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Racist Karen is racist

Hey all, came across this subreddit via RedWheel on YouTube and thought I'd post about my IDWHL incident from a few months ago. Now, mind you, in no way do I dress like I work anywhere when I'm off the clock, I'm typically in jeans or shorts, and one of my graphic tees (Sci-Fi or Pagan related, nerdy witch, but nothing offensive), and boots. Now, I'm also a clumsy and can trip over a flat surface (this comes up in the story). Also, sorry for the length.
So, my husband and I went to a local Asian market in our city a few months ago, we wanted to stock up for the second lockdown we figured was coming from the upcoming Flu Season, and COVID cases have been going up in the area again. We typically enjoy a more East Asian diet than your typical American, not weeabos or anything, just found it a healthier diet, more flavorful, and I might love rice way too much. Anyway, this market is a seafood market, a large one, and smells like it (again, this comes up), and they have A LOT of stuff you'd not typically find in a smaller International Store. We are used to being the only White Folk in there a majority of the time, but the staff is amazing and super friendly.
So Hubby and I walk into the market, grab a cart, and we head off to get our supply of rice, noodles, real instant Ramen (not that plastic stuff marketed in American grocery stores), and juices. Hubby was looking over the various rice bag, deciding how big we wanted to go for the stocking up, and I told him I'd go to the Ramen section and start looking over what they have this month (stock doesn't stay the same necessarily, and you can find real good Ramen sometimes). Anyway, looking over the selection, I grab a Ramen that's in a bowl (great idea if you want less clean-up after a 10 hour shift of doing Tech Support), and I knock about half a dozen other packages down (like I said, clumsy). I kneel down to collect the various items on the floor to put back, and stand up to ensure the next person doesn't repeat what I did.
And then SHE shows up...Karen. Hair, clothes, shoes, purse, jewelry, sunglasses, and overly offensive perfume (there has to be a class on this they take on how to get the uniform right).
So, cast is as follows: Me (well, me), RK (Racist Karen), RKH (Racist Karen Husband), H (my husband), E (market employee), SM (Store Manager), Cop 1 and Cop 2
As she walks up to me, I'd seen her out of the corner of my eye, she grabs me by the arm with her plastic claws and tries to spin me, but being a larger guy, I don't move easy.
RK: "Excuse me, but I need help and you're the only American I see working here"
Me: *removing my arm from her grip* "Ma'am, I do not work here, I'm just looking over the Ramen selection. And I don't know who the f**k you are, but do not put your hands on me if you want to keep them"
Mind you, I do not react well to be treated as a punching bag under the BEST of times, I have a "I am so done with people" attitude most days, and I have a deep seething dislike of entitled people. I worked food service and retail for several years, as well as a janitor. Those jobs really show you who people are.
RK: "Of course you do, I saw you stocking the shelf. And don't you dare threaten me, I'll have your job!"
Me: "Ma'am, I knocked these over and was putting them back, like a decent human being. And you touched me first, that's assault! And why do you foul c**ts always want someone's job for you being a stupid shortsighted b***h?"
RK: (voice now shrieking in typical Karen fashion) "HOW DARE YOU! WHERE'S YOUR MANAGER, I'LL HAVE YOU FIRED!"
Me: "Again, you dumb b***h, I DO NOT WORK HERE! So you can't have my nonexistent job!" Now, at this stage, my husband turns into the isle behind her, and he has that look on his face of "I pity whomever set him off"
H: "Hey hun, you alright?"
Me: "Yeah, just dealing with a Wild Feral Karen."
RK: (turns to Hubby) "Mind your business *anti-gay slur*!"
Now, another man turns into the isle next to Hubby, and by the look on his face, it's her husband, and he's already slumping his shoulders in defeat. Apparently, this is a regular thing for the poor guy. And I also hear someone coming up behind me. I turn, and it's an employee I'm acquainted with. She's wonderfully funny, and always has a smile on her face, and has a slight accent.
E: "Is everything alright? I heard yelling."
RK: "Yes, you f**king *racist slur for Asians*, this worker refuses to help me, assaulted me, and threatened my life!" Seriously, there has to be a class at Karen U for lying on your feet!
Me: "F**k you lady! HOW DARE YOU USE THAT WORD! And if I wanted to hurt you, you'd already be on the f**king floor!"
RKH: *still has defeated look* "RK, must you? Again? Why do you have to do this?"
Me: "Again?!"
E: "Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to leave!"
RK: "Not until you fire this *anti-gay slur*"
H: *steps in between me and RK, and uses that firm soft tone of his that can make my blood run cold* "Now look here you dumb entitled inbred mistake. He. Does. Not. Work. Here." He them stepped a little closer to her, and I could easily guess the look on his face, because RK looked like she'd seen a ghost, "Now, leave him alone or he'll be the least of your worries."
RK: *again with the Karen U training, slaps my husband* E runs off, I'm guessing to get her boss. Hubby didn't flinch or anything...his military training.
Me: "DAFUQ?!" I pull my husband back as RKH grabs his wife
Me: "SERIOUSLY?! How many times has she done that?!" I'm not really surprised by this when I think back, typical entitled Karen behavior in all honesty.
