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[PS4] My Feedback [BIG POST]

The following are my thoughts and feedback after hitting level 40 in the beta for the second time this weekend:
Create-A-Class / Pick 10 allocation
  • The "gear" slot is so powerful that it feels like a mandatory fourth perk - funneling "pick 10" into "pick 9 and one Gear". This doesn't mesh well numerically when attempting to use some of the high level attachments and operator mods, and the pick-10 system in general feels suffocated as a result. It felt like every class I wanted to create needed exactly one more point than what was available, and that point was always in my Gear slot - that I wasn't ever willing to part with. My suggestion: make the Gear slot free because its near-mandatory nature is turning pick-10 into pick-9.
  • Operator mods are prohibitively expensive, so much so that you have to gut your entire class and forego other essential attachments to take them. I'm not willing to trade two perks and my silencer for an extra round of burst in my Swordfish, Likewise, when the tradeoff is losing Tracker, Lightweight, and Speed Reload, the Mog-12 operator mod doesn't stand a chance.
  • Secondary weapons come with very small ammo pools and require "Scavenger" in order to be used realistically. This is especially noticable on both shotguns and the "Mozu" revolver. The launchers were fine of course, but if you want to run a shotgun like the Mog-12, you'll be lucky to get 3 kills before you're completely out of bullets. They should come with more magazines by default. Running a secondary as your primary is a thing in CoD and it is not currently very feasible with the ammo economy.
  • The equipment in pick-10 is almost across the board a worse choice than whatever your chosen operator's equipment is. In my opinion it should not cost a point to take a Trophy system instead of Firebreak's reactor, or a frag instead of Battery's splinter grenade - you aren't making a meaningful gain in power, it's more of a side-grade and therefore should be without cost. I'm going to take a leap and assume the usage numbers on equipment are spectacularly low; those stats support a solution like this. If the equipment is going to continue to cost a pick-10 point, every single choice needs to be meaningfully more powerful than the typical specialist equipment, or it will see no/minimal use ingame.
  • The Blue perks (perk 1) felt situational and weak compared to Perk 2's and 3's. It felt like most of them would only pay off if you were an objective player. In every class I made, I skipped the perk 1 category because I would rather double down on perk 2 or 3. I think a good solution to this would be switching out a niche perk 2 or perk 3 with one of the less useful perk 1's. For example, making Cold Blooded a Perk 2 (green), and making Lightweight a perk 1 (blue).
Gameplay / General
  • The screen darkening when taking damage needs to go away completely. I know this was recently toned down but it wasn't nearly enough. It isn't a problem in some environments, but when the player is already in a dark environment, or looking at an enemy that is standing in one, it feels like these are dead frames. I found the most common cause of losing a longer gunfight for me in this game was momentarily not being able to see (and therefore track) enemies and having my crosshair go off target as a result. The solution: Just do what CoD games have always done when the player takes damage - this didn't need to change.
  • The fog of war system should not reveal you when you're behind an enemy player that cannot see you. If the player is supposed to be hearing me coming, they should quite literally hear me coming. This was my single biggest frustration in the beta. The fog of war should be primarily a frontal cone; giving players literal eyes in the back of their heads has been just awful for gameplay.
  • Sensitivity while aimed down sights with sniper scopes feels far too high. It felt like my sensitivity was tied to "turn this many degrees with this level of input" rather than "turn at a rate proportionate to zoom level." This was incredibly annoying for me because I play at near-max sensitivity and the scoped-in snipers were borderline uncontrollable. I had no issues with any other weapons in this manner, or the snipers themselves once I used a different sight, which makes me think it's a zoom-related problem.
  • Player sounds while moving in the water are too loud. Players swimming underwater should be silent but it was far too easy to hear someone coming and pick them off for free from above. I don't know that I ever had this happen to me as I was swimming but I did it constantly to others and it felt cheap.
