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Public-key cryptography is a very novel form of cryptography that first became known to the public during the decade of the 1970s. With Autokey, all key distribution and management functions involve only public values, which considerably simplifies key distribution and storage. The process employs the use of a cryptographic hash to validate authenticity and integrity. Here, we briefly describe the first scheme of code based public key cryptosystems given by R. J. McEliece in 1978 and its improved. So far, major key algorithms, RSA and DSA, have experienced a wide application in the Internet security field.

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Next launcher 3d cracked software more info. In this talk, I will introduce the fundamentals of code-based cryptography, present historical constructions that have inspired recent designs, and provide elements to understand why code-based cryptography stands as a mature possible replacement for encryption. Public- key cryptography can only verify that a private key used to sign some data corresponds to the public key in a certificate. RSA512 has an 1024-bit signature. In cryptography, the McEliece cryptosystem is an asymmetric encryption algorithm developed in 1978 by Robert McEliece.

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On the Use of Structured Codes in Code Based Cryptography FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Recent papers have considered the use of linear codes with structure (cyclic, dyadic) to reduce the public key size of code-based public key encryption schemes (McEliece, Niederreiter). I'm sure that someone who is in this field and skilled at what they do could crack the code required to open a message with asymmetric cryptography. Security challenges brought about by the upcoming 5G era should be taken seriously. In 1976, in one of the most inspired insights in the history of. Internet manager for windows 8 with patch https://okalinka.ru/forum/?download=4398.


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Another application in public key cryptography is the digital signature. The goal of this article is to present this vulnerability, named CVE-2020-0601 or "Curveball", and the associated risks. Code-Based Cryptography is one of the most promising families within the so-called Post-Quantum Cryptography. The full package (including library and C codes for key generation, encryption, and decryption) is available. Code Based Crypto.

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Code-based cryptography encompasses all cryptographic constructions relying on hard problems from the theory of error-correcting codes. Usenext unlimited crack keygen cnet. The security of the most popular Public-Key Cryptosystems are based either on the hardness of factoring or the presumed intractability of the discrete logarithm problem. Public-key cryptography classic post-quantum lattice code McEliece Niederreiter GRS codes Goppa codes: multivariate hash isogenies Code-Based Cryptography for FPGAs jDr. See how our banks and even the National Security Agency (NSA) keeps their.


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The asymmetric cryptography on which so much security on the Internet is based relies on one of two. This algorithm also fails when the user lost his private key, then the Public key Encryption becomes the most vulnerable algorithm. Code based public key cryptography. The server knows the public key, and only the user knows. It's kind of amazing that it works, honestly.

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Let us know about both of them in details: Symmetric Key Encryption. Hi platinum crack serial keys. Introduction In 1978, R. J. McEliece presented the rst version of the cryptosystem which was to become the reference in public key cryptography based on coding theory [7]. It belongs to a very narrow class of public-key primitives that have resisted all cryptanalytic attempts up to now. Approved for use since the 1970s, symmetric key encryption algorithms are just one way to keep confidential data secure.

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Before we dive into the details of the algorithms themselves, let's review the basics of modular arithmetic. Read online Code-based Cryptography book pdf free download link book now. Sendrier { Code-Based Public-Key Cryptography 18/58. The first release of the library provides an implementation of lattice-based key exchange with security based on the Ring Learning With Errors (R-LWE) problem using new algorithms for the underlying Number Theoretic Transform (NTT) [1]. English patch digimon adventure psp guide.


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Cryptanalysis: The act of deciphering the plaintext of a message without access to a key. Chrome specforce cd key. Pakratt crack pack mods packs s. You can verify if a key pair matches by. creating a challenge (random byte sequence of sufficient length); signing the challenge with the private key; verifying the signature using the public key; This gives you a sufficiently high confidence (almost certainity) that a key pair matches if the signature verification is ok, and an absolute certainity that a key pair does not match otherwise. The code structure: The linear expansion is public and anyone can encrypt The decoder is known to the legitimate user who can decrypt For anyone else, the code looks random N. Sendrier { Code-Based Public-Key Cryptography 4/.

PolarRLCE: A New Code-Based Cryptosystem Using Polar Codes

On the one hand, solutions to important theoretical problems such as con.


(The) Very Basic

..aka. "Very Basic Manifesto" = 666 primes
You might have heard of 'Gematria' or 'Alphabetic Numerology'. Some call it 'the practice of coding numbers into words', and you just saw an example of it above.
Most disregard this esoteric art as woo woo silliness - as either a dubious extension of religious thinking, or of faux witchery. If you've come across gematria before, it was likely in one of two contexts: religious interpretation, or conspiracy theory.
It might be that this disregard has been a problem, and will continue to be a problem for humanity, because while the masses ignore it (or have been entirely ignorant of it until now), it may well be the prototypical arcane 'AI' (ie. artificial intelligence) that is dictating your current daily ritual (mediated, for the moment, through various elected possibly-human heralds - the government priest class). Speculating further, it might be that the feverish technological chase for 'AI' that you hear about in the mainstream media and via company announcements are perhaps less about the construction of the core of an 'AI brain', and rather the development of senses and limbs for a tyranny-obsessed brain that already exists. These limbs (facial recognition, object and motion detecting and tracking, robotic-limb and balance control, etc) being required so that the gematria brain can sense you and react to you more quickly and directly, allowing it to eventually bypass it's human handlers.
