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Mystery case files madame fate crack. Transposition of Lesson 38's riffs to all the orchestra keys. Choose from 7 study modes and games. Share, download and print free sheet music for piano, guitar, flute and more with the world's largest community of sheet music creators, composers, performers, music teachers, students, beginners, artists and other musicians with over 1, 000, 000 sheet digital music to play, practice, learn and enjoy. Joe's simple practice method will have you hearing, using, and understanding Bebop scales very quickly.

Fundamentals of Piano Practice

The rhythm section really grooves and makes this set fun to play. The world-famous Aebersold Play-A-Longs allow a musician the opportunity to improvise with well-known jazz personalities at home as well as in the classroom. Hack para car town facebook 2020 https://okalinka.ru/forum/?download=2525. Frank Sinatra Anthology - Volume 2. Irving Berlin - Ballads - 2nd Edition. Window 7 ultimate product key crack https://okalinka.ru/forum/?download=4225.


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The one added note makes all the difference! Tuneup utilities 2020 with cracks. View and Download Zoom G3 operation manual online. A, C, D, E, and G (and perhaps F). Many of these songs involve just three chords (I, IV and V). If a single chord is indicated somewhere in a song (as an assist to the student), and the key of the. Learn how to play your favorite songs with Ultimate Guitar huge database.


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Mixvibes cross dj 2.0 cracked games official statement. Buy and sell music with collectors in the Marketplace. No Other Name (Peter Paul & Mary) 194. While we're at it, ensure that you can move each idea through a selection of keys. In the Beatles' songs each of the basic chords can be replaced by several other types of chords.

Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Volume 42: Blues in All Keys: Book & CD

First released in, they are an internationally renowned resource for jazz education. Piano comping transcribed from our best-selling Volume 42: Blues in All Keys! Deezer is the No. 1 site for listening to music on demand. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

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The Blues is one of the most common forms in jazz music and is essential to know for a competent jazz musician. Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. Cleanmymac 3 keygen filehippo. During the past 43 years, many private teachers as well as high school and college teachers have made the recordings part of their daily or weekly teaching assignments. CAV6.6-S2 amplifier pdf manual download.

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Mcafee mobile security subscription keygen. Blues in all keys volume 42 pdf. Volume 42 – Blues In All Keys. Over the past 35 years, Collings Guitars has set the standard for quality, tone, and playability amidst a number of fine guitar companies and independent builders. Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Pete Seeger) 60. Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson) 127.


