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Minimoose's Workout Compendium + Thank You Letter

We had a wild week didn't we Workout Squad? Thank you for joining me in this weird experiment. I don't know how this all started or why I did it. However, I do know that it has been a highlight of 2020 for me. I enjoyed every minute of the time I spent doing the Boss Rush with the workout squad. Mrs. Minimoose and I enjoyed our nights debating the right workout and buff name to use as a theme. The cat enjoyed all the attention. I somehow put in 40-60 hours of boss rush, filming, brainstorming, and writing these posts. . . and I don't regret a single second of it. It was wonderful, positive, and the Guild Wars 2 community proved just how amazing they are! Thank you.

The Workouts
If you want to get a decent little workout then I would recommend picking a day below and repeating all exercises 3-6 times. We put in a ton of effort to make sure not over burden a single muscle group for all 6 days. Easy options are designed for those with low mobility, just getting started in their exercise routines, or have an injury which restricts movement. The only equipment you need to complete all exercises is a towel. Stay hydrated, stretch often, and at minimum please try to get up and walk around every hour or so when sitting at a computer. Oh! I went back and added videos for Day 1!

Day 1 - Might
  1. 10-20 Pushups (Hands shoulders width apart. Keep your elbows tucked in to avoid shoulder problems. I have to use a foam roller for my standard pushups due to fused feet bones so don't think you need one!)
    1. Easy - Cobra Pushup
    2. Intermediate - Knee Pushup
    3. Hard - Pushups
  2. 10-20 Squats (Feet shoulders width apart. Toes out 15 degrees. Keep heels on the ground for the entire squat.)
    1. Easy - Chair Squat
    2. Intermediate - Half Squat
    3. Hard - Full Squat
  3. 10-20 Crunches (No situps! Crunches are better for your spine. Squeeze your abdominal. Do not fling your arms/elbows forward to gain momentum!)
    1. Easy - Lil'Crunch
    2. Intermediate - Half Crunch
    3. Hard - Full Crunch

Day 2 - Swiftness
  1. 10-20 Standing Elbows to Knees (obliques, hip flexors, and abdominal)
    1. Easy - Leg Lift Elbow Tuck (slow and controlled)
    2. Intermediate - Elbow to Knee (fast and intense)
    3. Hard - Hand to Toe (explosive)
  2. 10-20 Windmills (lower back, glutes, hamstrings)
    1. Easy - Halfmill
    2. Intermediate - Windmill
    3. Hard - Weighted Windmill
  3. 20-60 Jumping Jacks (calves, shoulders, hips)
    1. Easy - Step Jacks (slower and low impact)
    2. Intermediate - Jumping Jacks (faster)
    3. Hard - Fancy Jacks (faster with more complex foot work)
    4. Ridiculous - Criss Cross (extreme speed and coordination)

Day 3 - Stability
  1. 10-20 Superman Rows
    1. Easy - Future Superman Rows
    2. Intermediate - Superman Extensions
    3. Hard - Superman Rows
  2. 10-20 Bird Dogs
    1. Easy - Touchy Dogs
    2. Intermediate - Light Bird Dogs
    3. Hard - Bird Dogs
  3. Plank (30-60 cumulative seconds. Please ignore my use of the foam roller.)
    1. Easy - Knee Plank (rest by putting hips on ground)
    2. Intermediate - Full Elbow Plank (rest position shown in video after a few seconds)
    3. Hard - Arms Extended Plank (rest position shown in video after a few seconds)

Day 4 - Retaliation
  1. 10-20 Pop Ups
    1. Easy - Step Up
    2. Intermediate - Pop Up
    3. Hard - Pop Up and Fight
  2. 10-20 Burpees
    1. Easy - Lil'Burp
    2. Intermediate - Up Down Burpees
    3. Hard - Belly Flop Burpees
    4. Advanced - Don't Hate Me Burpees
  3. 50-100 Punches
    1. Easy - Stand Still Punches
    2. Intermediate - Orthodox & Southpaw Punches
    3. Hard - Punch Punch Uppercut Uppercut Switch!

