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[Table] r/Games⁠ — AMA - I'm Peter "Durante" Thoman, modder, DSfix creator and co-founder of PH3 games. Today, we released a huge update for Ys VIII PC, and announced our Trails of Cold Steel 3 port.

Questions Answers
the below question has been split into four
1) At first I wanted to give out a wholeheartedly thank you for all the great work you've done for us pc players starting with DSfix <3 One more general question which often comes to my mind and which I just don't understand the reason for is: I can't speak for any other developers, but here's what I think.
2) Why do PC ports often keep shipping with the same basic issues over and over again namely mouse smoothing and acceleration. I still have to go into .ini files and turn that stuff off manually. Why not make sure to get your primary input method on the PC platform right out of the box? Regarding mouse controls: it's something that might not be tested for enough. Also, with some more console-centric developers, there might not be sufficient awareness of what the issue even is.
3) And a second question: I feel that performances optimization is often not a priority for devs, "brute force it" is good enough Regarding performance optimization: true performance optimization (as in, not just doing less, but actually doing the same thing with fewer resources) is a challenging engineering task. This is further complicated by the common lack of good automated test coverage for games, which means that changes that might induce new bugs carry a large risk of increasing QA time significantly.
4) DOOM 2016 runs like a dream for example but so many games don't perform as they should compared to how they look (at least that's how it feels like sometimes) So you need the right people to even be able to do it (engineers qualified to do performance optimization), and the will and resources to finance it (both the optimization and the additional QA). And you might only get modest improvements. In a for-profit company, someone will be thinking "how many extra copies are we actually going to sell by (e.g.) speeding up rendering by 8%"?
the below question is a reply to the above answer's "good automated test coverage for game"
As somebody who works in devops and owns our dev team's dev infra, I cannot imagine how on earth you would ever manage to get solid automated integration testing for massive 3D apps. Just thinking about it is making me squirm That's probably why almost no one (I say "almost" because I heard some things about some of those massive services games) has it. I also worked for a long time in compilers, and while compilers are in some ways more complex than games, at least you can run massive unit and integration test suites on a huge platform matrix with moderate effort.
How does someone transition from being a modder into opening a porting studio? I don't think there's a generally accepted path to doing that, but I can tell you what happened to me.
One day I got an email from Ken Berry of XSEED, asking me whether I could help them in any way with their troubled port of Little King's Story. I had been contacted a few times before, and I said the same thing I said every time: "Sure, but I need the source code and here's my hourly rate".
I never heard back from other people after that, but Ken went along with it without any issues. After some (partial, it was a very big challenge) success in patching LKS, he again contacted me for Trails of Cold Steel 1. In that case, I ultimately figured out that a short-term consulting could not result in the port quality it deserves and that I need to switch it to an entirely different rendering backend (DX11 from OpenGL), and that it would be easier to just take over the entire port rather than coordinate that. Again, that's what we ended up doing, and for ToCS2 I just did the port from the beginning.
I later teamed up with 2 good friends to distribute the workload (and also get into some other fields), and here we are.
the below question is a reply to the above answer and split into two
1) If you don't mind me asking - what is your hourly rate? The hourly rate I charged back then at the very beginning was 80€. (I went with something lower than what I would charge for working on anything I wasn't passionate about)
Large projects like entire ports are paid by a predetermined fee, not hourly.
2) Also did you do other dev work before this? like web dev? I did a lot of HPC development and research. You can find some here
Here is a cool project I'm currently working on in that context: https://celerity.github.io/
the below question is also a reply to the original answer
What were some of the problems that you encountered when working on Little King's Story? It's one of my favorite Wii games, and hearing that the PC port was still suffering from some major issues after your patches was kind of a bummer. I doubt XSEED is going to decide to pay you for another round of work on such a niche game years after the fact, so the problems will stay what they are, but I'm interested in hearing how they ended up seeming insurmountable. The primary issues that remain are related to the game's built-in custom scripting language. There's no documentation on it, and at the time I did not have access to the toolchain or the original input, just the compiled scripts. Since some things like entire boss battles are defined in those scripts, and it's done in a framerate-dependent way, it would require a great reverse-engineering effort to fully fix those.
the below question is also a reply to the original answer
Is there a technical reason you picked Dx11 and not improve the OpenGL renderer or switch to Vulkan? Dx11 doesn't work on OSX or Linux, while the others do, which makes it difficult to port the code to those platforms as well. PhyreEngine already had a DX11 backend. It didn't work with the game, but it was still going to be far less work than starting from scratch.
the below question is also a reply to the original answer
Other people from XSEED had contacted you prior and Ken closed the deal, or people from other companies who wanted you to mod their games free? Please name names or at least hint. Other companies which I will not name.
the below question has been split into two
When porting a PC game, I'm wondering what is considered a higher priority: making the visuals as good as possible so that high-end pc's can get the most out of it, or making the minimum requirements for the game as low as possible in order to get more people to play the game? I think both are very important. You need a good baseline, and you also need room to grow. I personally think the latter is not just important for people who have high-end systems now -- they are, after all, a tiny minority -- rather, it's important because PC is a forever platform. Ideally, we don't need re-releases in 10 years, instead, we can run the games that are already out there at the very best they can be with everything their artists and designers created. That's how it should be.