The Ultimate SAT Prep Guide

The below information can be found better formatted with proper links here: http://willyoulaugh.com/sat
The SAT can change your world. It may make up for bad grades. It may boost your credentials even more if you already have good grades. It can open up your door to greater academic opportunities and a greater possible future. The best part about it is that it is a skill that can be improved on. The biggest myth of the SAT is that it is a objective assessment of your intelligence and you are doomed to what it grades you as.
Let me tell you my story.
I had thousands of dollars spent on me in order for me to excel at the SAT. I took a couple test prep courses. I went to an intensive weekly asian SAT math course by some asian mathematics genius professor. I went to a group style course. I had a weekly tutor come in that was paid $100 an hour, which he called a “discount”, to tutor me.
I had access to dozens of thick SAT prep textbooks from the top test prep companies like Princeton Review. Many books were bought giving SAT advice, including one from two guys who scored a perfect score and wanted to teach you how the fun way.
Guess how much all of that helped me? Very little.
I went to take my first official SAT test with a bag of chocolates (because we thought chocolate would boost your perception), water, fifty pencils, a graphing calculator, extra batteries, and a back up calculator.
I got my score a week later and I had scored slightly below average.
People think that if you have money, you can spend it to increase a child’s SAT score. This is the common excuse for people who did not have parents who paid for these things. I am an example of how that’s not always true. Nor did my parents just randomly throw money at things. They were very methodical in their research.
And I definitely did not enjoy the entire process. In addition to what was mentioned, I had a procedure of daily SAT practice test prep that I had to follow every summer starting from middle school. It usually required a certain amount of pages of practice tests I had to do and review every day. I remember trying to do it initially but realizing it was just way over my head and then deciding to skip out on some of it and look up the answers in the back of the book to pretend I had done it. Again, I was in middle school so I can’t say it was my fault completely. Looking back, I think it was maybe a little too much too early on.
Now I’m going to tell you what DID work.
Just like how I used to hate reading, I used to hate or at least not particularly enjoy the entire SAT prep process and through luck, I was introduced to it in a new way that completely changed my world.
Looking back, I was very fortunate and surprised this occurred. I had spent many years in test prep courses that I really did not find much interest in.
That is why I believe that a person could find an interest and passion in something they hate or find boring if they are introduced to it in the right way.
What happened was I met a friend in high school who changed my mindset. This guy LOVED what he did. He loved the process of excelling and doing well in school and on the SAT. He taught me two big things in regards to academics and the SAT:
-It could be fun
-It is a skill that you can get better at.
I soon decided to hang around him as much as I can and his mindset rubbed off on me.
Over the next couple years, I started doing a lot better in school, I started taking more advanced level courses and doing well, AND I ended up raising my SAT score 600 points.
The Laser Thin Precision Area Here’s something most people do not know. Because of how the SAT is scored, the last 200 to 300 points range of a perfect score is what I call the “Laser Thin Precision” area. This basically means that if you miss one question in the math section, that could drop you down to a 690 rather than an 800. The amount of questions you are allowed to miss varies and depends on how College Board assesses how tough those questions are for that specific test. So in some tests, it may be more lenient, but they make up for that by making the questions harder. Even though I didn’t get a perfect score, I was in the Laser Thin Precision area which meant I was literally trying to get every question right and trying to not miss a single one.
My goal was a perfect score and I tried really hard but couldn’t reach it. My friend scored better than my first score the first time he took the SAT. He, on the other hand, eventually got a perfect super score.What this means is that he did not get a perfect score in one sitting but if he got perfect scores in at least one of the three sessions throughout the multiple times he took it. He took it quite a few times and was in this “Laser Thin Precision” area for a while for each test he took. It was always a matter of missing a couple questions in the entire test.
Should you take the SAT more than once? That is a question you are probably wondering and one we wondered about too. We did a lot of a research and we finally decided that based off the data we found, colleges will not care too much how many times you took it if you eventually scored very well on it, which is what we were going for.
So that gets into our research. My friend found a thriving online community of the peak academic performers. It is still in existence to this day and has tens of millions of posts on it. This is their forum: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/
Many of the users on there were top performers. They had ridiculous credentials, ridiculous schedules, and outrageous resumes. Most of the people on there were still average but they had a very keen and shared purpose of succeeding in academics from college to postgrad and beyond. There were a lot of parents on there too.
I was very inspired and learned quite a bit from the forum.
Interviewing A Hundred Perfect Scores I set a goal to get a perfect score. I kept this to hidden from everyone. It was outrageous but I saw possibility now that I knew that this was something that could be developed. I saw a lot of success stories of people increasing their scores, which inspired me.
I decided to find and interview people who had got perfect scores. (which puts you in the 99th percentile and top 1% of the world in terms of standardized testing)
Because there were quite a few users on the forum who had scored a perfect SAT score, I used the advanced search feature on the forum to find as many as I could. Eventually, I found more than I thought there were (maybe 100). I private messaged and chatted with them. Most of them responded. I asked them all these questions and reverse engineered how they achieved it. Some of them were naturally smart and accomplished it on their first and second try. If it was their third try, they had already scored very high on the first couple attempts. Others had scored bad initially and brought up their scores, sometimes dramatically.
This leads me to the Top 4 Things I Recommend You Do:
  1. Take real administered SAT tests. No more of the fake practice test booklets from test prep companies. Most of the perfect scorers were taking real practice tests to get better. It makes logical sense. You want the questions, passages, format, and style of the company actually making the tests: College Board. You can get your hands on maybe 10 to 20 of these fairly easily. Getting more is a little more difficult, which I’ll get into later. Not all test prep books are bad. Barron’s is pretty good and fairly accurate. I have taken 50 to 100 practice tests from these test prep textbooks. Might I remind you that each practice test is maybe 6 to 8 hours to complete. I did most of them because they were already bought and to be honest, I wanted to finish them all in order to say I finished them all and “get as much juice as I could out of a lower quality textbook.” If I could do it again, I would not go through most of them. Some of those books just wasted half a year of my time. I knew they were lower quality and yet I kept plowing through them. Some test prep books are better than others but some were just pretty bad. They were far off in terms of the style and type of questions and mathematics problems they asked on the real tests. Once you take enough real tests, you get almost a six sense for the type of math questions, reading passages, and type of questions they ask you. The style gets pretty routine and expected. It was pretty clear that some of the crappier practice test textbooks did NOT do this and had questions that would never be asked. Choose the right vocab lists. Barron’s has a 3500 word list in their textbook. I tried a few times to memorize some of the words in the list to no avail as it was just too much. That was all fine and dandy. But then in came this SAT tutor