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Lightning strikes in Blyth set houses on fire - The Journal

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Weather Report on Project JoJo

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Playing through the WWF - Part 5 (1990 - 1991 | Summer Slam Fever '90 - Wrestlemania VII)

I am using games like WWE2k19, 2k20, and Fire Pro Wrestling World to simulate and play through the WWF's PPV's and other events. The outcomes will be different thus forcing me to change story lines. Let me know what you think. This issue covers SummerSlam Fever '90 to Wrestlemania VII

WWF SummerSlam Fever - August 15th, 1990 - Utica, New York, USA - Utica Memorial Auditorium

No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1 Jim Neidhart def. Smash Singles Match 90% 10:27 Smash and Jim Neidhart went to battle. It's a shame that this was on Prime Time because it was a wonderful match. One half of Demolition and one half of the Hart Foundation doing battle in the squared circle. These two are bitter enemies in the tag team scene. Neidhart won after a lengthy Sleeper Hold.
2 The Texas Tornado def. Black Bart Singles Match 60% 3:08 Kerry Von Erich looked great in the ring but couldn't carry a match or go the distance. However, he was featured in the Summer Slam Fever episode of Prime Time Wrestling. Black Bart was disappointing. Von Erich won with the Tornado Punch.
3 The Warlord def. Al Perez Singles Match 78% 4:23 The Warlord has been fighting in a series of squash matches against a lot of local talent. It started with him squashing Brooklyn Brawler, Paul Roma, Sam Houston, and now he is facing Al Perez In a short feature. The Warlord wins with a Bear hug.
4 Nikolai Volkoff def. Boris Zhukov Singles Match 96% 14:09 The Bolsheviks Explode! Nikolai Volkoff is trying to become a face and has adopted a Pro-USA gimmick. This broke up their tag-team which made nobody sad. They were terrible and had a bad losing streak. This match was a technical powerhouse. Volkoff looked like a machine. Volkoff won after an huge German Suplex.
5 Jake Roberts def. Mike Sharpe Singles Match 86% 12:02 Jake Roberts knocked out enhancement talent, Iron Mike Sharpe. It was a decent match with a lot of back and forth. It looked like Roberts had started a shoot and clocked Sharpe in the face. Right in the nose. Sharpe went down and Roberts pinned him.
6 Mr. Perfect def. Ronnie Garvin Singles Match 100% 14:32 Mr. Perfect came out wearing the WWF Intercontinental Title. It was discussed that Warrior had dropped the title to Mr. Perfect at a house show. However this was a non-title match. Mr. Perfect and Ronnie Garvin have been cutting promos on each other since last week back when this match was announced. Both men locked in a pissing contest about who will execute who's finisher first. Mr. Perfect won hitting the Perfect-Plex and getting the victory.
7 The Orient Express (w/Mr. Fuji) def. Power and Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma) Tag Team Match 97% 20:02 The Orient Express have been coming out and attacking other teams while they are in the middle of a match. Mr. Fuji is dead-set on getting that Tag Team gold. But Power & Glory might have something to say about that. Pat Tanaka wins after a big Super kick on Paul Roma.
Main Event Earthquake def. Dusty Rhodes Singles Match 67% 6:04 This was a match that was very heavily advertised. Earthquake has been putting everyone out of action for the past few months and Dusty Rhodes has had enough... babay. This match was so much fun. Dusty hit the shake rattle and roll twice but Earthquake was too powerful. Earthquake hit the Earthquake Splash for the win. After the match Earthquake called out Hulk Hogan!
84% 84:47
Total Time: 1:24:47
The SummerSlam Fever Special was a highly viewed television program that aimed to showcase a lot of the top competitors in the WWF during this part of 1990. Hulk Hogan hasn't made an appearance for a couple of months. But that didn't stop Earthquake from calling out the Hulkster. Throughout the night The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage had cut promos on each other.