On that topic, do you think you got the best out of the port, or would you have been able to go further where you to have unlimited time and money? Unless you are porting something like a 1-bit platformer, I don't think anyone could ever honestly answer that they got the absolute best out of a port like this. I'm proud of what we achieved given the real-world constraints everyone operates under, but could we go even further without them? Of course.
I watched most of the presentation today. It was a very resourceful experience with the amount of info revealed about porting games. Also very happy about the announcement of Cold Steel III on Steam. That being said, what was the most difficult obstacle you faced during the ToCS3 porting process? For ToCS3, I would say one of the most challenging things -- just like it was in ToCS1 and 2 really -- is the asset pipeline.
Basically, PhyreEngine is a really neat engine, but the way it works with assets is not ideal for the type of PC development I do when porting, especially not with a massive game like ToCS3. One example is that material shaders get compiled into the asset package files, which means that if you are testing a global shader parameter change you need to rebuild all affected assets.
For ToCS3, a full asset rebuild takes about 6 hours on my PC (and that's pretty tuned for it, with 64 GB memory, everything on NVME storage etc.). As you can imagine that affects the implementation/testing cycle productivity a lot when doing those types of changes, so I try to move them as early as possible in the process.
Is your studio name a reference to the actual chemical compound, phosphine? It seems a bit relevant given the logo is akin to the 3D model of phosphine, and also a bit fitting considering the nature of its pure and non-pure forms. The studio name is the result of a really silly pun I made after a really long meeting trying to decide on a name.
I said something like "Short names are good, we are three co-founders, we all have PhDs, let's go with PH3".
Awesome catch on the logo, we retrofitted that, but it is in fact based on a projection of phosphine (I think you are the first person who ever remarked on that).
As a fan of Trails, thank you so much Durante! I praise your work all the time on Meta but figured it wouldn't hurt doing once here too. So, since this is an AMA and all, you say that these (YS VIII update and ToCS 3) are PH3's first large-scale projects, how many more are in the works that you can't reveal right now? Can't wait to see the PH3 logo more and more! And a second question - when we will be able to pre-order Cold Steel 3 on Steam? I can't wait until I see it on my library. >So, since this is an AMA and all, you say that these (YS VIII update and ToCS 3) are PH3's first large-scale projects, how many more are in the works that you can't reveal right now?
More than zero, less than four ;)
Durante, the original music assets for Ys VIII are kind of low quality, and some of us actually developed a mod based around the 24-bit FLAC release of the soundtrack. Do you know if there is a chance that higher-quality music assets can be used for this PC release so the mod is no longer necessary? Thank you for improving the port on this game - it's one of my all-time favorites! Please contact me by PM when it's less busy!
When fixing Ys VIII, did Nisa pass on some of the complaints from the beta or did they just tell you to fix whatever you thought was necessary? I got a list of things from NISA, and I also had a list of my own of things I wanted to do.
Then I played the game for 100+ hours and came up with even more stuff to do.
Then our great beta testers came up with even more stuff.
And along the way I got it into my head that local coop needs to happen.
When were you approached about working on Ys 8/start the work itself? And how did the new co-op feature come to happen? IIRC we started the work on Ys VIII around September last year.
The co-op feature basically happened like this:
* I really absolutely love local coop.
* I love Ys, and there are often 2 or more characters available. I talked with a friend on what a shame it is it doesn't have coop.
* I joked "I have the source, I'll just hack it in!"
* I looked into it, still thinking there was no viable way to do it as a "hobby" project.
* I actually made some progress.
* I spent about 100 hours or so on nights and weekends to implement it ;)
* The awesome people at NISA and Falcom allowed us to release it even though it's unsupported/experimental!
the below question is a reply to the above answer and split into two
1) My dude, I love you. Haha, my niece was just talking about how she wishes one of these games were co-op. Never forget the massiveness of this to certain people's hearts. The only reason it's there is because it's massive for me as well ;)
2) ACTUAL QUESTION: I imagine the shared screen is a result of it being much tougher to implement split screen than one would think. Is it possible for you to give a quick surface-level explanation of what would need to be considered/done for it to happen? Annnd is it too late for this "experimental" to switch to it for this game? I don't blame ya if you have to skip this question or save it for when this thread slows down. It would add quite a few complications. You'd have to decouple several systems from the rendering, and replicate some others. That said, a few things would also be easier, the co-op camera is one of the more complicated aspects of the co-op implementation, and one that required a lot of refinement (and of course it's still far from perfect, but at least it tries to be "smart" when it can ;)).
the below question is also a reply to the original answer
Any idea if the co-op update will be applied to the GoG version of the game? It's already there! (Or should be, I'm a bit stressed right now ;))
How difficult was it to update Ys Viii compared to your work on CS1 and CS2? The challenges were different.
