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[Squad] Event: SpudTacular Minigames – Saturday 17th of October | 19:00 UTC

I WILL ADD SPACES IF MORE PEOPLE SIGNUP - UPTO 80 PEOPLEJust comment and I'll add you to the signups list
This event will be played on our event server in the custom tab of Squad. The password for the server will be provided in our Teamspeak during the event briefing. You must have Teamspeak ready to use at the briefing and during the event!
Teamspeak Address: projectawesome.net
Saturday | October 17th, 2020
Squad Lead Briefing @ 18:30 UTC
Event Briefing @ 18:45 UTC
Event Start @ 19:00 UTC | BE ON TIME FOR YOUR BRIEFING @ 18:45 UTC
Make sure you have read our Event Guidelines: PA Squad Event Rules
What's it all about?
For this weeks event I'll be running some small minigames, trying to maximise some of the things we can manipulate on our server.
TDM (Team Death Match) with specific weapons eg TDM with just sniper rifles/marksman kits
Infected (zombies like game mode)
Wacky Races - Winner gets a prize (but what will this be?)
And anymore that I can think of in the coming days, If you think you have any good ideas for small minigames played in a urban type scenario dm Spud#6921 on discord.
We will swap teams every now and again so there can be no "the other teams weapons are better than ours"
Sign up via a comment and as follows:
IGN/TS (In-game/Teamspeak name) | Team: 1 or 2| Squad Number | I know what time the event starts & time zone: Yes or No.
So for instance: 'Spud | Team 2 | Squad 2 | Yes'

Team 1

Role Username
Squad 1
Squad Lead CS
Squad member JusticeDredd
Squad member Thomas_1413
Squad member Big Boy Parrot
Squad member HvR
Squad member The_Jyps
Squad member Cheese
Squad member Midnight Fox
Squad member TYRRΞLL ☯
Squad 2
Squad Lead
Squad member Tazzy
Squad member cuf_max.dagorno
Squad member K-Pop_Fan_4Life
Squad member the_infernotite
Squad member Sigma V2
Squad member x M L D
Squad member Protector
Squad member PROXIMUS
Squad 3
Squad Lead ThirdAid
Squad member CriticalTirade
Squad member Queen Kerillian
Squad member Arran
Squad member Frosty
Squad member Weksy
Squad member
Squad member HomeGrownJAR
Squad member NO TE
Squad 4
Squad Lead
Squad member HyperSyntax
Squad member HeliGreen
Squad member ColdCupOfHotCoffee
Squad member
Squad member
Squad member
Squad member
Squad member

Team 2

Role Username
Squad 1
Squad Lead
Squad member Komrad potato
Squad member Tjorbjorn
Squad member ibrahimk2007
Squad member HeadyBucket
Squad member The Priest
Squad member ShadowSeeker
Squad member FingerBreaker
Squad member nope
Squad 2
Squad Lead
Squad member Gandhi
Squad member _axios
Squad member Panzerabwehrhunde
Squad member LuftWaffel
Squad member Pat
Squad member Iconah Orlham
Squad member Newbie Turtl
Squad member v i b e
Squad 3
Squad Lead
Squad member Mcglade
Squad member друг идиот
Squad member Morgan
Squad member Cl0wnB0y
Squad member Donny Mozzarella
Squad member Gandalf
Squad member Gary
Squad member charlz
Squad 4
Squad Lead
Squad member //JumboPatates\
Squad member SucoVidya
Squad member Dabbababdoo/Steaminthru99
Squad member Jellybay
Squad member
Squad member
Squad member
Squad member

submitted by Spud_Tacular to ProjectMilSim


The 2020 top LGBTQA+ voting results post is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. Which is now, apparently. I do appreciate the patience everyone, and next year I promise not to hold the voting at the height of a pandemic and the same week I get a copy of animal crossing (hit me up if you wanna visit my island!).
The voting post can be found here, and the database of collated votes is here. Please note that I can only vouch for the books that actually made it into this post; there could be books in the database that don't fit at all.