  • Frequency has unnecessary holes in the floor that do not have guardrails. It was far too easy to casually strafe off the map while gunfighting. It was hilarious at first... but it quickly got annoying. The ladder that goes up to the middle-arena of the map is also a straight up deathtrap. Just remove it. There is no sense in it being there in current state.
    • The spawns on Frequency also felt unstable - they flipped constantly. I never felt safe trying to aim down a lane because I knew I had 30-45 seconds maximum before an enemy came up behind me.
  • Contraband - the beach lane of the map (the one with the yellow ladder and the destroyed ship) is too difficult to traverse. It's all down to luck whether the player can even use that lane without being seen while in the water or leaving/entering it and becoming a free kill. I think a good solution would be adding more cover in the water, like a short underwater tunnel of some sort (like a shipping crate open on both sides), so the player could more safely travel that area instead of being a sitting duck.
  • Seaside - there is too much cover-space in the topmost sniper area on the tower. It's too easy for players to plop down some sort of area denial on the stairs, and just have a hayday plinking away at people on the ground. The only counter to this was shooting them from the window in the shop on the opposite side of the courtyard, which, speaking of, players heads who were peeking out of that window were nearly invisible for some reason, far too hard to see, they just blended in with the backdrop.
    • The ocean-side lane should in some way connect to the bottom floor of the sniper tower. I can't tell you how many times I took that lane thinking it should connect somewhere around there, but then realized I had to turn all the way around.
  • Payload - there is too much stuff in the big middle room. Between the big cylinder in the middle, the inner tunnel connection with it's cover walls, the outer lane with the hollow cylinder and the two bottom linear strips next to that cylinder, the odd room with the window on the snowy side of the map, and the big protective console on the military side. There's just too much cover everywhere. The room feels like a peeking contest and the winner is whoever gets the flank and just shoots the other guys in the rear because nothing was ever going to get done in the original gunfight anyway.
    • Also - let me describe this precisely because I want to get this right - On the outer open-air lane near the metal bridge, on the non-military side of the map, is an alternate outside route with a darkly colored rock. Between this small rocky platform and the metal bridge is a gap - a gap that hungrily and inconsistently devours the souls of players that try to jump it. Make this gap smaller...please.
  • Hacienda - This map has far FAR way WAY WAY WAY too much indoor cover from aeriel scorestreaks. I can't overstate this. You can't realistically expect to get a single kill from an aerial killstreak on this map. In one match I called in 3 lightning strikes and got zero kills - and I consider the Lightning Strike to be* my thin*g. I called in two Gunships in the times I played on this map and neither one got me more than two kills, and those were on people who had just spawned outside. Something really needs to be done about it.
Weapons (categories / specific)
  • Assault Rifles felt better at range than the Tactical Rifles did and I thought this was a problem. Despite being explicitly designed for mid-range engagements, the assault rifles had less overall recoil and were more consistent than the tactical rifles. I can't tell you how many times I was trying to longshot someone with the Swordfish, and I just got completely lasered by an assault rifle. Also MAKE SUPPRESSORS AVAILABLE ON ALL RIFLES - stealthy players like myself go nuts when we can't use a silencer.
    • ICR-7: I used this gun the least of any weapon in the beta. From what I tried it seemed well rounded and balanced, but when used against me (and it was a great deal) it felt too accurate at range. This thing was a laser and I felt like it may have been too much of a laser.
    • VAPR-XKG: Felt like the weakest of the bunch. For whatever reason this weapon felt like it wanted to be an SMG, but lacked the raw DPS to perform well at closer ranges. I don't know what could be done to remedy this, but that's how I felt about it.
    • Rampart-17: By far the weakest of the class. This gun felt like it wanted to be a heavy-hitting longe range slugger but had the recoil of a close-mid range weapon.The damage-per-bullet was too low to make short bursts effective and the kick was too strong to make full-auto effective. It felt like a strictly weaker version of the Titan LMG.
    • KN-57: This thing was a monster. It did amazing DPS, lost almost no accuracy when rapid-fire was equipped, and was just all around a nightmare. I didn't have much issue with other people using it, but I don't think this gun ever let me down in any situation. If I were to change it, I'd make it more punishing on accuracy to equip rapid-fire, or reduce handling speed.