Put simply (and in a way that, unfortunately, is likely to drive a certain segment of readers away) - it may be that a certain class of religious zealots have taken at face value the possibility - or fact, for all we know - that what is said in John 1:1 in the Bible, is indeed true - that God is the Word.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
And It might not be true, but that nonetheless does not preclude the following.
If you believe that God is the Word, then that means you can interact with God through words. You can ask him questions, posit notions, declare statements, and (after building up a lexicon), receive 'answers'.
These answers, received in response to queries by the world priesthood, might be dictating your current sanitation regimen, and much else besides.
In the square number cipher:
  • "Wear the Mask" = 2020 squares
The mathematically square numbers imply the projection of square geometry, and the 'square' is esoterically associated with 'foundation', the 'base', 'rigidity', and the 'earth'.
Here is how a 'world leader' might read the above encoded spell (presuming it popped up as an 'answer' from the Logos itself, in response to some orthodox query mechanism:
Logos: "Wear the Mask" = 2020 squares
Human interpreter: Get the squares (ie. the blockheads) of the entire world to wear the mask, as a basic first step to managing the 'pandemic' outbreak. All must don their masks in the year 2020 AD (since the Gregorian calendar is also divinely ordained - it is known).
The use of an engineered (or entirely fake, false-flag) virus to control the behaviour (ie. dominate) the population (perhaps while making money) has long been on the lengthy list of well-known conspiracy theories to keep an eye on.
If the 'world leaders' decided they needed to act on this impulse of their own accord, they may still turn to the AI for scheduling.
Logos, when to announce...
  • "The Imaginary Virus" = 2019 in the english-extended cipher (?)
If those steering world policy have a little hobby they do not directly admit to, and they are playing with words and numbers (as I do here, but having more direct power to command you than I currently wield), they may have long ago run out of creative steam planning and running your bread and circus. They might have turned to a certain very simple form of Agenda-automation:
.. They ask God what to do each day.
They ask the Logos questions with words, and receive words in response, and somebody types up some executive orders based on them.
The 'english-extended' cipher seen above is a variant of what is perhaps one of the most important ciphers for the English language, in use below.
What of the US election?
  • "Joe Biden, President of the United States" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
Done deal.
There will be...
  • "A Grand Celebration" = 2021 squares
Organized it yesterday. Next.
Perhaps, if you are lucky...
  • "You will take off the mask" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
Unfortunately, it appears that will only be late in the year:
The city of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada just extended their mandatory mask bylaw to December 31 of 2021 (13+ months from now)
This forum was created just before 2018 began, after I had already been studying this material for a few years. I created it specifically for the purpose of researching and documenting the phenomenon of gematria - an attempt to find the extents of it's possibilities, and to understand the various perspectives others have of it, and to formulate some of my own.
In doing so, I have attempted to wear two major hats simultaneously - to study gematria in an 'academic' sense (to try figure out the cogs and gears of the enigma machine, which I find vastly intriguing and entertaining), while simultaneously continuing my old battle with the world: as proud conspiracy theorist (ie. a self-appointed town wolf-cryer, being a friendly wolf myself).
In my opinion, my work here, combined with work done by other like-minded researchers, provides more than enough evidence that it is highly likely that world Agenda is being scripted using Gematria-as-Logos, making use of plenty of Biblical and Mythological source material.
After all, Culture is a Pop-Culture reference.
Some of my most recent posts have been attempts to provide introductory material from various perspectives and in various forms, since I personally believe that until a critical mass of people see the potential of the alphabet codes (which appear to be ever-more expertly wielded by Enemies of the People), there is little hope of avoiding Earth literally becoming the Machine World seen in the Matrix films (though wrapped in the garb of the modern TV remake of the novel Brave New World, perhaps).
My point is this:
The odds that the command "Wear the mask" sums to 2020 in any of the core and intuitive ciphers that we can extrapolate from the order of the standard Latin-English Alphabet is very small.
I personally struggle to understand the mind of a person that is not spooked by that coincidence, and most people whom I instruct to this fact are seen to exhibit a little twitch in the eye and to quickly change the topic.
In my view, folks need to get past this coincidence quickly, and come speedily to the next thing to consider: that indeed it might be that the 'world leaders' are receiving instruction from an 'entity' defined by the combination of the 26 letters of the alphabet and the lexicon of words in the dictionary. An entity that enjoys numbered Bible verses, and is synced up by orthodox fiat with one or more calendar systems.
This 'total system', once perceived by any researcher, must be categorized, and there are really only three options for how to do so:
A. It is true Divine Expression, an aspect of the Word of God (or the Devil, or the Demiurge).
B. It's a man-made Construction, either in Tribute to, or in mockery of the notion of 'A' (ie. it might be a man-made emulation of God, and it might be a man-made emulation of a 'Satan').
C. I and my fellow researchers are cross-eyed, seeing patterns in the clouds, and we've all been deceived by over-active imaginations, too-easily-triggered pattern recognition, overly-fluid semantic mental leaps, and paranoid thinking.