who forced me to buy a stack of flash cards and memorize as many as I could a day. He boasted about how a previous student of his had done this and filled chests full of flashcards that she eventually memorized. He wanted me to memorize 15 very difficult words a day for a few months to get all 3500 and repeat them all back to him. Don’t do this. Many of the top scorers did not do this and neither did my friend. I wasted a lot of time memorizing a ton of words that were never on the test. Also, make sure you ask how well your tutor scored on the SAT before you ever hire him. I never did out of politeness and I do not know if my parents ever did. But we’ll get to that. What I found is that there are many shorter lists with a much higher quality list of words that are much more likely to be on the test. Having a good vocabulary, like it or not, is vital to scoring well. What they used to do on the CollegeConfidential SAT prep forum was do a direct scientific assessment of vocab lists and how often they would appear in official SAT tests that were recently administered. It was quite extensive and most likely used actual computer programs. They would back-test and search these tests and see how many of the vocab words in each of the vocab lists out in the market were on the actual tests. The results were incredible. Barron’s 3500 word vocab list often scored the worst despite it having the most words. It fluctuates from month to month, but the top scorers are almost always Direct Hits and Rocket Review. This is incredible because each volume of Direct Hits has only about 100 words you need to memorize. I will get more into this in the Resources section of this article.
  2. Have a strong foundation. If you don’t have a strong foundation, acquire it. By this, I mean that you have to know the basics of what will be tested on. You have to understand the limits of what they are testing in Math, Reading Comprehension, and so on. For instance, in terms of the Math section, it is basic algebra, geometry, numbers, operations, and basic statistics. That is as hard as it gets. Even if you think you know this well, it is best of you do a complete refresher. I finished learning all of this math back in middle school since I was in the advanced Math course. Most high school students learn all of this a year before you take the test. That is also partially why the expensive SAT Math course by the asian genius math professor did not help. He brought out a lot of fancy equations and problems that were far beyond the scope of what was ever tested. He sure knew his math. But it did not help me succeed. In fact, it discouraged me at the time from ever believing I would do well in math. I tried really hard but did not understand a lot of the more complicated problems he solved. I strongly recommend a refresher. I simply went through the Barron’s and Princeton Review textbook. They literally devote the first couple hundred pages to an extensive tutorial on every aspect of each of these sections you need to know in the rare case you never learned geometry. It was a great refresher and filled in any gaps on the more advanced or tricky things in geometry you forget about. I found this very useful for the Writing and Math section. The writing section, especially, could be mastered with strong foundation and a lot of practice tests. Why? Because it is a lot of basic grammar rules. I ended up being very good at grammar and this ended up being my best section. And I used to be a kid who didn’t care about grammar at all! How? I went through the tutorial pages, highlighted, and really studied it. I learned all the grammar rules and applied them. I suggest this over buying grammar books like Elements of Style, which my tutor made me buy. That book did not help me at all. The tutorial books in the textbooks did because they told me all the in’s and out’s of the foundation of what I needed to know rather than things that weren’t to be tested anyways (notice a theme to all of this?). I’ll talk about more of this and give you some links in the Resources section below.
3.Have the right mindset. Again, part of this was due to luck. I was a bit of a mess as a freshman in high school for a lot of reasons. I was discouraged, thought I wasn’t that great, I wasn’t doing well in terms of grades, and was bullied. My mindset shift was largely part of hanging around my friend. I started believing that getting good grades and a good score was a skill and process that could be learned rather than something that was fixed. I started realizing that this could be fun rather than boring and a task, which is how I had thought about it for a while. Again, notice how this did not come from my parents being able to instill this in me. If you are a parent reading this, I don’t know what to tell you in terms of bringing this across to your child. Perhaps you can find your own way of bringing this across if you’re creative enough. Maybe you can find a person like my friend and introduce him to your child. But my friend is a bit rare in having this quality so it is not an easy find. Maybe you can share this article to your child and he might listen to me, if not to you. Anyhow, I found this could be fun. I started enjoying it because I realized it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought. The math wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I started enjoying timing myself taking the test and seeing if I can take it faster and more accurately within the time limit. I enjoyed coming home and taking part of a practice test because I was excited about the improvements I was making. Remember, they don’t come overnight! It’s a long-term process. Having the right mindset is very important because rather than you being burnt out, you enjoy it and do more and more. In the long term, you get more practice and do well.
  1. The essay is very important to your overall writing score. I was never really good at the essay and made up for it by always scoring perfect on the multiple choice sections of the Writing section with my knowledge of grammar. Here’s what I will tell you from my friend and the people I know who did do well with essays.
If you can write a perfect scoring essay or at least a decent scoring essay, it will give you a much larger margin of error for the multiple choice section of Writing.
Here’s the Top 4 things I suggest for the Essay: Write them and submit them for review on forums like http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sat-preparation/ They have threads and areas titled FREE Essay Scoring where users will review your essays for free. Initially, do not time them. Write them as well as you can. But fairly quickly, you need to start timing them. The time limit is very short and gives you a sense of the length and quality of essay you can put on given the short time. It’s a bit like speed chess. REFERENCE good things. Ideally, make 3 quality references to books, life experiences, and stories to support your point. The topic that you have to write about is given to you at the test so you don’t know what it is. However, it usually makes you argue for a point or support a point. I was never really good at this because I did not read a lot of books back then or have extensive life experiences. The people who did well on essays, including my friend, always references at least one book. One trick they would do is that they’d have a resource of a few books that could almost be used for any topic. It helped that they were in advanced English and read a lot more than I did. Have a structure: introduction, body, conclusion. The Most Important Part The follow-up is the most important part. I spend more time reviewing than I do taking the test. I see which questions I got wrong and right. I analyze every multiple choice answer and see which ones I was considering might have been the answer. I try and figure out why the correct answer was this and why these couldn’t be the right answer. It is a skill and it takes time to figure this out. You will get better at it. It is vitally important. I started out reviewing even the questions I got right. This is very important because you may have gotten them right out of luck. Or you may have spent a lot of time deciding between two or three choices that you thought may be right before you eventually chose the right answer. You need to review these to save time and get you to a point where you can confidently choose the right answer and you know very well why the others are wrong. Otherwise, the next time you take a test, your luck could be against you and you end up choosing the wrong answer out of the ones you are deliberating against. Most real administered tests do not come with answer explanations. It is a bit of a skill that you can develop to deduce why certain answers are wrong and why a certain one is right without answer explanations. I think you should initially start with practice tests with answer explanations. I recommend Barron’s, despite all the crap I’ve said about it. It is fairly strong in terms of accuracy towards the actual tests. And I have taken 100+ test prep practice tests from different companies and some were REALLY bad and far off from what the actual tests will actually ask you on. Once you get the hang of it, I do think eventually you need to transition to real administered tests.