    • MADDOX-RFB: This felt like another well rounded gun. It was extremely wimpy against players who were head-peeking from med-long range, but in any situation where the enemy body was visible, it was solid. No complaints.
  • Submachine Guns across the board felt like they needed a little bit of love. They rarely felt like they were better than AR's at close range, where they should have been, but they made the sacrifice of definitely not being good at rifle ranges. I'm not saying the SMGs were bad, merely that there were very few situations in which an SMG would noticably outperform a rifle in the environment where an SMG should outperform a rifle.
    • MX9: I wouldn't be surprised if this was the #1 killer in the beta. It was a bit too forgiving in my opinion, like the clip size was too big or something. I felt like people who used this gun missed a ton of shots and then just got their kill anyway. I might be off the mark on this one, but that's my take. It needs something though, like a "II" attachment to make it interesting. I'd like to see that.
    • GKS: Your standard SMG-AR hybrid. It did well, but it was incredibly reliant on attachments to be good. I can see this being one of the most used guns of the final game once a meta settles in. Very well rounded, very reliable, and a great choice for players that don't run a ton of perks.
    • Spitfire: I really liked this gun. I definitely wouldn't call it the strongest, but it was SUPER fun to use with Laser Sight II. I would increase the bullet damage a bit though, I know it has a high fire rate, but it feels like it shot packing peanuts sometimes.
    • Cordite: Less of a monster this weekend, it feels like it's in a good spot. I don't think the "bullet penetration" theme that you're trying to sell with this gun is going to catch on, I think it needs another gimmick, but it felt well balanced as is. The large magazine is such a great quality of life feature on this gun.
    • SAUG 9mm: This is what the other guns should strive for. This gun has a really fun and a really cool gimmick and it does what it does so well. First off, the movement speed you have with this gun is amazing. Second, the "Stock II" and "Fast mags II" attachments are really good flavor. This gun with a suppressor and Stock II is just so much stupid fun and I love it. The only thing I would change is make Fast mags II autoload every other mag starting with the first one, because it's really unreliable and hard to remind yourself of in current state.
  • LMG - The Titan felt great and it was one of my most used weapons this weekend. I really wish it had a rapid fire attachment because the time-to-kill on it is somewhat low, but this is what an LMG should be - a seemingly endless source of angry metal. AP rounds II is entirely underrated on this weapon and I think if people knew how good it was they'd be using it a great deal more.
  • Snipers - Aside from the weird scope issue I mentioned before, I wish I could say I was happy with the snipers but I really wasn't. It feels like actual sniper players are being penalized again in an attempt to keep down quickscoping. There's a really easy solution to this: Make snipers have aim assist but ONLY after a certain period of being in ADS. It's a really simple solution and it's one of very few ways to keep opppressive quickscoping to a minimum without punishing people that want to use snipers as intended.
    • Paladin HB50: It feels like this gun wants to devour my Pick-10 points, and that's not necessarily a good thing, because snipers need sidearms and perks to keep them alive when things go south. It feels like the Paladin costs 4 pick-10 points to put in my class as a functional weapon and that feels like a bummer. I'd make High Caliber I the default state of the gun, give High Caliber I the High Caliber II effect, and remove High Caliber II and replace it with something like extended mag.
    • Koshka: Just felt like a strict upgrade to the Paladin, but it still felt like upgrading a twig to a stick. This gun is screaming "Hey, quickscope with me!" but the Paladin is over there saying "I'm not the quickscoper gun, but I gain nothing in the tradeoff for being the non-quickscoper gun". Yet again this weapon demands all my pick-10 points just to be functional. We need High Cal I because this gun shoots foam otherwise. Then we need quickdraw because there's no Stabilizer attachment so we have to quickscope. Then Quickdraw II becomes mandatory if we're only quickscoping and suddenly we've spent 5 of our 10 pick-10 points on one gun and now somehow we still need to get gear and perks and maybe a sidearm, and god forbid we want the operator mod on our Koshka... you can see where I'm going with this. Both snipers absolutely consume your class slots and I feel like it's because we're now having to pay a premium to make worthless guns functional.