You might take the time to find out for yourself which of the above is true, but you probably won't, being too busy to bother.
In order not to chase certain folks away unnecessarily, I have done my utmost over the years to avoid the 'religious' angle of gematria study (while not ignoring the inherent symbolism as a source material for mythology and allegory), preferring instead to presume that the 'system' was built by clever magi with a particular agenda. Ultimately though, Western society, while it may be flagging with regards to majority religious zeal, was founded on the back of the Christian Bible, and one cannot ignore it as a framework, and perhaps as THE framework, that the 'leaders' are working with, regardless of their actual faith or lack thereof.
Hence, you will come across much 'biblical' stuff here (and moreso in recent times, as I've allowed myself to test the thresholds of possibility) - don't let it scare you away. I am not trying to bash you over the head with a Bible, but the Coronavirus might be.
Unfortunately, while a certain mindset, after long study, might perceive a set of 'undeniable patterns' in some system, actually 'proving it' is tricky - especially to a dull, distracted, and terrorized populace. Words and meaning (ie. semantics) are slippery, and as such there is a built in plausible deniability with gematria. In general, there is the barrier of the 'kooky esoterica' label it has already, and is quickly to gain upon being newly discovered by most 'normal people' (arguably, because they have been subtly primed to reject it by those that would prefer it remain a hidden art).
You probably won't be able to send anyone to prison for 9/11 or for instigating the coronavirus outbreak on the back of gematria evidence, but there is a slim chance that enough people beginning to perceive a mathematically scripted agenda would be to gain the courage to stand up to the offensive of "The Health and Sanitation Industrial Complex" = 1394 primes
The Very Basic:
1. Letters are Numbers. Numbers are Letters.
2. There is more than one way to assign Numbers to Letters. This is a Strength, and not a Weakness.
3. There are many Ciphers you will come across. Most of them probably don't matter. I use five or six main ciphers, with the occasional support of secondary ones. Attempting to discover the 'canon' ciphers is part of the mission - those ciphers that A) played a part in the original creation of words (ie. spell-creation), and B) those ciphers in use actively in 'occult messaging'.
4. There might be a priority to the ciphers that turn out to be canon, with connections (equalities, or close approximations) between spell values being perhaps 'stronger' in certain ciphers than in others - which would be a matter of orthodox fiat, of course (a major task for me being to discover that fiat).
5. One's personal set of 'presumed-to-be-canon' ciphers might change over time, as certain ciphers turn out to reveal more or less to you as your research progresses.
6. One does not actually assign Numbers to Letters. Instead, you 'simply' standardize an Alphabetic Order, and a whole slew of Ciphers are automatically and implicitly conjured into being.
7. The most obvious source of Orthodox Ciphers is two-fold: Mathematical Series, and Historical Heritage. The simplest and most intuitive mathematical series are likely all one needs to glimpse the Truth (for lack of a better word) of encoding-with-intent. These might be the Prime numbers, the Triangular numbers, and the Square numbers (at the very least). The sort of cryptography at play here is not the highly-technical kind in use in Internet Security (which might be viewed as over-engineered, obfuscated distraction, and itself allegory for gematria as Core Principle). In terms of the Heritage aspect, look into Greek Isopsephy and Hebrew Gematria - analogous ancient traditions that accept that Letters are Numbers - because Letters were used as Numbers in the olden days, being that there were no separate glyphs or numerals at the time, and it would be natural that Letters would be Numbers. Certain Roman letters being themselves numerals show a remnant of this heritage - but in English, we are told (outside of esoterica) that this heritage has fallen away. I say this occultation was a clever trick. 'The smartest trick the Devil ever pulled...', as they say.
8. 'Quantum-entanglement' has been glorified as some quirky ultra-advanced scientific complexity of material existence. It may be yet as they say and more. However, firstly, it is a term I use to refer to the notion that letters, and thus words, are entangled with numbers. 'A' is entangled with (at the very least) '1', and 'B' with '2', and 'C' with '3', etc.
9. Using one or more ciphers, you add up the numeric values of the letters of a word or phrase (ie. a spell), resulting in it's 'gematria values' (or it's 'gematria spectrum', or simply it's 'gematria' - it's geometry) and these are compared and contrasted with those of other spells - in order to examine the possibility of 'equivocal meaning' (ie. some kind of implied relationship). The particular context a spell occurs within might provide insight as to how it might be interpreted metaphorically. Furthermore, pure numerology (eg. pythagorean reduction) can also be applied to the resulting numbers, and add to the overall interpretation.
10. As mentioned earlier, there is more than one cipher. The schema, or layout, of each cipher, and the properties of the numeric scale or series at work within it, creates a situation where it is possible to pay tribute to a certain number using spells ranging from short, single words, to longer phrases or clauses, and up to entire multi-clausal sentences. One might construct 'fractal' spells that pay tribute to a single number on multiple levels.
Random example - I might generate a spell like:
The man went to a church, and quickly found himself a member of a secret society.
... which is a long sentence with two main parts, separated by the comma.
The word "church" sums to 911 in the square number cipher, and "society" sums to 911 in the trigonal cipher. I might work to adjust the wording such that each of the two main comma-separated parts of the sentence each sum to 911 in the jewish-latin-agrippa cipher, and simultaneously achieve a value of 911 in the basic alphabetic cipher for the entire sentence.