More important than vocab lists More important than vocab lists is just reviewing and memorizing vocab words you come across while taking the real tests you come across that you don’t know what they mean. I suggest flashcards.
Important Point: Start early and you will be able to chill and pace yourself. If you have a year or more to prepare, you can take your time to memorize vocab words. If your test is next week and you’ve only started preparing, you can only do so much to memorize vocab words and prep. This may be tough to swallow but you should probably not spend too much time trying to memorize vocab words or cram unless you have photographic memory. I would play the long game, do your best, and then focus on taking the test again at some later date and give yourself enough time to prepare.
The importance of willpower and planning You’ve heard the story. I’ve done it too and had to kick the habit. You have a year before your SAT. Plenty of time. Then, half a year. Then, it’s tomorrow. And all the studying you planned to do you did not. It is important to have willpower and plan. If you are not serious about it and just screw around, time will fly and test date will be upon you. Just like with weight lifting and exercising, I recommend you take baby steps. So set yourself up for a tiny goal that’s so easy anyone can do it: 2 minutes of SAT study a day. Then build from there very slowly. I think this is a much better approach than overwhelming yourself by saying you will do 5 hours of prep a day and then be so scared you never do any. Again, enjoying the process is also helpful. I eventually worked up to actually doing that much test prep a day but I don’t think this is necessary to succeed and people have scored perfect scores with less. So don’t let this scare you! You have to put in some work though!
How Come The Paid Stuff Didn’t Work? So let’s address why the paid stuff didn’t work. We’re talking about the test prep courses, the genius math professor, the $100 an hour SAT tutor, and so on. I think this is a very important point.
The SAT Tutor: This is critical because I have come across many parents who have come to me for help with SAT. They want their child to do well and are paying for a high-priced tutor. However, the tutor they describe is just like the one I had and when I tell them my story, they get uneasy and think they may be wasting money and time..
The story of my tutor: He said he was “on discount” because he had to drive an hour away to get to us and he wouldn’t make us pay for the gas. He demanded I memorize thousands of words from a vocab list through flash cards. He spent 10 to 20 minutes, sometimes more, every week simply quizzing me on the flashcards I promised I would memorize. He spent most of the rest of the time assigning me practice tests on the spot, sitting there waiting for me to finish, then trying to explain to me why I got a question wrong. More often than not, he would flip to the answer explanations and read them before explaining it to me. He was sometimes stumped himself. Occasionally, he got off-track and went on talking about TV shows and movies. I tried to small chat with him out of politeness but sometimes, this lead to 10 to 20 minutes small chatting. I’ve found on occasion that some people just naturally love to chat and are themselves unaware of the fact that they get off track. Sometimes, he would come in and immediately assign me to a practice test. He would time me and then text on his phone while I did so. The other kid in our neighborhood ended up parting ways with him before I did. We were very nice to him and gave him a gift upon leaving. I may be highlighting his bad points more than his good. I definitely do not think his work was deserving of the amount he charged though.
This story is to show you what a tutor actually does. There may be much better tutors out there. But be cautious of what could happen instead, like in my case.
MAKE SURE that you ask the tutor what he scored on the SAT and demand proof before you hire him. This was suggested of me by my friend well into him tutoring me but I was too polite to ask. This is for your own good! If they cannot score well themselves, you shouldn’t be hiring them.
SAT Prep courses: I have taken a bunch from different sources and some from more home-grown, local sources. I would say that they may be of use. More often though, they can be like this: the teacher reading from the textbook, then repeating what the textbook says on the whiteboard. Structured assignments in the form of practice sections that are timed. Group answer explanations that are limited due to the size of the class. These things may be of use to you, just like tutoring, if you need the discipline of a coach or a class to keep you taking practice tests. Your own drive to study and review on your own is critical though. The teacher can often only do so much based off the size of the class. They can only go through so many practice sessions in the short time you are there with them. Especially if the class is large or has a lot of people from school, it can get rowdy or there can be a lot of kids there who don’t want to improve and were forced there by their parents. The general vibe of these people can seep over to you over time, which is not ideal. If you want to fit in, that can work poorly as well as you may think it is cool to pretend you don’t care about the SAT too.
Genius Specialized Asian Math Professor SAT Course: As mentioned, I think this failed simply because it was not structured towards actual SAT preparation in terms of the SAT regiment. This was based more on the teacher. I have heard of other classes very similar to this (but better) from perfect scorers I have interviewed where they claimed it helped their score. The one I took did not work, in my opinion, because the teacher was bringing out a lot of math and problems that were far more advanced or different in subject than what could ever be tested. It was not so far off that everyone recognized this was the case. This discouraged me when I shouldn’t have been. The teacher also did not have a structure oftentimes. He would come in with no books and sometimes ask the students to present him with a problem. Also, the vibe of the students sometimes did not help although it was better than the general prep courses. I have to say I did get tired of this before too long and ended up not attending the last few classes.
Vital Resources The following is an example of the Vocab List Scoring Results as explained earlier:
Thanks to the excellent compilation by stephan520 (See Nov 2008 SAT CR Post 359) we now have a strong consensus on the key vocabulary words on the Nov 08 SAT. By my count there were 22 key words. Here they are:
Metaphor, disparity, zealous, ameliorate, copious, acerbic, solicitous, discriminating, loquacious, antediluvian, unsavory, discern, provisional, virtuosity, preclude, chicanery, paradox, anecdote, skepticism, nuance, personification, and ironic.
So how did the best known vocabulary books/lists perform? Here are the results:
  1. Direct Hits Vocabulary: 365 words – 12 Hits = 30.4 words per hit
  2. Barron’s Hot Words: 396 words – 11 Hits = 36 words per hit
  3. TestMasters: 254 words: 6 Hits = 42.3 words per hit
  4. Rocket Review Core Words: 323 words – 6 hits = 53.8 words per hit
  5. Princeton Review Hit Parade: 254 words – 4 hits = 63.5 words per hit
  6. SparkNotes 1000: 1000 words:11 hits = 90.9 words per hit
  7. Word Smart: 1505 words: 16 hits = 94 words per hit
  8. Kaplan’s Score Raising Dictionary: 1000 words – 6 hits = 166.6 words per hit
  9. Kaplan’s Basic SAT Book: 500 words – 3 hits = 166.6 words per hit 10 Gruber’s 3400 Word List: 3,400 words – 20 hits = 170 words per hit 11 Barron’s 3500 Word Mini-Dictionary: 3,500 words – 20 hits = 175 words per hit source: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/sat-preparation/591431-which-vocab-book-list-performed-best-on-the-nov-08-sat.html
Again, I recommend Direct Hits as my #1 recommendation. There are numerous volumes. Get the most recent volume. If you can, get all of them. Memorize at the very least the most recent volume and the second most recent. That will be maybe 200 words. That’s so much better than that horrible 3,500 word list.