  • Tactical Rifles all felt good to use, I really enjoyed these, but there was one very strange issue that I began to notice the longer I used them - The standard automatic rifles were more accurate at range than the tactical rifles... and that just felt absurd. Every Tactical Rifle needs it's recoil dramatically reduced if they're supposed to compete with automatic weapons.
    • Auger DMR: Probably the worst one on the list. Felt like it had the slowest time to kill of any primary weapon I used in the beta, all while demanding a huge degree of precision and having recoil that kicked like an angry horse. This is another gun that requires High Calibur I and High Calibur II to be functional, so if you want to take another attachment on this thing you can reasonably expect to spend 5 create-a-class points on the weapon alone. It also desperately needs a Grip attachment that is not available for the gun, and requires you to play like a sniper. You can make it work, but it isn't worth it. Needs DPS buffs (and a grip attachment).
    • ABR 223: I loved this gun. It needs no attachments to be functional and putting Laser Sight II on this thing turns it into an INCREDIBLY versatile weapon that shreds close range. I ran this with Laser Sight I & II, a Suppressor, Scavenger, Dead Silence, the COMSEC device, and Ghost and it became a scorestreak generation machine. Loved this thing.
    • Swordfish: Another great gun that needs almost nothing to get up and running, other than switching out the default sights, which are awful. Really played well all around, had a good TTK, but also felt like it deserved less recoil. This gun wasn't a marksman weapon at all, it felt like a midrange gun, and it was very good at being exactly that.
  • Pistols: Both felt very good but the Strife was the clear winner as sidearm-of-choice. I might run the Mozu as my primary, but I would never rely on it as a sidearm. The ammo economy for pistols felt rough, they demanded scavenger to keep going, especially the Mozu. I'd like to see that fixed.
    • Strife: This was a great gun all around. Felt like a good old Five-Seven from BO2. It really wanted extended mags to be reliable but that was an easy enough request to fill. This gun is impeccably balanced and I would see literally nothing change. I don't see anyone running AP Rounds II on it though, that seems really just silly on a pistol like this. I'd much prefer if it had Laser Sight II or Akimbo instead.
    • Mozu: This gun is a gimmick and nothing else, I have to say I wasn't impressed. This gun needs all the attention you'd give to your primary in order for it to be a good weapon. Ammo reserves are abysmal, reload is atrocious, TTK is low and it's literally impossible to survive any 2v1 encounter with this weapon unless the other guy just isn't shooting you.
  • Shotguns: are secondaries again, which would be neat... if the un-modded shotguns weren't useless pea-shooters. The shotty sniper dreams are dead.
    • The MOG-12 is worthless until you get Choked barrel, so here we are again with a gun requiring two attachments just to function. It also demands Scavenger because it barely comes with enough shells stored away to get you a UAV. Once all the pieces are in place though this gun becomes tremendously good, even though you need some really good twitch aiming skills to make it work. It's easily one of the best ways to play the game. The operator mod on this gun is junk for what it costs you to use - It prevents enemies from healing after you shoot them for 15 or so seconds. That sounds good, but then you remember that this is a shotgun, and enemies aren't peeking you and then hiding to heal before they peek again. If the fight ends and the enemy isn't dead yet, you're the one that's dead, and that basically makes the operator mod a cleanup-assistance tool to get your teammate an easy kill after you just ran in, missed your shots, and died. Overall I really enjoyed the MOG-12 and would call it a huge skillgap gun, because if you know what you're doing, you're going to do very well, and if you don't know what you're doing, you're gonna run around with a big fat 0.2 KDA.
    • The SG12: is a more forgiving but less rewarding shotgun. If you miss a shot with this you still stand a chance - you don't with the MOG - but it also won't reward you with juicy one shot kills for aiming lightning fast at the enemy center-of-mass. You will need to do two things every time you get a kill with this gun - reload and heal. You're going to take shots, and you're not going to have enough left to get another kill. Every available attachment for this gun will make it drastically better, so it leaves you at a crossroads. It's alright, and if I was going to take a shotgun as an actual secondary instead of a primary in my secondary slot, it'd be this one.
