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[Countdown to “35xxxv”] ONE OK ROCK — My Best of 2011

I’m glad that some of you are finding joy in reading these posts! :D I’m happy to share my love for this band as the release date of their newest album draws closer and closer!
2011 was a big year for ONE OK ROCK; they put out a full album, and EP, and a single. There’s plenty of overlap between the songs on all these releases, so I’ll be sure to pick at least one different track from the two smaller releases. That way you get to see something from each release, and not just one of them.
Let’s get down to business! :D
ONE OK ROCK — My Best of 2011
Albums: Zankyō Reference
Answer is Near
  • For a very, very long time this was my favorite song ONE OK ROCK had put out, by and far. It was soon eclipsed by another song from this album, then by another song that came out in July 2014. But back when I first found the band, this song was the best one I had heard, though not the first one I heard. The guitar work is great in this one, and the Tomoya’s drumming during the chorus is infectious and makes you want to bob your head along, even against your will. :P I may sound like a broken record by this point, but the guitar, drums, and vocals are always phenomenal across all the albums. Tara’s singing here is no exception either. Watching video of them performing this song live, you can hear that Taka’s no joke; the boy can belt. You may also notice a lot of English in this song, and in the songs to come. That’s something else I like a lot about ONE OK ROCK; they flirt with bilingualism in their newer music. It’s really cool, and it makes their music so much more accessible to the global market. I’m really happy that the group has made an effort to learn English and write songs in the language; now it’s on me to learn more Japanese. :P It’s gotta be a two-way deal, or that’s unfair to them, isn’t it? XD
No Scared
  • This song might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a big fan of this song. This is really the first time Taka shows off his screaming chops, it’s completely in English, and it’s good. If you aren’t rocking out like those people in the music video, I would hesitate to call you a rock fan. :P (I’m kidding, of course; I’m not fit to judge anybody about anything ;] ) I say it might not be everyone’s cup of tea because I know that a lot of people aren’t fans of screaming in music, but this is really the genesis of ONE OK ROCK’s journey into harder rock, and that brings with it some screaming. I think it’s great, and tastefully done. That’s just part of the band’s style, which is a style I like.
  • One of the earlier songs I heard when I first discovered the band and I still like it a lot. The thing that appeals to me about the song is how performable it sounds. What I mean by that is that the song is almost set up to give a good concert. You can see in the video that Taka can put on a show; he performs with so much energy and movement, totally in control of attention. I appreciate that about Taka, he has a natural talent in performance.
Kimishidai Ressha
~Lyrics in video!~
  • This song surpassed Answer is Near as my top favorite overall once I heard it. This song hearkens back to something that ONE OK ROCK does a lot as another uplifting pop-rock song with a message to never give up and give your best even when the going gets tough. Listening to this song has helped me through some rough days on its own, especially the live performance, where you can see the passion Taka has for his craft and the genuine love he has for the fans. What an awesome band! :)
(Honorable Mentions: C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. - Lost and Found - Seken Shirazu No Uchuhikoushi)
EP: Answer Is Near - EP
Answer is Clear
  • I know I said there weren’t going to be overlaps, but there wasn’t much more from this EP that I wanted to touch on other than the acoustic version of Answer is Near. Acoustic guitar is an instrument I’ve always wanted to learn to play, and since I’ve been teaching myself my goal is to be able to play this song one day soon, hopefully before I graduate next year. :) I like how the guitar has been changed up to give it a different feel, but still a good sound. Probably the best thing on the EP.
Single: Re:make : No Scared - Single
Rock, Scissors, Paper
  • The only different song from this single, the other two being Re:make and No Scared, so I guess highlighting it is only fair. :P It’s not my favorite, seeing as I like Re:make and No Scared a lot more, but it is good for what it is. It has a catchy chorus and it’s pretty snappy. There’s some good basswork, too; Ryota gets some time to shine!
We’re getting closer and closer to February 11th! :D Tomorrow I’ll bring you ONE OK ROCK’s best of 2012 and one of the singles from 2013!
See you then!
submitted by karhall to Frozenfriends

Did anyone notice a week after the original NASIR release, some songs have been altered like "Not For Radio"?

in typical post-TLOP Kanye manner, just because the songs were submitted for streaming doesn't mean that Kanye was done tweaking it post-release date -- that's why owning the at least the digital version to so crucial is because once the streaming service updates to the next iteration of Kanye's submission, the original version is wiped from being accessed by the end user, notably, us...changes Kanye does to his own albums range from removing snares/high hats, adding acoustics/lowering volumes, to removing full background church choirs post "The Life of Pablo"
The only meaningful difference I've heard Kanye changed for the entire NASIR album post initial release was Diddy ranting on "Not For Radio"...after accidentally finding them on youtube
As reference, on June 15th, 2018, when Not For Radio was released for the NASIR album, people clearly heard Diddy's "signature static walkie-talkie" talking over Nas rapping like he did to many Biggie songs, Jay Electronica's, and recently Nipsey's....AND usually over the best bars, and it pisses me off sometimes because I had to rewind it just to figure out what they said in the first place...at least DJ khaled just shouts his name in the beginning or being called upon and that's it
Since June 16th (aka 2Pac's birthday), there are at least three versions on youtube (not counting the instrumentals):
1) Diddy talking over the rapping (what everyone heard when the album released): and what was transcribed on rapgenius the day of release
2) 2 week later, Mass Appeal released it with additional guy chanting "Lies", certain Diddy adlibs removed, and added Diddy's "as we proceed to give you what you need" over the chorus:
3) There's a version with NO DIDDY whatsoever on youtube and that's my go-to version except that it somehow has a 'CD skip' at the 2nd bar where Nas says: "Fear does a few things" @2:02 ..the youtube description says that it was edited (most likely the video, not the audio), but I think it was written by there as default by the uploader for every upload, because muting certain voices so precisely and not other sounds is difficult...and this was uploaded on the same day of the delayed release, and nobody made the instrumental remake yet to mask diddy's voice so perfectly, which makes me think that the diddy-less version exists outside of GOOD Music's hard drive
FYI, the DIY Instrumental remake sounds remarkably different from the high hats and the beat in general, not knocking it, but just saying...it still goes hard and was published a day later after the Diddy-less version was uploaded
The 3rd is my go to version had there not been that "CD skip" in the track...still baffled on how this could happen given that everything is digital unless he ripped it from some promo CD at the listening party from a DJ or something...
Nas could definitely hold his own without a hypeman or splitting his streaming revenue to someone already rich lending their voice contributing barely anything to the song
If someone can scour youtube or the internet in general to find the CDQ in-tact version of "Not For Radio" without diddy, it would be greatly appreciated....I don't use the internet distress signal much but this is worth trying to find it
as additional trivia, Kanye has an affinity for movies and their OSTs
Not For Radio sampled the Hymn to Red October
The "Air Yeezy 2 Red October" was released in 2014, meaning Kanye might have revisited that movie to find samples and could have sat on that "not for radio" beat for at least 4 years before giving it to Nas...just wished that there was more than 7 tracks just for kanye to boast he kept his promise to Obama to produce Nas' album
submitted by jensyao to nas