2 would probably be Rocket Review and Hit Parade. They are usually at the top.

3. I think that is enough. If you MUST have a #3, Barron’s Hot Words.

I do not know if they still do this on CollegeConfidential. Maybe if you search around you will find it. I do not think so anymore as the user(s) who did this have left the forum.
How To Get Real Administered SAT Tests You can get about 7 tests through CollegeBoard’s Blue Books. They release a new one with new tests every 4 or 5 years. Otherwise, they just update it slightly every year and call it a “new edition.”
Get the new Blue Book here
Get the old Blue Book from 5 years ago (still good) here
Sometimes, CollegeBoard will have free real, full practice tests on their website.
Here is a link where you can download four.
Here are three books that claim they have real SAT tests in them on Amazon.com. These were not books I knew about or used when I was taking the test. I would if I knew about them. Two are by CollegeBoard so they seem pretty legitimate. They have a decently high rating. I would at least check them out.
10 Real SATS 3rd Edition by The College Board
10 Real SATS by Cathy Claman
10 Real SATS the Solution Manual by The College Board
Get a test after you take it: If you are a student and you are taking an official test, you can pay a fee and have the test mailed to you after the test date. I did this a couple times. It gives you a free test to review. It is called a QAS and costs $18 USD. Here is the link to the official order form on College Board’s website. Note: You can only do this up to 5 months after your test date.
If you do some digging online, you can find more sometimes. If anyone has found anymore, feel free to leave a comment with the link so I can add it to the resources for our community.
Not enough? Want more tests? That should be more than enough tests. If not, I recommend Barron’s. They have fairly realistic tests and actual answer explanations that will help you.
What if you want more real tests? Here’s the thing. There used to be and probably still is a huge underground black market. People would get a QA and scan it. They would trade and sell tests online. People had databases of all the tests all the way back to 2000 and before that. That is a LOT of tests since new official CollegeBoard tests are administered many times a year. They also had a lot of guides and eBooks by top test scoring students. Some of which were called Grammatix and The Xiggi Method, which were highly acclaimed in the community. However, it is highly illegal. The practice test property is owned by CollegeBoard and is intended for distribution only to the buyer of the QA. I highly suggest you do not get into this so you do not get into trouble. What I have provided so far is more than enough tests. If requested, I can dig up the Grammatix and Xiggi Method PDFs if I can find them though.
Other Recommended Textbooks: There are things I know about that many do not that I am purposefully not including on here because I don’t think they were of use.
I do think, however, the Barron’s SAT textbook is useful for practice tests, answer explanations, and foundation building:
Kaplan’s Basic SAT Book
This book is making waves. It was recently published by the guy who did Grammatix and has high reviews. I did not use it myself. It may or may not be of any use
SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published
Grammar & Writing Foundation Building:
I recommend this book if the Barron’s or Kaplan standard textbook isn’t doing it for you. I have heard many amazing things about this baby.
The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar
If foundation building from standard test prep books don’t work, these are highly recommended by people who have more recently prepped and taken the tests:
PWN The SAT: Math Guide
Dr. Chung’s SAT Math
Vocab Building:
Direct Hits (entire list)
Directs Hit 5th Edition Volume 1
Direct Hits 5th Edition Volume 2
Rocket Review
Hit Parade.
Barron’s Hot Words.
If you must have more vocab:
The Insider’s Complete Guide To SAT Vocabulary: The Essential 500
Word Smart by Princeton Review
Critical Reading:
The Critical Reader by Erica Meltzer
Frequently Asked Questions Should you time the test when practicing?
Initially, I don’t think you should. When you’re scoring around 1500, you should have no time limit in my opinion. You are missing half the questions. You are getting most of them wrong. You need to take your time and figure out why this answer is right and this answer is wrong.
Eventually, you have to start timing. Again, you can take your time with this.
Should I get all volumes of Direct Hits?
There are new volumes because the author updates every year or so. Get the latest two years at the very least and that should be enough. If you want to cover all bases, then I would highly suggest all the volumes. These are just my opinions though, which may be wrong.
What if I don’t have much time? My test date is coming up very soon?
If you have a year or more to prepare, you can take your time to memorize vocab words. If your test is next week and you’ve only started preparing, you can only do so much to memorize vocab words and prep. This may be tough to swallow but you should probably not spend too much time trying to memorize vocab words or cram unless you have photographic memory. I would play the long game, do your best, and then focus on taking the test again at some later date and give yourself enough time to prepare.
How Long Does It Take For You To Finish & Review A Test?
It took me, starting out, maybe a full week to finish an entire practice tests with all its sections working a couple hours a night with maybe one night off. Eventually, I got to a point where I could do it in 2 to 3 days spending 3 or 4 hours. Again, I had a mindset where I found it fun, which helped.
How many practice tests is enough?
I would say one of the Blue Books and a Barron’s book should be able to hold you for a good couple months. If you end up becoming a voracious practice test taker like me, then you will need more. I would say 50 is more than a solid number.
Should I get the DVD with the book(s)? Only if whoever is taking the test prefers to take the test electronically. It may be better if it keeps him or her more engaged and more open to learn. Eventually, I suggest transitioning to paper and pencil because that is how the real test is administered right now.
Should I use a highlighter when doing foundation building work? Sure. I did. Some people I know did. Others I know did not. Just know you only get a pencil on the actual test so maybe you might want to eventually shift to circling or highlighting
Should I skip questions I do not know the answer to? I did the math and you gain no advantage or disadvantage if you skip a question or blindly guess. The formula is +1 for every correct and -0.25 for every wrong answer. There are five multiple choice. On average, you will get one out of every five blind guesses right which equates to zero: +1 -0.25 -0.25 -0.25 -0.25. I would suggest not skipping any and guess. Why? Because you can’t score a perfect score or come close to it if you skip a question. But if you’re not aiming for that it doesn’t matter. You get a deduction of zero if you leave a question blank.
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#Freedomgate - The Revolution of The Human Race Is Now!