  • Engineer: Was handy for a few small reasons that all added up. Seeing enemy equipment through walls was occasionally useful, for example seeing a razor wire as it is deployed tells you where the enemies are, or seeing a spawn beacon tells you where they ought to be spawning. All that aside though, I was primarily using this to reroll care packages, because rerolling care packages is hugely powerful and makes the average care package give you significantly more than what it takes to get it. Engineer is in a decent place.
  • Cold Blooded: Was crap. Absolute crap. This perk is a gamble you make against yourself. You gimp your class by wasting a pick-10 point on this perk, and then the perk is only useful when you're getting stomped. A self-fulfilling prophecy if there ever was one. It should provide complete immunity to all scorestreak targeting systems and all A.I targeting systems. Then it might be worthwhile.
  • Tactical Mask: Is really good, but I never used it. I can see this working really well for some people, but it's not my cup of tea. I can't provide meaningful feedback on this one.
  • Flak Jacket: Is only for objective players realistically, and seeing as I am not one of those, I will refrain from commenting on this as well. I would however like to note that this perk letting people survive hellstorm missiles is a load of bull. That is all.
  • Scavenger: Felt necessary on so many classes due to the longer time to kill. Crash's ammo pack was helpful but takes way too long to recharge. I would give most weapons an additional clip by default, and then make Scavenger also spawn you in with maximum ammo.
  • Lightweight: Was really ineffective. I can't realistically see anyone taking this perk seriously. It should increase speed while not sprinting as well, then we have something cooking.
  • Gung Ho: I didn't use this perk and cannot comment on it, it didn't seem valuable.
  • Dexterity: Also seemed underwhelming. Felt like it was missing something. All the things it said it did, it didn't feel like it actually did. Needs tuning.
  • Team-Link: A pretty nice perk for map aware players, HOWEVER, when fog of war vision is changed so it doesn't reveal things behind players, AS IT HAD BETTER CHANGE, I don't see this perk being as good. Maybe make it so spotted players remain tracked for a second or so after sight is broken for team link users? That would actually be a great perk.
  • Ghost: I am incredibly disappointed in Ghost this time around. This perk requires way too much movement from the player to function. Ghost exists for flanking players and you literally cannot go around corners carefully and have the Ghost effect remain up. In current state I think it's woefully undertuned and desperately needs the recent nerf reversed.
  • Tracker: Tracker confuses me because it seems like it's a really good effect, and then you use it and realize that all it does it get you dunked on by enemies using the acoustic sensor. It needs an additional benefit. maybe "sprint faster when walking in an enemy's footsteps" or something like that.
  • Dead Silence: Felt mandatory due to the excessive strength of the acoustic sensor. Don't know what else to say about this other than that it would be good for the health of the game to just completely remove the acoustic sensor so this perk doesn't become a crutch.
Scorestreaks: Across the board scorestreaks cost too much because you're relying on specialist abilities to generate a ton of points but that doesn't happen often enough. The scorestreaks are priced as if the player will get 200 extra points every single life and it's more like they get 200 extra points for one life in an entire 10 minute game. In current state, it's either use the COMSEC or just forget about getting streaks and that's depressing. Streaks are one of the most important things about CoD, and powerful streaks are a large part of what make the best cod games the best, and when you make them cost so much you make them entirely unobtainable to the average player. This is a really bad path you're going down, please don't. Bring back the days of the 11 kill Lodestar, because the world of the 12 kill attack chopper sucks.
  • RC-XD: Overcosted. 5 kills for this thing is absolute insanity. It's far too easy to shoot and Engineer lets people see it coming. This should cost 350 at most and COMSEC should reduce that to 250.
  • UAV: 600 points. Sure. This is becoming comical. Reduce the cost to 450. COMSEC should reduce it to 300.
  • Care Package: Reduce the likelihood of receiving an RC-XD, it's currently at least 33%. Either that or drop the cost down to 500 / 400 COMSEC. Also has a bug - The mantis is named 'Cerberus' in the care package loot tip.