WWF SummerSlam '90 - August 27th, 1990 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Spectrum

No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1D Shane Douglas def. "Playboy" Buddy Rose Singles match 91% 14:30 It's becoming tradition for WWF to have amazing Dark Matches. Shane Douglas and Buddy Rose beat the hell out of each other. It was a hard-hitting affair. Shane Douglas defeated Buddy Rose with a roll-up after a tremendous dark match.
2 Power and Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma) (w/Slick) def. Demolition (Crush & Smash) Tag team match 87% 6:37 Paul Roma and Hercules looked amazing. Their training has made them better in the ring. And they looked great against the out-of-shape Demolition Crush and Smash. The match was a good one with Roma defeating Crush after a pile driver.
3 Mr. Perfect (w/Bobby Heenan) (c) def. Jake Roberts WWF Intercontinental Title 100% 20:09 Mr. Perfect defeated The Ultimate Warrior after debuting his new manager Bobby Heenan at a house show. Heenan hit Warrior from behind allowing Perfect to win. On Prime Time Wrestling, Warrior was offered a World Title Shot to make up for the screw-job. And Mr. Perfect was slotted against a returning baby face, Jake "The Snake" Roberts. The match was amazing. Another five-star classic from two amazing competitors. Mr. Perfect fought hard and retained his title with a perfectly executed, Perfect-Plex.
4 "The Rocket" Owen Hart def. Rick "The Model" Martel Singles match 100% 19:38 "The Rocket" Owen Hart has been tearing up the mid-card scene in the past few weeks. Rick Martel has been extra annoying since leaving Rich and Famous following the departure of Rick Rude. Hart was the victim of a spritz of Arrogance from The Model on an episode of Superstars. And that spritz cost him the match. This match was a technical showcase. Hart and Martel looked amazing. They put on one hell of a show. Hart won the match after a Flying Body Attack.
5 The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) (c) def. The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) 2 - 1 WWF Tag Team Titles 87% 37:34 Best 2 of 3 Falls Match: These two teams have history. That's why this 2 out of 3 falls match is so important. It shows who the top competitors are versus a team that may need to train their skills some more. The Rockers showed their talent in the ring and continuously worked their tag team moves. The Hart Foundation looked great. And Bret Hart made Marty Jannetty submit to the Sharpshooter. But it wasn't enough. Jannetty won the match after a Flying Cross-body.
6 "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase (w/Bad News Brown) (c) def. The Big Bossman The Million Dollar Title 73% 14:04 The Big Bossman had heard reports that the Million Dollar Man had stolen the Million Dollar Belt. But it wasn't true and the two had a match to see who would come out as the owner. The match was alright, nothing special, with Ted DiBiase coming out on top after a Million Dollar Dream.
7 The Orient Express (Sato and Tanaka) (w/Mr. Fuji) def. Dusty Rhodes and Jim Duggan Tag team match 100% 18:52 The Orient Express have been unstoppable. This is proven even further when even Dusty Rhodes and Jim Duggan couldn't stop them. This match was amazing. Great storytelling and even better wrestling. Another match that proves Summer Slam 1990 is the best card the WWF has ever run. Saito wins the match after a Liger Bomb on Jim Duggan.
8 The Warlord (w/Slick) def. "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich Singles match 93% 15:32 The Warlord is quickly establishing himself as the new Big Bad around the block. Kerry Von Erich volunteered to put a stop to this bully, but that doesn't look very likely. This match was great. Kerry moved like an angel. But The Warlord was just too strong and powerful. Warlord won after the RUMBLE.
9 Hulk Hogan (w/Brutus Beefcake & Jim Duggan) def. Earthquake (w/Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart) Singles match 73% 15:03 Hulk Hogan, back from injury at the hands of Earthquake, has returned to do the impossible. Destroy the Canadian Earthquake. Hogan beat Earthquake all around the ring. The match was alright, but the story-telling was key. Hogan won with the Big Leg drop on 'Quake. Hogan poses.
Main Event The Ultimate Warrior def. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (c) (w/Miss Elizabeth) WWF World Heavyweight Title 72% 18:37 The Ultimate Warrior, screwed out of the IC Title, had gone on to beat long-time champion Randy Savage in the middle of the ring. Savage looked like he couldn't believe it. The match was alright. Warrior is not the most capable wrestler. But this should be a good run for him. Savage had the match won, but his own cockiness got the best of him. Warrior won after the Big Splash. After the match, Savage was left in the ring where he lashed out at Elizabeth and Hogan. Both tried to reason with him but he left the arena in an angry huff. Cursing and ripping up a Hulkamania sign.
88% 180:36
Total Time: 3:00:36
This was a weird event. The Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage was a match for the ages. Hogan came out half-way through the match when Randy was losing and tried to cheer him on. But it only seemed to make Macho Man angrier. The crowd went absolutely insane when Warrior won the title. You just felt horrible for Macho who won't be the same after this. The Rockers looked amazing against the Hart Foundation. These Michaels and Hart kids look tremendous. I think that Mr. Perfect is taking really well to the IC belt. His video packages in the past few weeks have been some of the best stuff WWF has produced.

