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GTA VI Hypothesis - 80s the facts

If GTA VI – If set in 80s Vice City – a hypothesis
So no announcement or any solid leaks have yet to surface for GTA VI. The only thing we can do is dream and predict. Like many GTA Vice city fans. I’m hoping we’re going back to Vice City set in the 80s. The following is a Prediction for a what GTA VI will be like assuming it’s set in the 80s. This is entirely based of facts. Facts that exist in the GTA Universe and the real world. Hopefully the outcome is pretty accurate predication of what you will be seeing in GTA VI.
Vice City – Miami 1980s During the 1980s America went through a period for what is now known as the Crack epidemic. The Time magazine in 1981 reported that 70% of marijuana and cocaine in the United States passed through Miami first. The City of Miami had around 300 murders every year during the 80s. That’s an excessive amount especially for a city that had a population less than 500,000.
To put this into perspective I’m from London, UK a city of more than 8 Million people that’s x16 in population and it has about 140 murders a year.
So If London actually had murders at the rate Miami did in the 80s it’s homicide rate a year would average at 4800. That’s a long way off. So you can see how GTA Vice City in the 80s would be a very realistic setting for a GTA. Making it perfect for drug fuelled gang wars and a practical feeling that the city almost feels lawless. A stretched and corrupt VCPD would exist so maybe this would allow you to bribe some officers, detectives, FIB to turn away as you smuggle drugs and guns .
Lazlow Jones
Lazlow can be heard on the radio in GTA Vice City and Vice City stories so he would be more than likely again be a radio host for V-Rock. The 80s was Lazlow’s prime a big contrast from when you see him in GTA V.
Fernando Martinez
He is another radio host able to jump dimensions He has been in Vice City and GTA V. He will return for VI regardless I’m sure.
Love Fist (All members) - Love fist appear in GTA Vice City and also have presence in the HD Universe. So without a doubt they would also pop up as young celebrity Rockstars
Willy - Appears in GTA V
Jezz Torent- By the time of GTA V he has become a believer of the epsilon program. This is known due to his testimony on their website. Maybe we will see his introduction into the religion in VI. Maybe it’s a side mission.
Cris Fomage(Found of the Epsilon program)Cris apart from his appearance in GTA V is the leader of Epsilon can be heard on the Radio of GTA San Andreas so we know his cult has in it’s current form has been around since the early 90s not really a stretch to put them in the early 80s. Possibly seeing some similarities between the Jonestown cult with their own town.
Jack Cranley
He makes appearances in both VC stories and GTA V. So we know he has already been placed in 80s Vice City. So he might make a return in his younger years as a slightly troubled stuntman.
Jack Howitzer
He has been in Vice City , GTA IV and GTA V. He is an Vinewood action hero that’s made some of the biggest action films of the 80s. He would without a doubt make an appearance probably enjoying drugs and sex on a Yact just off the shore of Vice City beach
Possible Characters
Francis Sinclair - Yes he is a minor character From Red Dead redemption 2 but he has the birth mark on his face that according to the Epsilon program makes him a decedent of Kraf the God they worship. He is also able to Time travel. I wouldn’t be shocked if you come across him in a strangers and freaks mission.
Michael De Santa - Michael was born in the mid-late 60s making him 18 or over if Vice City is to be set from 1984 onwards.
Martin Madrazo - He will be over the age of 18
Sammy Bottino
He is wanted for a murder charge in Vice City no reason why this can’t be a cold case murder that occurred in the 80s as he was 18 or over during this time period.
Agent ULP - He will be in his 20s maybe early 30s during the 80s so I it's likely very for him to make a return helping the cartels smuggle drugs into Vice City for the IAA. Maybe he will be the key to going aboard where your character and him take plane to south America to smuggle drugs. Think of the FX show – Snowfall or this scene from American made. In the real world there is strong evidence that the CIA was involved in drug smuggling during the 80s. I’m pretty sure GTA will Satire their involvement.
Escobar international airport – Unless you’re arriving by boat which is a possibility if you’re illegally immigrating in what was known historically as the Mariel Boatlift the only other way to get to Vice City is landing in Escobar international hopefully we will see the first enterable airport in the HD Universe.
Vice City Transit (Metrorail)****– The Metrorail in Miami has existed since 1984 but actually did not feature in GTA Vice City despite it being set in 1986. Without doubt though I know this time around Rockstar will include it whether it’s set in the 80s or Modern day.