#Freedomgate - The Revolution of The Human Race Is Now!

"Hello People of Reddit. I bring to you... FREEDOMGATE
What is Freedom Gate?
Freedom Gate is my creation. Its basically an accumulation of videos and presentations I've put together to expose the ruling elite or new world order agenda on planet earth. I have dedicated my life to unraveling this concept to determine if its real or if its just a theory. I can conclusively tell you at the age of 26 that the new world order really does exist, evil people are controlling world affairs and everything that happens in our world benefits the 1% of the population and not the 99%. If we don't take action and do something soon they are going to take all our rights and freedoms away with this coronavirus outbreak by indicting martial law. They are just getting us use to the idea of a militarised police state but eventually it will become permanent. A totalitarian world government that only benefits the people at the top whilst the rest of us are tagged and quarantined with radio frequency identity tags to make us easier to control.
I have spent the last 2 years of my life putting solid, hardcore and factual information together that proves we have been lied to about all main historical events. What makes you think this coronavirus outbreak is any different? If we don't take action and stand up for ourselves were all screwed. Its the events of the past and action of our governments that have shaped the present. We must understand the events of the past if we are ever to understand why the world is the way it is today.
First watch my introductory video on freedomgate = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoZj8JCgk0o
Freedom Gate is split into 7 categories:
PART 2 = 911 (PARTS 1-3)
Breakdown of my work available as PDF or videos.
Pizzagate is real. my presentations prove that there is enough evidence for law enforcement to open up an investigation. Please look at the material in your own time.
PART 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VKNxHpRSO0&t=6573s
0:00 - John Podesta's Creepy Emails 09:53 - John and Tony Podesta 21:12 - Comet Ping Pong/Pizza 39:39- James Alefantis - Jimmy Commet Instagram Profile 01:26:24 - Wherkinonmahnightcheese Instagram Profile - CHILD SIZED COFFINS 01:28:29 - Pegasus Museum - Location of The Kill Room 01:42:12 - Underground Tunnels 01:49:43 - Pegasus Museum - Amos Connection - Child Sacrifice Worship
PIZZAGATE PDF PART 1 = http://www.mediafire.com/file/r07ylij4a5fwaj6/PART_1_-_The_Truth_About_Pizzagate_%2528Killing_Children%2529.pdf/file
PART2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtE-WpMhjfo&t=5636s
0:00 - James Alefantis Threatens To Kill Researcher (Ryan O'neill) For Kill Room Video 10:14 - The Dark Truth - Child Torture 16:00 - Paedophile Symbols Known To The FBI 42:41 - Beyond Borders - Clinton Foundation 48:42 - Laura Silsby - Convicted Child Trafficker Saved By The Clinton Mafia 57:16 - Anthony Weiner, Hume Abedin, Hilary Clinton Connection 01:03:50 - Seth Rich 01:15:52 - Huma Abedins Connection To The Muslim Brotherhood - How The West Created Extremist Ideologies To Promote Violence Worldwide
PIZZAGATE PDF PART 2 = http://www.mediafire.com/file/6f41jt0okoqlvok/PART_2_-_The_Truth_About_Pizzagate_%2528Killing_Children%2529.pdf/file
PART 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tULHUwKjMQ&t=3s
0:00 - How The UK and Western Nations Fund Terrorism 48:50 - Conclusion on Huma Abedin's Connections With The Muslim Brotherhood 01:02:54 - Jeffery Epstein, The Clintons and Orgy Island 01:18:27 - FBI Anonymous 01:27:37 - The Washington DC Spider Web
PIZZAGATE PDF PART 3 = http://www.mediafire.com/file/x6ceczpaz5mk6y1/PART_3_-_The_Truth_About_Pizzagate_%2528Killing_Children%2529.pdf/file
PART 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZjLxSArk7M&t=1820s
0:00 - James Alefantis's Powerful Connections in Washington DC 02:50 - James Alefantis, Coded Language, Symbolism and Occult Hidden Messages 27:53 - James Alefantis and Marina Abrovamich Connection 01:00:23 - Thought Provoking Truth - The Elite Power Structure on Planet Earth 01:11:40 - THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS STRONGER THAN THE PEOPLE IN POWER 01:26:13 - Obvious Media Cover Up of Pizzagate 01:36:35 - "Fake News" term Was Created By The Media Because Of The Pizzagate Scandal
PIZZAGATE PDF PART 4 = http://www.mediafire.com/file/hf671wbimr7vjzv/PART_4_-_The_Truth_About_Pizzagate_%2528Killing_Children%2529.pdf/file
PART 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEj9W9IL9-c
0:00 - Hacker "Big Fish" Finds Child Porn Hidden on Comet Pizza Servers 3:00 - Commet Pizza False Flag Shooting 8:25 - Crisis Actors 25:01 - Hacker "Big Fish" Reports Findings To FBI + Hidden Blockchain Network Found On Comet Pizza Severs For Elite Individuals 37:11 - Palintir - Quin Michaels Research 45:58 Pizzagate Death Threats To Credible Researchers Trying To Expose This Scandal 47:55 - Silencing Ben Swann 49:05 - How The CIA Procure Children For The Elite 55:31 - Potential Video of John Pedestal Abusing a Child 01:05:08 - DEMAND A NON-BIAS LAW ENFORCEMENT INVESTIGATION INTO PIZZAGATE IMMEDIATELY WHICH IS OPEN TO PUBLIC SCRUTINY AND INVOLVEMENT 02:12:00 - What Needs To Happen Next
PART 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM68PS8MTbg&t=1s