Survivor Series Showdown (1990) - October 29th, 1990 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - Market Square Arena

No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1 Sgt. Slaughter (w/The Iron Sheik) def. Tito Santana Singles match 85% 19:32 Someone has hijacked WWF programming and inserted mysterious messages about some sort of middle eastern presence coming to the World Wrestling Federation. A few weeks ago those messages were said to be coming from Saddam Hussein himself! Sgt. Slaughter made his debut here with The Iron Sheik and both pledge their allegiance to Iraq in the middle of the ring. Tito Santana has heard enough and he comes out to attack Slaughter. It's an okay bout. But Slaughter puts Tito Santana to sleep with a Cobra Clutch.
2 Shawn Michaels (w/Marty Jannetty) def. Rick Martel Singles match 85% 12:28 Shawn Michaels is one half of the Tag Team Champions, The Rockers. They have been turning heads with their high-flying style. Shawn took "The Model" Rick Martel to school in this one on one affair. Michaels whipped Martel all over the ring and winning with a Flying Roll up.
3 Big Boss Man def. Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) Singles match 100% 16:46 Earthquake, angry about his loss to Hogan, has been attempting to challenge all of Hogan's contemporaries. In this instance he is calling out Big Boss Man who doesn't have time to listen to Earthquakes crap. This match was awesome. Both went back and forth. Earthquake hitting a splash on the outside of the ring. But the finish came when Bossman impressively hit a Bossman Slam on Earthquake for the win.
4 The Honky Tonk Man def. Bret Hart Singles match 97% 14:45 After dueling with The Rockers, The Hart Foundation moved onto fighting Rhythm & Blues. Honky Tonk and Valentine took out Neidhart's knee the week prior to this match. And that might have gotten into Bret's head. This was a fine match. Honky Tonk won with the Figure Four after hitting Bret with brass knucks.
5 Leilani Kai (w/Judy Martin & Jimmy Hart) def. Malia Hosaka WWF Women's Title 78% 7:42 Leilani Kai and Judy Martin have been competing in Japan on behalf of the WWF. Malia Hosaka hates them both and has been attacking Kai quite a bit in singles matches. This was a great match with tremendous back and forth. Leilani Kai wins via pinning German Suplex.
Main Event The Texas Tornado def. Mr. Perfect Singles Match 100% 17:23 Mr. Perfect is the Intercontinental Champion. However, the belt was not on the line tonight as Mr. Perfect faced "The Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich. Von Erich looked amazing and wowed the crowds. This match was perfect. Tornado is definitely in line for an actual shot at the title belt. After a lengthy back and forth Kerry Von Erich pulled out the surprise win after a roll-up.
93% 80:54
Total Time: 1:20:54
This TV special didn't pull in as many viewers as the SummerSlam Fever Special. But it still did alright. The biggest news was jobber Kerry Von Erich defeating Mr. Perfect in a non-title bout. Earthquake tried to redeem that fierceness that he had a few months ago but it looks like the faces have Earthquake's card. Leilani Kai is one of the most dominant females in the business today and the WWF sending her to Japan has paid off. She is fierce.