Starfish Island– Featured in Vice City and some residents of the island appear in the HD universe so most likely will return with the possibility of owning some of the large mansions situated on it. Expect another Scarface inspired shootout inside one of them.
North Point Mall- It featured in Vice City and it was enterable. If VI is in the 80s an enterable Mall is a must especially as there is not internet to allow for fast and easy internet shopping.
Possible Locations
These locations are fairly far away from real life Miami but Rockstar don’t mind downsizing and I think the first two could be really interesting to see in GTA
Fun World (Disney World)-Fun world is GTA’s version of Disney World it’s seen on billboards in GTA Vice City and would be amazing if you could actually visit in GTA VI.
President Zane Space Centre (Kennedy Space Centre)–It would be awesome and another unique location to visit. I would imagine would also hold some secrets or form part of the puzzle to a UFO Mystery in GTA VI. – President Zane appears in the TV show Republican Space Rangers and is parody of JFK – another name that could be used would be Democratic Space Centre.
South America/ Caribbean
Now there are rumours that GTA VI may include a South American country. Now this is indeed possible as they have done it before in Red dead redemption and Max Payne.
Max Payne 3– Was mostly based in Brazil. It wasn’t free roam but you did have very detailed maps of the favelas and other Rio locations including even a football stadium. It took some clear inspirations from Man on Fire. No reason why they couldn't do it again but this time as a free roam map or not might just be locked under few missions like North Yankton. One thing is for sure considering GTA V and Red dead 2 another location outside of Vice City will feature in some missions.
Red Dead Redemption– Travelling across the border into Mexico was a big part of the story.
Red Dead redemption 2–This took you to a made up Caribbean island known as Gurma. It’s believed to be just off the coast of Cuba but it’s not Rockstars Version of Cuba. Even though Battle of San Juan Hill takes place on the island in Red Dead which in real life actually took place in Cuba. But this tells us Rockstar don’t mind playing around with historical events to make it fit their adaption.
Which leads me to this possibility -
Invasion of Grenada (1983) America invaded Grenada during the 80s. Now Rockstar may not accurately portray the event but it’s possible that they could just base the invasion on what ever South American/ Caribbean island they use. They could use it to fit their story maybe US Military or IAA using the island to profit off the drug market. I know it’s far fetched. But I like history so I just thought I would put it in. Cuba also played a part in this Military scuffle. If we don't see it I think it might be referenced by the news, radio or just some soldiers at a base in conversation.
Angels of Death- They feature in GTA IV and they have a chapter in Vice City. They’ve also existed since the 40s so I’m pretty sure they’ll be making a return in GTA VI.
Possible Gangs
Haitians – Appeared in Vice City but wasn’t present in VC Stories due to a racism controversy. I would like to see a return of a Haitian gang maybe just under a more creative name.
Los Cabrones (Cubans) - Appeared in Vice City and VC Stories so most likely would make a return to VI
South American Cartel - Without a doubt some sort of South American Cartel will be present in Vice City running cocaine through borders and probably will play a major part in Vice City whether 80s or Present day. In fact three cartels have appeared in the 3D GTA era and one in the HD era:A Colombian cartel - features heavily in GTA 3 so it’s possible we could see a return of this gang with a more fleshed out back story.Diaz and Mendez Carte****l – Not sure the likely hood of them being brought back as they’re led and named after key characters from the 3D eraMadrazo Cartel– Of course this cartel features in GTA V but they’re also Mexican so it’s unlikely they would be the dominant cartel in Vice City that’s just not their turf.
Jamaican Posse No evidence but I want to see this as I am half Jamaican so I wouldn’t mind at all if one of our MC’s was Jamaican as well nudge nudge wink wink.
In real life since the 80s there has been presence of Jamaican posses operating in Miami so it would be accurate to include them. They Have always featured when GTA is set in liberty city so there is no reason why they can’t make a return. A lot of the Yardies including Real Badman in GTA IV are actually dressed like Yardies from the 70s/80s.
Italian Mob – I’m pretty sure the Italian Mob would pop up in 80s Vice City. Might not pay a major roll but quite likely to show up in some hotel even if they’re just on ‘vacation’.
Radio – Business as usual
VHS- Probably be able to buy or rent videos possibly from a Blockbuster parody shop
Arcades Arcades appear in GTA Online so without a doubt Arcades would return to be packed hang out spots. Might also see the return of bowling but this time with annoying pages every 30 minutes.
