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Activation Process is Very easy. Microsoft has gone to great efforts to make Windows 10 familiar to Windows 7, but some of the new features and functions may still be jarring. You can activate your copy of Windows 7 Professional without providing a product key. Black ops 2 10th prestige hack. PCMag editors select and review products.


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Product key office 2020 plus. In addition to installers, some versions contain a list of modifications and many useful opinions and comments. Recover, Restore, Repair Boot Disc, and Install to Factory Default will Fix PC Easy! There are many valid and legal reasons one might have to feel the need to download Windows 7 again. You can also connect to company networks effortlessly and more securely with Domain Join.

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The steps to install windows 7 are simple and easy. Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit. These Windows 10 tips and tricks can save you time and effort. The only other option is to purchase a retail Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade license use the key to do an Anytime Upgrade from Windows 7 Professional to Ultimate. How To Install Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Full Version.


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Ultracompare crack for gta. That's true -Windows 7 will no longer be supported in Jan 2020. Windows 10 activation 7, change product key windows 7 ultimate, the best download site to get microsoft office 2020 keygen, windows 7 pro sp1 keys and download, microsoft office 2020 enterprise wholesale key, windows 7 ultimate product key free for 64 bit for windows anytime upgrade, free windows 7 professional 64 bit product key, cheap. With a simple trick you can enable a hidden menu that allow you to install any edition of Windows 7 from any Windows 7 installation media. PC hardware requirements may vary for games on Windows 10. DirectX Raytracing available with supported games, graphics chips, and requires Windows 10 April Update (or newer).

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Malware Web and Phishing investigation. If it is turned off, you can not use it to restore your computer. Facebook account hack tool v1.0.1. Pro Zone All in OneTM, views. Windows 7 Professional Pack for Small Business Server is an add-in for Windows Small Business Server Essentials.


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Unless you're a software programmer or IT professional, this very expensive subscription program is almost certainly not worth the money. After 10 years, support for Windows 7 ended on 14 January 2020. In order to crack user passwords, you'll need to boot from a Windows 7 installation disc. Link2sd plus cracked pepper. The Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam validates that an individual can implement, manage, and troubleshoot a vSphere V6.7 infrastructure, using best practices to provide a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that can accelerate the transformation to cloud computing.

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Again, it supports a huge range of file formats (far more than Windows Media Center), and can be. The sims 1 hacked objects phone. DirectAccess provides a persistent and seamless bidirectional connection between the internal network and the Windows 7 system, as long as that Windows 7 system can connect to the Internet. Serato video sl serial keygen mac. Since it has been the time that Windows 7 has stopped receiving updates as it has been discontinued by the Microsoft Corporation.


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Whatsapp spy hack tool v5.9 skype. If you decide to go with Enterprise license, at least backup your existing Windows 7 Professional, so you can restore it in the future when you graduate from the University. Detailed Windows 7 Features are listed on Official Microsoft Windows Site. Instagram hacker no survey or. This list is based on industry reviews, your feedback, and our own experience.


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Welcome to Windows 7 Forums.

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Included with Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions of Windows 7, Backup and Restore is a relatively good backup option for users wanting to backup Windows to a local or external hard drive. Windows 7 Professional Product Key Windows 10 Product Key Windows 10 Ultimate License Key Windows Product Key Windows 8 Product Key Windows 7 Keygen Windows 7 Serial Key DFVDF-DFCDF-CDFNV-DFNDF-DFF Windows 7 Activation Code DFNDF-CDFDF-CDFNV-HW0WH-DFCDF. How can I uninstall unused or unwanted programs in Windows 7, so that all related files, settings, and register entries are also removed? In Windows 7 Professional, when launching Remote Desktop, there is a checkbox to use "all my monitors", which means Windows 7 Professional DOES support multi-monitor. This article is the ultimate source of information about Windows 7 serial key or product key.