WWF Survivor Series '90 - November 22nd, 1990 - Hartford, Connecticut, USA - Hartford Civic Center

No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1D The Brooklyn Brawler def. Shane Douglas Singles match 89% 11:52 Another bloody battle from the Brooklyn Brawler. Brawler took Shane Douglas to school, beating the young-kid all around the ring. They both busted each other open hard-way. And then laid in even more of a beating. It was physical for sure. Brawler won with the Knuckle Arrow.
2 The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes, Big Bossman, Bret Hart, and Jim Neidhart) def. The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase, Bad News Brown, The Honky Tonk Man, and The Undertaker) (w/Paul Bearer) 4-on-4 Survivor Series match 88% 36:42 Dusty Rhodes finally won on a Pay-Per-View. His Dream Team featured The Hart Foundation and one of the baddest SOB's, The Big Bossman. Taking on the "Best" team money could buy, Ted DiBiase, his bodyguard, Bad News Brown, The Honky Tonk Man, and the new and debuting Undertaker. The match was great. The heels got their butts kicked. But the Undertaker took so much punishment. It took various weapon shots and all of the finishers combined to put him down. Survivors: Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Dusty Rhodes, and The Big Bossman
3 Venom (Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) def. Slick's Squad (The Warlord, Rick Martel, Paul Roma, and Hercules) 4-on-4 Survivor Series match 93.00% 40:42:00 The Rockers were the showcase here. Booping and Bopping for The Warlord and his band of evil baddies. Jimmy Snuka and Jake Roberts made a good team but Snuka sucks. Marty Jannetty won with a flying cross body on Paul Roma. Survivors: The Rockers and Jake Roberts.
4 The Mercenaries (Sgt. Slaughter, The Iron Sheik, Sato, and Tanaka) (w/Mr. Fuji) def. The Alliance (Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana, Owen Hart, and Koko B. Ware) 4-on-4 Survivor Series match 90% 35:32 Slaughter, Sheik, and The Orient Express really got booed and trash was thrown at them during their entrance. Their theme music is just a speech by Saddam Hussein condemning the United States. The Alliance came out and vowed to shut up Slaughter. But they couldn't. It was a great match but each Alliance member fell with only the Orient Express eating defeat for the heels. Slaughter won with the Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring on Nikolai Volkoff who submitted. Slaughter and The Iron Sheik were the survivors.
5 The Macho Disasters (Randy Savage, Earthquake, Haku, The Barbarian) (w/Sherri Martel & Jimmy Hart) def. The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Tugboat, Brutus Beefcake, and Jim Duggan) 4-on-4 Survivor Series match 89% 48:32 Earthquake runs rough shot over the face team. Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan squared off to a huge pop from the crowd. They went to town beating up on each other. Then Hogan/Haku, Tugboat/Haku, then Tugboat/Earthquake. These two behemoths threw haymakers and beat the bejesus out of each other. Tuggers was gone after a running splash from Earthquake. Then Jim Duggan's rugged ass was eliminated by The Barbarian. The Barbarian was eliminated by Hogan. Then Haku was eliminated by Hogan. But Savage would eliminate Beefcake and Earthquake would destroy Hogan. Who took a Flying Elbow Drop from Savage and the Earthquake Sitting Splash for the 1-2-and-3. Savage laid in a beating after the match with Earthquake.
Main Event The Perfect Team (Ax, Crush, Mr. Perfect and Smash) (w/Bobby Heenan and Mr. Fuji) def. The Warriors (Animal, Hawk, The Texas Tornado and The Ultimate Warrior) 4-on-4 Survivor Series match 84% 30:42 Kerry Von Erich won the right to be in this match after defeating Mr. Perfect on The Survivor Series Showdown. He eliminated Crush. But was double-teamed and eliminated by Ax. Then Animal eliminated Ax, Warrior eliminated Smash. Mr. Perfect eliminated The Ultimate Warrior. And Mr. Perfect won the match for his team, as the sole-survivor, after Perfect Plexing Hawk for the pin and win.
89% 214:02
Total Time: 3:34:02
The Ultimate Warrior is a really popular champion. The crowds love him and this program with Mr. Perfect is pretty hot. Hogan and Earthquake is getting stale. Maybe he will challenge Savage again for a match. But my attention is on Sgt. Slaughter who called out The Ultimate Warrior after his match. He says that he is the prophecised champion and he will bring the gold back to Iraq.