I would say overall the update on Ys was certainly less total work as a project (e.g. in terms of man-hours), but it required investigating some rather involved issues and getting familiar with an entirely custom, unique engine.
Really, in a way it was an ideal project for me, since I could mostly focus on technical issues and many of the more "boring" parts of porting (e.g. moving achievements from the PS API to the Steam API) were already done.
the below question is a reply to the above answer
speaking of achievements, why gog is a red stepchild? both ys and tocs3 are lacking them for some reason, even though previous xseed releases were very good at keeping the parity between the store fronts ToCS3 will have full achievement support on GoG at release!
What kind of education or work did you do that allowed you to learn the deep technical knowledge that seems to surpass even paid professionals? Not that you aren't a paid professional at this point but you were doing this stuff before you were. I have a PhD in computer science, and I worked as a lead developer for the Insieme source to source compiler for several years.
But I think it might be even more important that I am a big fan of many of the games I work on.
What Japanese game would you like to port on PC the most? Interesting question.
There are a lot of candidates, but in terms of just the game itself I would love to do Ar Tonelico 2, it's an absolutely amazing, underrated gem. But realistically, that would need more than just a port, given that it's a PS2 game and wasn't particularly sophisticated technically even on that.
the below question is a reply to the above answer
Ar Tonelico 2 is definitely the best of the series, but I do think one of the routes loses a lot of impact if you haven't already played the first game. Yeah, I think it would have to be the entire series.
But it's incredibly unrealistic an idea anyway, sadly.
I didn't see it mentioned on the Pax video, but is 21:9 supported for Cold Steel 3 and the YS8 update? I loved reading the technical posts you did for CS 1 and 2. Any chance you'll be doing those again? 21:9 Sadly, the amount of effort to add it to Ys8 after the fact would have gone beyond what was feasible here.
However, ToCS3 will have full 21:9 support, more polished in a few aspects than CS1 and 2. (And a bit better than some recent AAA releases, grumble)
the below question is a reply to the above answer
That's a bummer on YS8. That said I'm even more excited for ToCS3! I just got an ultrawide earlier this year, and I've been using a lot of weird exe replacements and hex editing to get 21:9 working on a few titles. I'd love to know about some of the technical issues you end up having to deal with that go beyond the work that lots of those hacks end up doing? 80% of the work in the CS games for getting ultrawide in is in UI. These games have an absolute ton of UI, and all of it has custom implementations in either code, scripts or both. Even if it looks like it's "just in the center", believe me, it's often not that easy.
18% of the work is in effects. Something like full screen flashes, overlays, fades etc. Again, a lot of individual code paths to clear. I commonly see issues with that even in AAA releases.
2% is the actual 3D rendering.
Honestly, if you look at it just in terms of marketshare / dev cost, I think there's no way the work on 21:9 in these games pays off. But I have a 21:9 monitor ;P
the below question has been split into three
1) Gotta start by thanking you for your work, even though I don't a have a PC nearly good enough to run those games, you are a essential part of the system that made it possible for a lot of people to play these games and spread the love for Falcom, so yeah, you deserve it hahaha. Oh and yeah, I was addicted to Souls before Falcom, and you also helped people witht he PC port, so double thanks. x) Are you a fan of Falcom games? How many Trails and Ys games have you played? I'm a huge fan of Falcom games. I've played almost every Ys, and the TitS and CS Kiseki games.
I also really love Xanadu Next.
2) Was it you who came up with the (glorious) idea of implementing a Co-op system? If not, whom? Yes, it was me. As I mentioned in another post, it started as more of a joke, I didn't think I could actually do it in any reasonable timeframe.
3) When were you contacted to work on those games? I don't recall the exact time right now, but it's been a while, especially for ToCS3. It's hard to stay out of fan discussions and speculation as a fan myself ;)
I really love turbo mode that you introduced, but I really struggle to enjoy it during battles in both CS1&2 due to it skipping animations. Would it be possible to disconnect the turbo mode from the skip button? This is the case in ToCS3.
the below question is a reply to the above answer
Is it at all possible to do the same for 1&2? Sadly, it would be really hard to go back and update them now, I've basically archived those and would need to redo all the dev environment setup for them. In a tiny company that kind of thing eats up a lot of time that is needed for active projects.
Seeing as you've worked on the two engines Falcom has used (first begin CS1&2, second CS3), which one felt more difficult to work on and why? CS 1, 2 and 3 are all based on a customized version of PhyreEngine. Ys VIII is based on a different engine. All have unique challenges in working with them (like any technology really).