So here we have it! Our sub's favourite books featuring a main POV character who lands somewhere on the LGBTQA+ spectrum. Like any good mother I couldn't possibly play favourites (The Tarot Sequence. The Tarot Sequence is my favourite), I'm just so pleased to see so many fantastic books in one place, and even more excited to dive into the ones that are new to me! Weep for our TBRs, friends. Weep for them.
29 votes
This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone | Lesbian
When two elite warriors— standing on opposing sides of a war stretching across space and time— become penpals, the rivalry between them starts to shift into something else.
27 votes
Wayfarers by Becky Chambers | Lesbian
A young woman hiding one or two secrets takes a job on an old spaceship, and discovers that sometimes families aren’t made; they’re found.
25 votes
The Locked Tomb by Tamsyn Muir | Lesbian
The Emperor needs a necromancer, and Harrowhark , Reverend Daughter of the Ninth House and bone witch extraordinaire, would super like to be that necromancer. But without Gideon, she’ll fail. And Gideon... is currently packing up her dirty magazines and planning an escape…
21 votes
The Masquerade by Seth Dickinson | Lesbian
When you’re as crazy smart as Baru Cormorant the issue is not will you be able to rise to the top of the society that colonised your people and take them down from the inside, it’s will you be able to do without becoming a monster yourself? (No. The answer is no).
20 votes
The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller | Gay
A retelling Achilles’ ill-fated destiny with Troy, told from Patroclus’ pov. Very beautiful. Much heartbreak.
17 votes
The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon | Lesbian
An absolute honking chonker of a book full of wonderfully detailed worldbuilding, if that’s your thing. And also an unwed queen beset on all sides by assassins, and the forbidden-magic wielding lady-in-waiting who’s keeping her alive. You know. If that’s your thing.
Machineries of Empire by Yoon Ha Lee | Gay, Lesbian & Trans
Look, I know it’s not great that one of your space fortresses is rebelling, I’m just saying that taking a promising soldier and forcing her to share her body with the resurrected spirit of the brilliant and genocidal general you’ve had locked away for a few centuries is maybe - maybe - not your best plan.
16 votes
The Tarot Sequence by KD Edwards | Gay
Where is Addam, missing scion of the Judgement Court? This is a mystery Rune St. John, last scion of Sun Court, has been paid to solve. Other mysteries are too big for money; like who killed Rune’s father and destroyed Sun Court all those years ago? And also, why is Addam so handsome? How did he become so charming? Mysteries, mysteries.
14 votes
A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine | Lesbian
An ambassador to a sprawling empire must solve the murder of her predecessor before she meets the same fate. Thankfully a version of the murdered man has been reconstructed from his memories and implanted in her mind. Helpful! Unfortunately the memories used were very outdated. Less helpful!
Kushiel’s Legacy by Jacqueline Carey | Bi
A courtesan-spy cursed/blessed by her god to find pleasure in pain and a prudish warrior-priest go through all kinds of hell to save their homeland from traitors, but the real battle is the one against their feelings for each other. (And also the persistent idea that this trilogy is all sex when really it’s mostly politics with a little sex, and even then it’s still mostly politics).
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | Gay
Did somebody say… heist?? Kaz Brekker is putting together a team for a job that could set them all up for life, if all the tragic backstories and shocking betrayals and sexual tensions could maybe stop getting in the way for just five minutes.
The Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone | Lesbian & Trans
This is the series with necromancer attorneys. I mean, I don’t know what else you want from me here. Necromancer. Attorneys.
13 votes
The Shadow Campaigns by Django Wexler | Lesbian
We have Marcus, an experienced but tired Captain of a foreign outpost. We have Winter, a green but gifted soldier with some field promotions in his ( well, hers, but shhhh, that’s a secret) future. And last comes Janus, the brilliant but maybe a little mad Colonel who is above sharing his true agenda, but not above maybe getting all them killed in the name of it.