Royal Rumble '91 - January 19, 1991 - Miami, Florida - Miami Arena

No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1D Jerry Sags def. Sam Houston Singles match 96% 9:38 The Nasty Boys have been tearing up the tag scene as the new tag team in the WWF. They are proving themselves against enhancement talent. Nasty Boy Jerry Saggs defeats Sam Houston with a Piledriver. He beat that Houston kid all over the ring.
2 The Orient Express (Kato and Tanaka) (w/Mr. Fuji) def. The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) (c) WWF Tag Team Titles 98% 29:57 The Rockers have been fan favorites and are a really good tag-team. However, the Orient Express has been turning heads too. Beating most of the teams in the WWF in their presuit for the gold. The match was really good. The Orient Express beats the champions The Rockers with Pat Tanaka hitting a disastrous Rolling Wheel Kick. Mr. Fuji leads another team to Tag Team gold.
3 Big Boss Man def. The Barbarian (w/Bobby Heenan) Singles match 88% 13:56 Big Boss Man has had enough of Bobby Heenan's antics. But the Barbarian is Heenan's latest hired muscle. This match was another great one. Boss Man and Barbarian tear each other apart. Bossman wins after the Boss Man Slam.
4 The Ultimate Warrior (c) def. Sgt. Slaughter (w/The Iron Sheik) WWF World Heavyweight Title 80% 11:27 The Ultimate Warrior and Slaughter stood toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Sheik tried stealing the belt but Hogan appeared at the entrance way and stopped him with a judging finger wag in his face. This match was intense and got very physical. Warrior pinned Slaughter after a running splash. Warrior breaks the flag in the ring and the crowd goes nuts. It's a madhouse.
5 Dustin Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes def. Ted DiBiase and Bad News Brown Tag team match 95% 27:47 DiBiase and Rhodes have been dueling for weeks. DiBiase takes a lot of shots at Dusty Rhodes and his blue-collar upbringing. Dustin Rhodes made his debut a few weeks ago and was attacked by DiBiase's bodyguard, Bad News Brown. This match was an awesome tag affair. Great storytelling and awesome work. Dusty Rhodes wins after the heels have a miscommunication and DiBiase loses to a big DDT.
Main Event Hulk Hogan won by last eliminating Randy Savage Royal Rumble Match 74% 43:32 The Final Four came down to Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Earthquake, and Bret Hart. Hart was eliminated by Earthquake. Earthquake by Hogan and Roberts by Hogan. It was a great battle royal that featured some awesome talent. Hogan wants that belt back.
88% 156:17
Total Time: 2:36:17
The Ultimate Warrior has some friends in high places. But Hogan wants the WWF World title back around his waist. After the match, during a quick interview, Hogan put the Ultimate Warrior on notice. Hulkamania is back in the WWF.