My Review of Reverb G2 So Far

TL;DR: The headset is amazing, tracking isn't that bad, mostly it's just tracking volume that I'm disappointed in, but I would heavily recommend to anyone who wants clarity or just playing in VR, as for the most part good tracking.
I have approximately 10 hours in the headset, as i got it on 11/19 at ~Noon, and my main headset prior to this was a Rift S, and i have tried the index multiple times at my friends house. Im using a ryzen 7 2700x, RTX 2070S, 16gb ram.

Unboxing: Very nice covers for the headset and controllers, I think they are a nice bonus, but most of you likely saw other videos for it, so I'm going mostly going to skip over this bit.

Setup: I got it done in about 20 Minutes and had no issues with setup, but i did also watch a ton of setup videos people have done since i heard it can be finicky. The floor setup was sorta weird however, but it only took about 2 passes to get right, first pass i didn't quite understand it, and on the second i got it perfectly. Other than that no real issues during setup.

Headset Functionality And Build Quality: Here is one of my first issues: The Headset itself takes forever to get the right fit, as i really don't like how the side straps work, maybe other people who have the G2 or CV1 could give some tips on how to get a good fit as im having trouble consistently getting a good fit. Also, the cable clip is abysmal, as mine didn't break but rather it springs itself off constantly. I ended up using a velcro strap i had lying around, and that works beautifully and i would advise many to do the same. The cable itself is sorta like a rougher rubber material as compared to the smooth cable of the Rift S, but this is not a downside at all, just a note of how it feels. The headset feels good on my head, and does not get hot on the inside, unlike the index where it got pretty hot and made longer sessions hard for me whenever i tried it. However some nice things are the facial interface material, as it soaks sweat much better than the foam Oculus uses which made longer sessions much more comfortable for my forehead. Also the overall aesthetic is simple, but in a good way. It doesn't feel cheap, but not extravagant either. It knows what it wants to be and pulls it off well.

Mixed Reality Experience: Everyone is just shitting all over this, and while it most definitely could be better, it honestly isn't that bad. One thing that i really liked about the mixed reality home was when you open SteamVR, the loading screen is like this white triangle ripple effect, and its really cool and i wish i could have it for my steamVR loading screens. The Oculus home is better, but tbh i didnt really care about that place either, it was mostly a stop-gap to get to steamVR, and same could be said for this. Also the windows button gives a menu that is a bit nicer in some aspects as compared to the oculus button menu, as it doesnt pause your game and is a small little rectangle, which is nice. However, it lacks some of the utility of the oculus suite, like having a keyboard float in front of you when using the desktop view, or a real 3D menu hotbar, but those are mostly nitpicks. However, i really would like to see a virtual keyboard be added for when i open the desktop mode.

SteamVR: Here is a weird thing that i noticed. When i first started loading into SteamVR for the first half of my time with the headset, It would have an ungodly amount of lag, and i had tried the normal version of steamVR and WMR addon, both with beta modes on, one beta mode then vice versa to the other, and it was just a laggy mess and would even crash sometimes. HOWEVER, after a while it just stopped lagging and crashing, and is now a good experience to use. (I am also using the latest Nvidia drivers since I've heard the drivers can cause issues)

Controllers: They feel fine, haptics are sub par, but not horrendous, rather just underwhelming. Sometimes i could hear it over the sound from the headset when vibrating, but it seldom got that loud. The Joysticks are a little small for me, but not unbearable, and the buttons are more tactile then the oculus touch buttons of which I enjoyed mroe, but its more of a personal taste. Overall i would give it a pass, not bad, but not amazing. Capacitive touch is not here, which makes me sort of sad but its nowhere near a dealbreaker as i dont really care about VRchat.

Tracking: For me, tracking of the headset itself is perfect, no issues there. Even the tracking of the controllers are pretty good. But the biggest downfall of the headset is its tracking volume, as above and below your head have a pretty bad cut off. But for everyone that loves shooters in VR, i can say that Aiming Down Sights works perfectly, one handed weapons, two handing pistols, and rifles work perfectly fine, just dont slam the tracking rings into the camera's, as they may lose tracking. If you keep a comfortable distance similar to how you actually would expect them to be in real life, its great. I will go more into tracking per game later, but for those who are antsy, Beat Saber works great, i beat bloody stream at 150% speed, and any screw ups that happened were my fault and not the tracking of the controllers.