Wayward Children by Seanan McGuire | Asexual and trans
This one goes out to all you kids that were transported to fantasy words, and then spat back out on earth once the adventuring was done.
12 votes
The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie | Trans
There’s a rock, and there’s the God of that rock, and the endless time that stretches behind and before them, and the tangled feuds the other Gods are constantly mired in that they stay clear of. Or at least, that’s what they’ve always done. Until now.
The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater | Gay and Bi
Four teens in rural Virginia search for a buried Welsh king, but maybe the real Welsh king is the friends we make along the way.
The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune | Gay
A Case Worker at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth must travel to an island orphanage and determine if the handful of misfit children there (gnome, a sprite, a wyvern, an unidentifiable green blob, a were-Pomeranian, and the Antichrist) are likely to bring about the end of days or not. He must also determine what it is he feels for their charming caretaker.
11 votes
Arcane Ascension by Andrew Rowe | Asexual
If you can reach the top of the colossal Serpent Spire— which is to say, if you can survive all the traps and monsters and shifting rooms — you get magical powers and the boon of a Goddess and all sorts of neat shit. Five years ago Corin’s brother entered the tower and didn’t come out again. Now Corin is heading inside to bring him back.
Tensorate by JY Yang | Gay, trans and non-binary
A prophet stands on one side of a rebellion and on the other; her brother, who maybe can’t know the future like she does, but who knows that what matters more is changing the right now.
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin | Non-binary
A human emissary travels to an alien world — where the inhabitants can choose and change their gender at will— in order to convince them to join an intergalactic civilisation.
10 votes
The Kingston Cycle by CL Polk | Gay and Lesbian
One good thing about war is that it’s easy enough to fake your own death and start a new life back home where your powerful family can’t use you for your magic. Of course in order for this to be a successful endeavour it helps to keep your head down and not start investigating a murder. If you absolutely must investigate a murder for the love of god don’t do with a mysterious and charming and attention-drawing man by your side. But ok I get it he really is very good looking. Just no high-speed bicycle chases, ok? …Ok?!
The Riverside Books by Ellen Kushner | Bi
The nobles of Riverside are so witty and polite, but manners can only take one so far. If you find your tongue just isn’t cutting enough it might be time to head into the slums and find yourself a swordsman to dual on your behalf. Richard St. Vier is the very best of them, but it’s not his swordfighting prowess that has young nobleman Alec attached to his side…
9 votes
A Charm of Magpies by KJ Charles | Gay
It takes the deaths of his father and brother to bring Lucien back to England after twenty years, and imagine his disquiet to learn he’s not just inherited his father’s wealth, but his enemies too. He requires magical protection, and it’s just bad luck really that the man he hires has more reason than anyone else to hate Lucien’s family.
The Books of Raksura by Martha Wells | Bi
Moon grows up believing he is the last of his kind, until he stumbles upon others and finds out he’s basically royalty. He also finds out his people are super matriarchal, and he’s expected to be a bit more wilting flower and a bit less… feral loner who’s well-used to gutting monsters with his bare claws? Still, If he can let go of his bone-deep abandonment issues for even just one second he might realise he’s found the family he always wanted.
In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan | Bi
Eliot is only a child when he is recruited to a magical military academy. One problem though — well, ok, more than one problem. For example, a quill and ink is hideously impractical and there’s only so many pens one carry back from summer break, especially when you’re also trying to smuggle a coffee machine… But aside from all that, there’s the fact that this is an military academy and Eliot is a pacifist. And unfortunately for the war effort he’s also a stubborn little shit.
8 votes
The Deeds of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon | Asexual
Paks is eighteen and headstrong when she flees a marriage arranged by her father and joins a mercenary company, and in the amidst all the obstacles and hardships she must overcome she discovers she is also a paladin.
Starless by Jacqueline Carey | Non-binary
During a moon-on-moon eclipse two babies are born. One is a princess of the Sun-blessed, and the other her “shadow;” her god-chosen protector. Khai’s whole life is spent training for the moment where he will meet the princess and take on this role, but of course when that time comes he realises that shit’s just barely getting started.
