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The Truth about Mr H

I was 12 when I first stepped foot into Seaview Point Middle School. I was a new student and transferred from another middle school. I didn’t think much of it. It was a beautiful private school that had a large main hall, surrounded by other buildings in a large radius that made up the campus. The floor was pristine, and the classrooms were updated with the new electronic boards and glass tables.Then, there was the big mall-styled water fountain that stood right before the main hall and there were 2 fish that were made of iron fins and scales that turned red due to rust, and a green head. In fact, it was listed as the best middle school and has been in the media for a long time.
My uniform was a red and black blazer with a white blouse underneath and buttoned up. There was also a skirt that was blood red and terribly loose around my waist. My school bag looked kind of like a leather suitcase, but the sides had compartments to shove items in, and the main bag opened with a clasp. It was exactly what I expected when I was picturing what it was going to be like in a private school. Uniforms that the staff tried too hard to put together, a tacky bag that looks fancy but gets boring to look at after seeing that everyone has the same one, and a big ass campus with a fountain.
However, I’m not just at this school to learn. Remember, this is one of the most prestigious middle schools in America, and that kind of quality comes at a price, because no school is just that perfect. Everything in this world has its own flaws, no matter how perfect you think you could be, you are always messing up, every day and every second of your life.
You know those models who, before the show, put on a bunch of makeup and Photoshop their ass in order to make them more appealing? They have to do that every day of their life to hide their miserable lives behind a phone screen. The best looking things in the world are often the things with the most to hide, and the prettier it is, the darker the truth is. The better looking it is, the more effort is made to hide the reality.
This is one of the most beautiful schools I’ve seen, perfect. As I said before, I’m not just here to learn, but rather see what the best looking things have to hide. I hit the jackpot this time.
I looked down with the schedule in my hand. History was my first class, room 340B in the building left of the main hall. As I walk by, I see girls in the same uniform as me, and boys in white suits with black dress pants that go down to their ankles.
I saw a particular group of girls that I felt like I could add to my friend group in this school. Reputation is everything in Middle school and I have to build solid reps with people. In elementary school, it was all about who was the most athletic, who can kick a ball the furthest, and who can run the fastest. That’s all gone in Middle school as it is a small model of modern society, and sometimes it shows just how evil the world is.
I went into the classroom and we lined up to get our seats.
I noticed that the class was a mix of 6th and 7th graders. I found out through the school website that the school does this because they want to push the younger students to learn up to a grade above their level with students from the grade above.
“Gwen, you may sit in between Chase and Cameryn” the teacher ordered. I took my bag, and sat down next to a pretty girl, and a somewhat good-looking boy. We were all asked to introduce ourselves, one by one, while being asked about our favorite food. There were 3 people in a row. So, when it got to my row, I listened and observed.
“Hi, my name is Cameryn,.......and I guess I love fried chicken?” the girl stammered. She sounded nice, but unconfident. I remembered that she was the girl I saw before I got into my class. I saw that she smiled at me sheepishly, I smiled back despite how awkward it was there. She was a 7th grader, she seemed familiar enough with the school as she has been here for one year and established her reputation here. However, when she is not around her friends, she seems shy, kept to herself, and she almost looks hurt. As if someone did something to her.
When it was my turn, I stood up and introduced myself. The whole room stared at me but I didn’t care. I just had to be as confident as possible which was not a problem with me.
There was a girl behind me who said “You’re pretty.”
I had no other reply for her other than “thanks...”
By the end of my class, I looked at my schedule. Math was my next class, just perfect.
I passed by many classrooms, including the PE gyms. I went to the girls' locker room to just explore and there were 2 female PE teachers in the room and entering grades. There were also a bunch of other girls leaving the locker room for their next class
When I went into the class, I noticed that 30 minutes into the Proportions and quantity lesson, 5 girls were wearing scarves. 3 more were putting their hands on their necks as if they were trying to hide something on their neck. Cameryn from History was one of the girls wearing scarves.