The Main Event V - January 28, 1991 - Macon, Georgia - Macon Coliseum

No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1 Hulk Hogan & Tugboat vs. Ted DiBiase & Earthquake (w/Bad News Brown) Tag Team Match 75% 14:58 Double Count Out - This match started off with Hogan and DiBiase locking up and doing battle. But when Earthquake and Tugboat fought it was insane. The crowd went nuts and these guys beat the hell out of each other strong style. Both ended up bleeding and everyone ended up brawling on the outside until they were all counted out by the referee.
2 Randy Savage (w/Sheri Martel) def. The Ultimate Warrior (c) WWF World Heavyweight Title 100% 14:49 Ultimate Warrior was scheduled to take on Randy Savage in a non-title match. But after some goading by the challenger. Ultimate Warrior accepted and put the belt on the line. It was a very strange move. However, this match ended up going down in history as one of the best. Warrior whipped Savage all over the ringside area. Savage hit some amazing dropkicks. Randy Savage won the match after clocking Warrior with Sherri's purse and pinning him down.
3 Malia Hosaka def. Suzuka Minami Singles Match 92% 5:20 These two women from Japan were given some time in Prime Time to do their thing and wow the crowd. Vince McMahon is really taking advantage of that partnership with NJPW/AJPW. The crowd loved this short but technically amazing match. Malia Hosaka won with a Avalanche Power bomb
Main Event The Orient Express (Kato and Tanaka) (c) (w/Mr. Fuji) def. The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) WWF Tag Team Titles 100% 26:27 The Legion of Doom fought hard but couldn't overcome The Orient Express, who are pressing on to beat every team in the WWF. The match was won when Sato vs. Animal after an Original German Suplex.
92% 65:14
Total Time: 1:05:14
The Main Event was a success for NBC and showcased an amazing match between Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior. It was an upset victory for Randy Savage who refuses to go by Macho Man. He says that he drove a wedge in the Hogan/Warrior feud and will get his spot in the Main Event of Wrestlemania to beat Hogan all over the arena. Savage can't wait to taste Hogan's blood. Warrior was a speed bump, Hogan is a dog, and Savage is a Muscle car. Do the math!
No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1 Mr. Perfect (c) (w/Bobby Heenan) def. Shawn Michaels WWF Intercontinental Title 78% 16:22 Mr. Perfect has been taking on all challengers on Wrestling Challenge. This time he takes on Tag Team sensation, Shawn Michaels. The match is alright. Perfect wins after a long Sleeper Hold.
2 The British Bulldog def. Scott Casey Singles Match 82% 5:55 The British Bulldog returns to the WWF with a new fire lit under him. He wants to prove something to everyone. This match was great. Scott Casey flew all over the place. Bulldog won with a Powerslam
3 Koko B. Ware def. Rick Martel Singles Match 100% 12:23 Koko B. Ware and Rick Martel are two of the best talents on the roster and this match showcases both of their talents really well. Martel is such a smarmy piece of crap. The crowd hates him. Koko is loved. This was an amazing match. Koko won the match with a huge top rope splash.
4 Greg Valentine def. Scott Allen Singles Match 84% 10:22 Greg Valentine takes on Scott Allen. Valentine is trying to do something here I am not sure what it is. He is sort of a tweener but no one is really excited to see him. It's kind of sad. Greg Valentine wins after a long sleeper hold.
Main Event Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior def. The Iron Sheik & Sgt. Slaughter Tag Team Match 76% 17:41 Hogan and Warrior have formed a team since Randy Savage pretty much cheated his way into the championship. But the Mercenaries Iron Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter want some blood out of these patriots for Saddam. This match was alright. The story line was clearly focused on Randy Savage who came out and teased interfering. But after Savage was sent to the back, Hogan and Warrior laid waste to these Iraqi Sympathizers. Warrior hit Slaughter with a Gorilla Press Slam and Hogan hit the Big Leg Drop for the win. The crowd went nuts while Warrior and Hogan celebrate waving huge American flags. Savage "Pearl Harbor's" Hogan and Warrior attacking Hogan and tossing him outside of the ring. Savage clocks Warrior with a brick and rolls out of the ring leaving to a sea of boos.
6D The Nasty Boys vs. The Hart Foundation Tag Team Match 89% 7:25 No Contest This match devolved very quickly into a schmoz style hardcore match that involved weapons and fighting into the crowd. The referee threw it out after a short time.
7D The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Tugboat Singles Match 93% 6:23 Tugboat comes out first and the crowd doesn't really care. Then The Undertaker comes out and it's eerie. Everyone is scared of this guy. The Undertaker beats Tugboat all over the ring. The Undertaker wins after a huge Tombstone Piledriver.
86% 86:31
Total Time: 1:26:31
Hogan and Warrior are getting tired of being blindsided by Randy Savage. The crowd can't stand him. Wrestlemania will be interesting since Hogan and Savage is getting so much push right now. Vince didn't have confidence in Ultimate Warrior selling out the arena for Wrestlemania so Hogan/Savage is the safe bet. The Undertaker is really turning heads after his performance at the Survivor Series and after tonight tomb-stoning Tuggers.

WrestleMania VII - March 24th, 1991 - Los Angeles, California - Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