Virtual reality- Virtual reality has existed since the early 60s. NASA also had VR prototype in the 80s so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see VR making appearance in GTA VI maybe even functional with VR exclusive mini games for PSVR, Hive etc…
Comics– Not a technology but I think they would feature in Rockstars rendition of the 80s and I would be hype to see what they come up for us to read.
Turn decks/ Record players – This is what got the parties going expect to see DJ’s in their golden agein full swing.
Walkman It’s how they listened to Music on the go. Vice City beach will be full of Men and women in swimwear jogging up and down.
Camcorders/ Film Cameras **–**Film just looks better than digital so I can’t wait to have a photo mode that uses the grainy film camera to make the Vice City colours really pop. – think City of God aesthetic.
Fruit Computers Rockstars parody of Apple like they’re relief counterpart they was founded in the 70s so we should see the first Fruit Computers and maybe even their version of the brick phones
Mobile Phones- Yes the 80s had mobile phones they were just big brick phones or in a suit case.
Walkie Talkies– The VC emergency services will use them and so will the Military. I’m sure the player will also use them in their adventure of crime
Possible TV shows/Films/Easter eggs
Vice City P.I (Miami Vice) – Highly likely Miami Vice will be parodied. There is a casino game called Vice P.I in GTA Online with a picture of two Private detectives a White Man and a Hispanic lady this could very likely be the two characters that will feature on the show.
Deluxo “2021 – 2022” (Back to the futureparody)– high possibility. The Deluxo car features in most of the modern GTA games. It’s based off the DeLorean from Back to the Future. It’s likely they would parody the back to the future movies by naming it after the car with the year of release date of the GTA VI.
Gang Burrito (A -team) – High possibility. The Gang Burrito is van that itself is acknowledgment to the A-team as it resembles the van actually used in the show. So again, they would more than likely name the show Gang Burrito.
Gi Joe and Transformers cartoon parody– These are a must. Can you imagine a crude Adult version of Transformers.
Star Wars parody– High possibility. Star Wars saw two films being released in the 80s and has always been larger than life since it dropped in 1977. Rockstar having their own mock version in the Cinema would be hilarious. Probably would go with the simple ‘Space Wars’ name.
The Breakfast Club and Footloose parodies/Easter eggs I’ve never actually watched these films but they’re we both massive in the 80s. So expect some sort of nod to them. Hopefully the Breakfast Club nod might include a Vice City University or educational premises. Maybe just combine both into a show called Detention Dancers.
TV shopping programme and video Workout programmes TV shopping and watching an instructor lead you in high energy dancing aerobics over video was really big in the 80s so expect it to be parodied like so.
Stranger things parody– Medium possibility it’s a modern show but is set in the 80s so I wouldn’t put it past Rockstar to poke some fun at them in some form even if it isn’t a show on TV. Maybe it could be a bold girl running around called 10. It would be a nice easter egg none the less
James Bond parody– Low possibility but they could even use whatever assets they created for Agent before they canned it. Or even the set seen in Vinewood studios possibly actually an asset from Agent.
This took my a couple days to write out by enjoyed it as I love history . Hopefully if you wasn't convinced before that an 80s Vice City would be an interesting setting you now realise why it' would be more interesting and more fitting than a modern day one.
One last thing to show it would be unmatched Miami Skyline in the 80s to help visualise what the map might look like.
submitted by regularJedi to GTA6


Seedbox subscription vs Seedbox on VPS vs roll my own?

Hi guys!
I've been researching and compiled this list of pros/cons of getting a whatbox/using a vps/rolling my own.
I have a Netgear Stoya Stora that I know I can root and use for torents, but I have also been considering getting a cheap VPS and also looked at Whatbox.
This is what I've come up with so far:
Method Pros Cons
Whatbox/Feral Pre-config'd, support, speed Monthly Fee
VPS Can use for other things as well/repurpose if Iwant, Full Root access, support Few allow BitTorrent (the ones that do usually throttle it), Monthly fee, I have to config everything
My NAS Free, full control at all times, much higher HDD space, do not have to "redownload" everything to access it, can stream directly to HTPC without using more of my home networks bandwidth I have to config everything, slower processing, on home internet speed.
So, can anyone help me make a decision? If you know of any thing I left out or overlooked let me know too.
submitted by FirestarterMethod to seedboxes