0:00 - Pizzagate Special Mentions 06:51 - Robertos Pizza and Its Connections 29:18 - Marina Abromovich - Random Acts Connection
5G PDF = http://www.mediafire.com/file/7d08ybnep27eok8/5G_-_GATE.pdf/file
PART 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BttIfD-WzGg
0:00 - 5G Intro 11:10 - Microwave Warefare 19:38 - Radar + Radiation 27:06 - The 5G Infrastructure 37:43 - 5G and Chemtrails 48:07 - Leaked Nasa Document (The War of The Future Will Be Between The Government and The People) 53:24 - Chemtrails and Morgellons Connection 59:54 - The 5G Network Is The Foundation For The Internet of Things (IOT) 01:12:37 - Cashless Society, Contactless Payments, and Radio Frequency Identity Tags (RFID) Chipping Agenda
PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4X-emskJ3I&t=1s
0:00 - The Internet of Things, Radio Frequency Identity Tags (RFID) and The Migration To Totally Digital Bank Accounts 05:30 - Artificial Intelligence 09:50 - How Technology Is Passed Down To The Masses 15:15 - The Secret Space Programme Connection 19:08 - Brief History of The Secret Space Programme 24:15 - Operation Highjump 28:18 - Admiral Byrd Granted Passage Into Hollow Earth 33:33 - Washington DC UFO Incident 34:40 - Operation Paperclip 39:35 - Conclusion On Where Artificial Intelligence Came From 40:07 - Artificial Intelligence and War 42:42 - Artificial Intelligence, 5G and The Internet of Things Connection 46:18 - Artificial Intelligence Conclusion 48:48 - The Space Fence 01:02:38 - Who Is Behind The 5G Rollout? 01:05:40 - 5G Network Giants - Vodafone and Telefonica
PART 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DJQp9h40Ek&t=3s
0:00 - World Health Organisations View On Health Risks Associated With Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure 07:10 - Telefonicas View On On Health Risks Associated With Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure 13:13 - Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited (CTIL) 25:15 - International Commission On Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) 54:37 - The Case of Eileen Cooper 56:56 - Human Health Effects of EMF: The Cost of Doing Nothing
PART 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl2SGKYt1Ts&t=110s
0:00 - Microwaving The World: The Electromagnetic Pollution 1:34 - 7 Ways EMF Technology Seriously Threatens Entire Populations 3:30 - Frequency 05:50 - Transhumanism 11:52 - The Synthetic Agenda 32:32 - Artificial Intelligence Used In The Telecommunication Industry 34:45 - Stop Stingray Surveillance 38:45 - The True Dangers of Airport Security Scanners 50:13 - Accountability
PART 1 = WHAT IS ALTERNATIVE NEWS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPl_laOv7As&t=3792s
0:00 - Truthgate Introduction 04:16 - What Is Alternative News? 07:44 - PROBLEM - REACTION - SOLUTION - Explained 14:28 - Okay So, Ive Made An Archeological Discovery... 17:36 - The Vatican Has 54 MILES of Forbidden Archives Underground. This Is Where They Hide Advanced Technology And Ancient Artefacts About The Origin of The Human Race And Our Cosmic Heritage. 19:27 - Vaccines 20:59 - Genetically Modified Foods 22:09 - Fukushima 29:25 - False Flags
PDF = http://www.mediafire.com/file/bnjuhz34y2hebdb/Truthgate_-_Alternative_News_-_2020_.pdf/file
TRUTHGATE PART 2 = 911 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCP3Leq3qjI&t=1366s
0:00 - Is 911 The Biggest False Flag in History? YOU DECIDE 06:49 - No Warnings 10:28 - 19 -Highjackers? 15:38 - Osama Bin Laden - A CIA Assett 19:58 - The Pentagon Missile 24:50 - Shanksville Flight 93 - A Hole In The Ground 27:50 - World Trade Centres - Pre 911 30:31 - World Trade Centres Structural Support 34:52 - World Trade Centre Elevators 36:48 - The Bath Tub - Water Tight Seal Built Into The Foundations 39:18 - World Trade Centre Construction 41:12 - September 11th 2001 41:55 - Pancake Theory - A Think Tank Creation To Conceal Which Was Obviously a Demolition 48:22 - Buildings Free Fall Collapse Into Its Own Footprint 56:51 - True Volume of Jet Fuel In Each Plane 01:02:38 - Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA 01:05:33 - What Is Jet Fuel? + Jet Fuel Only Burns When You Atomize It 01:08:53 - The Towers Empty Floors - Derelict Buildings 01:12:41 - Safety Measures Against Fires 01:16:33 - World Trade Centre Sprinkler System - 55,000 GALLONS OF WATER A MINUTE. 01:26:37 - Building Fire Examples - No Building Has Collapsed The Same As The Twin Towers Did Before Or After 911. 01:34:32 - A Plane Crashed Into The Empire State Building In 1945 - IT DIDNT COLLAPSE 01:36:54 - Fire Does Not Melt Steel 01:39:53 - Floor Trusses - THEY WERE NOT WEAK
911 PART 2.1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t90GYu9vlHA&t=2100s
0:00 - Debunking The Floor Truss Theory Continued 2:37 - Controlled Demolition And Explosives - THE EVIDENCE 12:19 - Molten Steel + Thermite (An Explosive Compound) 23:15 - Lasagne Steel + Glowing Red Steel Cover Up 25:12 - A BOMB THAT FAILED TO DETONATE FOUND AT GROUND ZERO 33:16 - THE NEW WORLD ORDER - FACT NOT FICTION 44:49 - Sub Basement And Other Explosions Before Plane Strike 01:07:34 - Testimony of David Long - Eye Witness 01:15:29 - Fire Fighters - Explosions - Explosive Testimonies 01:30:47 - Sabotage of Elevators - RIGGED WITH BOMBS 02:08:35 - Office And Basement Explosions 02:10:26 Sabotage of Emergency Back Up Generators - RIGGED WITH BOMBS