Now, this may seem normal at first. However, I absolutely knew that something was not right. Some of you ask “why is this abnormal here?” All of the girls who are hiding their necks, just came from PE. That may be just a coincidence, but all of them also have another similarity. They are all gorgeous and pretty, if you don't exactly see where I’m going with this, you will in a moment.
PE was my next class and it was 5 minutes away. By that time, all 3 of the girls who were just covering their necks with their hands were also wearing scarves even though it is 79 degrees and scarves are typically for 65 degrees or below.
By the time the bell rang for PE, I took my stuff and looked for any other girls with their scarves on. I saw 6 more on my way to the PE gym. The female teacher greeted us, and showed us to the lockers and assigned us our own personal lockers for our bags, and clothes along with PE uniforms to stay here overnight. I then noticed that the teacher also wore a scarf to hide her neck.
My PE teacher was a 42 year old man named Mr. Howeles. He’s bald with sideburns, skinny face and physic, and a black mustache.
We had a tumbling unit first and we had to learn the basics of the pose and the positions that we have to do in order to complete our routine. We had poses like the swan scale, and movements like a tip-toe-turn that we have to do on a balance beam, then thigh slap dismount onto a mat for a grade.
We had to rotate stations and each station is a new pose/position or movement. We did sets of 3 positions and rotated every 4 minutes. We were put into groups of 6 and I was with a group of girls. Madeleine, Ashley, Sarah, Meghan, and Helena.
There was this one particular station that was called the “inchworm”. Basically, you have to get in sort of a downward dog position with your hands and feet to the floor, and move your feet as close as possible to your hands without them bending. However, the thing that I noticed was that when you do it correctly, your ass is pointed at the sky. We were only allowed to go one at a time so that other people in your group may observe and point out any mistakes.
At the end of the class, Mr Howeles picked 8 people he thought did the best to go perform the inchworm. He picked 3 boys, and 5 girls this time. I was one of the 5 girls. He let the boys go first, and I noticed that he only glanced over at the boys while doing it and not making much of an effort to really evaluate them.
However, when it came to the girl’s turn, he watched intently. In fact, he didn’t even look down at his evaluation board. He was staring as he watched the girl’s ass go up and down when she was doing the inchworm all the way down to the other side of the gym.
Once it was my turn, I wanted to see what his reaction was like. Whenever I brought my megs forward, I was able to see the rest of the crowd but the view was upside down. Still, I didn’t care at all. Every time I looked, he was staring right at my ass, then me.
He told me, Sarah, and another girl named Tammy to meet him at separate times during the school day to demonstrate to different periods. Then, he sent Tammy and Sarah back to the lockers and told me to stay. He made me follow him into the equipment room and told me to remove my shorts and top.
“You did a nice inchworm back there.” He said. He advanced towards me and put his face on my neck and began to kiss it and suck on it. He did this for a long time. I felt his mustache and his saliva on the side of my neck as he moved down to my shoulders. He held onto me so I couldn’t move and did the same thing to the other side of my neck.
After that, he came behind me and began to rub his face against my body and sniff me in a sexual way.
“You know what you’re doing is not right,” I told him, “Why do you still do it?”
“Because none of those motherfuckers can prove my guilt,” he replied.
He made me then get on my back and he put his hands on the floor and loomed over me. He gave me the most grotesque smile that a human can give, then began to press his lips against mine.
He then looked down at my panties, and put his hand on the brim of it. He traced his finger all around the underwear. Past the thigh, and around my behind. He took it off, looked under for a solid 30 seconds, then put it back on me. He smiled.
“Perfect, that’s nice,” he said. I looked at him coldly and my eyes burned with anger and vengeance. Once that happened, he ordered me to put my clothes back on them, he sucked my neck once more.
I could think of nothing, but doing what I came to this school to do. Remember, I didn’t come here just to learn, I came here for the chaos that the facade of the school hid. I felt confidence, and burning determination. Just how exciting is this? A teacher from the top school in America is doing this to students. It’s unbelievable, unforgettable, unforgivable, and this bastard will get all that is coming for him. I will make him so sorry.