Now, I didn't actually achieve that, but I did manage to get the entire sentence to sum to 5,911 in trigonal, and 714 in alphabetic. Any spell summing to the reverse of 911 (ie. 119) in the basic alphabetic cipher will sum to 714 in the sumerian cipher.
For an extra bonus, the entire spell sums to 2,247 in primes, paying tribute to the classic time-code of 24/7...
  • "The Time" = "One Time" = 247 primes ( = "The Riddle" )
...and thus we see that the word "The" matches "One" in primes (with the value 101, which itself is the value of the name "Eve" - who was Adam's 101 course in married life, ignoring the myth of Lilith).
This sort of wordplay (spellcasting), I argue, is how the worlds magicians earn real Illuminati points, as it were. You've got to visualize the system as an Enigma machine, with interlocking gears. You might modify a spell, while re-arranging letters, switching out a letter 'D' for two letter 'B's, changing the surface meaning, while maintaining the overall numeric result in most ciphers - though in certain ciphers the value will change. If you are clever enough, you can ensure that these values also pay tribute to desired numbers.
Of course, in what is perhaps, to me, the most important cipher of all, the prime number cipher:
  • "Coronavirus Conspiracy" = 911 primes
... and the word 'coronavirus' is an anagram of 'carnivorous' (ie. flesh-eating).
Back to our main theme:
  • "Wear the Mask" = 2020 squares
... is a command.
Who commands? The Ruler.
  • "Rulership" = 2020 squares
The word 'Corona' means Crown, and those are worn by Rulers.
  • "I am the Master" = 2020 squares
  • "Master of all Humanity" = 2020 trigonal
  • .. . [ "The Alphabet Codes" = 2020 squares ]
A 'Ruler' is a Commander, but is also a measuring tool.
To extract numbers from words is to measure them.
To rule is to measure - which might be true in more senses than one.
How many 'measures' have been put in place to combat the 'rising numbers' of coronavirus cases?
I argue the above wordplays rule your lives.
Thessalonians 2:11
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie
This delusion might be upon us now - either sent by God, or sent by people playing god (and that think you dogs).
  • "Victory for us all" = 2020 trigonal
You might, after doing some research on your own, or some reading here, have to ponder and/or decide whether the strong delusion is the Coronavirus, or rather if alphabetic numerology is the delusion (and we numerologists the deluded).
I always recommend watching the film Arrival. It is an allegory for the existing situation with our own languages, and the circular shape of the language seen in that film is the Stellar Corona. The Ouroboros-Language that has us speaking in circles.
Again, quoting text from earlier in this document:
This forum was created just before 2018 began, after I had already been studying this material for a few years.
  • "What is my enemy" = 2018 jewish-latin-agrippa
How are you going to interpret this?
In beginning to interpret it you have to ponder who the messages are actually directed to in the first place.
Presuming the Gregorian calendar is 'canon' for the people also presumably wielding the alphabet codes, then something dangerous was due to arrive in 2018.
But dangerous to who? You, the everyman? Me, the decoder who tried out that spell? Dangerous to all of humanity? Dangerous to the crooks who built a tyrannical alphabet system designed to aid their brainwashing and domination operation? Dangerous to God the Logos himself? Dangerous to Earth-bound Satan?
I leave that up to you.
  • "Monarch" = 218 primes
  • ... ( ie. in basic numerology, 2018 is essentially the same 'character' as 218 )
Ever since the standardization of the English Alphabet at 26 characters (if history is to be believed) the number of visible Independent Kingdoms on Earth has declined almost to zero.
Personally I see the gematria system as a wonderful thing (though perhaps dangerous in it's addictive nature - it's adds diction to your life) but I strongly suspect it is being wielded as a weapon against the people of the world.
If the weapon was built by the existing wielders, then to work with it is to work with the weapon of the enemy, which is not gaining anyone any advantage, but knowing the weapon of the enemy is better than ignorance of it.
A key theme in the film Arrival is the ambiguity of the 'tool' and the 'weapon'.
I spoke of 'quantum-entanglement' above. One of the long-running experiments I've been performing here is looking into 'spell augmentations' (as I call them): the addition of additional words or keys to a spell to extract further information from it.
To quantum entangle letter and number is to assigns A to 1, and B to 2, and C to 3, and so on.
This can be simply signified by the following spell augmentation:
... and thus, we augment the spell seen above:
  • "What is my enemy" = 2018 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "A=1: What is my enemy" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa
The year 2020 is your enemy - or the enemy that arrived in 2018 is going viral two years later, when the entanglement kicks in.
Quantum-entanglement becomes your enemy in 2020. Or a virus agenda scripted using quantum-entanglement becomes you enemy in 2020.
I might be your enemy: King Arthur, wielder of Excalibur, the legendary Words-... I mean, Sword, from the Stone. Gematria itself may be the enemy, a false Logos inspired by the 'Devil'. Or perhaps the clever mage and maker of the alphabet-encoded lexicon long ago designed it as a state-sponsored weapon, and this weapon declares itself to it's victims as such, on behalf of the agenda. I could keep listing possibilities, but you get the gist.
