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Getting the TicSuite of software on nonTicWatches

TLDR: If you know how to use ADB just download the two apks at the bottom of the post and install them to the watch and make sure to do "TicHealth.apk" first, if you can't do that, go ahead and read the long guide I typed out to make this accessible
So as I've posted on and off about the Tic apps some people have been wondering how I was able to get them to work on a non TicWatch, and if any of you want to replicate this, or just try a Google Fit alternative that integrates deeply into WearOS, be my guest!
  1. Download the actual files you will need to install onto your WearOS watch, I posted a link at the bottom of this post that you can use to download the apk files (I extracted them from my TicWatch E2 and work as expected on my Fossil Sport)
  2. Open up an ADB server on another device, this can be hosted on any sort of desktop computer (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) or even an android phone if your willing to put in the intense amount of effort
    1. If you do not have ADB follow this super quick and rushed setup guide for Windows
      1. As a quick intro to ADB, you are going to want to extract the folder from the ADB download link, and then open a PowerShell window in that directory (Shift+ Right Click and select "Open PowerShell window here")
      2. From here you can do whatever you want including following the guide
    2. For Linux run "sudo apt install adb" or the equivalent for your distribution and you'll be fine although I will be prefacing all of the commands with a "./adb" instead of "adb" so that windows users will be able to copy paste commands
  3. What we are going to do is sideload the barebones applications that the TicSuite of software needs to run
    1. Before we begin, your watch needs to have Wifi Debugging enabled
      1. Go to Settings > System > About and tap Build Number 7 times (or more until Developer settings are available, this will not void your warranty)
      2. Go to Settings > Developer Options, scroll and find ADB Debugging, turn it on, and then turn on Debug over Wi-Fi
      3. Go to Connectivity > Bluetooth and toggle it off
      4. Go to Connectivity > Wi-Fi and make sure the watch is connected to the network your server is on
      5. Write down the ip address that shows up after tapping the Wifi network's name, you'll need it to connect in the next step
    2. Run "./adb connect *device ip address*
    3. Make sure the two Tic apks are in the same directory for this step, or type out the file path
    4. Run "./adb install TicHealth.apk" (Do this one first)
    5. Run "./adb install TicExcercise.apk"
  4. Turn off wifi on the watch, Turn bluetooth back on (Save your precious Wear OS battery life), and now you have the TicSuite of apps on your watch! Go ahead and disable Google Fit if you decide you prefer them, or remove them via Adb if you don't

TicSuite: (2 APKs)
submitted by ThatCC to WearOS


Getting started with Pi Zero W(H) and java, beginner - specific project

I have next to no coding or electronic experience.
I would like to learn as I go, with the following project idea, but don’t know where to start. I bought a Pi Zero W, as I would like to use java, as I would like to eventually create an android app to accompany my device, and don't want to learn 2 languages.
First of all, can I use java on Pi Zero? This post confused me? Tutorials found are confusing and not for Zero (and older than this post). Also can I only use java ME? How different is it? Worth using a specific ME tutorial series rather than my beginners java se course?
I want to create a device with only 6 button vibrating motors, which are AT FIRST controlled by a PC command line interface via USB (but later, simple android app) which breaks down characters into a series of different set vibratition combinations across the 6 motors.
AT FIRST I want a dialogue to generate random characters or (when chosen) random words from a simple database. These will generate a vibration pattern based on the constituent characters, essentially reading the word in vibrations. The person will then input in the CLI, the character or word they believe it was, and a simple correct or incorrect is given, and a score kept and printed on screen each new cycle.
This is to start. If I can get this working, THEN, I would like to have it receive data from Twitter to feed this.
EVENTUALLY I would like to create a simple android apk, either allowing me to connect to the battery-powered arduino via Bluetooth or WiFi (directly or via server, for an extra final project) on my phone, with a super simple GUI that allows me to choose between a constant background app feed from Twitter; or training, via words or this Twitter stream, and entering in the perceived answer and keeping a simple score, like before.
I would really like to try and learn Java WITH this project, rather than as a prerequisite, although I have just started an online java course. I have created what is basically a simple set of projects of increasing difficulty, to help develop my skills (but with the ultimate aim just the realisation of my final project). I think I can learn fast as I already think and design in ifs and ands.
How can I start learning how to do this? Perhaps I'm making it harder for myself as a beginner using java, but I think consdiering my end goals, java makes the most sense, and java as a language on its own, seems to be easier than alternatives.
submitted by pangalactica to learnprogramming