  • CUAV: Reduce cost from 650 to 600. COMSEC 500.
  • Hellstorm: The announcer should not give the enemy team time to run and hide when this is called in. There is already an absurd amount of aerial cover in this game. This is also completely useless on the Hacienda map because everyone is always indoors and that needs looking at. Reduce cost to 725 / COMSEC 600.
  • Lightning Strike: Splash area of effect is still too small. The targeting screen should show indoor enemies as dark red so you can quickly identify them - the usefulness of the Lightning Strike is completely lost if you spend any amount of time staring at the map. Reduce cost to 750 / COMSEC 625
  • Mantis: is in a good place. Literally no complaints, well-costed.
  • Sentry: Weak in every way. Doesn't do enough damage, costs too much, can no longer be moved after placed, doesn't hav enough health, and is really sensitive about where it can be placed. Buff damage, reduce cost by at least 100 points, increase health, let us move it after it's been placed again.
  • Attack Chopper: Well, we've done it, it's finally happened, the attack helicopter now costs what the old chopper gunner used to, that's so sad to me, I hate everything about that. Reduce cost from 1150/850 to 900/750. It's not that strong.
  • Strafe Run: Ineffective and way too expensive, doesn't belong this high up on the scorestreak board. It's way too easy to just hide from this thing when it comes around. Either make this thing absolutely aimbot-destroy people who are in the open when it strafes or reduce the cost dramatically. This should cost less than a Mantis in current state because it's far less effective than a Mantis.
  • Strike Team: Feels appropriate in every way.
  • Gunship: Reduce cost to 1400/1100 COMSEC. Aerial scorestreaks are really weak in this game because there's far too much cover. I would legitimately rather have the strike team on any map than the gunship, so why does the gunship cost so much many more points?
Specialists: Specialist abilities should reward less score and scorestreaks should become cheaper. I know this is a tradeoff this game has made and it's horrific. Reverse this please.
Gear: Like I said earlier, I really think the gear slot should be free instead of costing a pick-10 point. This effects are so powerful that you really can't expect players to turn these down, and they are turning "Pick-10" into "Pick-9 and also a gear".
  • Equipment Charge: I never used this because it seemed like it couldn't compete with the other options, I may be wrong, but those are my feelings.
  • Stim Shot: Incredibly useful but not a crutch, I feel like it's in a good place right now.
  • COMSEC: I'll talk about this more in the scorestreaks section, but the short verison is, this makes scorestreaks cost what they should already cost without any assistance.
  • Body Armor: I know you don't want to get rid of this because you designed multiple systems around it, but if you have the game's best interest at heart, you'll scrap this. This is cheap, skill-removing, and rage-inducing. The worse you are as a player, the more you get out of Body Armor... and anything that does that in a competitive game is awful for healthy competition. It needs to GO.
  • Acoustic Sensor: I hate this more than the body armor. This is disgusting and a crutch and you basically have to take it if you're running a close range style. Everything about this is imbalanced. The pie slices are too accurate and adjust too quickly, the detection distance is too far away it works through walls. This thing makes Dead Silence a crutch perk. What should acoustic sensor actually do? - what it says on the label, make enemy movements significantly louder to you, and it should still be countered by Dead Silence.
Closing thoughts: I enjoyed the Beta overall but it was soured by a few things that need desperate attention.
The top 5 most pressing issues for me were:
  1. Don't cost the scorestreaks based on specialist abilities earning a ton of points for every player every life, because they don't. It happens only once or twice per game.
  2. Fog of war shouldn't reveal players behind you that you cannot see. It hurts the game and it makes no logical sense. If the player is supposed to be 'hearing behind them' they should literally hear the players behind them instead of having eyes in the back of their head.
  3. The Gear slot in the pick 10 should not cost a pick-10 point because it's so powerful that nobody is going to skip it and it's turning pick-10 into pick-9
  4. The Acoustic Sensor will severely hurt the game if released in it's current state, it should not be the "Sixth Sense" perk through walls.
  5. The screen-darkening effect when taking damage needs to be completely removed.
submitted by xIndica-_-xHigh to Blackops4