No. Results Stipulations Quality Times Notes
1 Koko B. Ware def. The Brooklyn Brawler Singles match 96% 23:56 Koko B. Ware has picked up quite a bit of steam recently. This was a Dark Match that had Koko wrestling while people were coming in. That didn't stop them from getting color. Brawler was bleeding like a fountain all over the ring. Koko won with a Top Rope Splash.
2 The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) def. The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) Tag Team Match 78% 20:45 Bret Hart has really turned over a new leaf and appears to be on an upward trajectory. He is selling shirts and appears to be really popular with the crowds. Da Meltz is reporting that the popular Tag Team, The Rockers, may be heading for bit of a breakup. I hope none of them needs a haircut. Bret wins this match after a roll-up on Marty Jannetty.
3 The Texas Tornado def. Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart) Singles match 73% 18:48 Ol' Kerry Von came out of the gates hot and practically sent Bravo flying out of the ring. The two clashed and went back and forth but it was Kerry coming away with the victory. Kerry Von Erich wins with a Spinning Fist.
4 The Warlord (w/Slick) def. The British Bulldog Singles match 97% 21:11 It was inevitable that these two would throw down. They clashed and it was like lightning striking. The Warlord wins after Bulldog passes out in a Neck Hanging Choke.
5 The Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk) def. The Orient Express (Sato & Pat Tanaka) (c) WWF World Tag Team Titles 87% 15:13 The Legion of Doom have been snapping necks and cashing checks since they stepped on the scene of the WWF. It was only a matter of time before the Orient Express finally answered the challenge. The match was great. LOD won after a devastating Doomsday Device knocked out Akio Sato. Legion of Doom win the titles.
6 Owen Hart def. Rick Martel Singles Match 98% 18:54 These two have been feuding after Martel mocked Hart for his size and gimmick as the Blue Blazer. Owen Hart defeats Rick Martel with the Northern Lights Suplex.
7 The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) def. Jake "The Snake" Roberts Body Bag Match 75% 18:27 The Undertaker and Jake Roberts have been feuding since Taker's debut. This match, a Wrestlemania debut for Taker, was a pretty good one. Undertaker won with the Tombstone Piledriver and put Jake Roberts in a Body Bag.
8 Genichiro Tenryu & Kōji Kitao def. Demolition (Crush & Smash) (w/Mr. Fuji) Tag Team Match 79% 26:18 And the WWF Universe is left wondering, who in the hell is Tenryu & Kitao? Who cares! They kicked the shit out of Demolition and that's all that matters. This version of Demolition proved to be the worst one and it's apparent that they are on their way out. It's the LOD's time baby! Kitao won with a Reverse Viper Hold on Crush.
9 The Ultimate Warrior def. Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) Singles match 82% 12:24 Earthquake vowed to end Warrior's career, but came up short in this bout. The match was decent enough. Warrior won with a Bear Hug if you can believe that!
10 The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags) (w/Jimmy Hart) def. Power and Glory (Hercules and Paul Roma) (w/Slick) Tag Team Match 68% 10:41 Who's the good guys here? This wasn't the best match on the card. But something has to be going on so you can go to the bathroom. The Nasty Boys won after Jerry Saggs knocked out Paul Roma with something out of his trunks.
11 Ted DiBiase def. Bad News Brown Singles match 97% 29:49 Ted DiBiase defeated his former Bodyguard in an amazing match. DiBiase showed his technical skills against the much tougher, stronger, and scrappier, Bad News Brown. This match was great. DiBiase won after the Cobra Twist.
12 "Hot Rod" Roddy Piper def. Sgt. Slaughter (w/The Iron Sheik) Singles match 83% 24:52 In an Ultra-Violent affair, Sgt. Slaughter and Roddy Piper churn out one of the bloodiest brawls to ever happen in a Wrestlemania ring. It was a great match that hearkened back to the old NWA matches. Fans loved it and hated it. It went back and forth but Piper won after a Piledriver.
Main Event Randy Savage (c) (w/Sherri) def. Hulk Hogan WWF World Heavyweight Title 89% 19:42 Hogan was set to take on Warrior for the WWF title but that changed when Randy Savage felt it was necessary to insert himself into their feud. He then vowed to end Hulkamania once and for all at Wrestlemania. This match was awesome. Hogan ate a few elbow drops. Savage ate a few Leg Drops. But it was Hogan that fell. Randy Savage hit two Elbow Drops and one Leg Drop for the win.
84% 278:16
Total Time: 4:38:16
Hulkamania might actually be dead and Randy Savage was the one to do it. Warrior looks like he has fallen a couple of rungs. Roddy Piper has made his return to the federation. The Undertaker looks like a big nasty guy. Wouldn't want to mess with him.