For CS1 in particular, a big challenge was that Falcom used the OpenGL backend during development (which makes perfect sense for them since it's close in behaviour to PS3), but the performance of that is really bad for a PC product. As such, I had to change the backend to DX11, which broke a whole ton of things since they were never built for that. It required a few slightly wonky hacks but everything worked out in the end, and I learned a lot about the lower-level rendering process of the engine while doing it!
Thanks for all great work on the PC platform! My question is when you worked on DSFix what was the toughest part to get working on that mod? I'd say the toughest part is the one thing that still doesn't work all the time: the sun flare at high resolutions ;)
A few years back I had a new idea on what it might be caused by, but I never had time to look into it in detail again (and it wouldn't make much sense now).
In general, doing anything related to e.g. shadow casting or other features that touch more of the render pipeline is just far harder without source access.
Small detail to ask about I guess, but will Cold Steel 3 have mouse-support in Menus and/or the Battle UI? I've been quite curious of how well a Persona 5-style UI would translate in a PC port - Particularly given the emphasis on Face Buttons since their associated functions might be mapped in a variety of "non-standard" positions all across the Keyboard and Mouse. Unless, of course, there is the option for separate bindings for the Battle UI from what the associated buttons would do in other contexts. There is no mouse pointer support in menus (just like for CS1 and CS2), but with multiple bindings depending on different situations I think we came up with a scheme that makes the game very playable on mouse/keyboard. And we have several testers who focus on that!
After porting Cold Steel 1, how easy or hard was it to port Cold Steel 2? And how easy or hard was it to port Cold Steel 3 compared to 2? Edit: Also thanks for your awesome work on CS1, CS2 and now CS3 and Ys VIII! For ToCS1, I came in in when the port was already pretty far along -- and then had to change everything to DX11.
For 2, I did the entire port for the first time, so that was new, but the technology was very similar.
For 3, I had experience with a full port, the engine base was similar, but the actual level of technology is significantly higher. We also made some big changes based on lessons learned in TOCS1 and 2, such as switching to fully internal video decoding. And for the first time we worked on a shared code base with the Switch team at Engine software.
So each had its own challenges.
Thanks for all your hard work! What are your favorite ports that you weren't involved in? That's an awesome question!
It depends on how far back you want to go and what you consider a port, but one recent instance I was very impressed by is the Valkyria Chronicles 4 PC version.
It performs well, has all the most important features, and even supports ultrawide aspect ratios. And now they went ahead and even included all the DLC for free!
Are there any current games you’re dying to give a graphical update that you know would be a (relatively) easy endeavor? How hard would it be to get involved with, say, FF14’s team to get them beyond the basic DX11 improvements they added years ago? I'd love to be able to make the Atelier game PC versions better, and I think the basics wouldn't be too time-consuming.
Thank you! I'm near the end of ToCS1 and Smart Turbo has been a godsend for skipping combat animations and long slow pans. I especially love that the in-game clock gets sped up, so I can compare that to my Steam playtime to know exactly how much time I've saved. I hope you'll be able to stay involved with future Trails games as well. >I especially love that the in-game clock gets sped up, so I can compare that to my Steam playtime to know exactly how much time I've saved.
This was a bug/unintended, but when I figured it out I thought the exact same thing and kept it in there since it's really interesting to see.
Not a question, but this finally pushed me over the edge to buy Ys8 on Steam after having it in my wishlist for years. Thanks! Enjoy, it's an amazing game!
Did Bandai Namco, or the porting developers contact you at all regarding Dark Souls Remastered and getting that working on PC's? No, I never had any official contact with them.
My question is, are you working with Engine Software on Cold Steel 3 or are Engine Software not involved with the PC port? Thanks! :) We work on a shared code base with Engine Software (and it's great!), but everything PC-specific is the work of PH3, just like everything Switch-specific is made by Engine.
The switch version actually reuses the asset compression/packaging format we built for the PC release, which is really neat.
the below question has been split into two
Hey guys! Big fan on how you guys port Nihon Falcom games to PC. I only have two simple questions: 1) Have any other Japanese game company (or any other company, really), aside from Nihon Falcom, tried to hire you to port some of their catalogue of IPs to PC, like Square-Enix, Bandai-Namco, Sega, Atlus, between others? Falcom didn't really hire us, XSEED and then NISA did. A few other companies have contacted us, but no concrete projects have materialized so far.
2) Have you ever tried branching out in terms of porting (and by that, I mean have you tried porting to other platforms, like the PS4, the Nintendo Switch, or the Xbox One)? Or are your ports PC-centric? We have been asked about this by some partners as well. With our current size it would be too much of a challenge, but you never know what will happen in the future. Our primary goal is to keep quality at a level we are satisfied with.
Was Falcom involved at all in the co-op idea and implementation, or was that all you and NIS? I did most of it in my free time before talking to anyone (other than the friend I tested it with) about it.