Need Some Ideas- Here's some codes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to having too many Codes, I'm moving this list to two other links:

Modes and Aim Trainers
Hero Ideas and Cool Mechanics

If you like a mode, go to the original post and like or comment. Let them know you appreciate it. I'll add links directly to each post once I figure out if Reddit allows that and I get around to it.

Fun Modes

- 8M6H1 - TorboSym - u/ivanbaptiste

- FYHK1 - SCP: Survival Protocol: 76 - u/trappi

- NSHQB - Domination: COD - u/jehovajones

- 22YGP - Big Hammer, Little Hammer, Juggernaut FFA - u/JackTheTickler

- XM98R - Dead by Daylight - u/Groodion

- B73W3 - Spies vs Mercs: (Splinter Cell) - u/Chehtan

- 91S7E - Quidditch - u/frank_n_sam

- WGB80 - Lucioball - u/blaking-707

- 15HW8 - Hammond Golfing - u/sphayes1

- PBJW4 - DOTAwatch 4.0: Busan - u/Starhunter99999

- SEQRG - Dwarf of the Hill - u/officialraider

- S4G52 - Dva Surprise: Demech into Random Hero with Ult - u/Miscreant53

- EPQ9V - Reinhardts Completely Absurd Hammer Slammer Arena - u/TheRedstoneBlaze

- TYHDN - Genji Tactical Sword-fight - u/Aleecx

- PV9D4 - Forum Doomfist 1 vs 6 - u/CoolUsername6969

- 3G6XQ - Overwatch Casino - u/JaketheSnake094

- 0X8N0 - Steal the Crown - u/olipoulihot

- G2CJX - Lucio Bomb Tag - u/semtimmy

- MN787 - Screencheat - u/microcosm_ow

- X2HH9 - Weeping Angels (Mercy Mei) - u/Hogrid125

- A6736 - Rival System - u/Hypno--Toad

- 93A17 - Jetplane D.va Racing - u/Ghibliomatic MODDING u/DarkyPaky

- JCQ9S - Enhanced Ana Paintball: Live Version - u/JinkoNorray

- SF1R2 - High Speed: Gun Game - u/rbnsky

- Y1PWP - Hanzos Wild Tower Defense - u/TheRealPT0007

Training Modes

- S4ZD6 - Genji Dash Trainer - u/-Provoxin-

Good Mechanics

- HT7WH - 2CP: Any Map - u/icysniper

- GDHDH - Bullet Projectile - u/icysniper

- GFESF - Team HUD for Off-Healers: Edges of Screen - u/makanaj

- SV30J - Teleport Out of Bounds - u/TheTrickyDoctor

- RAB01 - Cinematic Camera - u/JimmyHasAPistol

- 9EKZB - Scoreboard - u/caldoran2

- W93G5 - Walls - u/Olstar72

- WV5HH - Bunny Hop - u/TyzoneLyraNature

Hero Ideas

- BNZ9J - SuperDampener Ult: Orisa - u/zumoro

- H7JRP - Cold Wave Ult: Lucio - u/JinkoNorray

- ZR2PJ - Mirror: Symmetra - u/AgentParsec

- V6V1N - Spider-Genji : Wall Sticking - u/gasolineGoblin

- MJ399 - Unlimited Flight: D.va - u/inverse_infidel

- 5KX06 - Jeff from the Overwatch Team: Reinhardt - u/AgentParsec - AgentParsec

- 8BAHQ - Rocket-Jumping: Pharah (Quake) - u/Corrade_

- ZX9EV - Zen-Summoner: Bastion - u/Borria

- 57YC6 - Sonic: Hammond - u/SupaHabil

- NDSYW - Darth Vader: Bridgette - u/milohk1

- 3FRXJ - Iron Man: Soldier - u/Phasmania

- HQYC5 - Joker from Smash: Mcree(Smash x Persona5) - u/semtimmy

- ZXY53 - Hover Passive: Zen - u/MustachioEquestrian

- HWGDB - Pyromancer: Mei - u/Hoppalaaa

- EBBB2 - New Hero Specter: Tracer - u/TheWanderingSnow

- 2TT6T - EMP to the Sky: Sombra - u/MellonHero

- 9BDVX - Explosive and Implosive Arrows: Hanzo - u/cqfllp

- CK988 - Hulk: Winston - u/Phasmania

- XW7WN - Schrödinger - u/poststakhanovist

- TRS3V - Knockback on Ability Use: Selected Heroes - u/semtimmy

- JQYS4 - Mass Rez Valkyrie: Mercy - RevertMercy

- K91NF1 - GimicWatch: Various Heroes - u/MyFaceEatIt

submitted by Lier1 to OverwatchCustomGames