When I got to my next class which was Science, I noticed a dark spot on my neck. It was kind of purple, but a light-ish purple.
That’s when it came to me, it was a hickey. The motherfucker gave me a hickey. I put on a scarf and that’s when I remembered the other girls with scarves, along with the female PE teacher. They were probably victims too.
In Science, I was mixed into a group of 7th and 8th graders. Some 8th graders had the same scarves
Now, I know the truth. Wonderful, just wonderful.
I went home that day feeling satisfied. I had it, the truth, what was behind the beautiful fountain, pristine buildings, and the “perfect” day in Seaview Point Middle School.
My school has a social media account that posts events and announcements for all the students to follow. Certain teachers also have their own personal accounts for their students to follow as social media is the center of the lives of many teens and pre-teens these days.
Mr Howeles has a daughter, just perfect. Her name is Lylia, and he posts literally nothing but her and the class. I saw my own photo and a video of my inchworm. I could feel nothing but burning anger. I followed her daughter on the social media account, and guess what? She is doing a live at me school and studying here for one week as she is doing a beginning of the year trial to see if she likes the school or not. She is coming into this school as a 6th grader. I see nothing wrong with that.
I also heard from other girls in the locker room that her father didn’t want her to go to the school that he worked at for 5 years at first because he needs to “finish equipment room cleaning.” That motherfucker, by now, if you made it this far, you would understand what this statement meant.
I met Lylia the next day. She had wavy hair, baby-faced, and she looked so innocent. Her bag hung over her shoulder as she held it that way. She was in my mixed Science class and I was mixed in with the advanced English 7th graders.
That very day, she stayed after school in the Common Core English classroom. She had to catch up on an essay due by the end of the week. I offered my help, and she took it after I said that I am an Advanced English student and I can see what she needs help with.
“Hey, do you want to help me at my house? My dad works here, did you know?” she asked. She was probably oblivious to the fact that her transfer is the gossip of the school.
“Yes, and of course I do!” I think I chuckled a bit while saying that. She signed out of her computer, plugged it into the cart, and came back for her backpack. We both left the school, and she told me that the reason that she is considering transferring to this school was due to the fact that she can literally walk here as it was only 2 streets and 2 blocks down to get there.
Her home was a 2 story house and it looks just like those big houses that the rich people live in. We sat on her bed and worked on her essay. When Mr. Howeles came back, I was the first one to see him. I smiled, and grinned a wide grin that was innocent enough. Mr Howeles stared at me and he was instantly petrified.
“Hey Gwen, wanna stay for dinner?” Lylia asked excitedly. I can’t refuse an offer like that. I asked for Lylia’s social media account over a plate of fried chicken and pb&j. Lylia’s mom came home and asked who I was. I introduced myself and told her what I was doing.
“Wow, thank you so much for helping my little girl. You must be pretty smart,” she complimented. I smiled and I thanked her awkwardly.
I left the house and went back to my home.
My mother and father were never home. They were always on business trips and left me in our Eco-home. We lived in a rich neighborhood as well, hence the illustrious middle school. However, I consider myself enigmatic and that is because no one really knows much about me. Sure, I can make many friends and I can get along with people well. However, once I ask my closest friends what my birthday was, they would not know and take blind guesses in hopes that they can strike it lucky and make sure to not upset me. I’m not upset when they don’t know much about me even though I am close to them. That would be due to the fact that I accept that I am basically an enigma, a paradox in society.
The next day in PE, I asked Mr Howeles for his number after class ended and the bell rang for the passing period. He did the same thing to me as he did yesterday. Ordered me to strip so he can peek underneath and stick is utterly disgusting mustache face on my fucking neck as I felt that same saliva on my neck. There was one difference this time though. I carried a q-tip, and a hidden camera on me. One was hidden in the chest pocket of my uniform, and the q-tip was in my other chest pocket.During the passing period, I took off the camera and I took the q-tip and wipped it against my neck where he kissed me and put it in a plastic bag.