I was hoping that we would be able to release it as an experimental feature for everyone, but it was by no means certain.
the below question is a reply to the above answer
I am not familiar with Ys VIII console versions. Does co-op feature exist in them and you enabled it on PC? Or you built it form scratch? I am trying to quantify the size of this undertaking :) There is no co-op feature in any other version of the game.
Thanks for all the hard work porting the Cold Steel franchise and Ys 8, I was so excited hearing CS1 was coming to PC when it was first announced and I've been looking forward to Falcom PC releases ever since! (Crossing my fingers for Ys 9 on PC someday too) As for my question, what's your favorite Falcom game? That's really hard to decide, but I think overall it's still Ys Origin.
I think it's the absolute pinnacle of that style of action RPG gemeplay-wise, incredibly fluid and responsive, and I just love the more 90s-style art.
how invested are you in the Ys and Kiseki franchise and would have never though you would be working on the pc ports for them ? ps. thanks for all you've done Port God Durante I've been a massive fan of Ys particularly since XSEED's Ys Origin PC release, and I never thought I'd be able to work on one of them myself.
(Much less implement coop in it!)
Out of curiosity, I know work on it isn't done yet, but would the system requirements of CS3 be considerably steeper than 1&2? I'd love to run the game on a GPD Win 2 but I'm not sure how realistic that would be since it's a beefier game. GPD Win 2 will probably be borderline. I think 30 FPS should be doable at 720p, but I cannot guarantee it at this time.
The assets and effects are just much higher base quality given the game originates on more powerful hardware.
For Ys 8, was the blur pass/filter that was previously called "FXAA" in the game replaced with some better form of screen-space antialiasing, or was the option simply renamed from "FXAA" to "Anti Aliasing" to more accurately describe its "non-FXAA" nature? Also, many thanks to both you and NISA for this update. Having participated from the very first betas and seeing the port evolve and all of the challenges and issues that faced the various porting teams involved, I am glad to see that NISA stuck around and ended up contracting your team to improve on the previously lackluster port. The blur pass was replaced with FXAA 3.11 (HQ profile). It was also adapted to work correctly with arbitrary resolutions and the new supersampling feature.
I bought the Ys 8 Collector's edition at launch, and it's crashed whenever I tried to pick the sword off the beach at every attempt I've made to play it for the past two years. Thanks for fixing it, I really appreciate finally being able to actually enjoy it, but what the heck happened in the first place? EDIT: Just tried the patch, it fixed the crash I was having. Thanks a ton! Great to hear!
Do you have any thoughts on Rivatuner's scanline sync feature? I've enjoyed it a lot since I don't have a GPU that support gsync/freesync and Vsync input lag really bothers me. Do you know if there's a reason it wasn't developed years ago? It's such a good solution when it comes to smoothing out competitive games. It's extremely cool.
I have a variable sync screen now but I used it before that.
I don't know why no one thought of it before. Why did no one think of doing DSVSR before I made GeDoSaTo? It's even more obvious in a way ;)
I have a question, keeping in mind that I don't know much about console development. When you started working on these ports, did the original codebase have any sort of dummied-out PC support already that you were satisfied with and just enabled (like basic mouse/KB support, dev tools to generate a Windows executable, etc.)? I imagine that for console development, a lot of the game is developed on a PC first just to make testing easier and a separate console-specific graphics pipeline is developed (especially if, say, the game also had to release on multiple consoles). Thank you a lot for participating in such a technical AMA! Yes, each of the games was able to run on PC in some fashion for development purposes.
However, generally that means at exact console settings and resolution, with the console controller and nothing else, and with performance that's just good enough to not be too annoying during development.
So, I do game dev work professionally but I want to one day pick up some side projects involving mods. Stuff like fan translations, shader mods, etc. What kind of tools, guides, skillets, etc. Would you recommend for someone with existing technical background to make this "transition"? The things you mentioned require quite distinct skills I'd say. E.g. fan translation requires more file format reverse engineering and/or extraction/insertion, while something like shader and graphics mods might be more suited to dll injection.
I'm primarily familiar with the latter, and I did write a small guide for it at one point: https://github.com/PeterTh/GameManipTutorial
Any planned improvements in the ToCS3 PC port? I was originally planning to get the Switch version (before PC version was announced), now considering getting PC when it comes out instead, but if there isn't anything notable, I may prefer portability of Switch. The ToCS3 PC version will have a variety of PC-only graphics options (larger draw distance, better anti aliasing, better shadows, HBAO+, etc.), the ability to run at higher FPS, a slightly more flexible turbo system, 21:9 compatibility and autosaves.
I think which platform you want it on really depends on how you want to play the game and how much you care about some image quality aspects.
the below question has been split into two
Im curious of a few things. 1) How does a game like Ys8, which ran perfectly fine on PS4 and Vita get ported so poorly to what is objectively a more robust ecosystem with PC? is there more to it than im imagining or was it simply rushed? A full answer would require a huge amount of technical background, but the short of it is that PC APIs work differently in some key aspects, and when an engine is not designed for that at first, it might require more in-depth technical work than initially expected to create a well-performing port.