Games: Controller bindings are all over the place, and I would advise to stay away from blade and sorcery and boneworks rn due to lack of bindings, unless you really feel like making your own. I played beatsaber, half life alyx, onward, superhot, population one, pistol whip, phasmophobia, and star wars squadrons.
I started with beat saber, and the tracking is most definitely fine for this game, and you should not be impacted by using this headset to play.
Then i went to half life alyx, and this is where something occurred to me. The lenses were causing distortion at the edges and i was pretty bummed out as i heard the lenses were good, but then i remembered hearing somewhere that when the SteamVR resolution is lowered it can cause distortion, so i put the resolution scaling back to 100%, and the distortion was completely gone. This is not exclusive to HL:A, but is a good thing to note as many people will try to change the steamVR resolution for a performance gain. Half life alyx looks great in the headset, but it also showed me something that i had not noticed before in any headset: Some of the textures in this game are actually pretty low resolution. Mostly its in like rocky areas and such, but not everything has low textures, its only a small amount of the textures seen (BTW i was using ultra settings on vulkan). One highlight was the russel meetup which was crazy, as i could really see how good the facial animations were in this game, as well as how the textures on him were actually quite good, and it was the first mind-blowing sight i saw with this headset. If alyx got a higher texture resolution update, this game would be such a treat to look at, but is very enjoyable on the g2 as is, and my gripes with with the visuals is not its fault, rather just the textures in the game.
I then proceeded to Onward as i wanted to try how aiming and such works on the headset, and it works great for me. Im no professional at VR shooters; actually I'm pretty shit at them, and i have no gunstock to test with, but the aiming in no way suffered from the G2 and the only times i had tracking issues were if i slammed the sights into my eye, as well as when the gun was in the resting position, but i had no issues when going to the ready position, as the cameras picked up when they came into view, so shooters are definitely viable on this headset.
Next was superhot. I have never played superhot before now, and this actually showed how good the motion tracking was when the controllers leave the tracking volume. I was in an elevator, and i punched the first dude and his gun went behind AND above my head, and i didnt move my head so that i can keep an eye on the other people in there, and i was swinging my hand back there super fast and grabbed it to shoot the other two red people there, and i was extremely impressed with the (gyro?) tracking here. One bad thing here though is that i kept my hands sorta low at times, and when it regained tracking my hands would jump, leading to time going fast for a moment and killing me, but this was rare. One final note, i saw some weird diagonal lines while in this game and i dont know if its a superhot thing or if there is an issues with my headset, so clarification would be nice.
Blade and sorcery runs as good as you would expect it to, but bindings are messed up, and i will wait to play this game later once binds come out that i actually like.
Pistol whip started up... and was a laggy mess before crashing not only itself, but steamVR with it. It may be better now that steamVR isnt lagging as much. (will be testing soon)
I played Population One as well, but im fairly new to the game as i first tried it on this headset, but everything seems to work fine. Climbing worked fine, gliding had no issues, Aiming works good.
Finally i played squadrons. This was it. it blew me away. i cant describe just how amazing this game is in this headset. I loaded up the training area and as soon as i was in the hanger, i had that mind-blowing moment that just wowed me. I hadn't even entered the cockpit yet, and the shear detail and scale of everything around me was just breathtaking. While i haven't had much time to play it in VR, i was in the training room for about 10 minutes and holy shit it was the best graphics ive seen in vr, so much better than Alyx, and you NEED TO TRY IT IF POSSIBLE.