Day 5 - Regeneration
  1. 5-10 Downward Dog to Cobra (5-10 seconds in each pose, drive your heels as close to the ground as you can.)
    1. Easy - Puppy to Dangernoodle
    2. Intermediate - Downward Dog and Cobra
    3. Hard - Downward Dog to Cobra
  2. 5-10 Bridge (5-10 seconds in each pose)
    1. Easy - Bridgeish
    2. Intermediate - Half Bridge
    3. Hard - Full Bridge
  3. 5-10 Salute Fold to Tree (5-10 seconds in each pose)
    1. Easy - Handy Sproutling
    2. Intermediate - Shins and Shrubs
    3. Hard - Salute Fold to Tree

Day 6 - Vigor
  1. 10-20 Towel Bicep Curls (difficulty is up to you! The more weight you add with your leg the harder it is. Turn hands outward at top of rep.)
    1. Easy/Intermediate/Hard - Bicep Curls
  2. 10-20 Towel Tricep Extensions and Hammer Curl (difficulty is up to you! Reps are per arm so 20-40 total. One arm provides the resistance while the other pulls against it.)
    1. Easy/Intermediate/Hard - Tricep Extension
  3. 10-20 Lunges
    1. Easy - Half Lunge
    2. Easy/Intermediate (Bad Knees) - Back Lunge (difficulty based on knee depth)
    3. Intermediate - Lunge
    4. Hard - Back Lunge to High Knee

Day Cat - Fury (Bonus Cat Workouts)
  1. Bonus Kitty Bench Press
  2. Bonus Cat Tricep Extension
  3. Bonus Kettlekitty Squats
  4. Bonus Shoulder Press Kitty Kisses
  5. Bonus Kitty Stretch Backflip
  6. Bonus Kittyjacks

About weight loss
This was my response to someone asking about exercise and weight loss.
"Before I answer - I want to provide some information about weight loss because exercise is a small part of the equation. I don't know if you care but I do think it's important to get the information out there just in case it helps you. There is so much nonsense out there designed to exploit people trying to lose weight but the answer is to simply pay attention to the numbers.
Take this advice for what it is - a stranger on the internet telling you stuff. I have experimented with weight loss multiple times in my life and one of the biggest lessons was learned going from 225lbs (102.05kg) to 165lbs (74.84kg). I simply wanted to see if I could do it with a fairly sedentary lifestyle. . . programmer by day, gamer by night, and pretty much no exercise. This is when I learned that weight is mostly controlled in the kitchen. I started at probably 2500 calories a day (weight/size specific) and I would lose .5lb (.22kg) - 1lb (.45kg) a week. Every 5-10 weeks I would plateau on weight loss, remove another 200+ calories, and check again in 2-3 weeks to see if it was working. I did this for about a year until I reached a weight that felt healthy. (EDIT) This does not mean my heart or body was healthy, it simply means I got rid of all the flub that was making me depressed. I didn't want to work out because I was depressed and I was depressed because I wasn't happy about my weight.
I strongly believe that you shouldn't diet to lose weight. You should fix the lifestyle that you're unhappy with and create a new normal*. This is why I'm happy your asking questions because it looks like you're doing just that! A diet or goal weight feels like a punishment that will end after a few months but if you can fix a lifestyle then you can keep that change forever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a pizza, soda, cake, donut, or cookies. When you are eating bad food you should go all out, don't get the fat free junk, and enjoy the full experience! However, you should remind yourself that these things are intended to be consumed as a treat and treats should be rare. Bad food is extremely addictive because it makes you feel so good. . . we often forget that things like pizza are a treat and not actually a good dinner.*
Now to actually answer your question. . .
If you can get your heart rate up for about 20-30 minutes a day and exercise those muscles you will 100% improve your bodies ability to efficiently shrink fat cells. The more healthy muscle have the more calories your body will naturally burn."

About nutrition
A few people asked me about nutrition. I don't want to comment on nutrition because everyone has their own nutritional needs. I'll just list off a few key things. . .
  1. Liquid calories are like fat ninjas. It's easy to pack on an extra 500-1000 calories a day with these and not even notice. (e.g. Soda, Starbucks, fruit juice, beer, liquor, SAUCES, DIPS, OILS, etc)
  2. Perishable food is king. If it doesn't go bad it's probably not doing you much good.
  3. Take it easy on pasta, rice, grains, etc
  4. Meat/Soy/Protein + Vegetables > Fruits > Pasta
  5. Fat isn't bad
  6. Hunger pangs don't mean you need to stuff calories in your face. It's your stomachs way of saying "Hey, I'm not as full as I usually am! Things are different!". This goes away after a few weeks of proper meal sizes.
  7. If you eat less calories than your body burns in a day, you WILL lose weight. It doesn't matter if your sedentary couch potato or an Olympic athlete.