2) will you try to support true ultrawidescreen resolutions with the PC port of CS3? I might double dip on the PC Ver for CS3 but, considering i got the platinum trophy less than 2 weeks after it came out, i think im done with that game for basically another 3 or 4 years. (i'd gotten it already in japanese as well). Yes, absolutely. As I said in another post, the 21:9 support is actually more solid in some aspects than in CS1 and 2 even.
When you started to create the first mods, or as I prefer it, fixes, did you ever expect that this day would come and you achieve all this "official" releases? Not at all.
Durante, on a scale of Ys 8 PC port to YS 8 PC port v2.0 - how disappointed you are at Gust PC ports? Oh Knurek you old coot.
Programming is an art form, and all artists have inspirations. What are your sources of inspiration in your work? Some of my co-workers make fun of me when we walk around and I point out the fantastically artifact-free implementation of variable penumbra shading of some bicycle's shadow next to a wall's, the interesting specular reflections on the street, or the impossible geometric detail in a shrubbery.
Who's your favourite Kiseki character? Mine is Joshua or Fie. My favourite by far is Estelle.
I actually wrote half an essay on a forum at some point on why she's such an interesting/refreshing JRPG protagonist, but I can't find the link right now ;)
Hey, i have 2 questions: First i know that you work on the PC port but there are some rough areas in the end game of CS3 PS4 version where the FPS tanks really badly that you will probably fix/optimize in this new port, my question is do you know if those optimizations, if they happen can be implemented in the PS4 version of the game by NISA as a patch? Second question is that if this port will support easy modding like changing the music for example by just simply draging the music file into the correct directory like in CS1 and 2, i had fun mixing tracks from the previous games when i started NG+. Thanks. I can't really answer your first question, but regarding the second question, everything except 3D models will be as easy to access and mod in CS3 as it is in CS1/2.
First of all, thank you Durante (and all of those involved) for all your hard work! Trails and Ys are one of my favorite game franchises of all time. My question is: I'm really not an expert when it comes to PC specs. Would my laptop (ASUS) be able to handle CS3's minimum requirements? My laptop runs a 4GB Ram, i3-7th gen, and has GeForce 940MX. It was able to run CS1, CS2 (loved the turbo mode), and surprisingly, only a few crashes on Ys 8 (I was able to finish it). Think it can also run CS3 with no issues? Minimal settings is okay with me as long as I can play the game. I fear that 4GB of memory might not be enough even on low settings. Remember, this is a port from a platform with 8GB while CS1 and 2 were ported from a platform with 512 MB.
Hi Durante, Ys VIII is the first Ys game I have played(on PS Vita), and I love it. Last year I purchased PC one on GOG because I heard from others PC version add new content. But they also said in early stage, the PC port is really unstable. Fortunately, for me, it only crashes 3 times, and it suddenly drop framerate so often(playable tough, with audio destroy my ear). I am glad it get this huge improvement patch. Although PC version lack many costumes from other versions and I did not get those pre purchase bonus, I think it is fine for me. But I uninstalled this game because my ssd almost have no space few months ago. I should install it back these days. Although I'm not sure if GOG version has been updated... My question: ①Is there any hope that GOG version can get achievement system back? ②I saw Steam version add that HQ texture pack as DLC, will GOG version add that too? I didn't see it in GOG store dlc pages. ③Can "––coop" parameter also work on GOG version?(I can't find launch option/command line in GOG Galaxy 2.0 though, I remember it exist in previous GOG Galaxy 1.x. Don't know if I can make a shortcut of game exe and add this parameter in shortcut) Also glad you did Trails of Cold Steel 3 PC port, although I don't have big interest in trail series(Have played them on PS Vita and finish games), my friends who love trail series will have a good experience on PC. Thanks again for your amazing work! The GoG version has been updated with everything from the Steam update, including coop (which you can use by directly launching the exe). The texture pack will follow soon. However, at this point, Galaxy achievements are not planned for it.
How did you get into software development and ultimately such a technical specialty?, did you get a degree first?, is it self taught?, how would someone start doing what you're doing? I got into software development (well, at that point, more "reckless code hacking" than software development) in high school as a hobby, self-taught.
Then I studied computer science and got a BS, then a MS, and then a PhD, and then worked as a post-doc.
That said, I don't think that's necessary, though it helps with some things.
I would say that perhaps the most important part is to have the passion/stubbornness to stick with it.
the below question is a reply to the above answer's "That said, I don't think that's necessary"
If I had the right mindset (and perseverance)... would I be able to learn everything I need by myself then?, everything that can be learnt on a BS/MS/PhD?, normal teaching environments stress me out to the point of not being able to perform (I'm currently struggling to start uni for the second time in fact), but I'm able to learn by myself no problem no matter the subject. Thanks so much for answering, you're an inspiration. I don't really see why not, the internet basically has all the information about everything ;)
First of all, thank you for the patch! I heard the original version had problems running on Windows 7 specifically, do you know if the patch fixes that? Thank you again for the amazing work. We have a tester who specifically played the new version on Windows 7 (64 bit) to test that for many hours without issues (while they had stability problems with the previous release).