Overall Visuals: My views aren't too different from everyone else who has said anything about the visual fidelity, so I'll start with FOV. It has been since mid august since i sold my oculus rift s to buy this headset, so my memory of FOV may be a slight bit muddy, but i also had 400 hours in that headset. To me it seemed to at least equal it, if not slightly larger. i have tried the index and that is leaps and bounds better in terms of FOV, but the clarity of this headset is soooooooo much better than the index. For example, I tried squadrons on the index at a friends house about 20 days ago and thought it was cool, but the aliasing and SDE interfered with the experience, as the panels in ships were somewhat hard to read as well as targets being hard to see in the distance, but all these issues are gone with the G2, and if you want a near photorealistic resolution... Its basically there. There are still slight shimmers on the edges of objects, but its so miniscule that it doesn't even matter. Also, additional super sampling may help fix this, but i haven't tried it myself. i also rewrote part of this review in the headset and was able to read all the text crystal clear. An example in a game was when i read the text of small bottles and newspapers really easily in HL:A, which would be nearly if not impossible in the Rift S. At this point, don't even consider a Rift S as its just not worth it when you could get a quest 2 for $100 cheaper (note that i have not tried the quest 2) or the G2's many advantages would be better uses of your money.

Audio: if you tried the valve index, you already know how this sounds. But to everyone else, you likely wont need to use your own headphones, unless you are a SERIOUS audiophile, as the included headphones are extremely good and i have no complaints.

Miscellaneous: I remember hearing about an official HP Pleather or leather facial interface, but on the site i can't find anything about it, and i think it would be great to get and see if FOV changes at all. Also, the included batteries are nearly dead after about 10 hours of play time, so rechargeable 1.5v batteries would likely be beneficial. I do have one serious question: HP, how am i supposed to store the headset effectively? if i try to put the headset back in the box with cable in, the cord doesn't fit well, and i don't believe unplugging the cord every time is good for its longevity, not to mention very inconvenient. My Rift S fit back in the box just fine every time i wound the cord in with it. I may be missing a key thing here, but its not very obvious how to effectively store it in the box, but this is a very small issue.

Conclusion: I am quite pleased with this headset, and even though the tracking may not be perfect i think its good enough for me, but that is on a person by person basis and i know some people may find this to be a deal breaker for them and to be honest, i wouldn't blame them for that decision. However, the visuals are absolutely stunning and the SDE is basically gone with edge shimmering being so small it might as well not exist. . If you want to get a PCVR headset and are thinking about the G2, my recommendation would be to buy it. If you really need better tracking, you can always eventually get the Index controllers and base stations later down the line. Additionally, if someone can give a hint as to how i can get a better fit PLEASE TELL ME, it would be much appreciated
Also someone please tell me if the diagonal lines in superhot were for the game or if its a possible issues with the headset.

Edit: I originally finished this about a minute before i went to work, so i touched up on some stuff that i may have forgotten and I've Now proofread it to fix any mistakes i may have made.
submitted by LeWhiske to HPReverb


Discover an updated map, new legend, and more in Season 6.


Hammond Robotics continues to take over World’s Edge. They’re up to… something… nefarious. They have taken steps to “upgrade” World’s Edge with changes to The Dome, Drill site, and other Points of Interests.
Read up on all the map changes from Jason McCord, our Design Director, on the previously released blog here.


Ramya Parekh is a 21-year-old British Indian, blue collar, private business owner who just needs a big gun and a backpack full of scrap metal to get by in the dangerous, wild west world of the Outlands.
Parekh brings her modded shields, and knowledge of heavy weapons, such as Sheila (well, that’s what she calls her minigun).
Passive: Modded Loader
Rampart has increased magazine capacity and faster reloads when using LMGs and the Minigun. Modded Loader also increases the amount of shots before overheating occurs and improves cooling when using the L-STAR.
Tactical: Amped Cover
Rampart builds a crouch-cover wall, which deploys a full-cover amped wall that blocks incoming shots and amps outgoing shots. A max of 5 amped walls can be deployed at a time.
Ultimate: Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”
Rampart places a mounted machine gun that anyone can use, with high ammo capacity and a long reload time. A max of 3 miniguns can be deployed at a time.
For Parekh, the Apex card means more than just an invitation to compete.


The first energy-based SMG to see regular use in the Frontier, the Volt allows its operator to fire a salvo of energy-based ammunition, decreasing drag and making it possible to hit multiple targets within a short window.