E is back with SM behind her. SM, from my understanding, she's part of the owners family, and is second or third generation American.
SM: "What in the world is going on here?"
Me: "Well, dumbass Karen here thought I was an employee, assaulted me, and my husband. All while using a racial slur against E."
RK for her part is so red and enraged that she actually can't speak. I'd never realized that was a function of a Karen...I thought they always had words for any situation!
RKH: "I'm so sorry for this, she is off her meds."
H: "Obviously. She also needs a higher dosage."
RKH: "We'll just leave."
SM: "No. You will not. Not if she physically assaulted two customers, as well as used hate speech against an employee."
RK: *finds her voice* "All you f**king *racial slur for Asians* are all the same! USELESS! No wonder this place smells so foul! You people can't even clean properly!" Turns to me and Hubby, "And you f**king *anti-gay slur* are worse!"
Now, RK had gotten out of her husbands hold, pulled out her phone, and does the most Karen thing you can think of, she calls the police and lies about an assault on her.
SM: "Fine, let's play your game." Turns to E, "Please go meet the officers at the door and bring them here."
E leaves, and comes back about 5 minutes later with 2 officers in tow. Not surprising they're fast in responding, there's usually a patrol car in the lot clocking speeders going down the street.
Now, the officers don't even get a word in AT ALL as RK goes into White Woman/Karen fake crying about how she was assaulted by me, by *anti-gay slur* husband, and the *racial sur against Asians*. The officers don't look too happy, but also unbothered by the show. I admit, this surprised me.
Cop 1: "RKH, again?"
RKH: "Yeah, sorry"
Hubby and I look at each other in surprise
Me: "Officer, she physically assaulted myself, my husband, and used hate speech against SM and E. Also, what do you mean 'Again'?"
Cop 2: "She's a known "problem child"."
H: *again with the firm and soft tone* "And why is she allowed to run free like a feral jackal?"
RK tries to speak, but Cop 1 puts up his hand and silences her. Doesn't work, she goes on about how she's the victim in all this. Typical.
Cop 1: "Would you like to press charges?"
Me, H, SM: "Yes"
RKH takes her call phone and purse just as Cop 2 gives her some beautiful new silver bracelets, and she loses what she has left of what sanity she had and tries to use the back of her head to hit officer in the face! Cop 2 back away out of reaction as Cop 1 pulls out his taser and puts her down.
RKH puts her phone in her purse, hands it to Cop 1, pulls out his phone, and looks down at RK as Cop2 is getting her up, "That's it, I'm done. I'm calling our lawyer for a divorce. I can't deal with this anymore."
I'm unsure what language RK was trying to speak as she got back on her feet, and Cop 1 and 2 escorted her out. RKH followed, looking embarrassed as can be, and finally having his shoulders squared and confident.
SM apologized, and asked if she could give us a discount on our groceries, and we declined. We honestly were more worried about SM and E being verbally assaulted instead of what we'd had said and done to us, we're those kinda people. They both said they were fine, and E walked with us for a few minutes, and we chatted while SM went to speak with the Cops.
Now, fast forward to our recent court date. SM and E decided to drop the hate speech charges, but RK is banned for life from their store, as well as about a dozen others. Apparently, the community doesn't want her around causing trouble. RK plead guilty, but isn't serving jail time. She has to go to court ordered anger management, therapy, and is on parole for the next 4 years. The judge apparently wasn't having any of her fake tears, she saw through it all, and I was living for it! RK was told that if she misses just one appointment for anger management and/or therapy, or her parole officer reports she isn't taking her meds, her parole will be jail time. We were also rewarded damages that RK had to pay, or again, jail time.
RKH was there, and seemed years younger since we'd seen him. They're divorced, he has the kids, and RK has to have supervised visitations. He apologized to us for RK, saying he was just embarrassed about it all, but happy with how it turned out. He had a wicked smile when he said she deserved every bit of what she got.

To all the Commentary Karens, and those DM'ing me, please note the following:
I and my husband BOTH have mental health issues, his from his time in the military, mine from abuse (home, school, employment). I'm medicated and in therapy, he isn't but has assistance from the VA in terms of disability. He's hesitant about therapy, as he's never has a positive experience with therapists, and he has said more than not that he's on enough meds as it is. We held back as much as we did because we both recognized RK has mental health issues. We know that sometimes, the demons win. I do have empathy for her, but not in the situation she created.
Also, with my own mental health, I'm highly OCD, and tend to recall every detail in situations like this when I become hypervigilant with my attention. I can still recall her clothes and the clothes of my husband, RKH, SM, and E. I have issues editing my own stories, even IRL, so they tend to go long. I did edit this, but felt it was as short as I could get it, or as short as my OCD would allow.
And being from the city I am in the Midwest, please note that people here tend to overachieve at the roles they live. When you commit to an identity, you commit without limits. This city is also committed to holding on, at all costs, to its segregation, redlining, and defining you by the neighborhood you grew up in, the high school you went to, and where you currently live. If you decide not to live by these rules, you're an outcast and seen as a non-local. I've lost family and friends by both my choices of diet AND educating myself on other cultures and communities. But hey, small city, cheap cost of living, and love to have found a community of misfits that are now my family.
submitted by ELS314STL to IDontWorkHereLady