So yes, it should.
Hi, congratz on getting the port. I'm a big fan of the work and support you've given both the other Cold Steel ports and can't wait to see you do this one. I would like to ask, do you or NISA have any plans to fix some of the gameplay relevant mistranslations? There are a fair number (10-15+) of food items in the game that have entirely incorrect descriptions from chapter 2 onwards. There are also some misleading descriptions on brave orders that state they do the value opposite of the one they actually do. Do you know if these will be addressed in any way? I don't know about those specifically right now, but I can confirm that both the PC and Switch versions will have a whole lot of additional translation fixes.
I've seen on your twitter couple of times that you're interested in the Atelier series and you were talking about helping Koei Tecmo port their games if they wanted to, but i know nothing happened with that. My question is if you have played the Atelier ports, how do you think they are? There's were so many weird things going on with them like Atelier Sophie having 720p UI, poor performance on Atelier Firis with overheating GPUs and extreme GPU usage, Atelier Rorona having this weird hanging issue when opening menus (which actually are kinda happening with the Dusk DX Trilogy too) and a general lack of options and AA supports and DSR support etc. Experienced any of those issues yourself and how do you feel in general with Koei Tecmo ports because i find them pretty poor for the price point they are asking (60 to 70 Euro)? I'm very sad about that. I feel like some of their ports are better than others (i.e. Sophie is pretty decent at this point, and Ryza seems to be as well), but what's really frustrating is that there's no clear improvement visible from release to release, and sometimes even regressions in basic things.
Thanks for all your hard work fixing games for all these years. I'm glad companies hire you now to help them, and looking forward to Trails of Cold Steel 3 for PC. Will it be getting the fast forward mechanic like in the previous games? Yes, Turbo is in CS3 as well.
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ETH News/Dapp Compilation

Hi guys. This is a list I started just recently for personal use to keep track of all the great news we’ve gotten recently for Ethereum. I’m trying my best to categorize the articles by either what type of industry ETH is helping, or how ETH is being helped (Infrastructure section).
It is in no way a comprehensive list and I’d like to open it up to everyone here to contribute/pick apart. I’ve got an idea for basically an “onboarding packet” for Ethereum that will include a rundown of all this stuff, some defi growth stats, list of popular dapps, user guide for Metamask (None of which will come from me but will be compiled all into one place for the benefit of newbs).
I think any non-believer who reads all of the articles in this list, or even just the snippets I included, would be hard pressed to say “ETH isn’t used” or “crypto is a scam” …unless they are just a total moron. Apologies for bad formatting.
https://www.coindesk.com/oxfam-trials-delivery-of-disaster-relief-using-ethereum-stablecoin-dai “Oxfam has previously distributed help to Vanuatu villagers using cash, but the time taken for ID checks and bank visits was an obstacle, the charity representative said. Onboarding a new user for cash aid took around an hour, signing up for a DAI card takes six minutes, Micky wrote. Plus, it made the whole process more transparent.”
private UK tax/audit company with over 35 Billion in revenue "Instead of developing a private iteration, EY has announced that its Nightfall protocol will run on top of the public Ethereum network. Further, the multi-national accounting conglomerate has taken a unique strategy to intellectual property. The company said that it will not only open-source the protocol code but also put it in the public domain with absolutely no license at all."
"Today, as part of Crypto Week 2019, we are excited to announce Cloudflare's Ethereum Gateway, where you can interact with the Ethereum network without installing any additional software on your computer."
https://www.coindesk.com/microsoft-ethereum-group-launch-token-building-kit-for-enterprises Microsoft launches a kit for businesses to build their own public Ethereum tokens.
“According to a report from CoinDesk Korea published Sunday, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is currently compatible only with ether (ETH) and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. Bitcoin is not yet supported, despite the logo appearing on earlier pre-release presentation images.”
“Dapps can be accessed by typing their address directly in the browser, avoiding the need to use third-party extensions” https://www.bitcoinisle.com/2019/04/05/ethereum-eth-former-white-house-deputy-ctos-blockchain-startup-raises-3-7m-in-seed-funding/ Former whitehouse Chief Technology Officer raising money for an Ethereum side-chain. The chain WILL use the public chain as a final authority, so not just another private chain.
Per the release, the tool newly added to PwC’s Halo auditing suite can be used to “provide assurance services for entities engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.” The firm claims that, with the new addition, the Halo suite permits PwC to provide independent evidence of private-public key pairing (to establish crypto asset ownership), and gather information about transactions and balances from blockchains.