A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson | Bi
Prose gorgeous enough to make you weep and a story that— Actually, best to go into this one blind. You won’t regret it.
The Montague Siblings by Mackenzi Lee | Bi and asexual/aromantic
Don’t you hate it when your European holiday turns into a manhunt, and also your sister is along for the ride so you can’t even hit on your best friend in peace? Smh.
Simon Snow by Rainbow Rowell | Maybe gay, maybe bi (protagonist still figuring shit out)
Who needs Harry Potter when you can have Carry On. All the no artificial colour or flavourings magical school deliciousness you love paired with an artisanal magic system and a truly decadent enemies-to-lovers romance.
7 votes
To be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers | Pan
A space explorer and her crew sleep for decades between planets. Earth dramatically changes each time they wake, but they don’t let it get in the way of sending their findings home.
Captive Prince by CS Pacat | Bi
Following a violent coup a Prince is disguised as a slave and delivered into the court of his enemies, and the only way save his homeland lies in aiding the worst of them. (A note from me, your friendly OP: A lot of things in the first book of this trilogy will seem very problematic on first read, so this is me promising you that the rest of the trilogy does address it all. Things are not what they seem!)
Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh | Gay
Grumpy woods hermit is repeatedly bothered by wide-eyed scholar.
Bel Dame Apocrypha by Kameron Hurley | Bi
Nyx used to be part of an elite bounty-hunter sect, tasked with collecting the heads of boys foolish enough to desert a never-ending war. But now she’s been cast out and all that matters is making money with her motley mercenary crew, no matter how dangerous the job.
The Amberlough Dossier by Lara Elena Donnelly | Gay
This is a book about the insidious encroach of fascism, and about two not exactly good men who are not elevated by the love they feel for one another but rather drag it down into their selfish, self-preserving, ruthless world. Also cabaret.
The Last Herald Mage by Mercedes Lackey | Gay
Vanyal just really wants to be a bard, but his dad is all ‘like fuck you will, go learn to be a warier.’ Of course then then it turns out he’ll be neither because he is a super powerful mage. I believe there are also psychic horses involved.
Inda by Sherwood Smith | Gay and bi
Young Inda is something of a prodigy when it comes to strategy and tactics, so it’s especially awkward when he’s expelled from military academy and turns to a life of piracy.
6 votes
The Band by Nicholas Eames | Lesbian
Clay thought his mercenary days were well behind him, but then an old band-mate shows up needing help to rescue his daughter and it looks like there’s one more tour left in him after all. (Note: this blurb applies to book one of The Band, but it's book two,The Bloody Rose, with the lesbian protagonist).
The Winged Histories by Sofia Samatar | Lesbian
Four woman, a rebellion, and some stunningly poetic prose.
5 votes
In The Vanishers' Palace by Aliette de Bodard | Lesbian
Beauty and the beast but one hundred percent more dragon.
Nemisis by April Daniels | Trans
Hiding the fact she’s trans gets a lot harder for Danny when the superhero Dreadnought dies right in front her. Now she’s got his powers, powers which magically transform her body to the shape she’s always known it should be. And now she’s also got a dad desperate to change her back, a best friend who wants to date her, and a whole cabal of superheroes who think she doesn’t belong.
Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear | Lesbian
Prostitutes in an alternate wild-west face of against a bad buy with a streampunk mind control machine.
Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey | Lesbian
Loup Garron’s father was a genetically engineered soldier on the run from the government, and from him she inherited some cool skills like super strength, speed, and an inability to feel fear. Naturally she uses these skills to become a vigilante superhero and win boxing matches.
Nightrunner by Lynn Flewelling | Bi
Painfully sweet young Alec is plucked from a dungeon by the mysterious and dashing elf, Seragol. He’s basically a spy for the queen and he’s all, ‘hey you’re cute wanna come be my spy apprentice?’ Adventures ensue.