911 PART 2.2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8ljJDn6uos&t=10s
0:00 - World Trade Centre Complex 2:40 - Operations Command Centre (OCC) - Evacuated Early 04:58 - Secret Security Command Centre (SCC) + Mechanical Equipment Rooms BOMBED 17:54 - Power Cut Off To Elevators 19:34 - A Firefighters Worst Nightmare 30:00 - The South Tower - DEMOLITION 37:06 - The North Tower - DEMOLITION 44:36 - Visible Smoke At Bottom of Towers From Basement Explosions 45:35 - Ground Zero 52:40 - WTC Cover Up - Controlled Demolition Inc. 01:00:21 - Profiting From 911 - SAIC 01:20:42 - Turner Construction 01:23:17 - Manhattan Demolition Truck Seen On 911 01:26:10 - Mark Dayton Lied About 911 01:28:00 - NORAD JET FIGHTERS DEPLOYED OVER 200 MILES FROM NEW YORK ON 911 01:30:13 - NORAD And Dick Cheney 01:37:03 - Hijacked Planes Flew Directly Over American Air Force Bases Without Causing Any Suspicion? 01:39:50 - Operation Northwood - PROBLEM - REACTION - SOLUTION 01:42:32 - The Truth About MALAYSIAN FLIGHT MH370
911 PART 2.3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9z9kh9v8j4&t=807s
0:00 - Convar - PROOF INSIDER TRADING TOOK PLACE ON 911 - $100 MILLION DOLLARS TRANSFERRED MINUTES BEFORE THE DETONATION 07:21 - 911 Key Witnessed And Activists Who Were Silenced 38:20- Evidence of NO PLANES Hitting The Towers (Parts 1-4) 40:05 - NO PLANES - PART 1 - 4 Separate Videos Showing Towers Just Exploding - NO PLANES. 42:05 - NO PLANES - PART 2 - Wing Goes Behind Building - CGI ERROR 42:39 - NO PLANES - PART 3 - Testimony of John Lear - EX CIA PILOT 01:07:11 - NO PLANES - PART 3 - Every Plane Has Unique Serial Numbers On All Its Parts - No Part Has Ever Been Proven To Be From Any Alleged Plane Used On 911 - THE GOVERNMENT HAS KEPT THE ID NUMBERS SECRET FOR 19 YEARS - WHY? 01:15:26 - Architects + Engineers For 911 Truth 01:17:00 - Building 7 - Purposely Omitted From The 911 Report 01:23:07 - NIST Didn't Find Any Evidence For Explosives - THATS BECAUSE NIST DIDNT TEST FOR EXPLOSIVES - HOW CAN YOU SAY THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR EXPLOSIVES IF YOU DIDNT EVEN TEST FOR EXPLOSIVES? 01:28:55 - Building 7 Continued - SINGLE COLLUM COLLAPSE? 01:41:32 - Freedom Of Information Images Released 14 Years Later - PROVE BOMBS WERE PLANTED BELOW THE IMPACT HOLE.
There is currently more content in my PDFS.
DOWNLOAD MIDDLE EAST PDF HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7rzk9fj1umg47ny/MIDDLE_EAST_.pdf/file
"soon to be released"
ASCENSIONGATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trqJ1Ka9WFY
Ascensiongate is all about my spiritual awakening. It is me sharing my truth of what it means to be a divine angelic human, humanities true cosmic heritage and how Jesus Christ, Spirituality Aliens and Starseeds are all connected.
Irisgate all about Iridology. Your eyeball is a map for everything that is happening inside you at a cellular level. 99% of health problems we suffer as a species can be cured very easily. Cancer and coronavirus included. We need to push this because this is how we fight against the vaccine. Our golden ticket to healing is DETOXIFICATION.
PART 1 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOH_TU6meZY
PART 2 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOTTH9u8asA
IRISGATE PDF DOWNLOAD = http://www.mediafire.com/file/0afn0h8xey3zvvg/IRISGATE_2020.pdf/file
POST ON DETOXIFICATION: https://www.reddit.com/conspiracy/comments/gj3r4v/cancer_and_coronavirus_can_be_cured_via/
Corruptiongate is about what happened to me. I was framed by the police in the United Kingdom and Ireland because of how deep my research Is and the powerful people it exposed. This is why I have spent 2 years of my life compiling all this research. No one can come at me and called me a "crazy conspiracy theorist', a "tin foil hat head' or "fake news". My research is truthful, factual and legitimate. End of story. Im not going down without a fight. Everything I am doing is to prove my innocence. I will not stop until justice is served for myself and the human race. I will be releasing the videos very soon so they are in the public eye but for now my main attention is the manufactured pandemic which is the corona virus. We mustily unite, rise up and purge the evil from this world. "videos soon to follow"
3 Best videos I've seen on the Coronavirus - MUST WATCH
Ex Vodafone Boss Blows The Whistle = https://www.brighteon.com/18a673d2-d9f2-4033-8899-e1cb42632dc9
Londonreal David Icke Part 1 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMTZu6_TjU8
Londonreal David Icke Part 2 = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XARabvY6MBo&feature=youtu.be
Mediagate is about how the media will try and discredit my research and my story. The mainstream media is the biggest weapon of mass destruction because they poison our minds with propaganda and spin one sided narratives.
When sharing or discussing these subjects wear the colour of the subject your most passionate about. If your passionate about the entirety of freedomgate and just want freedom and justice for the entire human race then wear colours of the rainbow.
If you appreciate my work you can support me with a donation on PayPal.
PayPal Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])"

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