Supply Chain/Logistics:
“With a spreadsheet, you have to take the farmers’ word on faith. But Treum provides a timestamp and a geolocation—tied to a specific, pre-selected field—that demonstrates, irrevocably, that the crop was grown where the farmer said it was grown. This data is then transferred, in the form of a single token, to the Ethereum network, where it cannot be overwritten.”
"Cyrille Jomand, iDealwine’s CEO, said: “Bottles verified by iDealwine are equipped with an inviolable RFID TAG which permanently guarantees the link between the bottle of wine and the information contained and transferred in the blockchain.”
"Societe Generale, a major French investment bank, issued a $112 million bond in security tokens on the public ethereum blockchain in April, but Alior’s management believes it is the first bank to use a public blockchain for a direct customer service solution"
"Customers can search documents they have received on Alior’s servers and browse their history to find where those documents are located on the (Ethereum) blockchain to ensure that they have not been changed by the bank since they were published."
http://fintechnews.sg/31826/blockchain/worlds-first-traditional-equity-shares-on-the-blockchain-blueshare-launches-in-singapore/ The token/share ratio is 1:1, meaning that 1 security token is backed by 1 Equity Capital Participation Share. Investments are accepted both in fiat and cryptocurrencies – Euro, Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether. The token sale started on May 6, 2019. The funds raised under the proposed security token offering will be used as a direct investment into the company’s mining and exploration concessions.
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/iceland-financial-regulator-approves-blockchain-190100164.html "Reykjavik-based Monerium, backed by blockchain software company ConsenSys, has reportedly been approved by the Icelandic financial watchdog to provide fiat payment services using ethereum (ETH) blockchain"
https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2019/06/19/metlife-plans-to-disrupt-2-7-trillion-life-insurance-industry-using-ethereum-blockchain/#1dd36d002770 MetLife is utilizing the live public Ethereum blockchain to add transparency and efficiency to the claims process. In what is believed to be the first pilot program in the world focused on the life insurance industry, MetLife’s Singapore-based incubator LumenLab is collaborating with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and NTUC Income (Income) on a platform of smart contracts known as ‘Lifechain’ to help loved ones quickly determine if the deceased was protected with a policy and automatically file a claim.
https://en.businesstimes.cn/articles/113719/20190614/ubisoft-may-soon-have-ethereum-in-game-items-and-blockchain-games.htm "The associate manager at Ubisoft, Anne Puck, added: "We think that blockchain has the potential to transform the gaming experience and even maybe to empower players as true stakeholders in their worlds. That's why our job is to accelerate the integration of blockchain at Ubisoft with this initiative." Ubisoft will likely enable in-game or in-app purchases via the Ethereum network. It is worth noting that the company has not clearly stated that any form of digital currency will be used for any such purchases. "
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/austria-post-launches-crypto-stamp-132010928.html "The “Crypto Stamp” is the first use case for non-fungible tokens launched by a government so far, making it a milestone. The pilot’s success will help determine the future for NFTs, which can now be issued across multiple Ethereum token standards."
https://coinjournal.net/japans-first-blockchain-game-crypt-oink-expands-to-english-speaking-markets-partners-with-cryptokitties/ "Created by Japan-based developer Good Luck 3, Crypt-Oink is a decentralized application (DApp) running on the Ethereum network. The game lets users breed, collect and trade digital racing pigs called Cryptons."
Data/Identity Management:
https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelwolfson/2019/06/25/ibm-orbs-consensys-work-together-on-global-blockchain-settlement-platform-for-telecoms/#498d66c4782c “In particular for this project, we propose solutions for the "transaction orchestration layer," and decentralized identities for participants in the network, solutions that have already been deployed successfully on Ethereum, and can integrate with other DLTs."
List of actually useful/cool Ethereum Apps(Some are Dapps others just involve ETH):
https://app.compound.finance/# Lending/borrowing ETH and ETH tokens. No fixed lending periods and interest is generated in real time (Every block I think– roughly ten seconds)
https://cdp.makerdao.com/ Mint DAI against your Ether.
https://www.augur.net/ Create a betting market for anything you can imagine. Use https://predictions.global/ to view current markets without downloading the client.
https://kyberswap.com Trade ETH tokens right from your Metamask account without having to deposit/withdrawal to an exchange.
https://godsunchained.com/ Buy trading cards for the first AAA quality hearthstone-esque Ethereum card game where your cards are tokens in your wallet and are freely tradeable (Or at least they will be once the game is out of Beta…)
https://trade.dydx.exchange/ Decentralized leverage trading right from your Metamask wallet.
Other Utilities and Resources:
https://etherscan.io Block explorer. Use this to check out your ETH address, smart contract addresses, spy on whales addresses, etc.
https://www.ethgasstation.info/ Check current gas prices and transaction speeds.
https://github.com/ethereumbook/ethereumbook This is the github version of “Mastering Ethereum” Which goes over the basics of how Ethereum works with smart contracts and nodes and whatnot. It’s actually easier to follow along with than you’d think. Can also buy the PDF version on Amazon.
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