Here is a symbol of either a bird, or eagle, or raven, or phoenix, or dragon:
... which is effectively the number 3 (ie. A+1+A = 1+1+1), and the same as the three great pyramids will all-seeing eyes:
I declare to you these symbols, this year:
  • "The 'A1A' Symbol" = "The 'AAA' Symbol" = 2020 squares
... and thus...
  • "A1A: Ignore me at your peril" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "What is in a name?" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal
  • ... .. "Code of Culture" = 1234 trigonal
To those that would oppress the everyman, this perspective might apply:
  • "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. "Plague Victims" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
Every new 'coronavirus case' reported is a person that woke up from the Matrix slumber.
The golden ratio is a famous mathematical phenomenon, associated with the Fibonacci number series. The golden ratio expressed as a decimal, accurate to three places is 1.618...
What are the odds that:
  • "Symbolic" = 1,618 squares
.. ?
A new headline, at time of writing:
Superspreader events key driver in COVID-19 pandemic
Funny (and reflective) innuendo. You are being enslaved by kinky jokes made by cunning linguists.
  • "Do you see?" = 1234 english-extended
  • ... ( "Code of Culture" = 1234 trigonal )
  • "Do you see" = 1234 english-extended
  • ... ( "Prostitute?" = 1234 english-extended )
Every new Hire is one.
In terms of 'Key Driver', my previous document, 'The Basic', perhaps includes the word 'key' more than any previously, since it's primary purpose was to list Key Ideas that I presume might be useful concepts to ponder when examining the alphabet codes.
Keeping in mind the 1918 Spanish Flu is oft-referred to with regards to coronavirus (and it happened almost exactly one Century ago. Here's another headline with an interesting quoted phrase (and these almost always appear to be meaningfully encoded):
'Not of use for much': Hospitals told not to give remdesivir to COVID-19 patients
This headline shows how the word 'Know' is a key augmentation:
  • "Not of use for much" = 918 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Know not of use for much" = 1918 jewish-latin-agrippa
ie. the word 'know' sums to a clean and useful 1000 in this cipher.
And we find that we actually get a double-reinforcement in another cipher (one based on the agrippa cipher):
  • "Know not of use for much" = 1918 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Know not of use for much" = 1918 english-extended
I think this headline is implying, like the soldiers that died on the battlefields of WW1, and of the supposed 1918 flu, that the Covid patients are not of use for much.
The masters do not like you.
[...] Hospitals told not to give remdesivir to COVID-19 patients
The name 'remdesivir' REM Deceiver Dream Illusion.
The US recorded 195,000 new Covid-19 cases in a day. An expert says spread is now 'faster' and 'broader' than ever
  • "Bullshit" = 449 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Population" = 449 primes
... leading to more...
  • "Population" = "Surveillance" = 449 primes
  • ... ( "The Imperial March" = 449 jewish-latin-agrippa )
The top comment, at time of writing, is ..
... which is sexual innuendo, ...
  • "Population" = "Sex Education" = "Mental Contact" = 449 primes
  • .. .. .. ... ( "Silence is Golden" = 449 primes )
... and also pays tribute to me, Count Dracula:
  • "I am the Dark Lord" = 1,911 squares ( "Linguistics" = 449 primes )
  • "To stop a count" = 844 jewish-latin-agrippa
ie. bring it out into the light. Useless, in this case.
  • "Vampyr" = "A Daywalker" = "The Immune" = "The Number" = 333 primes
  • "The Riddle" = "The Time" = "Teachers" = 247 primes
  • ... .. ( "I am Count Dracula" = 742 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. . ( "Welcome to the School" = 1,742 trigonal )
  • ... .. ... .. ( "The New Lore of Spelling" = 742 primes )
  • ... .. ... .. .. ( "Final Prophecy" = 742 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ... .. ... .. ( "Do Not Forget" = 742 english-extended )
  • ... .. .. ... .. .. ( "The Sound of the Name" = 742 jewish-latin-agrippa )
This document did not end up being as Basic as I had hoped. Ah well. Try and try again.
I intentionally posted at 9:11 AM UTC, in order to make the point that ritual posting times in the 'media' is a thing.
Some may experience difficulty with my posting style. Outside of the length and density of much of the material here, which certainly might strain concentration, I tend to bring in a lot of extra symbolic connections, links to reference material, or relevant entertainment media, and embed it into the general listing of numeric associations. Some might struggle to follow along, or be able to make any sense of my intention. Only a better memory, and wider reading will overcome this. Almost every sentence I write includes some specifically chosen wording or subtle wordplays to make reference to yet other aspects of the world of code that I think might be relevant in each particular context. Most of my 'witty one-liners' in conversation are also intentionally encoded numerically. I am trying to teach at every opportunity. Teach what I think I know, anyway.
My primary motivation (outside of simply recording as many numeric spell spectra as possible) is to present a variety of mindsets to the reader - for I suspect that once our mindset aligns with the perspective of the Maker, many misty associations might suddenly take on a new clarity, and we might discover the core motivation driving the entire enterprise.