We all know the RnG gods are not always in your favor. With Season 6 we are introducing a crafting system. Find materials throughout the map via loot bins or material stations, then take these to a Replicator.
In the Replicator, you’ll find eight different pieces of loot that you can craft, if you have enough materials. Some of this loot rotates on a weekly or daily basis, but you’ll always be able to see what’s currently craftable in the game mode selector or the map screen.
Read more on the Crafting system from Systems Designer, Mark Yampolsky here.


With Season 6, we're introducing some big changes to the way armor works in the game.
First off, all armor in the game is Evo Armor (except the Gold Armor).
When you find a white, blue or purple armor on the ground, it's a pre-leveled Evo Armor. It can be picked up like normal, and continue to be evolved. Red Armor is not in the ground loot and can only be achieved through evolving.
Gold Armor is not part of the Evo Armor track, and is only found in rare locations as usual.
Another interesting change is that players spawn with level 0 Evo Armor. If you get in gun fights right away, and do enough damage, you will automatically level up into a White Armor. And you can continue to take that all the way to Red.
We think this will really help with loot availability in the early game, without requiring players to drop hot when they don't want to.
With all the changes in Season 6, players now have the opportunity to level up their shields through damage, luck in ground loot, or through crafting!
The last big differences is that all Armor is coming down by 25 health. This means, players with Purple and Gold Armor have 175 health, not 200. Red Armor gets you to 200 health, and you can no longer get to 225.
Our goal for this is to bring down the TTK (time to kill) a bit in order to better reward strategic positioning.
New Damage Requirements: Damage to white: 50 Damage to blue: 125 Damage to purple: 250 Damage to red: 500


Holo sprays are a new way to emote in the arena. By using the Emote wheel, you can throw down these legend specific calling cards to taunt bested enemies, or warn future challengers that you're not to be messed with.


This season’s battle pass includes the reactive Supersonic G7, Bloodhound Road Warrior, 5 new holo sprays, new skydive emotes, weapon charms and more!


Follow the story from the Season 5 Quest, now in full color, illustrated comics!
Collect Treasure Packs daily to earn your rewards including Crafting Metals, Challenge Points, Apex Packs, and a whole new suite of Gun Charms.


This patch, we're taking a look at the recon class. A class built around information gathering should be powerful in a BR where knowing where the enemy is is often the difference between life and death, but out of the three Legends in the recon class (Pathfinder, Crypto, and Bloodhound), one dominates in terms of in-game performance. (It’s the robot. The robot dominates.)
In this patch, we’re mostly buffing Bloodhound as they needed the help the most. Crypto’s changes are a mixed bag as we also found one bug we had to fix that was giving Crypto a hidden advantage (TLDR: sometimes when you thought you were hitting the drone, you weren’t really hitting the drone). Between the buffs to Bloodhound's ult and the new utility Crypto gains on his drone, we hope to see a more diverse field of recon legends in game.


