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A Comedy of Microsoft errors results in me being locked out of my account with the keys inside.

Edit: some of this might be my fault for not reading before clicking, but dammit Microsoft why so wordy?
As a Microsoft partner I tried to renew my Microsoft action pack subscription and associated 5 Microsoft Office E3 licenses this week as I do every year and have for, uh i dunno the last 10 years?
Well got all paid up, got my 25 digit redemption code for 5 user licenses for 12 months and logged into my dashboard to input the key, added the key, got a message "your 10 licenses now have 182 days of usage" or something along those lines... instead of renewing my 5 licenses for a year it added 5 MORE licenses (with no extra users to assign them to) and split the 12 months x 5 users down to 6 months x 10 users... frustrating.
Called partner support, they're offline, email only no phone calls because of COVID they're still trying to figure out how to provide phone support (after 8 months?)
Emailed partner support told them what happened and requested they resolve, it, they emailed me back 24 hrs later and asked me to provide the 25 digit key i used. Specifically to put it in an excel sheet, encrypt the excel sheet and send the password for the excel sheet in a separate email... Well that's not secure but it's your 25 digit key not mine so sure.
Sent two emails, one with sheet, one with key and waited.
7pm last night I get an email from Microsoft automation "your licenses have been cancelled" standard stuff, makes sense, they took the 5 licenses off right?
7am this morning i check my phone, no new emails, none... at all... unheard of
Login to my PC, outlooks freezing, crashing, close it, open it, same, login on the web "unlicensed user".
I try calling MS support, remember they don't have phones because of this new pandemic thing (8 months in still working on it) so I open a ticket with support, I have no licenses, no email, and a test from my personal outlook.com account confirms all 5 email accounts our company uses are bouncing back "no such user" I start to panic a little.
I Try BUYING some licenses just to get my mail back online, can't, not allowed to buy direct, because, as a Microsoft reseller partner i have to buy through our reseller, yeah, even for my own use.
Call our CSP, get someone on the phone, they would have to add us as a tenant of our own company in order to be able to get us licenses, took over an hour, didn't work no matter what we tried... turns out the tech was giving me US based URL links and we're in Canada, always have been. (I was getting region errors, I should have caught that sooner) got the right URL links confirmed our tenant purchased the licenses, assigned the licenses opened my outlook and...
Email from Microsoft support at about 7:05pm, attached is a link to an excel file with your new license keys and instructions on how to apply them... and then a reply to their own message with password to open the link... as a reply... to the email with the link... so the password above the link below... idiots
But the email they sent with the attached license keys and the follow up email with the password to access those license keys were sent to an account that they had just removed the licenses for. So I was unable to access any (new) email after 7pm when they disabled the account.
TL:DR Microsoft disabled my Office 365 E3 licenses and then emailed me license keys to renew my Office 365 E3 accounts to the accounts they just disabled so I couldn't get access to the email with the license keys in it.
EDIT: I was using round numbers of 7pm and 705pm. Here's the actual times.
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2020 7:16 PM Subject: Your Office 365 E3 subscription was successfully canceled Your Office 365 E3 subscription was canceled An admin in your organization has canceled one of your subscriptions. Subscription name: Office 365 E3
From: [email protected] Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2020 7:23 PM This is a follow up with your service request *** which is about your O365 E3 licenses. Please see attached file for the token. The file is encrypted with a password. I’ll be sending your password on a separate email. Link: **********
From: [email protected] Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2020 7:23 PM Password: ************* Link: *********
submitted by Note2scott to msp

Starlink Beta Report: Specifications, dimensions, initial impressions.

After having Starlink service for a day, I wanted to give a quick report on my experience and various specifications that would be of interest to people in rural locations.
Here's a gallery showing the unboxing, ground setup, specifications, measurements, speed tests, and some statistics. Keep in mind, my speed test was done with significant obstructions (trees, fences, houses, and heavy cloud cover), I wanted to test it in a less-than-ideal setup and I was very impressed by the result. Others have shared roof-top, clear view speed tests and that is consistent with what I've experienced, too.


Everything is of an extreme build quality, and this works significantly better than I had ever imagined. It feels like it's from the future. Given a top-tier cell phone costs in the $1,000 range, I am completely amazed I have my hands on a setup like this for ~$500, so I am biased positively towards this service. The antenna itself seems like it should be many thousands of $$$, so I just want to share how fortunate I feel to have access to this.

Rough specs (pics in gallery for measurements and manual screenshots:

- 59cm / 23.2in in diameter for the antenna array (measured) - 12.4cm / 4.8in circumference for pole (measured), 3.95cm / 1.6in diameter calculated. - Dish operating temp: -22°F to 104°F / -30°C to 40°C - Power Supply / Router operating temp: 50°F to 86°F / 10°C to 30°C 
Power Supply (AC Adapter PoE Injector) Specs:
- Input: 100-240V ~2.5A 50-60Hz - PoE Output: 56V 1.6A (x2); Output: 56V 0.3A (Total Max 180W) LPS 
Bandwidth with more limited obstruction (I don't really have anywhere with a clear view, haven't tested on rooftop yet):
- 135 mbps down - 25 mbps up - 21 ms latency 
Unfair Initial bandwidth w/ significant obstruction (bad weather, treetops, fences, houses):
- 46 mbps down - 15 mbps up - 41 ms latency 
Max available down bandwidth
- 191.35 mbps 
I placed the antenna all over the property, but always near the ground. The antenna auto-levels and orients itself. Bootup is roughly 1 minute when plugged into power, then it takes anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes to properly orient mechanically. Positioning is all done automatically, so it's basically plug & play. The fastest speed test for me showed ~135mbps down, ~25mpbs up, with around 21ms of latency.
There is a single powered ethernet wire from the antenna array to the power supply, and a single powered ethernet wire from the power supply to the router. The provided antenna wire is fixed to the antenna, but well over 100' (by estimation, I didn't measure the length). There is no setup involved besides physical placement and setting a name of the Wifi network and password -- all the tricky stuff is automated.
The router has a single out port which can be connected to another router. Given the build quality of the router, I'm keeping it in my network stack and using the aux port as WAN to the backbone network. I'm using a Ubiquiti Amplifi HD mesh network as the primary local net.

Usage for Streaming / Video conferencing

I connected a Samsung 4k smart tv to the network and streamed via YoutubTV and Amazon Prime Video for a few hours. In YoutubeTV, the quality was HD+, with limited buffering after around 10minutes for less than a second intermittently (YouTubeTV has been doing that regularly anyway). With Prime Video, it was on the highest quality without any interruptions during playback. In the statistics, the service would be interrupted intermittently for half a second every 15 minutes or so, which I believe is due to handing off to a new satellite in conjunction with all the obstructions I have.
In addition to streaming, I've been uploading media, chatting on the phone (voip), and using github / npm / rust crates with no issues. Video conferencing worked without delays while connected to a satellite -- can definitely work from home using this connection. I did have an interruption during video after 5 minutes due to satellite switching, and when it happened, I went to the app and it reported how many seconds for the next satellite (15s). After the elapsed time, I was reconnected automatically and could continue my video chat without another interruption.
Given all the obstructions for this connection at the moment, I am amazed at how well it works. Streaming, low-latency video conferencing, and gaming are all completely accessible with this service. Even for the beta, it appears as though they've under-estimated Starlink's capabilities, so I am excited to see it mature.
Posted via Starlink
edit: added power supply specs, content that was cutoff
edit: power supply outputs are standard powered ethernet (PoE)
submitted by wandering-coder to Starlink