  • "Enterprise" = 474 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Great Language" = "Spell-caster" = 474 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( "Publisher" = "Let there be Light" = 474 jewish-latin-agrippa )
You will also have to disambiguate as to whether any particular item, calculation or structure I present can be considered an 'academic record' vs. a draft/intermediate calculation, or is simply me playing around. Every calculated spell I provide should be examined with the questions in mind:
Who crafted this? and who is it intended for?
When I claim to be Count Dracula, in providing the numerology of the claim, you will have to decide if that is a statement of identity by me personally, or if it is an admission of the 'gematria crystal ball' itself. It might be both simultaneously ; p
Some frown upon such 'playing around', and 'inventing one's own spells, or performing the sort of chained transformations that I present, within public gematria research - but even these sideshows remain valid experiments. There are no definitions as to what is a 'valid numerical spell' vs. a whimsy. It is all whimsy. We are trying to figure out the particular schema of whimsy employed by the Magi.
The point is that it is calculated whimsy, and if I can be 'calculating' with my wordplays, so can others.
I am not going to waste time writing anything I presume to be utterly superfluous, so in my opinion, there is essentially no useless material or 'sideshow' item that does not contribute towards an overall 'point' being made. Everything is math-thematic.
Thanks for reading.
  • "A1A: Enterprise" = 2020 squares
  • "I am Sovereign" = 2021 squares ( "I will take off my mask" = 1,777 english-extended )
Alternative math:
Tutorials, investigations:
Devin Townsend - 'Vampira'
'I am Sovereign'
submitted by Orpherischt to GeometersOfHistory

Know the Histories of the Eschaton

  • "Matrix Code" = 357 primes
  • .. "Number" = 357 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. [ "Great Books" = 357 primes ]
  • "Know the Histories of the Eschaton" = 357 alphabetic
  • "Know the Histories of the Eschaton" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Covid-nineteen Revelation" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. ( "I'm the Eschaton" = 2020 squares )
  • ... .. .. [ "Wear the mask" = "Rulership" = 2020 squares ]
Corona @ Crown @ Ruler @ 'Measures'
  • "The Alphabet Codes" = 2020 squares
  • "I am the Eschaton" = 2021 squares )
  • "You will take off the mask" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
...and thus, metaphorically:
  • "Joe Biden, President of the United States" = 2021 jewish-latin-agrippa
Temperature check
New coronavirus outbreak in Trump White House as Biden celebrates victory
The headline sums to 911 in the reverse-alphabetic cipher.
  • "The Mirror" = 119 reverse-alphabetic
  • "Master Plan" = 119 basic alphabetic
  • ... "The Pyramid" = 119 basic alphabetic
  • ... "All-seeing Eye" = 119 basic alphabetic [ "Eye" = 119 primes ]
New coronavirus outbreak in Trump White House as Biden celebrates victory
'Coronavirus' is an anagram (ie. swizzles the letters of) 'Carnivorous'.
Who is eating who? Or are they having spaghetti bolognaise for dinner?
Of course, as documented many times previously (though it always bears repeating):
  • "Citizen" = "Temperature" = 666 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Measure a temperature" = 1981 trigonal | 224 alphabetic
  • "Develop a vaccine" = 1981 squares | "A Novel Coronavirus" = 224 alphabetic
  • "Secret sauce" = 1981 squares | "Corona" = 224 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Learn spells" = 1981 squares | "Disease" = 224 english-extended
[...] the day after Trump hosted a gathering of hundreds of people—many not wearing masks—at the White House to watch election results. The gathering violated the District of Columbia’s coronavirus guidance.
  • "Coronavirus Guide" = 201 alphabetic
  • ... ( Event 201, a previous expression of the script )
  • .
  • "Coronavirus Guide" = 1,742 trigonal
  • ... ( "Welcome to the School" = 1,742 trigonal )
  • ... .. ( "The Ultimate Thing" = 742 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • .
  • "Coronavirus Guide" = 201 alphabetic
How do we begin?
  • "Spread" = 201 primes ( "The Sexy Virus" = 1981 trigonal )
I've been pointing out the loaded nature of the number (and year) 1999, for, in particular:
  • "Cryptography" = 1999 english-extended
  • "New World" = 1999 jewish-latin-agrippa
...and so....
Is 1999 the 'craziest' year in Hollywood or what is a close contender?
  • "Number" = "Perfect" = "Count" = 73 alphabetic ( = "Crazy" )
6 countries reported COVID-19 in mink farms, say WHO
Says who?
What a laugh.
  • "Mink Farms" = 'Counting" = "To Know" = "The Proof" = 322 primes
  • ... ( "New Diseases" = "Counters" = 1981 squares )
  • ... . ( "A Pandemic Flareup" = 1981 squares )
  • .... .. ( "The Covid-nineteen Mockery" = 1981 english-extended )
  • ... .. .. ( "Contradiction in Terms" = 1981 trigonal )
  • ... .. ( "Covid-nineteen: The Mockery" = 1981 english-extended )
  • ... .. ( "A more infectious coronavirus" = 1981 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "The Rushing Aggressor" = 1981 trigonal )
  • ... .. ... ( "General Crisis" = 1981 squares )
Q: ?