After class, I checked Lylia’s social media account. I found out that she was dating and her boyfriend comes over to her house once a week to see her. His name is Taylor. Pretty good-looking, black hair, and in my grade as well. I guess she likes boys who are older than her. Since she is posting such things on social media, I presume that her dad also knows about this boy.
Her father came and took me to the Howeles household for the 2nd time this week at 4 PM when everyone else left. Sure enough, there he was with her.
“Hey, Mr H, can we go back to the campus gym in 1 hour after my homework? I left one of my jackets there,” I asked. The PE staff and counselors are allowed to access the school after school hours.
“Sure, no problem.” He said that without hesitation. No questions asked, and no conditions.
While doing my homework, I noticed that Lylia was engaging in questionable activity with Taylor. When I say ‘questionable activity’, I mean hair stroking, back scratches, and strange noises. I decided to put a mini-camera on a porcelain doll on the mantle above the fireplace that held the TV which gave a clear view of the couch they were on.
I got my phone, and connected it to the camera, and left the house for the campus. I left 20 minutes early and once I got there, I got my laptop in my bag that I put in the smaller compartment of my schoolbag. I took the camera that I used to record Mr Howeles’ actions and connected it to my PC using the school wifi. I transferred the footage onto a USB.
There was a janitor still cleaning at the school.
“You tryna get in missy?” He asked with a confused look.
“No, just passing by,” I replied. The janitor went and left in his car.
Mr. Howeles arrived a few minutes after the janitor left. He got the keys and opened the gates. I ran into the auditorium’s projection room. I rolled down the screen, and went up to the control room where the tech was. I got my USB, and my phone.
I was ready for this. I have been waiting for this for 3 days.
I called Mr. Howeles’ number and asked him to get into the auditorium.
“Why the hell are you in the auditorium?” He asked with a panicked voice.
“Umm, can you just get here? You need to see something.” That convinced him as he did not hang up and I heard his footsteps on the phone. He finally hung up when he arrived.
“Okay, what is it Gwe-” he stopped dead. He saw the video of our rendezvous in the PE equipment room. I took out the USB and he stared at me in horror. His face was on video and the audio was clear. He was watching himself do questionable things to me in the PE equipment room.
“Now, don’t you just love these times in the equipment room?” I chuckled a tiny bit. He changed his expression from horrified, to a sinister grin.
“So, if you release that video, do you know what’s going to happen to you? People are going to see your face and know that you allowed a teacher to do this to you.” That was his reply. “You made some noises as well you know.” He was right.
“This USB is not what I am releasing.” I plugged the cord into my phone that played the live video. “This is what it is.” The live recording was of Lylia and Taylor. Making out and all over the place.
“Gwen, you sick bitch, get down right now!” He was yelling at me.
“Aww, why can’t you ask nicer?” I told him, and I think at this point, I made it apparent for him that his time was up. “This isn’t for what you did to me in fact. None of this is what you did to me in that equipment room. However, who was it for? It was for those poor girls that you also did this too. Including the female PE teacher right? They were all wearing scarves and trying to hide their neck. I watched as no one spoke up and no one told because it was true. No one had any evidence against you and the staff just would not believe their students rather than a fellow staff member that they had for 5 years. Is that true as well?” I glared at him. He was petrified and not aware that the enigmatic new girl that came to his school would be capable of such actions.
“Now, I would have to say that I will have to go up to the police with this USB and the information that I have today. It’s kind of an obligation.” I sat there in the computer room calm as can be, this was my time to make this bastard pay. “If you hurry back home. You may be able to catch that boy with your daughter and try to save her.” That did it. He sprinted out of the auditorium and dashed back.
I watched the action through my phone. I had to wait a bit for him to get home. However, at last I finally heard the frantic opening of the front door and I don’t believe the 2 heard the door as it was far from where they were.
Mr H ran and grabbed Taylor, and started to beat him in front of his daughter. I heard the screams and cries of “father stop!” Along with yells of “get the fuck off him!”
By the end of it all, Taylor was unconscious and bleeding. I closed my phone and went right to the local police which was quite close due to it being a rich neighborhood and the police are always on the watch.
