rather than a complete one translated verbatim - so the disclaimer goes being that this translation shouldn't be taken as the official statement or stance of Kiwifruit Studios but of my own. There may be mistakes, mistranslation or misinterpretation on my part.


  • GYEE-CN server will be upgraded as the "Pioneer Server" and it is confirmed that it'll have support for all three multi-lingual voice packs (Chinese, English and Japanese) as well as the first to receive content updates and features (think of it kind of like Overwatch PTR server)
    • Personal speculation: this may be the only server that would have multi-lingual voicepack support, likely due to copyright agreements
  • GYEE-CN is assured to maintain its availability status in official app stores that has it (notable in the sense that CN version have to be pull out of the store for GYEE-JP to prevent direct competition)
  • Plans to launch a US and/or Europe servers is still on the cards and the feedback from the SEA server may influence how their strategy into launching and operating it when the time comes. No concrete plans are announced.
  • The status quo of operating the game will remain that each server are maintained separately as their own wall garden and player accounts will be maintained separately (i.e. until further announcements, there will not be plans to allow you to transfer progress between servers)

Fuller Translation (minus some thank you notes sprinkled in the announcement)

Kiwifruit Studios would be implementing the strategy of having multiple localized servers to optimize the experience. The important information that players have raised their concerns are as follows:
  1. Each regional server's operational strategy and version progression will be independent from each other
  2. Each regional server will be independent maintaining their own list of player account database. Depending on situation, it may support their own independent game client.
  3. In future versions, there will be a feature to support the change of voice packs. The types of voice packs that will be supported by each (regional?) version may be different.
  4. The current Chinese-Asia server will be upgraded as the "Pioneer Server.
    • As the first server to support the test of IAP features, we are extremely grateful of the support all around the world and will be upgrading this to be the "Pioneer Server"
    • Under normal circumstances, players in the "Pioneer Server" will be the first to experience all new features and content
    • In future versions, it'll support the Chinese, Japanese and English voice pack
    • The timezone will be set as UTC+8 and the compatible client will be "GYEE-蓋伊傳說"
    • The preset language would be set to Traditional Chinese, allows the switch to simplified Chinese with the default voice pack set as Chinese
    • The current game client has been made available globally in many countries and regions - for as long as the situation are compliant, we shall maintain the availability as of now
  5. English Version
    • Currently operating the "SEA" (South East Asia) server, which is currently made available and testing in South East Asian countries and Australia
    • Once the localization effort has been improved and the player experience optimized based on feedback, we shall be making the game available as other regional English versions (Europe, USA etc.)
    • The timezone is currently set as UTC+8 and the compatible client is "GYEE-SEA"
    • The default language is English and the voicepack set as English as well
  6. Japanese Version
    • As per the previous announcement, we are partnering up with A PLUS JAPAN Inc. and they will be handling the launch and operations in Japan
    • Currently the game contents and localization work has been complete
    • The beta-test will be launched soon, please refer to the Japanese official website or Twitter
    • The timezone will be set as UTC+9 and the planned game client to launched with it will be called "サンクタス戦記~GYEE~"
    • The preset language will be Japanese with the Japanese voicepack
  7. Other Regional Versions
    We are looking forward to bring happiness and encouragement to the world. Therefore we will be making an effort to support more languages and distribute it to more countries.
  8. Global Community
    In an appropriate time and opportunity, we shall add in features to support social and interactive features that would link between different regional servers.
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