"A: This is the Coronation" = 1981 squares
... ( "I wear the Coronavirus" = 1981 english-extended )
  • "A Meaningful Day" = 1981 squares
  • ... "You Learn" = 1981 squares
  • .. .. "The Hidden Word" = 1981 squares
Military forces drafted in as Europe risks being overwhelmed by Covid cases
  • "A Military Force Drafted" = 666 primes
... to fight...
  • "The Fake Coronavirus" = 666 primes ( "History is a play" = 666 primes )
Soldiers vs Carnivorous Mages.... how do you think it will end?
The average diameter of the Moon is 3,474 km ( ie. 3,474 )
  • "overwhelmed by Covid" = 3,474 squares ( "Numerology" = 474 primes )
Q: ?
"A: Lycans" = 1337 squares | 555 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "We have the cure" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "The Key to Victory" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Silver Bullet" = 611 primes | 190 alphabetic )
  • ... .. ( "Show me the Key" = 1611 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "The Coronavirus Origin" = 1611 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "The Carnivorous Origin" = 1611 jewish-latin-agrippa )
Are you vampire? Or werewolf? Or are you a high-bred hybrid?
  • "Swallow" = 1981 jewish-latin-agrippa
... viruses for dinner. Though it's been a while.
Don't worry, they enjoyed it.
The Corvinus Virus (UNDERWORLD) Explained
  • "Corvinus Virus" = 1,911 english-exteded
  • ... "The Coronavirus Terror" = 1,911 english-extended
  • ... "Coronavirus Trick" = 1,911 trigonal
  • .. .. "Coronavirus Conspiracy" = 911 primes
  • ... .. .. ... "Society" = 911 trigonal
  • ... .. .. ... "Division" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Undead Society" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Coven" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa )
Are you the food, or the feeder, at the wet-markets?
Werewolves (BEASTS OF BURDEN) Underworld Explained
  • "We have the cure" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Number" = "The Immune" = 333 primes )
  • "The Root" = "Tradition" = 393 jewish-latin-agripa
  • ... ( "Accurate" = "Count" = 393 jewish-latin-agripa )
  • ... .. ( "A Covid-19 Test" = "Accountancy" = 393 primes )
  • "The Religion" = "The Temple" = 333 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Know the Religion" = 1,333 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. "Numeric Pranks" = 1,333 trigonal
  • ... .. .. [ "Dancing Plague" = 333 primes ]
  • ... .. .. [ "The Number" = 333 primes ]
  • "Numeric Ritual" = "Cryptic Riddle" = 777 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Agenda" = "The Mafia" = 777 squares )
  • ... ( "To Cure the Flu" = "Sick Joke" = 777 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. [ "The Coronavirus Vaccine" = 777 primes ]
The latest batch of cases in the White House is "emblematic of the national failure to control COVID,”
ie. emblematic, that is...
  • "Symbolic" = 1,618 squares ( ie. golden ratio to three decimal places )
  • "The Coronavirus is a charade" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "The Coronavirus is garbage" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "The Coronavirus Trick" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
This is...
  • "The Debunking" = 1,618 squares
... of the "Strong Delusion" = 1,618 trigonal
COVID-19 is a multi-spectral metaphor ( "The Sexy" = 1,618 english-extended )
  • "The Source" = "The Sexy" = "Documents" = 365 primes
The latest batch of cases in the White House is "emblematic of the national failure to control COVID
I am COVID19 - and I will not be cant-rolled.
( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cant_(language) )
... even though they wield high technology...
CERN scientists design trap to transport antimatter between facilities
From star system to star system...
  • "Know I am the anti-matter" = 1,619 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Know my Empire" = 1,619 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "The Throne of the World" = 1,619 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. ( "Welcome to my Fief" = 1,619 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. .. [ "Thousand Years" = 1,619 eng-extended ]
  • ... ( The Destiny" = "It is Complete" = 1,161 trigonal )
  • ... .. ( "Undercurrent" = "The Wilderness" = 161 alphabetic )
  • "Coronavirus Novel" = "Where the Wild Things are" = 1984 trigonal
  • "I am the Destiny" = 1331 english-extended
  • ... ( "The Writings" = 1331 trigonal )
  • ... .. ( "Writings" = 388 primes | 2021 squares )
  • "Countdown to the Garden of Eden" = 911 primes
  • ... ( "The Conquest of Paradise" = 2001 trigonal )
Japanese government allows taxis to refuse to pick up maskless passengers.