Title History

WWF World Heavyweight Title

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Notes
4 Randy Savage 4/2/1989 Wrestlemania V Atlantic City, NJ 1 Randy Savage won the title from Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania V when the Mega Powers EXPLODED! Meltzer would report that Hogan is going on to make some movies in Hollywood before returning to the WWF. Savage is a great face and will be an amazing champion.
5 The Ultimate Warrior 8/27/1990 Summer Slam '90 Philadelphia, PA 1 154 The Ultimate Warrior had proven himself as championship material following a very nice Intercontinental Title run. The fans had been wanting it, so President Jack Tunney announced that the main event for Summer Slam would be The Ultimate Warrior taking on the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy "Macho Man" Savage! Warrior won the hard-fought bout and tried to celebrate, but was beaten down by an angry Randy Savage.
6 Randy Savage 1/28/1991 The Main Event V Macon, GA 2 An evil Randy Savage had gotten his revenge on The Ultimate Warrior defeating him in the ring and making his fans cry. Savage now sets his sights on Royal Rumble winner, Hulk Hogan. A rematch from Wrestlemania V.

WWF Intercontinental Title

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Days Notes
4 The Ultimate Warrior 3/27/1988 Wrestlemania IV Atlantic City, NJ 1 The Ultimate Warrior won the IC title in a one-night tournament defeating Jake Roberts in the final. He has been a terrific champion so far during his feud with Rick Rude.
5 Mr. Perfect 6/30/1990 Saturday Night's Main Event Orlando, FL 1 Mr. Perfect defeated The Ultimate Warrior after debuting his new manager, Bobby Heenan, who hit Warrior from behind allowing Perfect to win. Warrior was offered a World Title Shot to make up for the screw job. And Mr. Perfect was slotted against a returning baby face, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

WWF Tag Team Titles

No. Champion Championship change Event Location Reign statistics Days Notes
1 The U.S. Express (Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo) 3/31/1984 WWF on MSG Network New York City, NY 1 586 The U.S. Express was a great tag team that started the game as Tag Champs. They would lose them to the British Bulldogs at the Wrestling Classic.
2 The British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith) 11/7/1985 The Wrestling Classic Rosemont, IL 1 871 The British Bulldogs vs. The U.S. Express in a fantastic bout. Dynamite and Rotundo were meant to do battle. They have defended against Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, The American Express, The Hart Foundation, The Islanders, and many more during their impressive multi-year run.
3 Demolition (Ax & Smash) 3/27/1988 Wrestlemania IV Atlantic City, NJ 1 537 While the British Bulldogs were the most popular team in the WWF. No team were turning heads faster than the big, angry, Demolition. Ax and Smash along with their manager, Mr. Fuji, have been running rough-shot over the WWF. They had their eyes set on gold. The Bulldogs are good, but they couldn't best the beasts.
4 The Twin Towers (Akeem & The Big Bossman) 9/15/1989 Saturday Night's Main Event Sacramento, CA 1 69 Akeem and The Big Bossman might be one of the biggest, baddest, and toughest tag teams on this list. They dominated just about everyone and pounded Demolition into submission to win the tag titles. Under the managerial skills of Slick, The Twin Towers will go down in history.
5 Demolition (Ax & Smash) 11/23/1989 Saturday Night's Main Event San Jose, CA 2 56 They say the second time is never as sweet as the first. And that has to be true for DEMOLITION. The dirt sheets would report that Ax was suffering from some injuries that had yet to be healed. Leading to them dropping the belts to The Rockers at Royal Rumble.
6 The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) 1/21/1990 WWF Royal Rumble 1990 Orlando, FL 1 363 The crowds love them and the opponents can't stand 'em. The Rockers have been turning heads and snapping necks all over the world! Their defeat of Demolition at the 1990 Royal Rumble was one of the biggest upsets of all time. Their reign has been one of the best. They have top level talent along with a charm and charisma that can go for years to come.
7 The Orient Express (Sato & Pat Tanaka) 1/19/1991 WWF Royal Rumble 1991 Miami, FL 1 64 The Orient Express is the latest tag team to find success under the managerial skills of Mr. Fuji. This team is very good and pose a threat to the entire locker. Pat Tanaka has brutal kicks that tear his opponents into shreds. They vs. The Rockers at Royal Rumble '91.
8 The Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) 3/24/1991 WWF Wrestlemania VII Los Angeles, CA 1 The Legion of Doom picked up the WWF Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania VII from The Orient Express. It was a great little feud they had. The crowd loves the LOD and they are the 4th most popular wrestlers in the WWF in 1991. A shame they had to drop the belts.

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