  • All Recon legends (Bloodhound, Crypto, and Pathfinder) can now use Survey Beacons to get the next ring location. Crypto can use his drone to instantly get this information.
  • Context: Giving all Recon legends access to survey beacons makes Pathfinder less unique, and obviously we don’t love that. For now, we’re giving our friendly robot a small buff to his ultimate cooldown when he uses a survey beacon, but in the future we will take another look at Pathfinder to see what else we could do to make him feel more unique.
  • Passive: Each time Pathfinder scans a survey beacon, the total cooldown of Zipline Gun is reduced.
  • Numbers: Zipline Gun cooldown reduced by 10s each time Pathfinder scans a beacon. Up to 6 rings per game means the total cooldown of Zipline Gun can go from 120s to 60s.
  • Context: Bloodhound fulfills a very clear role in Apex Legends: they’re the information gatherer and tracker, but currently their performance leaves a lot to be desired. In this patch, we wanted to double down on their ultimate being their big moment of becoming a god-like tracker. Bloodhound already gives up some information to the enemy when they scan or use the ultimate (it makes a noticeable sound), so we think there is room for a lot more power during the ultimate.
  • Beast of the Hunt: Now gains even more duration when Bloodhound scores a knockdown or kill with the ultimate about to run out.
  • Eye of the Allfather: During Beast of the Hunt, Eye of the Allfather now comes out twice as fast and has a much shorter cooldown.
  • Numbers:
    • Beast of the Hunt duration extension 5s → [5s - 15s] based on remaining duration
    • Eye of the Allfather CD during Beast of the Hunt: 25s → 6s
    • Eye of the Allfather total use time during Beast of the Hunt: 1.8s → 0.9s
  • Context: Crypto is a particularly interesting recon character: the amount of information he can gather for his team with the drone is very high, but the fact that he has to switch over to his drone leaves him vulnerable and often at a great distance from his team. Because he has no abilities without his drone, we figure there’s room for even more power when he’s in his drone.
  • Surveillance drone:
    • Crypto can now activate respawn and survey beacons from his drone. Doing so is instant instead of requiring a prolonged use.
    • Made the surveillance drone slightly more consistent to hit but also doubled its hitpoints.
  • Drone EMP:
    • EMP will now slow teammates caught in the blast, even if they had no shields. This means that players who have used Revenant’s Death Totem will also be slowed.
  • Numbers:
    • Surveillance Drone 30HP → 60HP
    • Surveillance Drone hitbox size: cube of edge length 16 → cube of edge length 24


  • Context: We’re happy to see that dropping the range restriction on Death Totem brought a lot more Revenants into play, but we’ve been watching a particularly frustrating combo play out in professional level play involving a squad of Revenant, Wraith, and Crypto, where using the three ultimates together resulted in two back to back runs at the enemy team that they could do very little about. We’ve attacked part of that in the Crypto EMP change, but here’s the other part aimed at making this play less overwhelming.
  • Death Totem:
    • For 2s after being recalled by the Death Totem, players cannot use Wraith’s Dimensional Rift.
  • Stim: Can now use Stim while healing, but stim will not remove the slow you incur from healing.
  • Context: While Loba was initially very popular, she’s been struggling to keep up more recently, so we’re tossing her a little buff. If you’re curious why we’ve chosen to buff her ultimate rather than her tactical: we’re seeing that she has decent combat success but that teams with her on them don’t win as much as, say, teams with Lifeline or Wattson. This suggests to us that her out of combat utility (that is to say, how she funnels loot to her team) isn’t doing enough.
  • Black Market:
    • Lowered cooldown from 3min to 90s
  • Defensive Bombardment:
    • Increased cooldown from 3 minutes to 4.5 minutes
  • Rolling Thunder:
    • Decreased cooldown from 4.5 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Interception Pylon
    • Trophy system will now shoot down Caustic barrels in flight if they would have landed inside the range of the trophy.


  • Extended Energy Mags.
  • Turbocharger Hop-up
  • Precision Choke - Removed Precision Choke from loot pool, but it will now be integrated into the Triple Take and Peacekeeper by default. Fire select toggles on/off the choke
In Supply Drop:
  • R99
    • Damage increased from 11 to 12
    • Increased magazine size to 32
    • Ammo Reserve: 160
Out of Supply Drop- Into Ground Loot:
  • Devotion
    • Clip size reduced back to original values (36/40/44/48).


  • DMR
  • Hemlok
  • Spitfire
  • EVA-8
  • RE-45
  • Devotion
  • Mastiff
  • Triple Take
  • Flatline
  • Volt


Sniper ammo
  • Increased pick up from 8 to 12
  • Increased Stack Size from 16 to 24
Energy Ammo
  • Reduce amount picked up from 30 to 20.