I waited in the station, and I heard an ambulance roar by with its sirens blaring in the ears of pedestrians.
I gave the police the address of Mr Howeles and I heard the cops getting ready to leave for the house.
“Little lady, you might want to come with us.” I looked up and saw a cop escorting me to the car and we headed off. We got there shortly, and I saw Mr H there with a look of regret and melancholy. There were scratches on him and he was bleeding.
I didn’t hear much about him afterwards. I heard that Taylor actually did not make it and died in the hospital on a Saturday due to severe trauma to the head. Mr H was charged with 2nd degree murder, and 5 accounts of rape as some other females testified against him at the stand. I was not there as I brought the USB as proof. Lylia astonished the court by testifying that she in fact had also endured similar actions by her father
During the trial, the jury took 6 hours to come to a conclusion and he was given a sentence of 45 years in prison with a chance of parole in 30 years. I saw the video of the trial. His facial expression was cold, filled with regret and at the same time, he had evil burning in them. Bastard got what was coming for him, but I smiled because I was even less sorry for him, and for what.
Lylia was given to her mother with full custody as a result.
I transferred out of the private school, and I went to a second private school. I don’t know what this one has in store for me. Hopefully something just as exciting. Like I said, I'm not just at a school to learn. I'm here to be the enigmatic new girl that will make everyone so sorry for their deeds. For every dirty deed that they did on planet Earth, and I will not leave the school until they pay the last cent.
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Work first, gaming second, PC build under $3K

Sorry for the long question. Kudos to whoever reads this. If it's not focused enough I can post to buildapcforme. Any input is appreciated. Not necessarily looking for parts recs (but I'll take them), more opinions and advice. Looking to build a PC for under $3k. Sadly, it needs to be suited for work first and gaming second.
I don't do much gaming anymore, but still play some FPS games and GTA, and ideally want to be ready for VR when some arguably-work-capable headsets come out, if that ever happens. My dream is to replace all the monitors with a lightweight headset, high res enough to work with text all day when needed, but don't know if/when that will ever happen, so trying to futureproof for that may not be possible or smart.
$3k won't get me everything forever, so I'll have to plan on upgrades over the next few years. I want to make sure the motherboard supports that.
Workload: viewing/searching very large PDFs (sometimes 30k+ pages) and running OCR (Acrobat); thousands of large photos (windows photo viewephotoshop/GIMP); up to 4k video (resolve/premiere) often with weird codecs (FFmpeg transcoding); sometimes OneNote for aggregating/organizing/indexing; zipping/unzipping large compressed files (3+ GB); searching mobile extractions (cellebrite PA); not much true computer forensics (Autopsy/FTK/Encase) but I want that capability; not much After Effects or Blender work, but again want to be able to if needed.
Above all, I need to be able to fly through this stuff as fast as reasonably possible. For example, I might receive 800 GB worth of video/zips/photos/pdfs and I need to find a needle in the haystack as quick as I can.
How important do these things sound for this workload, and what am I missing:
Storage related: PCIe gen 4, Optane, NVMe - which (if any of these) would I benefit most from.
Processor: do I need more cores or faster cores? I've always had intel but everyone loves AMD $ to performance.
Memory amount and speed - was thinking at least 64gb, how much will speed matter? Would I greatly benefit from an x299 or x399 board - or whatever ones allow quad channel memory/8 slots?
10 Gbps - will this work on a homebuilt NAS? Plan is to try and use old/current PC as a NAS. (Probably would need some kind of upgrade or add in card since it's on an old mobo/cpu - 3570k and Asrock z77 Extreme4)
GPU: This I'm willing to punt on this because I have a 1060 6gb now that I'm hoping can tide me over until I can opportunistically buy a 30XX card. And I assume (maybe wrongly) more GPU is always better for video rendering.
Cooling / case - don't care as long as it's reliable. I don't run overclocked (but maybe I should)
Power: don't care beyond powering what I need, was thinking 750/850 to be safe, but should I go higher?
submitted by helpmehbuldmahpc to buildapc