China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F Mchugh | Gay
It’s the twenty-second century and following an economic collapse and socialist revolution in America, China has become the dominate world-power. We are following Zhang through a decade of his life; sometimes focusing directly on him and sometimes not. Sometimes we are on mars, and sometimes we are not.
Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer | Lesbian
Living a life constantly on the run from her abusive father really sucks for Steph, but it sucks slightly less with her group of close internet friends on the cat-pic sharing social media site, CatNet. And when he father does finally find her it’s the CatNet, and the sentient AI behind it, who might be her only hope.
An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon | Intersex
The HSS Matilda has been carrying tens of thousands of people across space for generations; from a ruined Earth to a supposed promised land. The populace of the ship are separated across highly-segregated racial lines, but when a link is found between the deaths of the ship’s Monarch and Aster’s own mother she won’t let them stand in the way of uncovering the truth.
The Founders trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett | Lesbian
The trouble with being an excellent thief is eventually someone’s gonna pay you to steal the kind of thing that people would kill for. In Sancia’s case it’s a powerful artifact that some bad guys want to use to re-write the world.
Dr. Greta Helsing by Vivian Shaw | Gay
Greta Helsing, doctor to the undead, must stop of a group of murderous monks before they kill all of her clients.
4 votes
The Drowning Girl by Caitlín R. Kiernan | Lesbian
A masterclass in what a skilled author can do with an unreliable narrator, The Drowning Call follows India Morgan Phelps (Imp to her friends) as she attempts to write a ghost story. Or, well. A “ghost story.”
The Winnowing Flame by Jen Williams | Lesbian
There’s nothing more depressing than spending your days in a city in decline, watching your life slowly pass you by. So who can blame Tormalin the Oathless for instead taking up with an eccentric explorer and a fugitive witch, for leaving the city behind and heading off to fight monsters and unearth artifacts.
Elemental Logic by Laurie J Marks | Lesbian (at least? I get the impression this is an everyone is queer kind of book. You love to see it).
The Earth Witch is dead and heirless, the elements are out of balance, and the land of Shaftal is slowly, painfully, dying. Its fate now lies in the hands of a scholar turned reluctant warrior; the sole survivor of a slaughtered tribe, and a drug-addicted half-blood giant.
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley | Gay
When Thaniel finds a gold pocket watch on his pillow he’s like, hey cool. Free watch. It’s not until it saves his life that he figures he should maybe find where it came from. A journey that leads him to Japanese immigrant Keita Mori, from Victorian London to civil war Japan, and even further beyond.
Seven Blades in Black by Sam Sykes | Lesbian
Among humans, none have power like mages. And among mages, none have will like Sal the Cacophony. Once revered, now vagrant, she walks a wasteland scarred by generations of magical warfare.
Los Nefilim by T Frohock | Gay
There’s a war between angels and demons being fought in 1930s Spain, but Diago Alvarez is staying out of it. He’s half-angel, half-demon, wholly not giving a fuck. But when Diago’s lover Miquel and his son are threatened Diago realises he does have some fucks to give after all.
Shades of Magic by VE Schwab | Bisexual, Gay
Antari are magicians with the ability to travel between alternate Londonds, and Kell is one of the last of them. Officially he’s a diplomat for the royal family that adopted him; carrying letters to the different Londons on behalf of his royal parents. Less officially he’s a smuggler. Guess which of those is about to get him into a whole mess of trouble?
Tales from Verania by TJ Klune | Gay
This book is ridiculous and fun and will make your face hurt from all the grinning and then when you least suspect it BAM it punches you in the heart. So sneaky. When Prince Justin becomes King, Sam will be his wizard. Even though Justin is a jerk and is dating Knight Commander Ryan, who is a dreamboat and anyone can see should be with Sam. When Justin gets kidnapped by a dragon, Sam and Ryan (and Gary the sassy unicorn) have to go save him.
Did you think I was kidding when I said pour one out for the TBRs?
submitted by Megan_Dawn to Fantasy