  • Reduced vertical recoil in burst mod
  • Slightly reducing recoil in pattern on 2nd and 3rd shot so first burst kicks less
  • Burst mode time between bursts .32 -> .28
Charge Rifle
  • Will now use 2 ammo per shot.
  • Increased mag size from 4 to 8
Triple Take Buff:
  • Increase fire rate 1.25 -> 1.4
  • Increased Mag size from (5/6/7/8) to (6/7/8/9)
  • Built the Choke hop up into the weapon by default. Toggle select-fire to enable/disable the Choke
  • Built the Choke hop up into the weapon by default. Toggle select-fire to enable/disable the Choke
  • Improve recoil controllability
  • Updated Havoc with a new recoil pattern Designer Note: The Havoc's existing recoil pattern had constant horizontal movement. This means it would either be too difficult to control if there was too much recoil, or far too easy to control if there was too little recoil. Updating to a new pattern which is more consistent in style with existing recoil patterns.
  • Increased clip size from 3 to 4.
  • Increased Damage from 13 to 15
  • Decreased Hammerpoint damage multiplier from 2.7 to 2.35. This will leave Hammerpoint P2020 damage unchanged in most scenarios..
  • Increased mag size from (10/13/15/18) to (12/14/16/18)
  • Only requires one shield cell to charge if the player has the gold armor.
  • Slightly Reduce vertical recoil in burst mode
  • Increase horizontal recoil in Auto Mode


  • Supply Drop Weapons are now Heirloom Tier (red) to avoid confusion with fully kitted guns which will remain gold.
  • World’s Edge received performance improvements, especially around The Tree, The Dome and Skyhook, looking towards the center of the map.
  • Alterations were made to The Ring to prevent late zones from centering on unplayable terrain and reduce the predictability of the zone’s “pull.”


  • Fixed an issue with the La Catrina and Killing Machine skins obscuring views when ADS with the holo, 2x, 2-4x or 3x scopes.
  • Fixed an exploit with being able to see through smoke when looking through a chain link fence.
  • Fixed an issue with bloodhound being able to get an additional Ult when using a wraith ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue with gas traps clipping into mobile Respawn beacons.
  • Fixed an issue with Revenant and Pathfinder taking less damage from Nox Gas
  • Fixed an issue VFX show false positive when hitting Crypto’s Drone.
  • Fixed an issue with Crypto being able to use his drone while using Loba’s Black Market.
  • Fixed an issue with EMP not destroying Loba’s Black Market.
  • Did a geo pass to help prevent Crypto’s drone from clipping into walls
  • Fixed an issue gibraltar air strike markers sometimes appearing inside buildings.
  • Fixed an issue with Loba’s Black market not being pingable.
  • Fixed an issue with enemies getting teleported with Loba when they melee her when she teleports.
  • Fixed an issue with decoy flying rapidly across the ground when player takes control of it before a jump tower or geyser.
  • Fixed an issue with decoys not looking natural when player uses a zipline
  • Fixed and issue with Decoys getting launched into air while player enters Wraith’s Portal.
  • Fixed bug where Mirage’s decoys would sometimes not deploy while skydiving
  • Fixed an issue with jump pads disappearing when placed on ordinances
  • Fixed an issue with jump pads disappearing when placed under loot ticks.
  • Hi Friend!
  • Fixed an issue with enemies getting teleported with Revenant when they melee him before he teleports back to death totem.
  • Fixed an issue with wraith portals pushing players beneath geo when a death box is on the other end
  • Fixed an issue with Wraith’s tactical losing velocity when pressing the fire button during the tactical.
  • Fixed an issue for when a death totem and portal are too close to each other causing players to auto enter a portal upon death totem recall.
  • Fixed an issue with evo armor doubling the effect of leveling up. This caused some brightness on screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the train killing players when coming out of a wraith portal on the train.
  • Fixed an issue with some vertical zip lines not correctly placing players once they get off the line.
  • Fixed an issue with spectator view pinging last pings when swapping through views (Private Match Issue).
  • Fixed an issue for knockdown state not eliminating the squad when no one had a gold shield.
  • Fixed an issue where death protection runs out with an active DOC medic nearby, DOC would not start healing you.
Source -- https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/season-6-patch-notes --
submitted by Stakeboulder to apexlegends