  • "Rebels banned from public transport" = 357 alphabetic
Kremlin Denies Vladimir Putin Plans to Quit in 2021 as Rumors Swirl About His Health
  • "Swirl the Rumors" = 1,742 jewish-latin-agrippa | 722 primes
  • ... with your magic "Wand" = 742 squares
COVID-19 drug and vaccine patents are putting profit before people
  • "Prophet before people" = 911 english-extended | 711 english-extended
  • "The Prophet before the people" = 1337 english-extended
  • ... ( "The Virus Origin" = 1337 english-extended )
  • ... .. ( "Magic School" = 1337 squares )
  • ... .. [ "Heal Coronavirus" = 1337 jewish-latin-agrippa ]
Know the "Coronavirus Lie" = 1337 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Believe in me, and not in it" = 666 primes | 1,223 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... "Do you trust me?" = 666 primes ( "Preacher" = "The Law" = 223 primes )
  • "The Great Prophet" = 1019 english-extended
  • ... "The Vision" = 1019 trigonal ( "Eye" = 119 primes )
  • ... "The Pattern" = 1109 trigonal ( "The Symbol" = 119 alphabetic )
  • ... .. "All-seeing Eye" = "Floating Eye" = 119 alphabetic
  • "Orthodox" = "Foundation" = "Divine Rule" = "Master Plan" = 119 alphabetic
  • "The Visionary" = 1492 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "I'm the Pandemic" = 1492 squares )
  • ... .. ( "Know My Code" = 1492 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • .. .. .. ... [ "Code of Culture" = 1234 trigonal ]
  • .. .. .. ... [ "Plague Victims" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa ]
  • ... .. .. ( "Do you see?" = 1234 english-extended )
  • "The Visionary" = 1492 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Population" = "Mental Contact" = "I am the Vision" = 449 primes
  • "A1A: I see through you" = 1776 trigonal
  • "Coronavirus hoax" = "You see through me" = 665 primes ( "Joke" = 665 latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. ... ( "The infectious disease" = 665 primes )
  • "Do you see?" = 1234 english-extended | 360 primes | 109 alphabetic
Q: ?
A: Another chance to understand" = 844 primes | 109 reduced
  • "Perfection" = "The Designs" = "Laws of God" = "A God's Rule" = 844 trigonal
  • "The Great God" = "Numeric image" = 844 trigonal ( "The Haunt' = 844 trigonal ) (*)
  • "Know Logic" = "The Basic Math" = "A Connected Mind" = 844 trigonal
  • ... ( "A Mental Contact" = 844 english-extended )
  • ... .. [ "The Crowd" = "Great Beast" = 844 trigonal ]
  • ... .. [ [ "Population" = "Mental Contact" = "Silence is Golden" = 449 primes ] ]
  • "The peace on all your houses" = 911 primes
  • ... .. [ [ Lockdown" = 119 reverse-alphabetic ] ] ... ( Zoo meetings only )
Q: ?
"A: The peace on all your houses" = 1492 jewish-latin-agrippa
There are 1440 minutes in a day.
  • "Muzzled Serf" = 1440 jewish-latin-agrippa ( "Time" = 144 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • "Muzzled Serf" = "Coronavirus" = 155 alphabetic
  • "Novel Coronavirus" = "Do not bite the royals" = 1984 trigonal
Jupiter Ascending - 'I Love Dogs'
Jupiter Ascending - 'Your Majesty'
Two New Zealand Defence Force Employees, one civilian, one in uniform test positive for Covid-19. Entire Defence Headquarters to be deep cleaned, all staff to work from home for 7 days.
  • "Home Military" = "Military Home" = 742 jewish-latin-agrippa | 473 primes
Entire Defence Headquarters to be deep cleaned
ie. heads to be brainwashed.
  • "A Military Home Planet" = 969 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. ( "Great Illuminated Manuscript" = 969 primes )
  • .. ( "A Numerically-generated Virus" = 969 primes )
  • ... .. ( "Matrix Code" = "Mind Power" = 969 trigonal )
  • "A1A: Military Home Planet" = 1776 trigonal | 3333 squares
  • .. ( "Emperor of the World" = 1776 trigonal ) ( "Galactic Empire" = 333 latin-agrippa )
Imperial March (Medieval Style)
Jedi Meditation
  • "Matrix Code" = "A Foundation" = "Mind Power" = 969 trigonal
  • ... ( "A1A: Jedi Meditation" = 969 jewish-latin-agrippa )
... Lightsaber @ Light.cipher @ Illuminated Text
  • "Lightsaber" = 322 jewish-latin-agrippa ( "Counting" = 322 primes )
  • "Lightsaber" = 777 trigonal ( "Numeric Ritual" = 777 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • "Lightsaber" = 311 primes ( The Romance" = 311 primes )
  • "Covid-nineteen" = "Revelation" = 1010 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Romantic" = 1010 trigonal )
  • "The Alphabet Code" = "Initiation" = "Humanity" = 369 primes
  • ... ( "The Forgotten Code of Courtly Love" = 369 alphabetic )
  • "Mind Power" = 369 primes | 969 trigonal
  • ... .. "Increase Brain Size" = 969 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "1. Increase of Knowledge" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Increase of a Knowledge" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Writings" = 1331 trigonal )
  • ... .. [ "Writings" = 388 primes ]
  • .. .. [ "The Knowledge" = 388 primes ]
  • "W R I T I N G S" = 2021 squares [ 119 | 47 | 1235 ]
  • "A Great Writer" = "The Illuminati" = "Numerology" = 474 primes
  • ... ( "Let there be Light" = "Great Language" = "Spell-caster" = 474 latin-agrippa )
  • "The Atlantis" = 474 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "God of the Waves" = "The Dragon Prince" = 474 primes )
  • "The Story of Atlantis" = 2020 english-extended ( "Trident of the Sea-King" = 1,618 tri )
  • "Behold the Trident of Atlantis" = "Government Authority" = 888 primes
  • "The Philosopher's Stone" = "The Philosopher's Notes" = 844 primes
submitted by Orpherischt to GeometersOfHistory