About the cat - star of the show
Her name is Eve. 11 years ago as a wounded stray baby kitten she stumbled up to Mr. Minimoose as he was walking into his house. She clearly knew this human had a weakness for adorable fuzzy animals and quickly received some water. Mr. Minimoose called Mrs. Minimoose, girlfriend at the time, because he wasn't allowed pets. Then the following conversation played out:
Mr. Minimoose "want a cat?!"
"What!?" she replied.
"I'm bringing you a cat. . . be there soon"
Eve crawled out of the crate and that's when Mrs. Minimoose became a cat person. They took Eve to the vet to get stitched up and called it a night. Eve spent the next year attacking Mrs. Minimoose's feet every night before bed.

Professor Courage Minimoose
College of Statics

P.S. Anet, if you're there, can I please have real moose antlers??
submitted by Nythious to Guildwars2

7 File Transfer Protocols

7 File Transfer Protocols
Before you choose a secure file transfer solution, it is best to have a basic understanding of the protocols involved, which make file transfers safe and reliable.

The FTP file transfer protocol has existed for decades and has been widely used in the past. TCP provides reliable data transfer through message sequence confirmation and message retransfer mechanisms; at the same time, various widely used operating systems (WINDOWS/LINUX/UNIX/MAC) have built-in TCP protocol stacks, and POSIX standards define the TCP Socket standard API interface, these factors have contributed to TCP's widespread success on a global scale.
However, this transfer protocol, which was designed more than 20 years ago, has become increasingly unsuitable for the rapidly developing network environment and the requirements of new applications, especially when there are a certain packet loss and delay on the network transfer path. Transfer throughput declines sharply, and path bandwidth is often not used effectively, resulting in slow transfer speed, long transfer time, and poor transfer experience.
FTPS is an extension protocol that adds Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol support to the commonly used file transfer protocol (FTP). FTPS is a secure file transfer protocol that allows you to communicate with trading partners, Clients and users transfer files securely. These transfers can be authenticated through methods supported by FTPS (such as client certificates, server certificates, and passwords).
In the computer field, it is designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to provide secure file transfer capabilities through the expansion of SSH-2, but it can also be used by other protocols. Even though the IETF is in the network draft data stage, this protocol is described in the SSH-2 document, it can be used in many different applications, such as secure file transfer in Transport Layer Security (TLS) and transfer information management in virtual private network applications Program. This agreement is assumed to be executed in a secure channel, such as SSH, the server has authenticated the client, and the client user can use the agreement.
Compared with the earlier SCP protocol that only allows file transfer, SFTP allows a wider range of operations on remote files ─ which is more like a remote file system protocol. A comparison of the capabilities of an SFTP client and SCP includes additional replies to interrupt transfers, directory listings, and remote file movement.
The old protocol, SCP or Secure Copy Protocol, is a network protocol that supports file transfer between hosts on the network. It is similar to FTP, but SCP supports encryption and authentication functions.
As the backbone of the World Wide Web, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the basis of data communication. It defines the message format of the communication between the web browser and the web server and defines how the web browser should respond to web requests. HTTP uses TCP (Transfer Control Protocol) as the underlying transfer and is a stateless protocol. This means that each command is executed independently, and the receiver does not retain session information.
Https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security) is a secure version of HTTP in which communications are encrypted by TLS or SSL.
6.AS2, AS3, and AS4
AS2, AS3, and AS4 are popular protocols used to send and protect critical file transfers.
AS2 is used to transmit sensitive data safely and reliably on the Internet. AS2 uses digital certificates and encryption standards to protect critical information transmitted between systems, networks, and locations. AS 2 messages can be compressed, signed, encrypted, and sent through a secure SSL tunnel.
AS3 is a standard and can be used to transfer almost any file type. It provides a layer of security for data transfer through digital signature and data encryption. It was originally created to transfer data files, such as XML and EDI business-to-business data files. Unlike AS2, AS2 is a defined transfer protocol, and AS3 is a message standard that focuses on how to format a message when it is sent from the server to the server. Once the AS3 message is synthesized, it can be transmitted via any other protocol (FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, etc.). As long as both parties can access the location where the message has been placed.
AS4 is an agreement that allows companies to exchange data securely with their partners. It is based on what was originally set up by AS2, but works with web services and provides improved delivery notifications. As a business-to-business standard, AS4 helps make file exchange on the Internet safe and simple.
PeSIT protocol is an end-to-end file transfer protocol developed by the French Interbank Telecommunications System Economic Interest Group (GSIT). It is rarely used in North America and is mainly used to meet European banking standards and to transfer communications to and from European banks.
Knowing these 7 file transfer protocols, you probably know how to choose a protocol to ensure the secure transfer of your files.
Article From: https://www.raysync.io/news/7-file-transfer-protocols
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